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Python,java,c,sql,deep learning, web application,security

Kendall Park, NJ
May 14, 2020

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Runfeng Xu

Website: 732-***-****

LinkedIn: GitHub: EDUCATION

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 01/2019 - 12/2020 Master of Science in Computer Science GPA: 3.6/4.0 Fudan University, Shanghai, China 09/2014 - 07/2018 Bachelor of Science in Physics


Programming Languages: Python, C, Html/Javascript, SQL, CUDA,Java Concepts: Data structure, Algorithm, Database, Cloud Service, Deep Learning, Operating System Programming, Unix, Full-stack, Security, Web application.


Data Structure, Algorithm, Design and Analysis of Data Structures and Algorithms, Numerical Analysis, Database System Implementation, Artificial Intelligence, Operating System Design, Topics in Computers in Biomedicine, Internet Service Design, Computer Security, Object-Oriented programming in Java EXPERIENCE

Research Assistant, Rutgers Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling Center, Piscataway, 08/2019 – 11/2019

Non-manual features recognition in American-Sign Language,

• Used CNN+LSTM based neural network to extract non-manual features( including eyebrow motion and aperture motion) from 1000+ sign videos

Manual Features detection in American-Sign Language

• Used proposal-based neural network to detect and segment manual-sign event in temporal scale, eventually recognize all manual sign events and their meaning in over 1000 sign videos. Data Engineer Intern, Minsheng Bank, Shanghai, China 07/2018 - 08/2018

• Crawled data from real estate agent websites and e-commece platforms through Python Scrapy framework. Used crawled data to analyze regional consumption statistics to help the bank provide personalized services for their customers.

• Build a visualization of the analysis using Baidu map API. Intern, China Union Pay, Shanghai, China 07/2017 - 08/2017

• Extracted keywords from documents in database using TFIDF algorithm and built a documents matching algorithm to search for similar document in the database. With similar old documents for referencing purpose, my colleagues could handle new requested query more efficiently.

• Build a web frontend for searching matched documents using and SQL Server. PROJECTS

Padding Oracle Attack on going

• Detect invalid padding in AES-CBC encryption with PKCCS7 padding scheme.

• Decrypt the ciphertext file without key.

Checking Correctness of Compiler Optimization with SMT Solver 04/2020

• Used SMT query to verify the correctness of a part of the Compiler Optimization

• Implemented symbolic execution for some bit-wise optimization by C compiler.. Visual-based recommending system for online shopping(computer vision, data mining, web) 04/2020

• Used stage-of-art image classification Neural Network and extracted visual feature for over 1 million products in Amazon product database, implemented collaborative filter on the images feature dataset for recommending algorithm using spark. Finally build a web application for the visualization using React+Redis framework. Vulnerability discovery with Fuzzing 04/2020

• Deployed several Fuzzing tools such as AFL(American Fuzzing loop), honggfuzz, and Tfuzz on the test of several libraries(including image processing libraries and file processing librarys) and web services to discover vulnerabilities and compare the performance of different fuzzers.

• Deployed fuzzing techniques on several CTF challenges. Buffer overflow a web application 02/2020

• Exploited buffer overflow attacks and return-to-libc to a online transaction application, the attacks included execution of shell code and destroy the file system of that web server, and are wrapped in normal http requests. Web vulnerability exploitation 04/2020

• Deployed XSS and CSRF attack on a online transaction application to steal users password.

• Deployed side channel and phising attacks to steal user information and execute unauthorized transaction.

• Deployed worm on profile module’s vulnerability to steal users authorization and spread the worm across users. NCAA online predicting engine, Rutgers (AWS EC2/S3, Mysql, Redshift, mongoDB) 04/2019

• Collected NCAA tournaments and final games stats for the last 10 years. Designed and implemented a database query engine using redshift and MongoDB, We build a game prediction model using KNN algorithm over the data and a webpage to support online stats searching and predicting. the service is built on AWS cloud service. Colorization Black-White photos, Rutgers (python) 06/2019

• Designed a neural network based on CNN to colorize gray photos, all code including forward/backward propagation are hand-written.

Rail Track Detection, Rutgers 05/2019

• Used python and OpenCV to detect and Segment rail track in the video using Canny filters and Hough line algorithm and use Yolo framework to detection and positioned the pedestrian and vehicle in the same view. CUDA PIFO task scheduler, Rutgers 12/2019

• Designed and implemented a GPU scheduler on CUDA runtime level which combined the principle of PIFO scheduling policy and CUDA asynchronous executing fashion. It decides the order in which received tasks are executed to use the limited data transfer pipeline and GPU kernel resource more efficiently and reduce overall run time and response time.

E-commerce recommending system, Rutgers 05/2019

• Designed and implemented an online shopping and recommending system using python an flask. The data were from a Brazil shopping platform which includes over 1000 items and 70k transactions. The recommending engine is built using AR model and Apriori Algorithm.


(In Review) Analysis of Linguistically Significant Eyebrow Events in American Sign Language, IEEE-FG2020

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