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Oracle Data

Indianapolis, IN
May 12, 2020

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Sajan Varughese

**** ********* **, *** ****


Phone: 404-***-**** (Mobile)


Work Authorization: US Citizen

Profile Summary:

Database professional with 24+ years experience in designing and implementing OLTP databases and data warehouse environment. Worked on large systems that have a size of 1.5 TB that supported up to 25000 online users. Experienced in Logical and physical data modeling using ERWIN and Designer2000. Extensive experience in PLSQL/SQL/Shell scripting as a developer as well as DBA. Have substantial experience in Performance tuning database at the instance level and SQL level. Experienced in partition maintenance, database maintenance, Database installation, cloning, database software installation and patching the database software.Experience in data modelling for health insurance,manufacturing and telecom domain.Experienced in Oracle database version 6 through 11g. Experienced in SQL Server databases from version SQL Server 2000 through SQL server version 2012. Experience on migrating database from 10g to 11g and 9i to 10g.


Geodexia Inc Nov 2019 - Jan 2020

Client: Anthem Inc

Responsible for SQL and PLSQL development on Oracle 12c database under unix platform. Responsible database installation and configuration, backup and recovery using RMAN and performance of application developed using Oracle PLSQL.

Scintel Technologies

Client: First Data July 1 2019 - July 15 2019

Application developer

Responsible for PLSQL development

Platform : Oracle 12c, Linux, PLSQL,Toad

Employer: Technosoft Corporation Feb 2017 - Aug 2017

Client: Deloitte/ State of Indiana

Database Administrator

•Worked in IOT department on database projects

•Responsible for making database changes to all database environments

•Supported the client in developing PLSQL code.

•Fine tuned database and applications developed in PLSQL

•Created database objects

Platform: Oracle 11g. PLSQL,.SQL

Employer: TATA AmericaNov 2015 - Jan 2016

Client: Boeing, Troy, MI

Level 3 Database Administrator

•Administered Oracle databases

•Applied database changes to SQL Server database environments.

Environment: Solaris, Linux, Oracle 11g, SQL Server

Employer: Infosys Technologies Ltd22nd Feb 2015 - 16th Apr 2015

Client: Eversource, Middletown, CT

Lead DBA

•Responsible for administering oracle databases including ASM on AIX, Solaris 8 platforms

•Fine tuned and developed PLSQL code

•Migrated database changes to production, test environments.

•Day to day production support of the applications

•Maintained data integrity through out the system during different SDLC phases

•Performed backup using RMAN

•Identified and resolved deadlock issues.

Platform: Oracle 10g,9i,11g, PLSQL, ASM, Solaris 8, AIX,RMAN

Employer: Infosys Technologies Ltd22nd Sep 2014 - Dec 2014

Client: Fidelity Investments, Merimac, NH


•Responsible for developing PLSQL

•Fine tuned PLSQL applications.

•Created data models using ERWIN

•Designed and implemented indexes

•Determine the changes in physical data by studying project requirements or incident ticket; identifying data characteristics.

Platform: Oracle 11g/10g, PLSQL, Autosys

Employer :Ignite Management7th April 2014 – 13th May 2014

Client: AT&T, RIchardson,TX


•Responsible for schema refreshes, patching of application and shell script and PLSQL development

•Installed oracle database software, applied patches to oracle home

•Upgraded databases from 10g to 11g

•Fine tuned PLSQL code

•Created tables, views, indexes and packages

•Use standard methods in all stages including collection, analysis and reporting

•Maintains data dictionary by revising and entering definitions.

•Guard and protect the organization's data, making sure that the data repositories produce consistent, reusable data

Platform: Oracle RDBMD 11g on Redhat Linux

Employer: Infosys Ltd,3rd Sep 2013 – 5th March 2014

Client: Fedex, Memphis,TN

Database Architect

•Responsible for database architecture for command center application that is used for monitoring various applications used by Fedex.

•Created database triggers and stored procedures

•Designed and implemented tables and indexes.

Platform: Oracle RDBMD 11g on Sun Solaris

Employer: Collabera Inc

Client: JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank, Tampa, FL 25th March 2013 – 10th May 2013

Application Developer

•Created stored procedures and crystal reports as per the requirements of the client

•Fine tuned PLSQL applications

•Designed and implemented tables and indexes

Platform: Oracle RDBMD 11g, Crystal Reports, PLSQL

Employer: DYSIS

Client: Verizon Telecom, Temple Terrace, FLJan 2013

Sr. Database Administrator Consultant

•Responsible for making database changes in development, UAT and production databases

•Created tables, indexes,database triggers and packages in development, UAT and production environments

•Managed production databases on 10g platforms

Platform: Sun Solaris, Oracle 10g, PLSQL

Employer: Data Block Inc, OH

Client: GE Aviation Services, Cincinnati, OH February 2012 – Aug 2012

Lead database administrator - consultant

•Led a team of ten database administrators

•Assisted in performance tuning of oracle based applications.

•Managed databases and installed and patched oracle databases.

•Responsible for creating change requests and follow up with the DBA resources to implement the same into database environments.

•Assisted in design review of applications developed on Oracle RDBMS platforms.

Platform: Oracle RDBMS 10g,, Sun Solaris

Employer: Diversant LLC, NJ

Client: Verizon Wireless, Alpharetta, GA August 11– October 2011

Application Database Administrator

•Responsible for performance tuning of Oracle PLSQL packages, data model review.

•Created procedures using PLSQL

•Managed Oracle databases, Installed databases and patched the same

Platform: Oracle RDBMS 11g, PLSQL, Redhat Linux

Employer: JP Morgan Chase Payment tech Solutions, Tampa, FL

Sr. Database Management Analyst Oct 2008 – June 2011

•·Managed production Oracle database environments

•Installed oracle databases using 9i,10g and 11g versions

•·Assisted developers and architects with physical data design to meet the performance requirements of application.

•Created shell scripts for backup and database monitoring

•·Developed PLSQL scripts to compare data between primary and disaster recovery sites.

•·Provided technical support to application teams, business analysts and QA staff.

•Created DR sites using Oracle streams 11g databases.

•Performed backup using RMAN

•Identified and resolved deadlock issues in the database

•Migrated database from 10g to 11g on HP Unix platform

Platform: Oracle RDBMS, 10g, oracle 11g, HP/UX, PLSQL, Shell Scripts, Oracle Streams, Oracle Partitioning.

Employer: Verizon Wireless, Warren, NJ

Senior Systems Analyst Nov 2007 - Oct 2008

•Managed production,development and QA databases on Sun Solaris platform.

•Configured the replication environments using shareplex.

•Created standby database using data guard in Test environment

•Fine tuned applications developed in JAVA and PLSQL.

•Monitored databases using shell scripts and OEM Grid control.

•Developed SQL loader scripts and shell scripts to load data from flat files to oracle database

•Installed oracle databases and patched the same using OPatch utility

•Performed backup using RMAN

•Identified and resolved deadlock issues in the database

• Created PLSQL code for IVR and customer care applications

Platform: Oracle 9i,10g, PLSQL,ERWIN, Shareplex,shell, Data Encryption

Employer: Pro-Softnet Corporation, Woodland Hills - CA Jan 2001 - Nov 2006

[ Multiple clients from GE Power thru Verizon Wireless]

Client : Verizon Wireless, Warren, NJ

Sr. Database Administrator Consultant July 2006 – Nov 2007

•·Responsible for providing production and development database support of mission critical applications running on Sun Solaris platform.

•·Assisted in performance tuning of database environments to support platform upgrade from Sun 15K cluster to Sun 25K. Analyzed several processes using AWR reports.

•·Supported Disaster Recovery implementation using Data Guard.

•·Performed database migration from 9i to 10g. Analyzed the database for performance.

•·Developed PLSQL scripts for data conversion.

•. Developed various PLSQL procedures for this client

•·Provided technical support for various application development groups.

•·Designed and developed ETLs to support several data loads using DM Express.

•·Developed shell scripts to automate the ETL jobs and database monitoring

•Performed data modelling both physical and logical for IVR application and customer care system

•Installed Oracle RAC in development environments and performed RAC testing in Production environment

•Developed SQL loader scripts and shell scripts to load data from flat files to oracle database

•Performed platform migration of databases to Sun Fire 25K from Sun 15K OS

Platform: Sun 15k/25K, Oracle RDBMS,ERWIN 4.1, Sun Solaris 8/10, Oracle 10g Grid, SQL, PLSQL, Shell Scripts, Data Guard.

Employer: Pro-Softnet Corporation

Client: Solo Cup Company [Highland Park, IL]

Database Administrator - Consultant Nov 2004 – June 2006

•·Responsible for supporting mission critical databases and applications of Solo Cup on HP/UX, Windows environment as production and application DBA.

•·Built the UAT database environments. Developed utilities to refresh databases from Production to DEV, QA, and UAT using PLSQL, SQL and shell Scripts.

•·Assisted in migrating database changes to QA, UAT and Production database environments.

•·Performed code-review, capacity planning, security review, and database design review for several OLTP applications and data warehouse.

•·Designed and implemented an error handling framework using PLSQL to support OLTP and various batch jobs.

•·Assisted in establishing PLSQL development standards and guide-lines.

•·Upgraded Oracle database from to and documented the database migration procedures.

•Administered SQL Server databases. Applied changes to SQL Server databases.

•Setup and maintained data replication

•Configureed maintenance automation

•Configured Backup and Recovery for sql server

•Troubleshooted SQLServer performance issues as they occur, including after-hours and weekends

•Developed SQL loader scripts and shell scripts to load data from flat files to oracle database

•Managed People soft database environments. Migrated database changes to peoplesoft environments. Performed physical data modelling for sales data warehouse.

•Experienced in working on an application which supports Supply chaing and manufacturing and MRO

Platform: HP/UX B11.11, HP9000/HP-Superdome, Web methods, RMAN, Peoplesoft, Manugistics, Oracle Application Server 10g, ERWIN, UNIX Shell Scripts, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle RDBMS [8.1.7, 9.2], tkprof, statspack, PLSQL, SQL, SQL Server

Employer: Pr-Softnet

Client: Credit Suisse First Boston [New York City, NY] Dec 2003 – Nov 2004

Database Administrator - Consultant

•·Primarily responsible for supporting the MANTUS and LCD data warehouse environments used by Credit Suisse on Oracle / Sun Solaris platform. In addition, supported several OLTP databases on Sun Solaris, Linux platforms.

•·Performed database upgrade from Oracle to 9.2, and assisted in implementing latest patch set for Oracle 9i database environments

•·Supported Production Oracle Database environments on a rotation basis among a team of Database Administrators

•Administered SQL Server databases. Applied changes to SQL Server databases.

•Managed People soft database environments. Created backup procedures for peoplesoft database and cloned production database to UAT. Migrated database changes to peoplesoft environments

Platform: Oracle RDBMS 8.1.7,4/9.2.0.x, Sun Solaris 8 / Veritas Cluster, Red hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1, Windows2000, DB-Artisan, Unix Shell Scripts, PLSQL, SQL, Oracle Partitioning, SQL Server

Employer: Pr-Softnet

Client: GE Power Systems [Atlanta, GA] Feb 2001 – Oct 2003

Lead Database Administrator / Physical Data Architect – Consultant

•·Performed physical data modeling for Several OLTP systems used by GE Power Systems [Contractual Services Division] using ERWIN.

•·Designed and implemented the backup / recovery for production database environments using Shell Scripts / SQL. Automated the database backup.

•·Designed and Implemented database monitoring using Shell Scripts and SQL.

•·Installed and configured database environments on Sun Solaris platforms.

•·Assisted the developers in performance tuning of code written in SQL/PLSQL, Java and Visual Basic. Developed stored procedures, packages and database triggers to support Contractual Service modeling System, a Sales forecasting tool used by GE Power Systems.

•·Upgraded several database environments to Installed and Configured Oracle 9i database environments.

•·Designed and implemented the Replication environment to support the reporting.

•·Migrated databases from Sun 4500 to Sun -15K cluster.

•·Refreshed the databases from production to UAT and QA environments

•·Developed Stored Procedures / Packages and database triggers to support OLTP applications.

•Developed SQL loader scripts and shell scripts to load data from flat files to oracle database

•Experienced in working on an application which supports Supply chaing and manufacturing and MRO

Platform: ERWIN 3.52/4.0, PLSQL, Oracle RDBMS, 9i, Oracle Partitioning, Sun Solaris 7/8, Sun-Fire 15000, Sun ES4500/5500, Veritas Cluster, Windows2000, Rational Clear Case/ Clear Quest, Oracle Enterprise Manager, TOAD, Tkprof, StatsPack, UNIX Shell Scripts

Employer: W.J.Towell Computer Services, Ruwi,Oman July 1999 – Nov 2000

Lead Database Administrator

•Led a team of system engineers and database administrators in designing, building and deploying database environments on SVR4.2, Windows NT and Sun Solaris platforms for several clients.

•·Supported production, QA and development databases, performed upgrades from Oracle 7.3 databases to Oracle 8. Mentored the other support staff on SQL and database Tuning.

•·Assisted the development team in performance tuning of application developed using PLSQL, Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports.

•·Performed capacity planning for the database.

•·Designed and implemented backup recovery for the database environments using UNIX Shell Scripts / SQL.

•Platform: Oracle 7.3.4, Oracle 8.0.5, Enterprise Manager, Designer2000, Discoverer2000, Developer2000 [Forms 6, Reports 3.0], SQL, PLSQL, UNIX [SVR4.2, Sun Solaris], Windows NT, TkProf

Employer: HCL America

Oxford Health Plans Inc., Trumbul,CT Feb 1997 – Apr 1999

Software Consultant

•Developed various business processes of PULSE, a health care application used by Oxford Health Plans Inc. using Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, PLSQL and Shell Scripts.

•Fine-tuned several processes written in PLSQL, Oracle Forms and Reports

•Re-designed several processes to meet the new business requirements of the client.

•Developed stored procedures, packages and PLSQL code to perform data conversion

•Developed PLSQL to support PULSE; a healthcare application

•Prepared UNIT test plans and assisted the QA with integration testing and system testing.

•Developed SQL loader scripts and shell scripts to load data from flat files to oracle database

Environment: Oracle Parallel Server [7.2/7.3], SQL, SQL Loader, PLSQL, Developer2000 [Forms4.5/Reports2.5], Designer2000, tkprof, SQL, IBM RS6000, AIX 4.1/4.2, Windows

Employer:ORIENT Information Technologies Ltd., Bombay,India Jun 1996 – Sep 1996

Systems Analyst / Team Lead

•Designed IHRS, Integrated Human Resource System as per the requirements of a manufacturing client. This system was integrated to Business/21 an ERP solution developed using power builder.

•Developed technical specification for Human Resource Module.

•Lead a team of database administrators and Analysts

•Environment: Oracle RDBMS 7.2, UNIX, Power Builder, SQL

Employer:W.J.TOWELL Computer Services, Ruwi,Oman Oct 1992 – June 1996

Software Engineer

•Fine-tuned the database and applications developed in SQL Forms and Reports.

•Installed Oracle Software and databases on UNIX, windows and Novell platforms.

•Implemented TIMICS – an ERP application for several customers on UNIX and Novell Netware platforms. Production supported the ERP application for W.J.Towell group companies and external clients.

•Converted data from Concurrent 3210/DMS32 platform to UNIX / Oracle platform. Developed SQL Loader scripts, SQL, P/L SQL scripts

•Supported Oracle Forms 3.0 to Oracle Forms 4.5 conversion on Windows platform for a insurance company.

•Installed and configured the designer 2000 repository. Used designer2000 repository to generate the DDL for TIMICS application re-architecture project. Sized the tables and indexes. Maintained the designer2000 repository.

•Experienced in working on an application which supports Supply chain and manufacturing and MRO

Environement: UNIX SVR 4.2, Windows NT, Novell Netware Oracle RDBMS 7, Oracle Forms [4.5/3.0], Oracle Reports2, 5, Designer2000, PLSQL, SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, SQL Loader

Technical Skills

Databases / Tools: Oracle [7.x, 8i/8.0.x, 9.2.x, 10g,11g], Enterprise Manager, TOAD, DB–Artisan, SQL Loader, RMAN

Data Modeling: ERWIN 3.52/4.x, Designer2000

GUI/Programming Languages: Developer2000 [Forms / Reports, PLSQL, SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts

Operating Systems: ICL UNIX SVR 4.2, AIX 4.x, HP/UX B11.11/9, Sun Solaris, Redhat Linux Advanced Server, Windows NT/ Windows XP


1987 – 1991 B.Tech, Mangalore University, India

[Major in Computer Engineering]

Professional Training

Oracle Database Administration, Oracle 10g RAC administration, Windows NT Administration, UNIX System Administration, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Case, Six Sigma.

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