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Engineer Engineering

Seattle, WA
May 14, 2020

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206-***-**** Thang Q. Phu

Summary of Qualifications:

● Programmed in C++, C, Bash, Python, Golang, Matlab, Java, C#, Verilog, Assembly

● Experienced with Linux, Git, Eclipse, VMWare, .NET, Quartus, Arduino, FPGA, ARM, RTOS, Android

● Developed projects in 802.11 WiFi, TCP / IP, UDP, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC

● Experienced working with global teams, excellent interpersonal skills, strong problem-solving abilities, awareness of business objectives, results oriented Education:

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Masters of Science Electrical Engineering (Embedded System) GPA 3.79 Graduated 3/17 Relevant Experience:

Software Development Engineer 2, Unium WiFi Inc., acquired by Nokia 1/18 – present

● Implemented true mesh and easymesh solutions as part of Nokia WiFi team on multiple access points using various platforms. Collaborated directly with Broadcom and Qualcomm chipset vendors and internal teams for engineering work. Supported successful B3 true mesh system release on Amazon in December 2018

● Developed metrics to compute the quality of a wireless link, and implement client steering algorithms compliant with IEEE 802.11kv standards

● Programmed in C++ linux platform using pjlib framework library and io sockets to implement timers and event driven code for new product features. Troubleshoot WiFi connectivity through pcap and logs, and created REST API that enable users to interact with the WiFi mesh system

● Collaborated with global teams to negotiate speci ications, performs root cause analysis for critical issues and recommend ixes; occasionally provides technical training to international teams Research Assistant, University of Washington E.E. Department 1/16 – 5/17

● Integrated hardware and software to implement an ISO 18000-6C compliant system on a DE1 SoC board with an Altera Cyclone II FPGA to emulate behavior of an RFID tag for low power, security application

● Wrote Matlab code to decode RFID communication data captured by an oscilloscope. Programmed an Impinj RFID reader using Java. Demonstrated the project to LLNL, the sponsoring company

● Collaborated and co-authored multiple academic papers published in IEEE Xplore

● Presented as the irst author of a poster at the IEEE RFID conference, Phoenix, Arizona, May 10th, 2017 Capstone Project, Wearable Location Based Breathalyzer 4/15 – 6/15

● Created a connected, wearable, breathalyzer in a team of four to demonstrate technology that can help reduce drunk driving accidents. Demonstrated a functional wearable breathalyzer that communicate via bluetooth to a custom Android application in three months Other Experience:

Physics and Engineering Tutor, UW Instructional Center, Seattle, WA 10/13 – 12/15

● Practiced problem-solving abilities and how to clearly explain technical concepts to peers. Received single annual tutor recognition award in May 2015 with name engraved on a plaque Radar Systems Intern, Honeywell Aerospace, Redmond, WA 6/15 – 9/15

● Developed a user interface in Visual Studio C# .NET framework to collect and display weather radar data to ill request of Honeywell WXPD protocol radar customer Modern Digital Wireless Communications, Satellite Data Project 3/16 – 6/16 Computer Architecture, MIPS Processor Logic Design 9/15 – 12/15 Leadership Experience:

Co-President, Graduate Student Association 9/16 – 3/17

● Served as the liaison for the UW EE administrations to coordinate events and managed budget of $2500 Spokesperson, IEEE UW Student Chapter 9/15 – 6/16

● Acted as an M.C. at professional networking events with over 200 students and industry attendees

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