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Software Engineer Python

Sunnyvale, CA
May 14, 2020

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Manjory Saran

Email: Contact# 408-***-****


- San Jose State University: Master of Science (ISE-EM) (Graduated in Dec 2019)(GPA 3.4/4)

- Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology: Bachelor in Electronics Engineering (70%/ GPA 3.5+) INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE

Software Engineer/Backend Developer (2014) Hopelink, Redmond, Washington Project: Created a webservice for Hopelink’s data platform to organize/visualize it for Role Backed Access Control. Role: Backend developer. Python, Shell Scripting.

Work: Write REST API and design algorithms for data ingestion on proprietary platform. Software Engineer/Backend Developer (2012) Capgemini India Ltd, Bangalore Project: Team Service Orders creation: Automate office resources with scheduling and time sheet management automation on each client. Role: Software Engineer in Python, also used Django and C++ Work: Automate services to track PM as resource, Automate Reports on KPIs, Span of control and Time sheet management Software Engineer/Backend Developer (2010-2011) Accenture India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Project: Financial web application that customized extracted data and transformed it to load that data for retails shops usages Role: Backend Developer in C/C++, Python, also used Spring, Shell Scripting. Work: Write API and backend business logic on Java Spring framework for transformer API. SELECTED SOFTWARE PROJECTS AND RESEARCH WORK: (2017-Present) Image recognition using Pytorch: Neural Networks Machine Learning

- Built an enterprise-grade image classification system like image pre-processing, picking between CNNs and DNNs, calculating output dimensions of CNNs, and leveraging pre-trained models using PyTorch transfer learning. Search Engine for Distributed Cloud Storage: Cloud Indexing Systems:

- Design and Implemented Indexing of Files on a Distributed Storage on Block storage device on cloud. My Role: Indexing Researcher for SFTP based storage servers on cloud. Result: Work in progress. Major coding is done. Performance comparison with different Data bases is in progress. Design and Implement – Web Service Stock Market Analysis Engine:

- Problem Description: Design and implement REST web service to implement Stock Market Predictor and respond in JSON. Designed and Implemented stock market ticker symbol analyzer to predict ticker behavior and persist result for N days. Design and Implement - Credit Card Default finder: Machine Learning and Web Application

- Problem Description: Design and implement logistic regression. Used glm in R and sm.formula.glm in Python and deployed on Django web framework as REST service for consumption.

Implemented Black Friday Linear and Logistic Regression Model and Classification and Regularization: Machine Learning

- Problem Description: Black Friday dataset (500000 dataset). Building a linear regression model, building a classification model using logistic regression in ISLR library in Python Machine Learning libraries. Design and Implement Kmeans Clustering Food-data and Euclidean distance-based Clustering: Big Data Analysis

- Analyze the better method for clustering using Euclidean distance with function np.linalg.norm in Python and K-means in python with Scikit learn and Scipy

Undergrad-Project: Multi-threaded HTTP Server based on POSIX thread in C:

- Description: Design and implementation of multi-threaded HTTP server with LRU, SJF and FCFS scheduling algorithms.

- My Role: Individual Project for degree.

- My Work: Designed and coded HTTP server on Linux system in C programming language using SJF and FCFS scheduling algorithms. RELEVANT COURSES:

Data structures, Algorithm design, Programming in Python, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistics for Engineers, Advanced Data analytics, Operations Research, Advanced System Engineering, Advanced Supply Chain programming (Python), Decision Analysis, Engineering Statistics, and Probability, Operating Systems, RDMS.


- Machine learning Model for product upgrade behavior prediction for hardware such as Laptops SKILLS

- Programming Languages: {Python, Java, C, C++} Algorithm and data structures, shell scripting, Matlab, JavaScript, HTTP. server for TCP protocols).

- Platform: Window, Linux/Unix platforms (Redhat, Debian), OSX, Hadoop.

- Certifications: CCNA, Six Sigma Green Belt.

- Tools: Git, Intellij, Eclipse, Pycharm, Pip, Maven, Postman, DB (Mysql, Sql server and Postgres), Nosql, Jupyter on Docker

- Frameworks: Spring, Django, Pytorch, Scikit learn, Pytruth, Pytest, Junit

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