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Workforce Analyst

Kirkland, WA
May 14, 2020

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Technical Skills

• Proficient in Microsoft Office & Apple iWork suites including advanced Excel analytics.

• Experience in ICOMS, Wincable, & CSG (proprietary billing systems). Data Analysis & Reporting

An analytical thinker who looks for the story in the data and uses those insights to create meaningful change.

• Strong working knowledge of Pivot reporting with a focus on data presentation. Extensive aggregation experience in data sourced from Avaya CMS, Aspect, Tableau, SSRS, ADP, BPA Quality, & Top Box for deep dive and high level reporting. Regular focus on building reports that are clear and digestible, highlighting key insights on customer/agent behavior and sales activity in order to create action plans driving performance improvement.

• Functional query knowledge in MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Workforce Management

A true believer in intelligent data-driven decision-making for an efficient contact center.

• Combining historical data with instincts and tribal knowledge to build the best picture of business needs to come.

• Hands-on approach in keeping the business moving forward and ensuring that everything is being done to keep agents on task and efficient.


Strong verbal and written communication skills.

• Experience writing training documentation, bulletins to staff, summary reports for executives, project plans, and templates for customer communication.

• Extensive experience with professional verbal communication through training, meetings and presentations with executives, and customer service and support to both residential and business customers. Leadership and Development

Supportive leader with an emphasis on developing the skills of my teams.

• Experience with creating training and support documents, conflict resolution, relationship building, and professional development plans.

• Extensive experience with goal setting, performance evaluations, professional coaching, and mentoring. Project Management & Process Development

Innovative thinker who possesses a high attention to detail while maintaining a focus on overall goals.

• Experience managing projects from beginning to end, from restructuring high level reporting to creating new teams to mass agent migration in to new systems.

• Extensive experience with identifying and developing KPIs, and developing tailored performance plans for team members. Experience

Wave Broadband

April 2010 – Present

Workforce Analyst May 2018 - Present

- Shrinkage Metric Establishment

o Built Avaya CMS and WFO reporting to establish measurement of ongoing and historical controllable and uncontrollable shrinkage. Shrink measurement allowed for improved accuracy headcount budgeting. o Measurements provided proper insight and coaching material to reduce shrinkage from 48% to 35% while simultaneously ramping up additional training for productive agents.

- Call Center Efficiencies

o Sourced Avaya CMS and WFO reports to create user-friendly Excel-based reporting for leadership identifying agent behavior and phone efficiencies.

o Provided new insight in to daily and weekly behavioral patterns, facilitating more effective agent coaching, reducing controllable shrinkage by 5% and increasing agent efficiency by 10%.

- Team Oversight

o Oversee process of fiscally justifying addition of Workforce Coordinator position and temporary work assignment for a Payroll Coordinator in order to lay the foundation for the Workforce team, consolidating previously dispersed tasks under a unified umbrella.

o Delegated tasks accordingly to maximize contact center efficiency, supporting the leadership team in monitoring of real-time agent schedule adherence.

- Forecasting

o Consolidated Technical Support and Customer Service teams in to universal group without affecting forecast accuracy. o Created alert system from Avaya CMS call data for ~40 call skills to monitor call patterns at the skill level, providing further clarity in forecasts.

o Introduced forecasting for impactful events by collaborating with programming (for PPV & VOD events), finance (for customer contact rate), and engineering (for customer-impacting field maintenance). Technical Support Supervisor November 2015 – April 2018

- Forecasting, Scheduling, & Efficiencies

o Forecasted incoming customer call volume scaled down from annual to daily. o Managed agent efficiency and staffing for projected call volume based off forecasts. o Since gaining this duty, service levels have increased from 20% average to 60% average. o Created a calendar system shared by CS and TS departments for the sole purpose of documenting and coordinating planned time off. o Organize all planned time off for Leads and TSRs while prioritizing business needs. Prior to taking my position, time off requests were addressed 2 months in advance of requested dates. All requests now addressed within 2 business days of submission regardless of length of notice given.

- Team Leadership

o Introduced monthly & quarterly contests based on performance ranging from most improved agent to highest performing agent, driving agent commitment to improvement and decreasing attrition. o Oversaw team of 8 Technical Support Leads, each with a team size of ~10 agents of more (~90 employees total). o Assisted with communication between Human Resources and each Lead and TSR, reducing turnaround time for employee accommodations.

o Launched a regular monthly leadership workshops for leads to attend and share ideas on how to become more effective leaders. Retention Supervisor May 2011 – October 2015

- Team Leadership

o Oversaw a team of 8-13 Retention agents.

o Hosted private weekly coaching sessions to check in with each agent’s progress toward their goals. o Host monthly team meetings to synchronize our efforts, set baselines for discounts available, and have short workshops to discuss soft skills to increase customer satisfaction.

- Performance-Based Compensation Plan

o Refined monthly compensation plan for retention agents without budget increase. o Rate of saved accounts vs. rate of at-risk accounts increased from 60% to 80%. Education

Full Sail University Graduated December 2016

• Associates of Science in Audio Production – Cum Laude Referrals

Available upon request.

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