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Software Developer

Morganfield, KY
May 11, 2020

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AUG 2015 – DEC 2018

COMPUTER SCIENCE, murray state university

Completed research under the direct supervision of Dr. Marc Beck

Chosen for research projects two years consecutively

As part of Dr. Beck’s team, I was responsible for the security portion of the CXBN-2 cosmic background radiation satellite, as well as encryption for Morehead University’s traffic over the Deep Space Network (DSN). For CXBN-2, I was responsible for encrypting packet traffic containing telemetry data, utilizing both modern encryption techniques and a bit of GUI design for the user authentication portal. For the DSN, I was similarly responsible for encrypting traffic, utilizing a hereto un-breakable encryption method to allow data packets to pass safely through the DSN.

AUG 2012 – MAY 2015

HONORS DIPLOMA, Union County High School


MAY 2015 – TO JANUARY 2019


TECHNICAL INTERN, Metronet fiber services

Performed geospatial analysis of utility grids and infrastructure of prospective municipalities

Worked as part of moderate to large sized teams in a team member and leading role

Developed applications in Java, Python, C# and JavaScript

oDeveloped a Distributed Computing Interface in C#

oWorked with C# & JavaScript to develop WebTools for Metronet utilizing Visual Studio APIs

oUsed C# & SQL in tandem to create database management tools

oUtilized SQL Commands & Python Scripts to automatically curate a Database

oUsed C# with Windows Forms to develop the GUI for all of the above

Made use of advanced version control software

oAll of the above projects documented to allow end user use as well as allow other software developers to modify/utilize the code

oOfficial project documentation for the encryption package of the Deep Space Network

AUG, 2016 – TO DEC, 2016 JANUARY, 2017 – MAY, 2017


RESEARCHER, Morehead university

Created security solutions for Ground Station Software for the CXBN-2 cube satellite

Assisted in development of packet passing software for the Ground Station

Assisted in development of the Graphical User Interface of the Ground Station Software

Created and deployed encryption for use as part of the Deep Space Network

JANUARY 2019 – TO MARCH 2020


OSP FIBER DESIGNER, Metronet fiber services

Utilized data gained from analysis to design, from scratch, fiber networks spanning large portions of major cities and rural communities

Worked as part of small to large sized teams

Worked with GIS Software to design and build fiber networks


Proficient in C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL and HTML

Knowledgeable in/proficient with the general .NET Framework

Extensive experience with software documentation

Skilled in Geospatial analysis

Experience in REST/SOAP services

Experienced in business communication with executive leadership, as well as customers

Data analysis

Research skills

Programming background

Time management

Advanced critical thinking

Technical support

Microsoft Office Suite

Proficient in SQL Developer, Eclipse and Visual Studio

Conversational Spanish

Excellent people skills

Highly adaptable and always eager to learn new technologies and processes

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