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Project Engineer

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
May 12, 2020

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Vishal Sharma +971-*********

Senior BizTalk Consultant

(MCTS – BizTalk Server 2010)

(70-532): Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Highly skilled (Microsoft BizTalk Server certified) professional with in-depth knowledge on BizTalk 2016, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2006 R2.

Over 11 years of extensive IT experience in developing BizTalk applications, designing and implementing BizTalk orchestrations, pipelines and schemas, writing Customs XSLT code for maps.

Administrating BizTalk Applications, worked on BAM, consuming SQL Stored procedures using BizTalk, performed integration using various adapters in BizTalk.

In- Depth Exposure of working in projects involving full SDLC lifecycle.

Work Area:-

•Designing BizTalk Orchestration, Maps, XML schemas, pipelines, ports.

•Configuring BizTalk Applications using BizTalk Administration console.

•Experience in administrating BizTalk Applications.

•Worked on the WCF adapters, in BizTalk.

•Performed error logging & exception handling, for failed Messages.

•Performed BAM Activity creation, for Message Tracking.

•Creating & Deploying BAM activities, in BizTalk.

•Applying validations (e.g. Date-Time) in Maps.


Senior Middleware Consultant for ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority), Abu Dhabi.

June 19 – Present

I am currently working as senior middleware consultant, in Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (Water & Electricity Authority).

Carried out following roles & responsibilities, in the ADDC.AE (Eservices Project) -

1.Understanding business requirement through meetings, documents.

2.Acting as key enabler to transform business requirement into technical solution.

3.Performed end-to-end BizTalk development, for the various modules.

4.Developed orchestrations in BizTalk Server 2016, created Maps, XSD Schemas.

5.Developed & Deployed Business Rules & Policies using Business Rule Engine (BRE).

6.Presented end UAT to the client & getting signoff’s.

7.Driving the project through the various phases – like SIT, UAT and finally delivering the project successfully to the end client.

Senior BizTalk Consultant at Emaar Hospitality (Dubai)

May 2018 – May 2019

Worked as Senior BizTalk consultant for the Emaar Hospitality project, in Dubai.

Performed the following end-to-end development activities, for this (ERP integration) project –

1.Understood the business requirement of the client and proposed technical solution.

2.Carried out end-to-end development, for the various interfaces.

3.Created BizTalk artefacts (like orchestration, schemas, maps etc.).

4.Developed application to consume RESTful service & process JSON messages.

5.Performed unit testing & carried out UAT deployment for all the BizTalk interfaces.

6.Performed testing in UAT environment, with the vendor.

7.Upon UAT completion, performed code deployment on the Production environment.

After Production deployment, successfully performed go-live for this project.

Senior BizTalk Consultant at DXC Technology February 2017 - Oct 31st 2017

Moduslink ICE replacement Project

1.Developed BizTalk applications using BizTalk 2016 for the ICE replacement project.

2.Creating BRE rules & policies.

3.Designed Orchestration, schemas in BizTalk Server.

4.Acted as Team lead for the development team, carrying out end-to-end client delivery for BizTalk interfaces.

BizTalk Consultant / Team Lead at Accenture

July 2013 - January 2017 (3 years 7 months)

Motiva Oil and Gas Project

1.Acted as Team lead for Motiva oil and gas project.

2.Leading a team of 10 resources and carrying out end-to-end client delivery for BizTalk project.

3.Worked on interface development using BizTalk server 2013.

4.Performed project delivery (delivering design documents, BizTalk interfaces) to the end Client.

5.Coordinating between team and the end client.

6.Solving technical issues, of the team members.

Shell Global Functions.

1.Worked on the FMO Migration project which involved migration of number of BizTalk applications from BizTalk 2006 to BizTalk 2010 environment.

2.This activity involved analyzing, investigating and solving highly complex and critical issues present in each of the BizTalk interfaces developed in BizTalk 2006 environment and then migrating these interfaces to BizTalk 2010 environment.

3.I was also made as the focal point for this (FMO migration) project, due to the excellent work performed by me.

4.Acted as subject matter expert in the middleware technologies and established channels to handle 3rd level escalations for incidents, problems.

I also worked as ITS (Integration Technology Specialist), in this (Shell Global functions) project.

Listed below are the roles performed by me, as ITS -

1.Host weekly meetings with the managers of the development teams, to gather deliverables for the upcoming releases.

2.Review the deliverables provided by the development team.

3.Inform the team in case of issue with the deliverables.

4.Represent these development changes, in the weekly release meetings.

5.Ensure that the build gets deployed smoothly on the release date, without any issues.

5.Received performance points from my manager due to the exceptional work performed by me.

6.Published Whitepapers and training documents in the Accenture knowledge sharing portal, for the purpose of knowledge sharing.

YASREF (Yanbu Aramco & Sinopec Refining) Project.

1.Carried out end-to-end development for the various Interfaces, of this greenfield Oil & gas refinery Project.

2.Designing orchestrations in BizTalk Server 2013, developing Maps for the various Projects / applications, creating XSD Schemas (both xml and Flat File)

3.Writing code & configuring the various BizTalk artifacts (Such as Send ports, receive ports, Pipelines)

4.Developing the SQL Stored Procedure, tables and databases for the various modules.

5.Migrating / deploying of all the Interfaces (MSI) from the development onto the Test & Production environments.

6.Developing & Deploying Business Activities (BAM), for all the YASREF Interfaces.

7.Performed UAT, with the end client.

8.Performed production deployment & successful Go-Live, for this project.

9.Worked on the upgradation & maintenance of interfaces running in the production environment.

10. Conducted BizTalk interviews for various positions in Accenture (both internal and external).

Senior Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

June 2011 - June 2013 (2 years 1 month)

ZIM Shipping Project

1.Single handedly Initiated the U.S Customs Project for the ZIM Shipping client, in Israel and worked there for 3 months (From May 2012 - to Aug 2012), carrying out end-to-end development work for the various Inbound and Outbound Modules in BizTalk 2010.

2.Lead a training course on BizTalk Server, for the ZIM shipping's EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Team in Israel, upon client request.

3.Assisting, mentoring & helping out, the ZIM EAI Team members, with their BizTalk Issues and queries.

4.Developed complex orchestrations, maps, schemas in BizTalk Server 2010.

5.Communicating with the onsite team (in U.S.A), for Project meetings & discussions.

6.Received 'Client Appreciation certificate' (TCS Gems), for my work performed in the Project.

Stolt Apps. Maintenance & Support Project.

1.Designing BizTalk Orchestration, XML schemas, pipelines, ports.

2.Configuring BizTalk Applications using BizTalk Administration console.

3.Performed Integration with Oracle database, by using Oracle adapters (WCF – LOB).

4.Performed BAM Activity creation for Message Tracking.

5.Tracking of Messages Flow using BAM in BizTalk Server 2009

6.Creating & Deploying BAM activities in BizTalk.

IT Associate at MindGate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

December 2010 - May 2011

Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS) Project (Ministry of Finance (New Delhi))

1.Creation of BizTalk Projects, Orchestrations, pipelines, schemas, maps.

2.Designing schemas for storing (Account Validation, Cheque related information and the Transaction details of various Bank users).

3.Generation of XML Schemas from CPSMS Stored Procedures, from existing Bank schemas.

4.Creation of Dynamic Ports for routing each message request to its corresponding Bank Location.

5.Using Envelope Schemas for generating separate schema instance, for each of the Banks.

Systems Engineer at Nihilent Technologies

April 2008 - June 2010 (2 years 3 months)

Arrow Emblems Website (U.S.A) Project

1.Developed the Product Management Module for the Arrow Emblems Website.

2.Provided the facility for management of Product Category, products and their attributes as well as attribute settings.

3.Developed On Demand and Scheduled Reports (Gross Margin per Product, Gross Margin per Customer, Gross sales per product, Monthly Statement Report), using Active Reports.

4.Creating WCF Web services, Proxies using Web service Software Factory.

5.Designing the UI Screens for The Product management, Customer Management, Reporting, Order Management and Invoice Management Modules.

Internal BizTalk ESB R&D Project

1.Understanding the Project requirement, from the existing documentation.

2.Carrying out R&D related activities, for the project.

3.Attending the team meetings and providing inputs.

4.Preparing BizTalk related documentation, for the project.

5.Involved in Developing orchestrations, schemas.

6.Performed deployment and testing, for the BizTalk interfaces.


Uttar Pradesh Technical University

Bachelors in Technology, Computer Science (2003 – 2007)

Universal Public School


Honors and Awards

1.TCS Appreciation certificate.

2.Client Appreciation Certificate.

Certification details:

1.(70-595): MCTS - BizTalk Server 2010

2.(70-532): Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

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