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Design Engineer Project

Lynchburg, VA
May 11, 2020

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Nageswara Rao Nagisetty

*** ****** ****** ***** ********* VA-24502 614-***-****(Home) 614-***-****(cell)


** ***** *********** ********** ****** Engineer, Areas of expertise include: Product design and development, Lead design teams, Project planning and execution. High Speed Rotary Metal Shaping Machines (European Union Patient Granted, US Patient Granted) Special Purpose Machine Design, High Speed Automation Design, Product and Project integration and Lead Project Design. Review the project order document, develop initial design concepts for all stations and mechanisms, preliminary cycle time estimates for each station, preparation of Assembly Register and IO Lists, design time estimation and man power requirement based project time line, and create approved list of suppliers and their products. Conduct weekly progress meetings, review designs, obtain design approvals from customers, preside over suppliers meetings with designers, support debugging and design improvements, budget controls and design some of the critical stations. Prepare and update overall project layout models, check for any potential space, safety, interference problems and resolve issues early on with right solutions and least design changes.


Belvac Production Machinery Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia August 2010 to Present

Senior Development Engineer

Develop disruptive machine technology using EMF creating special shaped cans

Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD analysis air flow analysis.

Final element analysis of parts

Mechanical Simulation

Interference analysis, dimensional tolerance stack- up analysis.

Developed High Speed Rotary Vertical Shaping Machines – Re-circulating and Modular types, Duel Purpose multi-speed Horizontal Rotary Forming Neckers. Develop prototype testing for evaluation of individual functions – vacuum consumption, blower air consumption, power consumption, simplification of the mechanisms (cost reduction), transfer system variation in form and profile.

Design Cams using Dynacam software.

Develop Project, Machine and Mechanism concepts. Lead and guide development projects and products.

Project Management – Estimate time, budget and man power requirement. Prepare and present to management Project reports. Hire necessary additional man power (design contractors) as needed. Create project Gantt Charts. Follow up and update project progress. Project review and corrections as it is developed.

Checking and approval of Layout, Assembly and detail Drawings, Bill of materials, Release of requirements and follow up with production and prototype development planning.

Supervise the assembly and prototype testing and data collection for the initial development.

Supervision of drawing updates as per the feed- back from Customer, Assembly and Prototype development.

Develop design calculation templates, FEA, power requirement calculations, calculate air, blower and hard vacuum requirements, select air and vacuum supply equipment. Create hydraulic and pneumatic circuit diagrams. Create GA and Layout drawings and obtain customer approval.

GD & T analysis of assemblies and components.

Provide New Product Development Ideas, Productivity Improvement ideas.

National Staffing Alternatives, Lima, Ohio August 2009 to 2010

Client: GROB Systems Inc, Bluffton, Ohio

Mechanical Designer (contractor)

Designed special purpose machines – Automatic Lube Assembly, Laser Key Checker, and Automatic Valve Popping, Cylinder Head Roll-over Gripper and Cylinder Block (850 lb) Roll-over Assembly, Manual assembly tools that are used in assembly lines of Automotive Industry.

Develop initial concept, design calculations, FEA, power requirement calculations, select hydraulic and pneumatic actuators and electrical drives, servo drives, gear boxes, create hydraulic and pneumatic circuit diagrams, create assembly drawings and obtain customer approval.

Created detail drawings for molded, machined, welded parts with surface finishes, geometric tolerances and fits, materials and heat treatments, bill of materials, assembly drawings and station drawings.

Worked on design enhancements for machines that are at the customer sight as per change order by the customer. Created new components that can fit into the existing equipment, updated bill of materials, updated assembly drawings, properly documented with revision changes marked on all the relevant documents.

Release and distribute the drawings and bill of material to production department.

Discuss with the suppliers the technical requirements and obtain a valid quote.

File the design documentation in line with ISO audit requirements.

Utilized AutoCAD Mechanical 2006, UG Team-center and Microsoft Office.

Design calculations such as stress, deflection, moment of inertia, velocity, acceleration and power requirement. Selection of pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical motors, gearboxes and servomotors. All calculations are created in Excel and kept in the Assembly folder of the project.

ATS Ohio o Inc., Lewis Center OH

Custom Automation Company serving worldwide Automotive, Medical/Healthcare, Consumer, Telecommunications, Electronics/Semiconductor/Computer and Electrical industries present in 17 countries. Capabilities include System Integration, Assembly Systems, Material Handling, Automation and Vision Integration. Annual sales $855 million.

Lead Design Engineer March 2006 to May 2009

Lead the design of Gear Box Assembly Line Project for an international automotive gear box manufacturer – Automotriz worth $1.2 million using 6 Mechanical Designer Engineers. Personally designed Bearing Press Stations which included bearing feeders, escapement, pick and place, bearing press, pallet and part locating fixtures. The project was done 10 days before the deadline with a design cost savings of 26%.

Completed $4.5 million Front Panel assembly line design within 14 weeks using 9 designers for Trimag. This project included Hydraulic presses, Tap and drill station, Thread inspection, Deburring, Threaded inserts assembly station using the Fanuc 6 axis robots, Part carrying conveyor, part feeders, 3 D scanning station that inspected the final assembly. There was 18% cost savings on engineering. Personally Designed Deburr Station for Panel Assembly Line using robotic loading & unloading, Robotic Deburr Tooling on 2 positions Indexer with a sealed chamber to reduce noise and spillage of deburred Magnesium powder.

Successfully lead a team of 8 designers to finish an assembly line project for a Solar Panel manufacturer- First Solar. Project included special scratch proof conveyors to handle the Solar Panels, Soldering stations, part feeders, RTV injection station with high pressure Pumps, Solder quality inspection station, Cord tear test station. Personally Designed RTV Injection Station which included high pressure (2000 psi) injection pumps, injection nozzle handling pick and place, injection tooling. This project was so successful the customer had ordered 10 more line for their plants in Europe and Asia.

Mechanical Design Engineer March 2003 to March 2006

Projects designed and developed include:

Equipment worth $5.2 million over a period of 3 years.

25 fully automated 17 semi-automatic and 10 manual stations.

Automated Assembly stations for ABS Valves for World class automotive equipment manufacturer- TRW.

200 meter long conveyor pallet handling system using Bosch TS Plus conveyor modules. Alcon

Robotics vision guided assembly stations for a Cataract FMS assembly for world renowned Medical Equipment Manufacturer. Product assembly cycle time 3 sec. Alcon

Assembly stations for medical equipments using cyclo-hexanone dispensing to attach the plastic tubes into the FMS system for cataract operation. Alcon

Split, Slit, Wind and Chop stations for Tri-bore, Dual-bore Medical tubes. Alcon

Ultrasonic band weld station for putting the paper band on the FMS tubes. Alcon

Structural Glue dispensing Robotic stations for a High End Famous Garage Door Manufacturer - Clopay.

Servo Driven Clamping Fixtures to accommodate 40 configurations of the part for Clopay.

60 ft linear servo with a Fanuc 2000Ri-165F robot to stack and pack solar panels into packing boxes with 30 sec cycle time for First Solar.

Ultrasonic Tab weld Station for Hybrid Battery manufacturing line using Fanuc Robots to do the tab weld, vision systems to locate the tabs and wobbling fixtures to allow for perfect alignment of the tabs during welding - GM.

Pallet (250 lb) transfer Trolleys and Stations to take the rejected batteries out of the Heavy duty Bosch TS4Plus Conveyors and Charging Stations for manual repair and loading back into the system after the repair - GM.

Rear Bearing Alignment (run out < 5 microns) and Weld Station with automatic wire feed weld guns in a project of A/C Compressor Motor Assembly Line for a very popular US manufacturer - Emerson.

Designed a number of Wire-ways, Pneumatic Valve Packs, Pneumatic Lines and Hydraulics for the above projects.

Grob Systems Inc., Bluffton OH

A worldwide company designing and manufacturing Modular Machining Centers, Special Purpose Machines, Transfer Systems, Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Assembly Lines. Annual sales of $695 Million.

Project engineer Dec 1999 to March 2003

Projects lead and designed and developed include:

Project lead for 7 Manufacturing and Assembly Lines for Automobile Industries. Supervised a group of 4 design engineers and also personally designed some of the critical stations.

$ 2.4 Million camshaft machining line with 3 minute cycle time. It included Toyoda Machine tools, Gantry robots for loading and unloading the parts, pallet conveyor to carry the crank shafts and Inspection station to check the quality of camshafts - Ford.

Cylinder head leak test station $1.2 Million. Included the hydraulic clamps on all the fluid path ways, high pressure fluid injection and monitoring of pressure decay in each fluid paths and diagnostics for GM.

Cylinder head assembly line $1.5 Million. It included the torque guns, camshaft torque testers to check the assembly and alignment. Pallet conveyors, part feeders, pick and place mechanisms for GM.

Mechanical Design engineer Dec 1993 to March 1999

Product design and development, Special purpose machines and Automation design for various automobile manufacturers include:

25 linear gantry robots, 30 area gantry robots handling pay loads from 2 lbs to 400 lbs.

About 125 End Effectors (grippers) to handle simplest parts like cam shaft to most complex like transmission casing.

Pallet Conveyors, Rack Handling Systems, Roller and Chain Conveyors for handling automobile parts and Pallets.

Bearing Presses for Crankcase Assembly line.


MS in Mechanical Engineering

Major in Machine Design 3.8/4.0 GPA

Certifications and 3D Modeling



GD & T

Mechanical Simulation

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Vault – drawing management

IFS – Enterprise software


Other computer skills:

Microsoft Projects, Excel, FEA, DFM, DFA, FMEA, Cosmos, Simulation, Word, SAP SD, VB script, HP Testing tools,

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