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Engineer Drilling

Calgary, AB, Canada
May 14, 2020

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I would like to apply to position: Senior Drilling Engineer

My Name is Hieu Ha. Currently, I am doing Drilling Engineer/ Drilling Consultant for both Precision Drilling and Hamison Corporation, accountable for delivering the engineering of wells, engineering and budget studies and develop well concepts.

With over 20 years’ relevant petroleum industry experience, with a strong exploitation background, experience in Drilling, Completions, Operations, Offshore and Onshore, Deep Water Operations, H2S concentrations, HTHP and Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) Engineering, my Tool Box of offshore Field and Office experiences serve me well to innovate and deliver on major operator's projects.

20 years of proven drilling experience in large multicultural organizations, possess leadership, office base and field experience for offshore, onshore projects and drilling consultant to optimize the performance of operations and safety during the execution of the well at the rig site.

I am experienced engineers and manager, working knowledge of field operations in all areas from shallow, sweet, low-pressure wells, depleted zones to deep, high pressure (HTHP). I can run software’s Peloton WellView, Accumap, GeoScout, Abadata, Wellman, Landmark Drilling Suite (Compass, Stress Check, Well Plan) - the basis of design, planning, project management, code and regulatory requirements, cost control, and budgeting expertise.

Scope: Currently working with land rigs, plus over 20 years for offshore Semi-sub, Jack-up rig w/ single, dual and multi-bowl -subsea wellhead systems; dual activity rig, motor & rotary steerable systems; risk analysis, WBM and SBM; horizontal drilling, fluids and cement, depleted formation, Clastics and Granite Basement and few experience with ERD wells, High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) wells (400ºF) and well cost estimation.

Positions: Filled a variety of positions in career: Drilling Operations Engineer, Lead Drilling Cost / Drilling Team Leader/ Drilling Project Manager, Senior Drilling and Completions Engineer, D&C Performance Lead and most recently as Drilling Consultant, Drilling Optimization Specialist.

Achievements: Worked with team for the drilling, completion, production operations of over 50 production and injection wells and over offshore 30 exploration and appraisal included HTHP, ERD and deep-water wells, in Miocene and basement, setting many drilling, completion, and performance records, work over, slot recovery & Temporary and Permanent plug and abandon wells.

My experience in offshore environments has shown me the true meaning of "time is money". When in the hot seat running a $1.2MM USD per day operations we had to be prepared ahead and designed in advanced, had to be organized, and had to deliver. I am a person with exceptional organizational and time management skills, detail oriented, adaptable to change, and ability to multi-task and manage priorities in a deadline driven environment. The expectations demanded it.

Success and failure, after the oil downturn in 2015, I left Chevron as Drilling Operations Engineer position, have formed consultants which were planned to design, support, and well data gathering, Asset retirement, execute Drilling & Completions operations for few wells/clients across Western Canada, help D&C Teams ideas to improve productivity and/or reduce cost and risk.


Hieu Ha, P.Eng, MBA. [Email:] Cell: +1-403-***-****

Drilling Consultant, P.Eng., MBA

Hieu (Hugh) Ha, P.Eng., MBA

10527 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary, AB. Tel: +403-***-****, email:

Senior Drilling Engineer

Bachelor of Mechanical, Petroleum Engineering, IT and MBA education

Professional Member of Associations: Professional Engineer APEGA, Cost Engineer, SPE

Brief Biography:

Demonstrated history of over 25 years working in the O&G industry (20 years for offshore, 5 onshore projects).

Experienced Drilling Engineer (Planning, Operations, Performance) with an emphasis on drilling who has a demonstrated history of success in the oil & energy industry. Core operational experience is in the Miocene, and Granite Basement. Went through all-terrain structures, deepwater offshore, ERD, HTHP as well as on land, with Oil Base Mud, WBM, including initial well design FEED, project budget AFE planning, material procurement, logistics arrangement, contract awarding, commissioning, monitoring until finishing End of well report. Track record of optimizing cost through the continuous improvement of well site performance benchmarking KPI, managing vendors, and respective service contracts, while maintaining focus on HSE and quality.

15+ years relevant engineering and basic of design, experience with the drilling project management and knowledge of associated petroleum and equipment suppliers.

15+ years as drilling engineer and supervisor experience with extensive knowledge to drilling equipment, contracts processes, operations procedures, well/facility engineering design, well planning, cost estimation, drilling & completion programs/ procedures, and HSE management.

15+ years’ as lead cost analyst, senior project, lead business, head well project development and drilling project manager related to asset, budgeting, forecasting, well analysis incurred cost tracking, accruals, cash call, procurement, contract management, and processes for capital projects, asset management.

15+ years of related to procurement, contracts, warehouse, materials, logistics supervisor experience, and familiar with all aspects of multi-disciplined projects involving engineering, asset requires management, materials, orders, purchases, equipment, tools, delivery, and operations requirement.


Bachelor’s Degree in petroleum engineering, and member of Professional Engineer APEGA,

Over 20 years in a drilling engineering role, including experience in offshore field drilling, completions, well intervention, workover engineering operations with experience onsite

20+ years of Subsea Engineering/Oil & Gas Experience, 10+ years in drilling planning, 10+ in operations

Experience with codes, standards, and appropriate safety criteria related to subsea equipment

Work with many Joint Ventures/ Joint Operating partners/ Joint Share Interest/ Petroleum Share Agreements to advance production engineering understanding across partner organizations

Experience with interfaces between Drilling & Completion, Subsurface, Production, Subsea, etc.

Offshore Operations Experience (Jack-up, Semi submersible rig, Tender Ass, Platform and with FPSO)

Demonstrates how engineering completed at the Concept & Planning, Phases, i.e. Market Survey, Budget, Planning, BoD, Concepts in the FEED phase, has a higher ability to influence the overall project costs.

Expertize in well cost estimate AFE, challenge the current well design and operational matters on a continuous basis during operation/drilling to find areas for improvement.

Strong working knowledge and proficiency in drilling engineering software (Hydraulics, Cementing, Torque & Drag simulations, Surge & Swab or other relevant simulations/calculations, Directional Planning, Establishing and verifying casing tallies, and verification of cement calculations etc, Casing Design, Casing Seat, T&D, Casing Design, Kick Tolerance, Rig Sizing, Marine Riser, Fluid, Upper and Lower Completions

Drilling Planning & Activities: Subsea well head system & dual activity rig, Horizontal Drlg, Drilling Operations, drilling fluids & cement & cement operations, design/ field operations experience, Risk analysis

Work normally w/ single, dual and multi-bowl/ Subsea wellhead, motor- rotary steerable systems; WBM and SBM; depleted formation, Clastics, Granite Basement and HTHP, Deepwater and (ERD) wells

Experience within conventional and unconventional resources in all aspects of horizontal drilling and multi-stage frac technology and field work experience and exposure

Ensure all drilling are planned & executed according to company, Industry best practices, standards

Prepare Tender Plan, Scope Of Work, Tender List, Specification and Invitation of Bid Document, conduct Technical and Techno-Commercial evaluations, and prepare Award Recommendation

Excellent analytical, financial cost analysis, budgeting, accrual, cash call, communications skills

Working in a highly collaborative manner with Operations Superintendents and Wellsite Foremen

Exceptional organizational and time management skills with the ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects at once. Expert level computer skills

Knowledge of Subsea Infrastructure, Wellhead, cementing, Casing Hangers, Mud in HTHP wells

Familiarity with industry safety and design standards

Work with vendors, deck crews and drill floor to assure that once prepared, tools

Project Management Experience, planning, cost management, logistics knowledge and awareness

Ability to adapt to changing priorities, willing to learn new techniques.

Ability to work with limited direct supervision, in a fast-paced environment within cross functional teams and effectively engage others in support of projects and initiatives

Knowledge of Software:

Specialist/ Champion / Administration in Data Drilling Management PELOTON’S Wellview

Casing Design, Casing Seat, Well Plan, Stresscheck - HALLIBURTON’S Landmark EDM.

AccuMap, Abadata and GeoSCOUT, Wellman, AFE and TIBCO Spotfire Data Visualization

Education History:

1.Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering SAIT [ 3.7 GPA] 2016 – 2018

2.M.B.A - Columbia Southern University [4.0 GPA] 2006 - 2007

3.Bs. Information Technology - University of Natural Sciences 2000- 2004

4.Mechanical Engineering - HCMC University of Technology and Education 1989 – 1993

Working History:


Drilling Optimization Specialist – Precision Drilling Corporation – Jan 2020 ~ Present

Conducting daily drilling operations, immediate response on rigs all about drilling techniques and equipment requirements, and directional drilling practice

Involving drilling optimization, drilling engineering technical limits, monitoring Real-time EDR, ROP, WOB and target set, benchmark, plat-time, performance metrics and finding better solutions

Optimizing the performance of operations and safety during the execution of the well at the rig site.

Offset and performance, case studies, standard rig KPI data, auto-drill, flat time performance

Supporting the development of valuable proposals as well as find the cause of the risk

Leading in engineering related studies and support well center data team in the project.

Drilling Project Manager: - Hamison Corporation (August 2018 – Present)

Having formed consultants which were planned to support, well optimization, AFE, data gathering, asset retirement, execute drilling & production operations, engineering design for few wells/clients across Western Canada, help D&C Teams ideas to improve productivity and/or reduce cost and risk.

Services rendered is under the control, held accountable as a shareholder, JV / owner and partner.

Consulting Engineering calculations, casing design and modelling (Hydraulics, Cementing, T&D, etc.)

Preparing drilling /completions consults activities in Alberta Basin to develop horizontal programs

Acquiring new asset, bidding and buying gas’s property, and new drilling opportunities

Preparing project well cost structure, production evaluations, forecast and progress measurement

Drilling SME, Business Analyst / Resource Energy Solutions- (Aug 2018 – Jan 2020)

Monitoring to Drilling & Completions Engineering, conduct well drilling activities, including the planning and design of oil and gas wells

Optimizing the performance of operations and safety during the execution of the well at the rig site.

Standardizing drilling/ completions/production, operations coding, SOP, programs, software development, consolidate and review current business processes, personnel, enabling technologies.

Monitoring actual well costs and ensure accuracy for financial reporting and budgeting

Senior Drilling Engineer

Xenotime Energy Inc., ISO Resources Inc., Land Integrity Foundation, Resource Energy Solutions

June 2016 –and up today, Onshore Project, Location: Calgary, Lloyds, Alberta - Canada and USA Texas Area

Having formed Xenotime Energy Inc. which was contracted to design, support, budget, and execute Drilling & Completions Operations in Islay Lloydminster, AB

Prepare drilling program, casing design, well cost estimation, basic of design, End of well report.

Coordinate with the Land Team recommendations regarding land postings and bidding submission.

Coordinate (identify, rank, execute and track) the capital and production budget process for project

Prepare business proposals and economic evaluations, project chapter, that incorporate an understanding of taxes, royalties, joint venture deal terms and other related consideration

Generate and evaluate drilling and completions opportunities including productivity, reserves evaluation, costs, timing, risk, partner issues, marketing, well cost estimated, drilling, completions and production programs and procedures, vendor list, materials and equipment tender and evaluations.

Drilling Operations Engineer – Performance Advisor - Chevron - June 2012 – June 2015

Working Environment with 90m ~ 1000m Water Depth by Jack-up, Semi-sub, Tenders Ass.

Supported of the rig needs as well as advanced planning for future operations: Tasks included writing drilling procedures and drilling wells with high deviation to depleted zone, High Temperature well (375ºF), Work-over wells (after 40 years producing), Permanent Abandon and slot recovery (full cut string of all casing by NCA) for new hole, drill pilot hole for shallow gas, side track well with 30” surface whip-stock with 400-ft water depth Jack-up rig Toi Honor- 6th gen Drillship for Block 0 shallow water and Block 14 Deep Water (Semi-sub, tenders)

Drilling Engineer for exploration/ appraisal/ development programs within budget.

Completed campaign of 2 horizontal ERD wells, 2 HTHP wells, 4 Exploration, and 8 Production wells

Completed 6 Drilling and Asset Retirement – Abandonment wells.

D&C Performance Engineer - Advisor for Wellview data requisition, continuous improvement

Projected planning for appraisal campaign that will include multi-well pads, next-gen ADR rig, and a robust drilling program.

Optimize the performance of operations and safety during the execution of the well at the rig site.

D&C Technical for offset plant and asset retirement from a competitor

Make recommendations regarding opportunity capture or further review by the appropriate team

Use Wellview, and Spotfire to created KPI format for manager level monthly and quarterly review.

Senior Drilling Engineer- Mubadala Petroleum – Sep 2011 ~ Aug 2012

Offshore operations– SEMI-SUB rig, office based.

Responsible for well-planning, developing Landmark casing design, basis of design and tenders preparation for 3 wells plan drilling with Semi-sub drilling rig @120m WD, Subsea Well, deviated, J type, max 35 deg or 50 deg with homogeneous casing strings etc in order to execute drilling of the well cost effectively.

Responsibility of overall technical integrity of well design/ well cost and well execution program / plans.

Prepared all planning and engineering drilling operations, drilling programs, drilling procedures

Provided optimum engineering design concepts, bidding, approaching methods, well constructions.

Managed cost, schedule and resource estimates for implementation of specific technology and tools to be used on the project, prepared tendering and its commercial and technical evaluation, demonstrated record of success in fostering continuous improvement in well costs and productivity.

Senior Drilling Engineer – PhuQuy Petroleum Operating Company - Dec 2010- Sep 2011

Offshore operations–Jack up rigs: Topaz Driller &Mearsk Convincer, office based

Drilled parallel two rigs operations and completed safely five exploration and appraisal wells at block 15-1 & 16-02, offshore Vietnam. Generally, wells presented challenging both 2-D and 3-D directional profiles, including abandonments and three sidetrackings. These wells were tested in both clastic basement and granite basement. A cemented liner was installed for hydraulic fracturing

Sr. Drilling Engineer / Drilling Project Manager - Korea National Corporations -Oct 2009- Nov 2010

Offshore operations–Jack up rig: PVD-II, office based.

Drilled and completed two development wells at RongDoi Platform, 300km South of Vung Tau, offshore Vietnam. The wells RD-7P and RDT-2P, were drilled in a batch sequence up to the cementation of the 9.5/8” casing. Well RD-7P was drilled to a total depth of 4,345m, and well RDT-2P to a depth of 5,440m.Both wells presented challenging 3-D directional profiles, the first; RD-7P was evaluated in a pilot hole prior to abandonment and sidetracking. This well was completed in 8.1/2” open hole with swell packers on a 7” liner. A cemented liner was installed on the second well. On both wells, a 5.1/2” upper completion was installed with DHPG’s. Both wells were successfully constructed and tested within the approved budget. Drilling with Jack-up rig PVD-II. Feasibility Study for RD-3P (fishing, well intervention) and relief well

Senior Drilling Engineer – Lead Drilling Cost / Team Lead – ConocoPhillips – Jan 2003 – Oct 2009

TransOcean, SeaDrill Rigs

Worked in drilling team for the offshore drilling and completion operations of 50 production and injection wells, 20 exploration and appraisal as well, 2 ERD wells, set many drilling, completion, and performance records. Constructed technical tender requirement, long lead plan, well program and annual budget and accounted for $350 million in drilling operations expenditures per year to ensure seamless operations initiatives and schedule implementation.


Planned, drilled and completed a total of 4 HPHT wells and 12 side-tracks, including 2 major workover & float over operation. Total depths ranging 4200 ~ 4950m TVD with inclination of 74-89 Degrees.

Programed application of HPHT well engineering, unconventional carbonate, workovers, sidetracks,

Supported major MOC management of changes to HPHT well delivery in VERY tight deadlines.

Successfully initiated hybrid application of geosteering and geostopping utilizing walk above seismic (SWD) and geosphere to stop accurately 2 meters before carbonate top.

BP - Materials and Logistics Supervisor/ Operations Engineer - (2001-2003) - Gas Platform

SBM - Rang Dong I – FPSO – Operations Engineer – (2000 ~ 2001)

Japan Drilling Company – Field Drilling Engineer / Logistics Supervisor - (1994 ~ 1999)

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