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DevOps/Build Engineer

Santa Clara, CA
May 14, 2020

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Laxma Reddy Angula

DevOps & Build Engineer


Professional Summary:

DevOps and Build Engineer with Over 10+ years of experience in Linux environment, automation of build tools, configuration management tools following Agile methodology and Software Development Life Cycle including monitoring, configuration,troubleshooting and maintenance in cloud and DevOps Environment with Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery process.

Designed and Deploying GCP cloud solutions.

Designed and Deployed Jenkins, Artifactory Cloud solution on Google Cloud.

Performed administration of Gerrit, JFrog Artifactory, GitHub, Jenkins, Google Cloud Stack.

Performed App migrations from On Prem to GCP part of the infrastructure deployment.

Supported Build, Integration, and verification of complex software systems spanning multiple hardware platforms. Automated the compilation, CI/CD, testing, packaging and distribution of multiple software components.

Deployed Ansible Playbooks for Jenkins, Gerrit, Antifactory, GitHub & Other services.

Good knowledge on Administering Highly Available Systems on AWS and responsible for design, deploy and manage solutions in AWS

Good knowledge on Amazon Web Services( AWS) and with the configuration of various amazon products (Amazon EC2, Auto Scaling, S3, VPC, SES, SNS, IAM, Cloud Watch and Cloud Formation).

Provisioning EC2 instances and have knowledge on all resource areas of EC2 like Instances, Dedicated hosts, volumes, Key Pairs, Elastic IP’s, Snapshots, Load Balancers, and Security Groups.

Excellent understanding of SDLC and Agile Methodologies.

Expertise in Configuration, Build and Release management.

Created SCM Process, policies and procedures which are followed by Development and QA teams to Release or Deploy highest quality product for the enterprise.

Excellent experience in version controls GIT and SVN on Linux, Mac and Windows environments.

Excellent experience to setup repo and creating manifest files

Extensive experience in Gerrit code review

Extensive experience in configuration of continuous integration tools like Jenkins/Hudson and Bamboo.

Experience in working with Google cloud platforms.

Experience in the build process of software using tools like CMake, Ant and Maven.

Experience as a project administrator for creating repos, providing access to the users, creating branching, Tag, Merging, and Access allocation to Users.

Experienced with Python and Shell Scripting.

Experience in managing and building Linux based distributions and packaging

Experience building Android/AOSP projects

Worked on different bug tracking tools like Buganizer, JIRA and ClearQuest.

Worked on doxygen to create the documentation.

Having knowledge on TestRail to run the test cases.

Experienced in troubleshooting, configuring and deploying enterprise applications in jboss and Tomcat as well.

In-depth technical strengths and business understanding for full-cycle project and post-implementation problem-solving requirements.

Implemented Release schedules, communicated the Release status, created Roll out Plans, tracked the Project Milestones, prepared the reports and chaired the Release calls and worked for a successful Release.

Good analytical, problem solving, communication skills and have the ability to work either independently with little or no supervision or as a member of a team.

Education & Certifications:

Masters in Computer Science – 2006 - India

Bachelors in Computer Applications – 2003 - India

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems : Linux, OSX, Windows

CMS/other Tools : JIRA, ClearQuest

Build Tools : CMake, Ant, Maven

Continuous Integration Tools : Jenkins/Hudson, Bamboo

Scripting : Python, Shell Scripting

Databases : MYSQL, Oracle

Version Control : Git, SVN, Github

Code Review : Gerrit

Code Search : Opengrok

SDLC & Testing : Agile Methodologies, Scrum Process, Junit,

TestRail, HP Quality Center, Bugzilla

Professional Experience:

Client : Magic Leap Sunnyvale, CA June 2018 / Till date

Role: DevOps & Build Engineer


Designed and Deploying GCP cloud solutions.

Designed and Deployed Jenkins, Artifactory Cloud solution on Google Cloud.

Performed administration of Gerrit, JFrog Artifactory, GitHub, Jenkins, Google Cloud Stack.

Performed App migrations from On Prem to GCP part of the infrastructure deployment.

Improving Security in CI/CD pipelines, Recommending Cloud Security.

Supported Build, Integration, and verification of complex software systems spanning multiple hardware platforms. Automated the compilation, CI/CD, testing, packaging and distribution of multiple software components.

Deployed Ansible Playbooks for Jenkins, Gerrit, Antifactory, GitHub & Other services.

Implemented and improved CI/CD pipelines.

Worked on creating docker images and used those in Jenkins jobs.

Created Jenkins jobs, repos, manifest files.

Engineer systems and tools to support the build, integration, and verification of complex software systems spanning multiple hardware platforms, embedded devices, mobile platforms, and cloud -based services

Automated the compilation, continuous integration, testing, packaging, and distribution of multiple software components

Developed tools and scripts to automate the testing of software and hardware systems

Assist developers with build issues, including maintaining Makefiles and cmake lists, resolving compilation errors, unit test failures, and similar issues

Encourage and enforce best practices to enable rapid new feature development while maintaining multiple functioning software products

Worked closely with Build, Integration, Test and Software engineers to develop tools for automation, and continuously improve the release process and automation environment

Executed functional test plans that verify quality, correctness, and performance of software and hardware systems

Environment: Git, Github, Gerrit, Repo, Jenkins, Ansible, Google Cloud, Docker, CMake, Android, JIRA, OpenGrok, Python, shell scripting, Ubuntu, Mac.

Client : Google Mountain View, CA Feb 2016 / June 2018

Role: DevOps Engineer


Soli is a new sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions.


Created new repositories on Git-on-Borg and provided privileges to the users.

Migrated git repos from Github to Git-on-Borg.

Configured Gerrit for project soli and provided access privileges like read, push, code-review and submit permission. For read used refs/* reference, for Label Code-Review and submit used refs/heads/ reference and for push used refs/for/refs/heads/ reference.

Implemented controlling access on gerrit at branch level as well.

Resolved conflicts and Cannot Merge issues in Gerrit.

Configured repo and created manifest files

Configured continuous integration process of Jenkins for project soli on google cloud environment.

Implemented Git, Github, Gerrit Trigger, Pipeline, Cppcheck Results, Doxygen, SSH Slaves, Multijob, Multiple SCM,Email extension and so on plugins.

Added google cloud platform slaves to the jenkins. Mainly Mac and Ubuntu slaves.

Created jobs for different platforms like Mac and Ubuntu based on requests.

Implemented jobs should run based on the commit and send an email for success/failure/aborted.

Created ssh connection between two google cloud platforms master and slaves.

Implemented Jenkins trigger the build based on each gerrit change and provide the result on Gerrit (+1/-1)

Configured OpenGrok search engine for project soli. It is useful to search, cross-reference and navigate your source tree.

Worked on cmake for managing the build process of software using a compiler-independent method. Implemented cmake options as per the requirement.

Worked on CMocka unit testing framework to be automatically built and linked as part of the SDK build process.

Worked on JIRA to provide access to the users and resolve the tickets.

Worked on creating new branches, tags, and merged other branches with master as part of weekly release.

Worked on creating SDK tarball and resolved the bugs by coordination with development, testing teams to ensure updates are completed and changes are scheduled before SDK release and SDK release can be placed at release location.

Developed and maintained python scripts for build and release tasks.

Worked as administrator of git, gerrit, github, JIRA, TestRail, Jenkins.

Worked on Android flashstation to flash android phones

Used ADB while working with android phones for testing

Worked on android toolchain configuration with cmake.

Supported to other project like Jacquard and dex on build setup

Environment: GIT, Github, Gerrit, Repo, Jenkins, Google Cloud, CMake, Android, ADB, JIRA, OpenGrok, TestRail, Python, shell scripting, Ubuntu, Mac and google internal tools.

Client: Anthem, Richmond, VA June 2015 / Feb 2016

Role: Build & Release Engineer


Provided ‘Manual’, ‘Continuous Integration’, ‘Gated Check-in’ and ‘Schedule’ builds (along with the option to force builds on that schedule even if no changes occurred since the last build)

Migrated SVN to GIT repositories.

Created Builds and deployed builds to different environments based on requests.

Provided technical support to developers with configuration issues.

Defined and implemented Issues, Tasks, Defects and Change management processes using JIRA

Completed tests and review of Java/JEE usage in Weblogic

Developed and maintained Shell scripts for build and release tasks

Configured & implemented GIT. Involved in the CM Planning and Build/Deploy processes

Administered GIT for version control to include branching and merge management, and

ClearQuest to track process defects

Daily and continuous integration build tools implementation and development release automation.

Functional change coordinator for capital market group supported applications.

Coordination with development, testing, and business analyst teams to ensure updates are completed and changes are scheduled.

Coordinates and participates in regular pre and post-release review meetings to assist with the evaluation of release quality.

Schedules and leads reviews as necessary to make sure product owners and stakeholders are aware of impacts of product releases.

Implemented build automation using tools like Jenkins.

Release work item management, timelines, test plans and other documentation artifacts.

Environment: GIT, Ant, Jenkins, Maven, Linux, shell scripting, Oracle, ClearQuest, Weblogic

Client: ConocoPhillips, Bartlesville, OK Feb 2015 / May 2015

Role: Build & Release Engineer


Set Up an SCM environment to execute a continuous integration builds environment and making the environment agile for the developers.

Implemented Continuous Integration using Bamboo, Maven, Subversion.

Automated deployment of builds to different environments using Jenkins.

Troubleshooting issues with Dev and QA environments.

Administration of all Dev, QA, Staging and CI servers including MySQL database and Subversion control system.

Created self-service environment management system for Development/QA

Implemented Backup/Disaster recovery system for entire CI system.

Integrated Defect tracking system with Continuous Integration system.

Setup Maven Remote Internal Secure Repository with access restricted to team members.

Installed and administered Artifactory repository to deploy the artifacts generated by Maven and to store the dependent jars which are used during the build.

Responsible for managing the code in Subversion(version controlling).

Involved in monitoring builds, break/fix management, issue tracking, and identifying and resolving a wide variety of build-related issues for different products.

Designed CM processes and policies with approval from development and other affected teams.

Defined processes to build and deliver software baselines for internal as well as external customers.

Involved in writing the Maven scripts for the configuration of j2ee applications

Environment: Java/J2EE, Subversion, Maven, Jira, Bamboo, Shell scripting, weblogic and Tomcat Server.

Client: Openet, Reston, VA Jan 2014 / Dec 2014

Company: Analytix Data Services, India

Role: Build & Release Engineer


Automate deployment and release distribution process. Develop and enhance the automated configuration management system. Control branching and merging of the code base.

Provide/Perform Source Code Management according to SDLC and Release requirements (i.e., branches, merges, etc).Build and deployment.

Resolved update, merge and password authentication issues in Bamboo and Jira.

Manage the source code repository system used by the engineering team.

Created and owned, Build and Continuous Integration environment with Ant, Git,and Bamboo.

Used Maven for building the Web projects including the Web Services and created automated reports for the Builds and Test results which QA can access to accelerate the testing process.

Developed and maintained software build and deployment procedures and automation. Maintained the internal release cycle and deployment on Apache server.

Primarily responsible for automation and maintained current build farm as well as improving QA and release management procedures.

Responsible for performing Build operations with ANT Scripts, while implementing the required modifications in the ANT Script to perform build operations, in accordance with requirements of the project.

Managed merging, branch creation and tagging.

Assist Customer Support team to analyze and resolve tier 2 issues.

Coordinate with multiple departments to ensure a smooth release.

Support back-end setup and configurations to facilitate POCs.

Administer various development, support, and patch branches and enforce SCM best practices.

Environment: Ant, GIT, Bamboo, Websphere, Jira, Tomcat, Linux, Shell scripting.

Client: State Compensation Insurance Fund, Pleasanton CA Jan 2012 / Dec 2013

Company: Analytix Data Services, India

Role: Build Automation Engineer


Responsible for builds and deployments to the QA stack machines and to the production environment. Install and configure applications on servers.

Automate build and release process for various Java applications using ANT

Setup and Configure Continuous Integration with Jenkins, ability to checkout code from subversion, compile, package and distribute across Unix servers

Utilize CI tool for the automatic deployment of WAR or EAR files to required servers, including the shutting down of clusters, domains and services for a clean deployment and startup of new build

Manage all build and deployments to DEV, UAT, UAT1 and Production servers

Liaison with vendors in understanding infrastructure requirements and taking ownership of communications and documentation of vendor products

Administer Subversion repository, user access, branching and labeling. Assist with merge when possible

Work with infrastructure in proper architectural setup of Linux\Unix environment to better streamline build and release management across servers

Manage Project Dependencies and schedule deployments to production

Environment: Subversion, Shell scripting, ANT, Jenkins, JIRA. Linux, Windows, Jboss

Client: N.E.W.(National Electronic Warranty),Cicero,NY Jun 2010 / Dec 2011

Company: Analytix Data Services, India

Role: Release & Deployment Engineer


Managed builds and wrote Build scripts for Java and websphere based applications.

Maintained source code repository in subversion.

Resolved update, merge and password authentication issues in Hudson and Jira.

Work closely with Business analysts and Project managers to meet release and build schedule deadlines.

Implemented continuous integration using the Hudson, which tracks the source code changes.

Create and set up an automated nightly build environment for Java projects using Maven.

Ensure that the builds are consistent after being ported from different platforms.

Suggested and implemented the process of nightly builds and auto deployments, for fast paced applications.

For applications that are developed in a regular pace, builds and deployments were as per request.

Studied the current build and release process and automated the process using shell scripts.

Debugged Build failures and worked with developers and QA people to resolve the related issues.

Perform various builds for the QA, and Production Environments.

Experienced in building Java applications using makefiles (Ant utility), Shell Scripts.

Deployment of application to the Web Server and Application Server.

Managed builds and made necessary changes to Ant build scripts for Java/ Websphere based applications.

Support development engineers with Configuration Management issues. Assist my seniors and Project Leaders in technical issues.

Creation and setup of new environments/branches such as development, testing and production.

Worked under an environment that has a good defect tracking system through the use of Manual Test and Test Manager.

Documented release, builds and source control processes and plans.

Worked closely with the development team and SQA team for product releases.

Environment: Subversion, Hudson, Apache Ant, Weblogic, XML, Java/J2EE, Shell scripting.

Client: Union Bank, Monterey Park, CA Nov 2009 / Jun 2010

Company: Analytix Data Services, India

Role: Build & Release Engineer


Interacted with client teams to understand client deployment requests.

Coordinate with the Development, Database Administration, QA, and IT Operations teams to ensure there are no resource conflicts.

Worked closely with Project Managers to understand a code/configuration release scope and how to confirm a release was successful.

Build, manage, and continuously improve the build infrastructure for global software development engineering teams including implementation of build scripts, continuous integration infrastructure and deployment tools.

Implemented continuous integration using Jenkins

Created repositories according to the structure required with branches, tags and trunks.

Attended sprint planning sessions and daily sprint stand-up meetings.

Configured application servers (JBOSS) to deploy the code.

Configured plugins for the integration tools to the version control tools.

Worked with the developers to configure plugins through Eclipse to develop the code.

For the check in process, I used SVN as a migration tool.

Utilize Jira for issue reporting, status, and activity planning.

Extensively used ANT tool to do the builds, integrated ANT to Eclipse and did local builds.

Integrated Maven with Jenkins for the builds as the Continuous Integration process.

Build Java code and .NET code onto different Jenkins servers as per the schedule.

When required applied patches as per the release process.

Maintained JIRA for tracking and updating project defects and tasks.

Managed and documented all post deployment issues utilizing the Post Deployments Issue Log.

Responsible for communicating next steps, deployment schedules, quality assurance, validation and defect tracking/ resolution.

Organized a daily stand-up post-deployment meeting to review all issues being tracked. Ensure every issue has an owner and that it is resolved while capturing the specific details about the issue, resolution, and which organizations and individuals provided the resolution.

Documented all post-deployment issues in a log and assisted in resolving these issues where applicable, maintaining timely updates within the log. Manual and Automation process of creating branches tags and code merging.

Ensured all steps are successfully completed and document their completion times and issue logs.

Environment: Subversion, Ant, Hudson, Oracle, Visual Build, .Net, ANT, J2EE, Websphere.

Analytix Data Services, India Mar 2008 / Oct 2009

Role: Build Automation Engineer


Automated both .Net and Java Apps using industry’s best automation tools Maven and Maven.

End to End automation from Build to Production is implemented.

Facilitating the projects in Quality related activities as per QMS process.

Maintenance of Configuration items in Subversion.

Generalizing Audit Trail Reports and Timesheet Report.

Prepared mock cutover plans and cutover plans for Pre-Prod and Prod Deployments.

Conducting and Attending Project Status Review Meetings and Causal Analysis Meeting for release activities.

Prepare the resources (People and environments) for the build / Releases.

Conducting the configuration audits as per schedule and Report the configuration audit findings and Track the findings to closure.

Feedback on status of project release to the PM periodically.

Participates in implementation / review of SCM systems.

Works with project teams to determine an appropriate build schedule and then initiates the build and packaging process.

Managing documentation for a Release / Project.

Conducting training sessions to team members periodically on corresponding tools and processes.

Environment: Subversion, Bamboo, java/j2EE, Maven, Linux, Windows,Web sphere.

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