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Graduate Research Assistant, Python, R, SQL, Machine learning

Norman, OK
May 14, 2020

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Gowtham Teja


Data Scientist


Graduate Research Assistant

University of Oklahoma / Jan 2020 – Present

Training a SARIMA, LSTM, and CNN-LSTM models on time-series data to predict time travel on roads and that helps to make decisions.

Advising the Oklahoma Department of Transport of the machine learning techniques that help the transportation department. Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Oklahoma / Jan 2019 – Dec 2019

Fulfilled the responsibilities of a Teaching Assistant for the courses:

Intelligent Data Analytics (DSA 5103)

Python for Non-Majors (CS 1213)

Responsible for designing and grading Assignments, organize labs, and holding office hours.

Research Assistant

National Weather Center, Norman / Sep 2018 – Jan 2019

Developed software to visualize and predict the flight path using JSON data. Visualize air traffic using HTML and Mapbox.

Predicting air traffic helps in operating UAVs in a safe zone. Graduate Engineer Trainee

IFB Industries Ltd, India / July 2017 – June 2018

Designed tools to manufacture products within 0.006 mm precision.

Performed statistical testing and increased the tool life by 20%. Querying data in SQL and preparing monthly manufacturing reports. RELEVANT PROJECTS

Thesis: Detection of Overshooting tops (OTs) in satellite imagery Combined satellite images from different channels using interpolation. Developed a CNN model that detects OTs with a recall of ~92%.

Sentiment Analysis on IMDB movie reviews, AWS, Python Trained model classifies the sentiment of a review with ~93% accuracy. Used word embeddings and trained LSTM and CNN-LSTM architectures.

TMDB Box Office Prediction, R Programming Kaggle Git Predicted box office revenue of movies with a RMSE of #0.2069. Performed EDA, Feature Engineering, and Gradient Boosting Machine

(GBM) model performed best.

DS for good: City of LA, Python Kaggle Git

Converted plain-text job postings into a CSV file to improve the quality and diversity of applicant pool. Extracted data using Regex, Text Mining, Visualization, lemmatization, TFidf Vectorizer, and word2vec is used to recommend Employment.

Redactor/ Unredactor Text Analytics, GCP, Python Git Redacted sensitive information in files using Regex and nltk package. Developed a Random Forest Classifier to identify redacted words. CONTACT



MS in Data Science and Analytics

University of Oklahoma, Norman

Aug 2018 – May 2020 GPA 4.0

Bachelor of Engineering

Birla Institute of Technology

Aug 2013 – May 2017 GPA 3.5


Python R SQL Tableau Power

BI Spark TensorFlow Keras

Machine Learning Java Linux

Data Analytics Text Analytics

Data Visualization Hadoop

Statistics A/B Testing


Big Data Hadoop and Spark with


Udemy Mar 2020

Deep Learning Specialization

Coursera Aug 2019

Power BI Essential Training

LinkedIn Jul 2019

Apache Spark Essential Training

LinkedIn May 2019

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