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Houston, TX
$200,000 plus
May 14, 2020

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**** ******** ******, ******* ***** 770**-***-*** 6438


May 14 2020

Att: Director of Human Resources

Via : Company Site Upload

Re: C-Suite/Senior Management Position

Dear Sir/ Madam,

After you've run successful companies and dealt with people, personalities, and cultures from all over the world, you start realizing that the skills and experience that you've amassed make you well qualified to handle any challenge across most industries. I know I am. With my solid background as a successful Generalist CEO and CMD with more than over a decade of international and domestic experience, I bring with me an outstanding track-record, a futuristic approach emphasizing sales and revenue, a knack for developing great teams, a passion for success, and a promise of results. During my career, I've had great success in client relationship management, customer satisfaction and retention, and people management. I possess astute business knowledge, and I have experience contributing to strategic planning while delivering improvements in sales, processes, productivity, and costs. Doing all this with the right balance of empathy, pragmatism, and professionalism can be challenging, but the reward of doing it right is what energizes me every day.

I've come to realize that working with people, helping them understand and accept new ideas and products, and serving as a client advocate as well as being a mentor to my team are some of the things, I love to do most. Getting to use these skills in my interior contracting/furnishings and environmental companies has been very rewarding, but now I'm ready for a new chapter at home in the US and am excited about the opportunity to redirect my focus in a new industry.

Managing and growing business has always been at the forefront of my career, and I'd be thrilled to head an organization that can benefit from my passion for spearheading the introduction of innovative new products, ideas and concepts that can positively transform the way things are done. The time I've spent in Houston, Mumbai, Dubai, and Hong Kong gives me a unique perspective of the world and the time I have spent building and running businesses gives me a distinctive understanding of your current and future clients needs. Here's a brief overview of how I believe my abilities and experience would translate into a leadership role

Identifying client goals: Understanding client and employee needs is an essential element of my current role. Over the past few years, I've fine-tuned my approach and have been recognized for my ability to create open dialogue by asking thoughtful questions and soliciting feedback.

Taking a client-based first approach: And guiding my team to follow the same philosophy has allowed me to deliver more than $10 million in revenues in my current role. As a CEO, I approach every aspect of business with a solution-focused mindset, which has served our clients and teams exceptionally well.

Developing lasting relationships: Both with our clients and teams has been one of the cornerstones of my style of doing business and has yielded client and employee retention rates in the high double digits percentile. More than half of our clients have been with us for five years or longer.

I'd be eager to learn more about your goals and discuss how my background might serve to enhance your business further.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking soon. Sincerely,

Rick Advano

4010 Stanford Street, Houston Texas 770**-***-*** 6438 RICK J ADVANO


CEO Renaissance Int. Pvt. Ltd /dba Ren iDBuild

Mumbai, India

Dec 2016- Current

CMD Renaissance International LLP

Dubai, UAE

Dec. 2002- Nov 2016

• Work directly with appointed department heads and managers to delegate responsibilities and ensure that all aspects of the company are running efficiently.

• Negotiate and approve contracts with vendors and suppliers, government agencies, and other relevant organizations in order for business to operate efficiently on a daily basis.

• Oversee the conduction of market research studies to determine what customers want from the company, and then create and implement plans to provide services and products based on research findings.

• Taking charge of the commercial, technical and organizational interests.

• Managing relationships with key stakeholders.

• Providing leadership to the managers of the finance, HR, business development and Production departments.

• Negotiating terms and closing deals. Ensuring that all deals meet the required revenue and margin expectations.

• Presiding over the organization's day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year operations.

• Supervising and overseeing all matters on the commercial side.

• Developing and managing key accounts.

• Developing the business in new markets- MEA Region and India Technology Innovation

Marketing Tactics

Interpersonal Communication

Market Share Leadership

Margin Expansion

Customer & Brand Loyalty

Operations Management

Quality Assurance

M&A Due Diligence

Commercial Execution

Budgeting & Forecasting

P&L Management

Global Business Development

Strategic Planning & Analysis


“A Boss Has the Title. A Leader Has the People” ~ Simon Sinek To grow business by hiring the right team and

building an effective company culture

considering international and domestic

sensibilities & outlooks with clearly set



Sr. Director MIH Environmental Solutions Group

Mumbai India

July 2017- Current

• Co- Investigate reports of environmental hazards and provide cleanup recommendations to potential clients

• Provide clients with guidance on how to comply with environmental norms.

• Work with clients and prepare proposals for projects involving environmental concerns such as storm drainage cleaning, excavating, digging and installing pipes to transport potentially hazardous materials.

• Conducted on-site investigations to identify potential environmental issues.

• Coordinated with all stakeholders for clean-up and rejuvenation efforts. Including Local Municipalities and Residential Building Societies, Slum Leadership, Private Sector Developers, National Political Organizations, NGO’s, International & Domestic Technology Providers (for the latest technologies and methodologies).

• Oversee waste disposal efforts and site cleanups.

• Investigated complaints of environmental hazards and prepared reports that included a summary of investigation results and recommendations on how to rectify identified issues.

• Prepared presentations to illustrate how environmental regulations and guidelines should be implemented to avoid fines and related enforcement actions.

• Made arrangements for large-scale environmental cleanup projects according to client specifications.

• Delegating beautification efforts of cleaned up areas with soft and hard landscaping both NGO’s and specialty firms.

• Spearheading ongoing education initiatives for local residents- children and adults. VP/Partner Red Carpet Services

Houston, Texas

July 1993-Aug 2001

• Led all major account presentations and contract negotiations; point person in discussions to influence decision making and win client confidence to unlock potential opportunities.

• Increased declining margins from and increased profits by adding new more profitable customers and cross selling more products to existing customers.

• Under severely depressed economic conditions lowered inventories, grew sales by developing new business.

• Developed short and long-term sales strategies to gain market share/penetration with regional managers, branch managers and account executives to uncover new sales opportunities, develop existing [organic] sales, and increase revenue.

• Crafted overall account sales strategy and coordinated activities of sales executives to achieve revenue goals; marshalled internal resources to develop plans that helped clients achieve objectives. 713-***-**** RJ Advano @rjryter PROFILE & VALUE

Effective and accountable in high-profile executive roles Overcome complex business challenges and make high-stakes decisions using experience-backed judgment, strong work ethic and irreproachable integrity. Respected as a proponent of empowerment and accountability. Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist Characterized as a visionary, strategist and tactician. Consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability. Heavy transaction background including startup financing, mergers and acquisitions, and sales.

Consistently deliver mission-critical results Driven by a visceral "hard-wired" need to strategize, to innovate, and to disprove the words "It can't be done!" Gifted with the vision, determination, and skills needed for high-level revenue building strategies and tactics. Strong orientations in operations and finance Participate in high-level operational initiatives, including infrastructure design, process reengineering, turn around management, and reorganization. As an innovative investor use instincts, insight, judgment, and timing to succeed no matter how tough the deal

Respect and leverage human capital Motivate, mentor and lead talented professionals. Live the culture and lead by example. Direct cross-functional teams using interactive and motivational leadership that spurs people to willingly give 100% effort and loyalty. PERSONAL DETAILS


Fluent~ English

Partial Fluency ~ Hindi, Cantonese


4010 Stanford Street

Houston Texas 77006


CSULB California State University Long


Bachelor (BS) of Business Administration

Minor in Marketing

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