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Machine Learning Developer

Toronto, ON, Canada
May 14, 2020

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Hoda Zare

****- ** ***** ****** ******

Toronto, ON M4Y 2W4 Canada




Provisional patent holder in Natural Language Processing.

Strong knowledge and experience of Machine Learning techniques (Natural Language Processing, Feature Analysis, Topic Modeling).

Solid knowledge and work experience with Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, gensim, NLTK, TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit-learn in Python for developing various machine learning algorithms.

Languages: C#, Python, MATLAB.

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle PL/SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB).

Cloud Services: Microsoft Azure.


Machine Learning Developer (Feb 2018 – Aug 2019) – Contractor RBC, Toronto, Canada.

Provisional patent holder for a natural language processing (NLP) topic modeling algorithm in controls assurance of IT service management for alignment with enterprise policies using gensim library.

Developed and implemented a role management application based on users’ access using hierarchical clustering.

Developed an NLP model for clustering and recommending similar documents.

Provisional patent holder for using OCR and machine learning techniques for extracting tables, text summarization, sentiment analysis and topicalization of pdf files using ImageMagic, Tesseract, Tensorflow.

Expanded a RESTful API for extracting data/reports from Archer. Application/Machine Learning Developer (Sept 2016 – Feb 2018) DAC GROUP, Toronto, Canada.

Developed applications for analyzing sentiment analysis and word cloud of social media reviews.

Developed an application to scrap data from Social media sites, aggregated data and transferred the results into MongoDB.

Developed a secure application for encoding/decoding usernames and passwords using Azure Key Vault.

Developed a dashboard and reporting environment for review analysis using C#.

Developed an application for responding to reviews and posting the responses to Social media web sites.

Improved database processes and code performance significantly through optimized algorithms.

Created and running unit tests.

Mentored interns and helping them to improve their programming skills. Application Developer (Nov 2015-Aug 2016)


Developed sub-projects in a call-center web application using MVC.NET, Web API, C#, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery.

Designed and developed databases, created queries and stored procedures and resolved deadlocks in SQL.

Developed reports in Microsoft SSRS and Cisco CUIC. Machine Learning Developer (Feb 2015-Sep 2015) – Contractor UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO & TORONTO REHABILITATION INSTITUTE, Toronto, Canada.

Designed and implemented a system to facilitate communication between a social robot and patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Integrated code written in MATLAB and Python programs in Visual Studio using C#.

Acquired data using Kinect, wrote code to clean audio data, extract features, and perform data analysis.

Developed an interface in C# to connect to a robot remotely, run speeches and gesture tasks. 2

Mentored undergraduate students and helped them to improve speech recognition software. Machine Learning Developer (Sept 2014-Dec 2014) - Contractor ROBIN HOOD TECHNOLOGY, Toronto, Canada.

Developed an application to calculate sentiment analysis of text documents.

Created topic modeling, text categorization and clustering of text documents using skip-gram model.

Developed an application in a cloud environment for extracting topics of a page/website according to its contents using JSON, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, HTML and CSS. Android/Mobile Application Developer (Aug 2013-Nov 2013) HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION LAB, University of Manitoba.

Prepared an application for interpreting pictures to words and then translating words from English to Persian and French.

Worked in Eclipse environment and utilized MySQL, SDK, XML, and Java. Software Developer (Sept 2007-Sept 2011)


Developed a C#.Net application for sales system.

Designed SQL database for the sales system.

Analyzed, designed and developed a concrete reporting system using C#.Net and JavaScript.

Designed, developed and verified a system for transferring data between SAIPA and its subsidiary companies.

Prepared reports using Crystal Report, Oracle Report Builder, Discoverer, and QlikView.

Prepared reports, manuals and other documentations on the status, operation and maintenance of software for production, sale, claim, finance, and maintenance systems.

Prepared reports using Crystal Report, Oracle Report Builder, Discoverer, and QlikView. EDUCATION


Bachelor of Computer Science


Master’s degree in Linguistics

Thesis: The Relationship between Iconicity and Grounding in Cognitive Framework. UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA, 2011- 2013.

Master’s degree in Linguistics

Thesis: The Relationship between Lexical and Grammatical Development in Typical and Brain-damaged Children.

Used Python and R for analyzing data.


University of Manitoba, Faculty of Arts Graduate Award, 2012-2013.

University of Manitoba, Faculty of Graduate Studies Special Awards Fund, 2012.

University of Manitoba, International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship, 2011.

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