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Manager Plant

Clear Lake, IA
May 12, 2020

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Dennis Peuvion

*** *** *** *

Clear Lake,Iowa,***28



*short term employment was due to contract employment and my wife Terminal illness. (she passed away in 2017)

Manufacturing Plant manager, with focus on profitability, EBIT and Margin improvements through cost reduction and Process improvement. Proven winner over entire 20 year plus, career. Driven to succeed through leveraging knowledge and experience by creating, mentoring, and maintaining, high performance teams, focused on continuous improvement, and quality improvement company wide. Proven visionary leader who understands and delivers to V.O.C. (voice of customer) and V.O.M(voice of manufacturing) and leverages in depth knowledge of JIT, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and CQI (continuous Quality Improvement) through statistical methodologies and employee training, mentoring and targeted skills training. Successful

D.I.S.C. based management training student, exceptional D.I.S.C assessment values, high scores balanced in all 4 critical areas, showing very high ability in: conceptual thinking, data comprehension, people skills (influence) and steadiness (actual assessment evaluation available upon request)

Safety focused

Lean Manufacturing Certification

J.I.T(Just in time)

Six Sigma Black Belt

Statistical Process Control

Cultural Transformation

Extensive talent recognition and development

EPA and OSHA audit experience

Extensive customer relations experience

Continuous Quality Improvement

Exceptional High performance

team building skills

One Piece Flow

Process improvement expert

ISO certification

Experience in most Enterprise Management software systems, (SAP,ETC)

Designed and implemented custom software for tracking improvements and metrics

Supply chain logistics experience

P&L experience

Clear understanding and execution of V.O.C.

ROI analysis

LCAM (life cycle asset management experience)

CBA analysis

union experience

ISO certification experience

Process management

Project Management (multi-Million dollar)

Change Management

Production and continuous Improvement Manager, Shift Manager,

Graham Door Company, (Assa Abloy) Mason City, Iowa,2017-Current


Document, assess, and improve all value streams

Train, Mentor and educate all employees, including supervision, in Six Sigma, and Lean manufacturing


Design and implement improvement strategies, within budget limitation, Analyze and improve all Process

Focus On increasing EBIT from negative levels to plus 5% in first year

Alter culture to increase employee retainment from 53% currently to 100%

; Redesign process and increase O.E.E to attain 85% O.E.E And 95% On time shipments

Manage day to day activities with a focus on Margin improvement, continuous improvement, employee retention, culture change

Build, retain, and sustain, High performance Team(s), incrementally increasing skill levels and knowledge to achieve a goal of industry leading quality performance

Department Manager, (5 departments of 8 in company) Triton Trailers, Hartford, WI,



Prepare 4 Value streams for I.S.O. Certification

evaluate, train, and mentor future leaders in quality, continuous improvement and manufacturing

Manage day to day activities with a focus on Margin improvement, continuous improvement, employee retention, culture change, in 4 of the companies 7 manufacturing value streams, as well as shipping, provide improvement plans for staffing, quality, infrastructure, and manufacturing with a focus on safety, as well as mentoring employees for the other 3 value streams

Using QMS experience, team with Senior Quality Manager to create executable QMS procedures specific to Triton's current skill level, that are sustainable and able to be executed, by current team, to achieve initial I.S.O. 9000 2015 Cert.

Create quality programs and procedures that will progressively increase Triton's quality, while not overwhelming the current team skill level, or ability

Build, retain, and sustain, High performance Team(s), incrementally increasing skill levels and knowledge to achieve a goal of industry leading quality performance, and ISO Certification.

Build high performance teams to increase efficiency to targeted levels (95%) Increase safety in my 4 value streams, Shipping, and throughout Triton

Achieve 100% on time shipping p

Perform warranty work, working with sales and customers to insure satisfaction

Hire new associates who have the potential to become high performing team members, and possess growth and leadership potential

Create and maintain, attendance, vacation, disciplinary, employee development,


completed viable QMS system for Triton with senior quality manager

Achieved I.S.O. 9000 2015 certification on first attempt after only 6 months preparation

Created 2 distinct improvement teams by training and mentoring existing production hourly employees, successfully completing many improvement projects, resulting in large increases in quality and efficiency, greatly improved employee engagement and large decreases in scrap and materials usage

Planned, and implemented, successful materials storage and inventory project, resulting

in 100% of inventoried material moved to point of use storage. ( my improvement teams,executed under my direction) creating over 40% more available in house storage for all departments and increasing one piece flow efficiency

RE-designed continuous one-piece flow lines (4) to increase efficiency and capacity

resulting in overall efficiency increase of over 14% greater than highest year on company record (84% overall was the record in 2014), currently at 108% efficiency and trending up MTD, an over 20% increase of any month on record previously.

Huge improvement in 6 s compliance, cleanliness of departments is markedly improved

and maintained

increased employee retention to 100% over last 6 months (company average 48%)

developed employee improvement/training and future goals plans for all employees

Much, Much, more

Quality Engineering Manager, Cummins Emissions Systems, Mineral Point, WI Contract consultant, 1 year



Insure all ISO TS 16949 requirements are met

Insure J.I.T and other lean philosophies are understood and practiced

Mentor and train staff in statistical methodology and root cause analysis

Create, train, mentor and maintain, high performance teams focused on statistical and lean methodologies

Lead teams for new product introduction to insure born lean to V.O.C.(voice of customer)

Lean process design team member for quality projects


Lead and participate in Six Sigma improvement projects

Successfully completed numerous cost reduction and quality improvement projects

Analyzed customer concerns to determine root cause and create best resolution plan to insure successful implementation through focused high-performance team development

Plant Manager, Sielaff Corporation Manufacturing, Mineral Point, WI 1 year


Furniture manufactured with Stainless steel and mild steel tubing


Designed and initiated a staffing plan to insure we have adequate talent at every level. This includes

hiring appropriate talent, designing a proper structure for job classifications in every manufacturing department, determining appropriate staffing levels, working with staffing agencies and alone to interview and hire employees and creating a training infrastructure to insure skill set requirements are met.

Responsible for development and implementation of all quality systems Work with and assist design and prototype team to move prototypes from concept to manufacture in

less than 2 months time, currently we have over 14 new products /product lines in production that were in initial design in late October some with as many as 20 different variations

Designed and implemented a capacity plan to insure we have sufficient capacity and equipment to meet

current and projected future demand.

Created and implemented a new equipment capital asset purchase plan to insure we have adequate resources to meet current and future growth

Project lead on robot welder acquisition and training Design and implemented documentation for job completion and company rules and regulations, attendance etc.

Designed and implemented excel based MRP system to track loading and part manufacturing to insure

proper manpower is available and shipping dates are met.

Training and Mentoring of supervisory staff at the floor/department level to insure growth goals. Training initiatives and other production goals are met


; Reduced order backlog from over 1 month behind to working to schedule in 3 months time.

Increased productivity by over 15% with new process and using lean tools

Implemented Lean Thinking and J.I.T Philosophy

Working on building expansion and possible new facility project with ownership to determine proper sizing, layout and location for new plant.

Design layout and staffing of new production line at warehouse location to alleviate space and capacity concerns

Responsible for implementing a culture change plan to start to implement a lean continuous improvement culture.

Created Strategy and designed and driven almost every improvement plan taking the lead on every expansion and growth project.

Plant 5 Manager/Engineering Project Manager, Stoughton Trailer, Stoughton, WI 2 Years



Highest employee retention rate in company Increased CPIs to record levels with application of Lean Manufacturing, continuous improvement and statistical tools (SPC and others).

Implement J.I.T and lean manufacturing methodologies.

Highest Plant safety rate in company, highest employee retention rate in company, and mentored and developed future leaders

Value stream manager, and Engineering Project Manager for new equipment purchase projects in excess of 1.2 million dollars

Develop department capital budget of over 1 million dollars

Ensure all K.P.I. s are met

Responsible for 9 value streams across 7 plants


Increased Productivity by over 40%

Increased available capacity by over 30% with existing equipment

Designed and implemented new algorithms for ship floor control reports to create useful data storage and search system

Designed and implemented new quality control S.O.P s that greatly increased quality performance reducing scrap and discrepant parts to levels below .3 percent

Lead in laser optimization project resulting in potential savings of $200,000 on one contract

Developed operator training program to increase operator skill levels and train new operators

Created new process to increase work order completion from low of 30% to 100 percent levels in 2 months time

Created cross training program to insurer optimum flexibility and ability to meet intermittent demand

&aught Lean and Six Sigma classes to all department personnel to increase understanding and performance

Machining Plant Manager, Gunite (Division of Accuride) Rockford, Il 3 month Contract 2010

Responsibilities: Ensured ISO TS16949 compliance and resolved UAW union /company issue s

➢ Responsible for oversight of all quality concerns and training on second shift

➢ Oversee staff of over 100 manufacturing employees in machining and fabrication of automotive parts

➢ Recommend new equipment purchases to increase capacity and quality capabilities

➢ Develop Lean and quality control strategies to ensure customer requirements are met


➢ Successfully completed numerous root cause analysis investigations resulting in increased production, lower maintenance, higher quality and greater safety.

Created and maintained high performance team concepts in manufacturing to increase departmental performance

Successfully championed material staging kaizen resulting in elimination of unnecessary material movement

Designed and fabricated grasping device to solve material handling issue resulting in 40% increase in capacity

Designed lift table WIP staging device increasing production capability 10%

Designed vacuum hood for drilling operation to eliminate dust and chips greatly reducing maintenance and resulting in a 20% increase in machine availability and greatly reducing maintenance cost

Increased production capacity @10%s using lean manufacturing tools and continuous improvement techniques

Implemented TPM for lubrication protocol on six lathe robotic production cell resulting in increased availability.

Successfully completed root cause analysis investigation at Indiana distribution facility eliminating product rusting issue.

Plant Manager, Siemens Energy and Automation, West Chicago, IL 2 years


Manufactures Automation components and assemblies on printed circuit boards and hard wiring


Insure all ISO TS 16949 and other ISDO series requirements are met

Lead Lean Manufacturing journey insuring J.I.T, Kan Ban and other lean tools are understood and applied

Mentor and train staff in statistical methodology and root cause analysis

Lead teams for new product introduction to insure born lean to VOC

Lead and participate in Six Sigma improvement projects

Successfully completed numerous cost reduction and quality improvement projects

Analyzed customer concerns to determine root cause and create best resolution plan insure successful implementation through focused high-performance team development

Second shift SAP implementation Champion

Oversee all department budgets for second shift operations report to plant manager on progress

Create strategies to reduce budgetary requirements on second shift

Complete numerous ROI studies to purchase new equipment in fabrication and machining

Give power point presentations to senior staff to provide justification and cost benefit analysis for all improvement strategies on both shifts


Created machining improvement strategy resulting in significant savings on overall cost, installation, time to operational status and training for equipment purchased from CBA studies for continuous improvement projects. Created managed and trained high performance team for SPC project using statistical methodology to predict maintenance requirements on equipment, resulting in no catastrophic failures and change of culture from run to fail into proactive predictable maintenance planning, resulting in 100% equipment availability at full capacity.

Led six sigma assembly projects resulting in a restructure of the electrical equipment build assembly line which resulting in an achievement of 280,000 opportunities with no errors in assembly over the six month data collection period, well above stated goal of a six sigma process.

Instrumental work in the lighting layout design of the utility reduction project. This resulted in motion sensing lighting that provided better lighting in all areas and a 50% education of lighting expense on second shift.

Created a value stream map of a product line resulting in elimination of several motion steps, movement requirements and shortening overall process time by 20%.

Created training program structured around using statistical methodology to reduce scrap and rework resulting in a 15% reduction of scrap and improving first pass yield from 43% to over 97% in 2 months, further increasing first pass yield to over 99% by year s end (6 months total).

Completed six sigma green belt training and six sigma black belt training.

Achieved highest employee satisfaction rating in manufacturing of over 90% with 3 100% scores (every one of my

employees rated me 5of 5). A) How good a job is your manager doing? B) Is your manager responsive to diversity issues? C)Is your manager responsive to your personal issues as they relate to your job?

Wesco construction and Engineering, Operations Manage r 13 years 1993-2006

Engineering, Lean and continuous improvement solutions

Awarded Maintenance contract Amoco oil 13 years straight with progressive responsibilities

Shell Chemical maintenance contract 6 years

Ak Specialty vehicles (emergency vehicle, and mobile M.R.I. C.A.T. scan and advanced diagnostic mobile medical and military vehicles O.E.M. manufacturer) Lean/quality consult contract 3 years

Managed crew over 100 pipe fitters and steelworkers to weld and construct structure, and piping for oil and chemical transport

Successfully met multi-million-dollar budget challenges

Altered maintenance culture from run to fail, to proactive LCAM (life cycle asset management) culture designed and drove TPM protocols

Evaluated issues and designed custom equipment to resolve production problems

Designed advanced employee training programs increasing quality and productivity.

Oversee maintenance, fabrication and installation of equipment and devices of diverse multi location

crews of 100 or more employees and site supervisors for maintenance at 235-acre Amoco oil refinery including many outbuildings and pump houses, oil storage tanks, 800,000 sq. ft. barrel filling house, numerous 6 story pipeline and transportation structures and 100,000 sq. ft. office facility.

Increased fill line availability by 50 hrs. Per week by TPM conveyor inspection.

Implemented lubrication TPM resulting in reduced maintenance cost and downtime as well as zero catastrophic failure

Created Statistical control protocol, resulting in no catastrophic equipment failure for duration of contract (6 Yrs.)

Initiated LCAM (life cycle asset management) culture including actual vs expected capacity/maintenance cost metrics to determine old equipment functionality vs. new

Created response time/time to restart metrics to monitor maintenance performance.

Provided one on one training to customer employees (Amoco oil) to facilitate TPM implementation.

oversee all maintenance functions company-wide including, functionality and finished installation and testing

100% on time on budget completion of projects for 12 years

100% customer satisfaction over 12 years

No recordable injuries 12 years

Grew company from 150k per year gross revenue to 15 million plus over 12 years

Manufacturing Plant Manager, Ajax tool, Franklin Park, IL 5 years



Lead all plant operations except sales and marketing, for 2 shifts and 500 employees

Create strategies for cost reduction, and recommend overall and department specific budgets

identify, Train, mentor and maintain talent for leadership position within plant

created, trained, mentored and oversaw numerous cross departmental high-performance teams focused on improvement projects

create implementation strategy for lean and statistical process control and train leaders in proper usage

create and maintain supply chain logistics and strategies to provide American raw steel in a JIT environment without causing production delays

recommend and implement growth plan to achieve production capability to manufacture parts at an

average annual growth target of 15%


Designed and installed a bar coded tracking strategy and system to track all parts and process steps to provide data for statistical analysis real time

Wrote computer programs to use data and create statistical control charts and analysis to insure stable process and lean process streams resulting in an inventory reduction of finished goods of 30% and increase of on time shipment from 70% to 100% and an overall cost of production savings of 15% through elimination of scrap and rework waste

Designed and implemented a TPM program resulting in a 25% improvement of equipment availability and a 30% reduction of repair parts for equipment

Developed capital asset purchase plan to replace obsolete, ageing equipment in the most cost effective manner, over a targeted 5 year technology upgrade period

KLM Industries, (Muench Woodwork) Production Manager 5 years 1987-1991

Muench woodwork is high end cabinetry, millwork, and historical restoration company specializing in hardwood, softwood, engineered products and exotic woods. Muench produces products for Morgan Doors, Pella windows, and various home improvement stores. Muench also does custom woodwork restoration and reproduction for historical homes.

Oversee all production of Cabinetry, woodwork, doors, custom jobs and millwork

Dramatically reduced customer complaints

Reduced staffing and increased capacity by increasing productivity

Reduced overtime to less than 2% of hours worked

Created, mentored and led high performance teams to solve specific concerns

Increased capacity by over 100% by changing process path and providing training specific to woodworking thereby increasing quality

Implemented Lean strategies

Create staffing plans

Oversee paint and finish shop (water based and solvent based finishes)

Reduced absenteeism

Reduced tardiness

Increased employee retention to over 90%; Created and lead employee training programs to recognize wood specific quality issues

Trained and mentored all personnel and lead men for every department Worked with senior management to insure equipment and process was in line with current tech.

Implemented consumable mapping program to reduce usage of consumables (tooling, blades, sand paper, etc)

Investigated and solved customer concerns

Lead safety training across manufacturing

No LTA or recordable safety issues across 5 years


Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus,

C.P.I.M. (certificate in production and Inventory management), De Paul University Electronics and Computer Engineering, DeVry university, currently enrolled B.S. M.B.A(to be completed at local university asap)

Lean manufacturing Certification, Skillsoft

Six Sigma Black belt, Siemens

Six Sigma Black belt, Cummins

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