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Project Manager

Whitehorse, YT, Canada
May 11, 2020

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- Licensed Architect - Order of Engineers & Architects, Beirut, Lebanon (since 1986 – present).

- Intern Architect, Ontario Association of Architects (OAA).

Nationality: Canadian


34 years of extensive experience (Project Manager and Design Manager). Team leader with the ability to motivate and effectively manage people. Experience in interdisciplinary design and coordination. Excellent communication skills.

Sound knowledge in project management.

Proven capacity to deliver projects, obtain permits from Authorities such as Municipal and Civil Defense.

Knowledge in planning & budgeting projects.

Problem solving and analytical skills.


08/2000-Present Investor, Project Manager, Architect, Designer & Builder Self-employed, Lebanon


• 1375 Mieh Mieh Residential Buildings, Saida, Lebanon (12/2018 - Present) with built-up area of 1,990m2, estimated building cost 1,300,000 USD. o 1st Block: one apartment per floor, 5nos stories, 178m2 per floor and tilted roof attic.

o 2nd Block: two apartments per floor, 4nos stories, 275m2 per floor.

• 1119 Zouk Mousbeh Residential Building, Kesserwan, Lebanon (05/2004 - 09/2007) with built-up area of 3,245m2, two apartments per floor, 8nos stories, estimated building cost 1,800,000 USD.

• 2586 Halat Residential Building, Jbeil, Lebanon (10/2000 - 07/2003) with built- up area of 2,226m2, two apartments per floor, 6nos stories and tilted roof attic, estimated building cost 1,120,000 USD.


• Feasibility study: land, deed, permit and cost estimate against profit.

• Prepare project design concept as per local building codes for Partners and Shareholders approval.

• Obtain permits approval from concerned local Authorities: Civic departments, Civil defence & Municipality.

• Produce all Shop drawings with related BOQ, Cost estimation and Planning/ Schedules.

• Finalize Contracts with all Sub-Contractors.

• Follow up on Correspondences (Authorities, Partners, Sub-Contractors, End- users), Materials (Suppliers), Quality Control and all Site activities (from mobilization to demobilization).

• Monitor Project Budget, Cash flow, Manpower and Payments.

• Handover project and distribute Profit on Partners & Shareholders. Accomplishments

• Full design, permits, shop drawings, BOQ, estimations, schedules, contracts, purchasing, etc, completed in-house with substantial time savings and profit for all Partners and Shareholders.

• Secured project approvals from Authorities in record time.

• Effective planning to run the project smoothly on schedule without problems.

08/2017-11/2019 Deputy Project Manager & Design Manager Contracting and Construction Enterprise (CCE), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


• Package 7 – JEC Infrastructure Utilities - Jazan Economic City (05/2018 - 09/2019). Construction of underground service systems for wastewater, storm water (Open swales, Box culverts, Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic pipes), potable water and irrigation. In addition, installation of traffic control signals, medium voltage and sub-stations. Total cost of S.R 500 Million.

• Khurais Area Facilities Expansion & Satellite GOSP - Khurais (08/2017 - 04/2018). Construction of new facilities such as 5nos Sub-station buildings

(builds), 3nos Team Builds, 3nos PIB builds, 1no Security X-ray Build, 4nos Smoking Shelters, 4nos CO2 Battery Build, 3nos Chemical Storage builds, 2nos Emergency diesel Generator builds and extension facilities (C.C.R build, GIS Sub-station Build). Total cost of S.R 185 Million. Duties

• Follow up on Site Activities.

• Review and revise IFC drawings including bill of quantity (BOQ), design modifications and variations order cost & time impact for Client approval.

• Review & revise the Method Statements for Client approval.

• Coordinate design issues with Construction Managers and other engineers from different trades.

• Verification of compliance and approval of designs and shop drawings. Accomplishments

• Secure approval from Client on time

09/2014-07/2017 Project Manager & Design Manager

Contracting and Construction Enterprise (CCE), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Projects

• KAFD & SAMA - King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh. Construction of two Tier 4 data centers worth S.R 720 Million. The project covered a built area of 32,000 m2. It is mainly a 3-floor data halls industrial building containing both electrical and mechanical rooms. In addition, the project comprised a generator’s building and an underground parking.


• Followed up on all activities and correspondences (Authorities, Client, Consultant, End Users and Site).

• Reviewed and revised IFC drawings (including justifications, BOQ, design modification/ variations order: cost & time impact) for Consultant/ Client approval.

• Managed the Planning / Execution of work (milestone).

• Budgeting project, cash flow and payment certificates.

• Weekly / monthly Reports (including “S” curve to show the actual progress).

• Material / Shop drawings submittals, followed up with Quality Control and Inspection.

• Managed architectural Re-Designed (as per Client request) and related impacts for Consultant approval.

• Coordinated design issues with Design Manager, Site Manager, Construction Managers, Subcontractors and other Engineers from different trades.

• Work productions among architects and engineers from different departments.

• Synchronization of management, planning, engineering and on site construction.

• Verification of compliance and approval of architectural, structural, hardscape, landscape and MEP designs prepared by design consultants and design-build contractors, shop drawings, change proposals, and contractor submittals


• Delivered the Project on time (SAMA Data Center).

• Successfully revised & reworked in 4 months the architectural, structural, hardscape and landscape shop drawings together with all required coordination (including Electro-Mechanical and Site Setting plan).

• Planned & managed the site to run smoothly on time and budget without problems.

01/2010-08/2014 Design Manager/ on call Acting Project Manager Contracting and Construction Enterprise (CCE), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Projects

• ITCC – Hotel Convention Center for Crown Plaza & Convention Center - ITCC Complex, Riyadh. A S.R 850 Million 5-stars hotel with a built-up area of 185,000m2. The hotel contains one Royal Suite, 218 King rooms, 72 Twin Curriculum Vitae Sami Saikali Page 4 of 8

rooms, and 8 Handicapped rooms. In addition, the hotel comprised: a ballroom, restaurants, exhibition halls, a convention hall, coffee shops, a smoking hall, retails, prayer halls, a swimming pool, a health club, a gymnasium, a sauna, receptions, staff serving areas, laundry rooms, kitchens and, etc.

• CITC - Communications and Information Technology Commission Project - CITC Complex, Riyadh. A S.R 420 Million 14 story irregular shaped tower with an 88,500m2 built-up area. The CITC consists of a podium, 507 offices, a Governor’s office, an auditorium, a swimming pool, a health club and a parking. Duties

• Followed up activities with Consultant, Client and Authorities (including Civil Defense).

• Reviewed and revise IFC drawings (including justifications, BOQ, variations order: cost and time impact) for Consultant/ Client approval.

• Managed architectural Re-Design (as per Client request) and related impacts for Consultant approval.

• Coordinated design issues with Site Manager, Construction Managers, Subcontractors and other Engineers from different trades.

• Verification of compliance and approval of architectural, structural, hardscape, landscape and MEP designs prepared by design consultants and design-build contractors, shop drawings, change proposals and contractor submittals.


• Successfully revised & amended in two months the “Life Safety Plans” for Civil Defense approval together with all coordination required.

• Secured approval of the revised drawings from Consultant on time.

12/2008-12/2009 Senior Architect/ Acting Design Manager Campbell Reith Hill International, Dubai, UAE


• Residential apartment building and furnished apartment building at Dubai Water Front.

• Al Satwa Bus Station with a built-up area of 33,104m2, Al Qouz Bus Station of 17,912m2built-up area, Karama Bus Station with a built-up area of 13,175m2 and Jebel Ali Bus Station Depot (Workshop, Administration Building, 4nos Accommodation builds and Facilities Building, Mosque, etc.) for Road Transport Authority (RTA).


• Managed the Architectural Re-Design as per local authorities (Municipal & Civil Defense) regulations and as per Client original approved architectural concept.

• Quantity surveying, Produced projects Bill of Quantities.

• Working drawings and coordinated with Structural and Electro-Mechanical Trades.

• Preparation of building preliminary and final permit documents, and follow up permits process with concerned authorities (Municipal & Civil Defense).


• Established in-house design unit with substantial time savings and profit for the company.

• Reworked the concept and schematic design of the projects. Secured approval from Authorities for a project in 6 weeks after the previously hired consulting firm failed to complete it within 9 months.

• Effective planning to run the re-designed project smoothly on schedule without problems.

05/2007-11/2008 Construction Manager/ Acting Design Manager ACICO International Contracting LLC, Dubai, UAE


• 59nos stories ACICO Nassima Hotel tower (built-up area of 62,500m2) and separate 12nos stories Car Parking building.

• 53nos stories Multiple Use Tower (built-up area of 58,500m2) and separate 12nos stories Car parking building.

• Total cost AED 1,150 million.


• Handled a team of 6 engineers, 18 foremen and around 1300 labours on site.

• Managed all site and office activities with daily labour operations.

• Coordinated all the Architectural, Internal Design and Electro-Mechanical Trades on site.

• Managed and coordinated all sub-contractor’s works with the responsibility to prepare monthly interim payments.


• Re-designed internal finishing as per End-user request, obtained Consultant approval on related impacts and implemented changes on site within 2 weeks.

• Completed block works of one floor every 5 days-cycle.

06/2005-04/2007 Project Manager (Concrete Works)

KELE Contracting LLC, Dubai, UAE


• ACICO twin towers: A 59 story Hotel tower and a 53 story Multiple-use tower

(concrete cost around AED 152 million).

• Dubai Marina - Plot 7WX: Major residential complex, comprising 6 towers

(between 36 and 48 stories), 20 villas, clubs, and podium.

• Borj Dubai – The Residence – Phase III.


• Directly responsible for running a team of 4 engineers, 12 foremen and 640 workers.

• Managed and coordinated architectural, structural and electro-mechanical trades with the responsibility of producing shop drawings and quantity take-off.

• Site Management.

• Interim monthly payments.

• Responsible for project quality and safety.


• Construction of a raft within a timeline of 12 days record time (1,036 tons of steel reinforcement and 7,380 m3 of concrete).

• Completed construction of tower floors one level every 6 days cycle: core volume of 358m3 (Mechanical Jumping System shuttering), slab 1,280m2 and columns.

03/2003-05/2005 Senior Architect

ATME Association, Beirut, Lebanon


• Mattalu-al-qamar, Qournael - Falougha region. A major tourist complex comprising a mosque, 20 villas, 77 apartments and a club, Dubai Islamic Bank.

• Nacim - Baabdat, (A project comprising 35 villas and a club), Dubai Islamic Bank.

• Kharbash villa - Falougha and Bairam villa – Qounareet. Duties

• Managed the architectural design, prepared the working drawings while coordinating with the structural and electro-mechanical trades.

• Quantity surveying and production of Bill of Quantities.

• Preparing building permit documents with following up on the process with the concerned authority.


• Completed the construction and the commissioning of Nacim project (35 villas) with a time record of 12 months.

12/1997-02/2003 Consultant Architect

American University of Beirut (Engineering & Construction Division) Projects

• Equipment Repair Facility, New Faculty Residence, Renovation of Slaughterhouse, Potable Water Network, Incinerator, Cold Storage and Seed Bank, Renovation of Plant Pathology and Student Lab, Pilot Plant. Duties

• Consultant architect handling complete architectural design, preparation of the projects specifications and Bill of Quantities, tender documents and project’s cost estimates for budgeting.

• Preparing the building permits documents and following up with the approval process with the concerned authority.

• Preparations of working drawings with site supervision.

• Providing technical support with reviewing/approval of the interim and final payments for the contractors.


• Finalizing and obtaining 22 Project’s permits (renovation, alterations, expansion, and complete new design projects) from the concerned authorities within a period of 6 months.

09/1994-12/1997 Consultant Architect

George Tawil, Beirut, Lebanon


• Nohra Residential Complex, Valley View Complex, Mahmoud Wehbe Villa. Duties

• Designing and preparation of the working drawings.

• Preparing the permit documents.

• Site management.

04/1989-06/1993 Assistant Architect

INDUCON Consultant of Canada, Ontario, Canada


• Old Oak Properties, Cosmo Hotel / Office Complex, Airway Centre Complex, West Metro Complex, United Church of Canada Headquarters, Valley-wood Corporate Complex, City Centre Plaza, Brampton Home and Design Centre, Waterloo Regional Headquarters, Victoria Hotel Renovation. Duties

• Design development, preparing working drawings and renderings.

02/1988-03/1989 Assistant Architect

Barry Bryan Associates Limited, Ontario, Canada


• General Motors Receiving Docks, Medical Centre, Office Building, Bingo & Banquet Facility, Site servicing for sewage treatment for Body Shop GM and Apple croft village subdivision.


• Architectural design, preparation of working drawings, area calculations, perspectives and renderings, infrastructure service drawings for New Residential suburb.

12/1985-06/1986 Assistant Architect

Michel Abi Nader, MAN (Contracting & designing Co.) Beirut, Lebanon Projects

• Montebello Residence Centre Fanar (comprising 80 units in 4 apartment buildings).


• Design development, working drawings.


Diploma in Architecture, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Lebanon, 1985


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc).

Excellent at preparing reports and formatting in Word, Excel, and etc. AutoCAD, Draft Sight

Outstanding knowledge of CAD commands and experience in preparing drawing. Micosofit Project, Primavera Contract Manager

Knowledge of activity planning, resource leveling, resource tracking, progress monitoring, and preparing Gantt charts.


Member of The Order of Architects and Engineers – Beirut, 1986; licensed to practice architecture in Lebanon under Practice No. 8683.

Intern member of Ontario Association of Architects, 1989; rejoining on 03/03/2020 under Practice No. OAA28982.

Past Member of Society of Engineers – UAE, 2009; Membership No. 21682. Past Member of The Order of Architects – Dubai Municipality, 2009; licensed to practice unlimited architecture in Dubai – UAE under Practice No. 61730. Past Member of Saudi Council of Engineers – Riyadh, 2011 – 2019; Membership No. 67222. LANGUAGES

English and Arabic: fluently spoken and written.

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