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Engineer Python

Davis, CA
May 16, 2020

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Master of Science in Computer Science GPA 3.63/4 Sept’17 – Jun’19 University of California Davis, US

Courses: Design & Analysis of Algorithms; Information Security; Linear Algebra; Operating Systems; Computer Networks; Network Architecture; Artificial Intelligence: Characters & storytelling; Data & Web technologies for Data analysis, Software Engineering Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science GPA 7.11/10 Jul’11 – May’15 Amity University, India


Programming Languages: C; C++; Python

Technical Skills: GCP; Numpy; Pandas; R; MySQL; Docker; Kubernetes; Git; JIRA; Jupyter; Networking; Milestone; CNL; AgentVi Personal skills: Interpersonal, Communication and Soft Skills WORK EXPERIENCE

Cloud Intern, Big Axiom Inc Nov2019 – Present

● Working remotely and primarily responsible to assist to design, build and maintenance of cloud web solutions with a focus on GCP.

● Identifying key areas for optimization and implementing cost efficient cloud-based solution

● Executing assessments & migration plans to deploy workloads in GCP following the six common application migration strategies Graduate Student Assistant, University of California, Davis Sep 2017 – Jun 2019

● Taking discussion sections, keeping office hours and helping students one on one, grading finals and assignments for: Probability and Statistics in R; Program solving in C; Introduction to Computers; Introduction to Programming in Python; Machine Dependent Programming

Project Engineer, Wipro Limited Jun 2015 – Aug 2017

● Worked with the security team for Areva. Taking care of network security as well as the physical security.

● Risk Analysis, Risk Management Operator, Operational Risk Management, Disaster Recovery, Governance Reporting, SoW negotiation, Vendor Risk Assessment, Client Facing engagements.

● Making the ODC compliant according to ISO 270001 Standard.

● Single point of contact for customer interaction to maintain the SLA.

● Created test cases and plans for quality assurance

● Tracking, Logging and Reporting of issues

● Used Scrum framework for Agile development to successfully complete the project within a stipulated time. Intern, Indian Oil R & D May 2014 – Jun 2014

● Responsible for Server and Network Administration

● Created a project in .Net to make the library system automated. PROJECTS

Analyzing Trends in Movie awards using Python. Jan 2019-Mar 2019

● Scraped data from Oscars website to get various categories, cleaned that data to using Python libraries.

● Scraped data from various websites to gather more details regarding the movies and then applying regression analysis to see various trends in movie awards.

Tactical Decision making agents for Starcraft II. Jan 2019-Mar 2019

● Built 2 reward agents based on CNN architecture and Q-learning algorithms.

● CNN performance evaluated by F-1, precision and recall. Q- learning performance evaluated over 1000 games for convergence. Tested against medium and hard scripted AI's for Starcraft II Characterized performance of edge computing resource management for IoT deployment. Sep 2018-Dec 2018

● Use edgecloudsim simulator on different type of architectures w/wo edge computing and comparing the result. Simulation Access Protocol Sep 2018-Dec 2018

● Developed M/M/1 Queue system to simulate random access protocol with linear and binary exponential backoff algorithms in Python.

Payment Card Fraud Recognition System Jan 2018-Mar 2018

● Built a credit card fraud detection system to resolve Card Not Present (CNP) related fraud.

● Developed a system to automatically generate fake credit images using Machine Learning’s GAN based model. CERTIFICATIONS

• Google Cloud Certified-Associate Cloud Engineer Google Cloud (Series ID:6168, Certification ID:1Ezotd)

• Cloud Engineer with GCP (5 course specialization) Coursera (License - NSKYVJA5LUYR)

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