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Drilling supervisor

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
May 13, 2020

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Mahmoud Ibrahim Baz

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, +201*********, +971*********, Email:, SKYPE: Live:pet_baz


Highly Experienced and knowledgeable Drilling Supervisor with 11 years of Experience in Drilling and completion Non-Conventional Gas and Oil wells. I have an extensive experience in HPHT and ERD and Horizontal Gas/Oil wells Through my Direct Exposure while Drilling and completion those in onshore/offshore (shallow&deep water) fields in North/East Africa and the middle east areas with ADNOC Offshore, Saudi Aramco, Arab, Red and Mediterranean waters, Very comfortable with all subsurface Geological formations and concerned problems in Arabian gulf, Red sea and Mediterranean refal areas. I used to Drill and Complete all kind of wells utilizing a wide range of rig types (land, Jack up and drill ships) and I have a proven history of success through leading my teams on a projects for delivering what the Engineers planned safely and efficiently, so I am looking for sharing and developing my experience in your respectful company.

Work Experience

Currently I am working as a Drilling supervisor for ADNOC Offshore (Middle East) for drilling and Completion, ERD and Horizontal/Multi-lateral Wells.

I used to Work with Saudi ARAMCO LSTK (Middle East) for Drilling and Completion highly deviated ERD/Multi-Lateral Horizontal wells utilizing +2000 HP land Rigs.

I have an extensive experience in Drilling, Completion and Intervention Operations with 11 years overall Experience, +7 of them in the Red Sea with GUPCO, BP, PICO and ENI share holding Companies for exploration, drilling and completion a highly deviated, ERD, HPHT and highly H2S Contained oil/Gas wells.

Very good Experience through around those +7 Years with HT oil wells and ERD Oil/Gas wells for reaching subsurface targets from the existing platforms utilizing 3500 HP Jack up rigs with 15K BOP Stacks and WC equipment.

Working as a drilling supervisor for around 3 Years with BP for Exploring, developing and completing a HPHT Gas wells In the Mediterranean sea in the deep water Fields utilizing a drill ship.

Very good Experience while drilling first three hole sections using PMCD technique in Saudi Aramco and used the same system in ADNOC Offshore for the surface Hole sections.

Very good Experience with Geosteering RSS for drilling horizontal wells inside Gas/Oil bearing with really good cooperation with Geo-technical and subsurface teams,

Very Good Experience with my direct supervision while well testing Oil and gas Exploration and appraisal wells in the Mediterranean and red sea areas.

Very Good Experience through my direct Supervision the Conventional and side wall Coring in KSA and Gulf of Suez Area.

Very good operation and maintenance Experience with 2K, 3K, 5K, 10K & 15K BOPs and the related well control equipment (20 ”, 21 LP BOP stack and 13 5/8” & 18 3/4” HP BOP stack).

I have got the chance to get exposed to a multiple countries and companies regulations and policies for zonal solation and PA implementation and verification process.

Been able to lead work site HSE and operations by demonstrating, motivating all parties and leading by examples.

I had to manage SIMOPS between Drilling and Production towers for delivering both objectives in a safe manner and efficient way. And manage day to day Rig SIMOPS work on all the offshore rig areas to make sure all kind of Control of Work get implemented and followed as per company SMS.

I used to follow up and audit all PTW system and Rig site Jobs within my previous companies Self verification and auditing system (SIMOPS, COW, Lifting, Hygiene, Safe area, Red Zone MGM, Pressure handling, WC equipment and procedure, Marine Barriers…ect).

Been part of the investigation team for investigating a wide range of incidents at the work sites for capturing root causes and the right corrective actions then presenting and sharing LLs to all parties.

Simultaneously I am working as a consultant drilling supervisor/senior drilling Engineer for the sister companies in Western desert, Gulf of suez and Mediterranean sea areas.

On the other side, I am working as Instructor for drilling technical courses with OGS, METC and Tatweer training centers.

Drilling Supervisor Oct 2019 – Present

ADNOC Offshore

Working as a drilling supervisor for drilling oil/gas wells in the Arabian gulf utilizing 2500-3500 HP jack up rigs for Exploring and developing Carbonate reservoirs safely and efficiently.

I have Very specific Experience from drilling and completion a highly challenging ERD/horizontal/Multi later wells in ADNOC Waters.

Drilled those highly challenging wells with minimum NPT and captured all kind of Lessons learned which have been used and proved for the others wells.

Drilled a highly +15000 ft Laterals and complete those as open and perforated Liners and followed by smart/Dual completion strings as per ADNOC and their shareholders requirements (Total, Exxon, CNNC…etc).

Successfully Performed multiple open and cased hole side tracks within 60-80 degree INC.

Got Exposed on a very specific down hole problems in Middle east Subsurface and learnt a lot of mitigations and procedure accordingly.

Manage to drill, Run Casing and Cement Surface hole sections using PMCD technique.

.Got Exposed to a new practices, Procedures through my time here in UAE.

Improved my Culture Diversity through my exposure and direct contact with around 30 nationalities in respect to their culture and religious.

Good Experience through my exposure to a new organization, people, management system for drilling highly challenging wells with the latest kind of technologies to drill and complete these well.

Very comfortable with ADNOC SIMOPS, preparation and implementation for better control highly contained H2S Production facilities with the ongoing Rig Operations

Manage SIMOPS between rig and production tower to produce from the nearby wells safely.

Enlarge and address my experiences through drilling and completion highly angle and horizontal wells in carbonate reservoirs.

Very Good Experience through my management to a wide range of Carbonate reservoir’s Stimulation jobs as per Pre studied procedures.

Very good Experience while managing the post well operations like Carbonate reservoir stimulation and all kind of clean up and well testing operations.

Drilling Foreman/Supervisor May 2019 – Oct 2019

KSA/ARAMCO (Onshore)

Very good experience for drilling a highly Deviated/Horizontal and Multilateral wells in a multiple fields within ARAMCO Prospect.

Very good Experience and Exposure while drilling an ERD/Multi-lateral and horizontal Wells with up to 2.5-4.2 ERD Ratios while applying all Kind of ERD Practices and sharing my previous ERD/Multi-lateral Experience with those.

Manage to Drill, Run all Casing strings and Smart Completion for those ERD and Multi-lateral Wells as per Company Expectations meanwhile developing existing system with all captured Lessons learnt during primary phases.

Manage to run most of casing strings with the smartest down hole tools in the market to get the casing on BTM with no NPT or any Impact over casing objective.

Manage to drill three/four big bore surface hole sections with a wide range of losses (partial to complete losses and get those section complete and cemented as per the desired objective.

Manage to drill, Run and Cement Surface and intermediate hole sections using PMCD technique.

Managed to drill thru some of the Carbonate Reservoirs using PMCD technique for eliminating and minimizing well control situations and with the lowest NPT.

Manage to drill and complete a hole sections with two different down hole problems (WC and complete losses) lead to a multiple underground blow out safely and efficiently.

Manage to drill Several ERD/Horizontal Wells with the smartest Geosteering BHA with 3-4 Laterals.

Manage to run and retrieve Baker/WFD whipstocks and Hall Millrite for drilling 3-5 laterals.

Achieved 3-4 Horizontal Lateral in addition to the Mother bore utilizing the last generation of Geosteering RSS down hole equipment through Gas/oil Bearings.

Manage to cut 3 x 90 ft conventional cores while drilling observation and Exploration wells in Saudi Aramco.

Special design to run and cement all kind of lines and casing to get the required Zonal Isolation as per the company policies.

Very good communication protocol implemented in-between rig personnel, contractors and service providers with outstanding follow up with ARAMCO/BHGE/Superintendents.

Managed day-to-day activities of rig contractor personnel and third-party contractors.

Managed logistics for personnel and equipment to and from locations.

Manage to drill and complete these wells with 2000-2500 HP land rigs while applying all ARMACO SMS, Operation and WC Standards.

Help and support to deliver these wells with in ARAMCO target KPIs as per ARAMCO system.

Following the Implementation of the approved drilling program and subsequent improvement, reporting Lessons learned for the improving the upcoming wells and sharing with the planning team for getting the reliable design for the upcoming wells.

Deliver high quality, cost-effective wells according to the approved well programs and resolve operational problems as they arise

Optimize operational performance without compromising HSE, well integrity or the integrity of the drilling Unit.

Managing contractor while Mobilization, Demobilization and RU land rig with all respect to ARAMCO KPI.

Very good management to the well control situations and down hole problems to re catch safe way for better performance.

Drilling Superintendent May 2018 – May 2019

Gupco/BP/Dragon Oil (Offshore)

Working as a Drilling Superintendent for 3500 HP Heavy duty Jack up Rig with Gupco/BP & Dragon Oil in the Gulf of suez in the red sea for exploring, Developing HT oil wells.

Performing planned scope of work safely within the Company/contractor safety management system for achieving the work with the available resources and service providers.

Working with Rig Contractor and the service providers for executing what they planned within the available personnel/Equipment resources safely and efficiently.

Giving full technical and safety supports in the ERP, HSE and WC Bridging documents, with in between Contractor and Operator Company.

Prepare, implement and Address HAZOP/HAZID with in the team and audit it during execution to verify process in place.

Track and follow Operation and HSE KPIs, HSE Audits and follow Action tracker on daily basis to make sure all going as per company policies and expectation.

Managed to Build and Lead my team for achieving the company expectation through a six kind of meetings with on/off shore team (Pre-planning, Pre-phase, Pre execution and lessons learnt Meeting after each phase for capturing all LLs for the further planning).

Managing and auditing the Existing, 15K BOP& Well control Equipment as per API53 STD.

Managing rig and the well operations from the town to make sure each step implementation process has been planned and executed very well.

Manage to lead my team for moving and placing heavy duty rig with in a complicated, unstable ground and crowded areas

Executing what our colleagues planned on paper safely and efficiently.

Executing a wide range of highly deviated and complex wells starting from the Jack up rig approaching, Drilling, Completion and Intervention operations.

Preparing well on paper, Rig/Well Intake documents to drill, Complete or Intervene a highly deviated and complex wells.

Leading morning call with the rig site for discussing safety prospective concerns (stop cards, Audits….etc), Operations, plans, Logistics and daily major risks.

Leading with Rig contractors and service providers each Job pre-planning meetings and Post Job review meetings for capturing Lessons learnt to share with planning team for the upcoming wells considerations.

Investigating any deviations from planned process to evaluate well performance day by day.

Review Engineering EOWR (End of well review) for capping the well operations on paper for the upcoming wells and field study process.

Open channel between onshore and offshore teams for delivering what we have planned day by day.

Review and preparing next well locations and studying the feasibility of the approach and the capability to the drill, Complete or even intervene the next well.

Reviewing upcoming wells DOPs and pre define stages in all well peer reviews and gate review for making sure that what they have planned is doable with the existing rig capabilities within the proposed time line.

Working on the rig equipment preparations, maintenance and modifications till at least fit for purposes for drilling the upcoming wells.

Implementing the DOP with in a safe manner within the available rig resources in conjunction with the contractor management.

Following Incident investigations and making sure that all actions considered and implemented for creating a strong safety behavior on the installation with Contractor Company.

Updating Life Well control bridging documents and improving rig intake documents to make them strong enough based on the upcoming and ongoing operation and lessons learnt.

Couching and managing Well control situations if any for discussing and controlling well with all respect to the ERP

Following and managing Lessons learnt from the on/off shore team and capturing all in the LL trackers to be considered in the upcoming operation.

Organizing all pre planning meeting with service providers technical support reps and rig manager for planning upcoming operation then communicate the plan to the rig site.

Review and prepare rig monthly performance including safety related, NPT details and all kind of improvement during last month.

Review and organizing Biweekly safety meeting with Offshore team for following up Safety action tracker including SCE open items.

Drilling Supervisor July 2015 – May 2018

BP (Deep water, Drill Ship)

Working as a WSL for drilling HPHT Gas wells in the Mediterranean Sea using Semi-Submersible and drill ship assist for Exploration and development HPHT Gas wells safely and efficiently.

Working among marine, drilling, Subsea and completion teams in the deep-water drilling field.

Very good Experience with Silicate WBM, Synthetic Low toxic Reliant OBM and Heavy Brine Fluids within Zero Discharge area (Natural Protected Area).

Very good Experience with well testing, Completing (Gravel pack, Smart completion…etc), and explored HPHT Gas Wells for further production.

Managing several Well control Situations and other down hole problems with latest technologies which it completely different than the conventional down hole problems.

Manage to Well test HPHT Gas exploration wells utilizing a high technology 15K Well testing package over A Drill ship

Delivered atoll project in the Mediterranean sea with 135 days ahead and +/-350MM USD cost saving and the team work had HELIOS award in the BP all over the world.

Very good Experience with 15K SUBSEA BOP and the related Well control Equipment through my direct exposure to BOP utilization and In-between well OEM maintenance.

Very good Experience gained while cut 3 x 90 ft conventional cores from one of the Exploration well.

Manage to Batch Drill 6 HPHT Gas wells without recovering BOP due to proper BOP management.

Manage to secure and kill a multiple Well control situations while drilling Exploration wells.

Manage to run heavy duty casing strings (upto1.75 MM lbs) safely and efficiently.

Manage to drill highly deep 13 wells with LTROBM (synthetic OBM) with ZERO Environmental Impact.

Very good experience through my direct supervision for Drilling HPHT Gas wells in the Deep water files with a narrow PPFG Window with the best ECD management system and the latesed kind of technologies.

Manage to drill and under ream all Hole sections with a combined BHA Design and a wide range of Under reamers safely and efficiently

Supervise all WC maintenance during rig IBWM to make sure that WC equipment, inspected, maintained and tested as per API RP53.

Manage to Complete 6 wells using Horizontal X-tree.

Following the Implementation of the approved drilling program and subsequent improvement, reporting Lessons learned for the improving the upcoming wells and sharing with the planning team for getting the reliable design for the upcoming HPHT Gas wells.

Assessing all situations with the other teams for securing, wells with subsea BOP, and disconnecting Riser LMRP in case of uncontrolled situations.

Planning for drilling Riser less sections with dual derrick Drill ship while maintaining Subsea BOP and related LMRP/PODs.

Managing Subsea operations during Drilling and Completion stages.

Working as a WSL with Deep-water WSL team for Completion HPHT Gas wells in the Mediterranean Sea with ENSCO DS6 drill ship assist.

Well site Leader/Drilling Supervisor Oct 2009 – July 2015

GUPCO/BP Egypt (Offshore)

Working as Day Well site drilling supervisor with a multiple Jack up Rigs working for GUPCO/BP in the Gulf of Suez for supporting slot recovery, drilling, work over & well intervention operations including the following:

Following company policies, Bridging documents with Contractor Company and Improve safety behavior on the MODU for delivering our objective safely and efficiently.

Managing contractor and third parties and improve communication protocol in between all personnel with holding a multiple meetings on daily basis which help team work building and communications among all parties on the MODU.

Address Process safety and occupational health practices with in the team on daily basis and tourly.

Address H2S response and awareness to the people weekly and follow up that with H2S Company to make sure Process Safety and personnel safety practice are in place.

Maintain, train and improve all kind of Emergency drills on the rig site to be complied with Company expectation and ERP plan.

Supervising Harsh drilling for most of the complicated wells in the GOS areas passing thru shallow soft formation, Evaporates and Carbonate Formations up to Lower Cretaceous Zone and sometimes to the basin of the GOS stratigraphy.

Drilling Supervisor for implementation the most complicated ERD well in Egypt for getting the target safely and effectively from definite surface location with very long horizontal displacement by using the highest technology in the world for delivering our target.

Very good Experience and Exposure to an ERD Wells with upto 2.5-4 Ratios while applying all ERD Practices and sharing my +3 years previous ERD Experience with those.

Have Very good ERD Drilling, Workover and Intervention Experience utilizing 3500 HP Jack up Rig through my direct Exposure while drilling those wells in the GOS and Mediterranean sea areas with 2.5-4 Ratios.

Manage to run most of casing strings with the smartest down hole tools in the market to get the casing on BTM with no NPT or any Impact over casing objective.

Special design to run and cement all kind of lines and casing to get the required Zonal Isolation as per the company policies.

Exposed and mange Most of the intervention operations over the ERD Wells with Coil tubing for and Wire line tractors for evaluating, treating…etc.

Mange to spot, drill and recomplete ERD wells in the GOS area utilizing SMART/Fiber OPTIC coil tubing techniques.

Manage to cut and retrieve a multiple casing strings for proper P&A, Open hole side tracking, Slot recovery techniques.

Drilling highly challenging wells regarding Hole angles and related Hole cleaning problems, direction Capability while drilling around 14000 ft x 12.25 hole section including around 8000 ft salt body.

Very good Experience with All Kind of WBM, Diesel base and Synthetic Low toxic OBM and Heavy Brine Fluids within Zero Discharge area (Natural Protected Area in the red sea).

Very well management for all kind of SIMOPS on the rig among all offshore and onshore teams.

Supervising Cementing operation for all casing strings with different job challenges and all typed of Cement Plugs for different purposes(PA, Side track, Losses Control…etc).

GOS area have highly challenge wells due to the existing of the multiple weak and high pressure zones and achievability process, like stress caging weak formation or isolating high pressure zone if possible.

Rig positioning and offshore drilling in the open area with tension system assist.

Cutting and reclaiming some casing strings for further open hole side track for the existing wells for exploring and developing new reservoirs.

Fishing and pre trip management and decision making for cleaning well bore from the old string, hard fishing operation with most of the international fishing tools (Weatherford/Tri-State) for getting a clear well bore.

Very good Experience 15 wells) Re-entry and side tracking experience thru open and Cased hole mother well bores utilizing retrievable and no retrieval Whip stocks in Highly deviated wells.

Very good knowledge with planning and Execution from Platform wells in respect to anti-collision with nearby wells.

Post drilling Operation Including, OH Logging, Production Casing running, Cementing and both Perforation Techniques (TCP and Thru TBG Perforation).

Completion string change out due to sour HC area and multiple production zone management based on the pre de-completion evaluation.

Manage with WWC (wild Well Control) to Topple a platform, retrieve and PA four wells after subsea Platform toppling with SAT diving assist for connecting, disconnecting on Subsea well heads and serving covering the other subsea operation.

Supervising Well Intervention Operation for highly deviated and HT Wells Including all Thru tubing Operation, Like Intervene, evaluate and fishing operations with E.Line, Slick Line and CT Assist.

Well site supervisor for a rigorous well Intervention work for ultimate HT deep wells for running very sensitive tools to the PBTD and performing the job safely and effectively.

Supervising a multiple CTU Jobs including well bore cleaning, TBG cutting, Fishing, Logging, Formation Acidizing, Perforating, Water shut off and other related Intervention work.


B.Sc. of Petroleum Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt.

Rank :The 5th of the Petroleum Engineering Department(2004-2009)

Major : Petroleum Engineering Department

Grade : Very Good with honor degree.

Graduation Project: Excellent

Date of Graduation: July, 2009



Strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to build and maintain relationships with a range of people.

Very good leadership skills which I have delivered from the respectful companies and responsibilities I was working in.

Good technical understanding of the scientific principles of disciplines such as geology, physics, maths and chemistry

high level of numeracy and IT skills

The analytical ability to think through potentially complex problems and develop solutions

Initiative and drive

Teamwork skills and the ability to cooperate with others

Sensitivity to different cultures and ways of working

The ability to work under pressure.

Courses and Certificates

Internal Interpersonal Skills, Communication and Leader ship Courses before going to Wells team leader Position.

Valid IWCF (Level 4).

OGUK “Offshore medical Certificate”

Valid BOSIET from Petrolift.

Valid IADC H2S Certificate

MERLIN “ERD Planning and Drilling Practices”.

MODU Resources “Rig Inspection Certificate”

BP Well bore stability course.

T-H Hill Drill stem inspection and design course.

EDS “Stuck Pipe Course”

Lloyds “Advanced rig inspection course”

BP/AMOCO Aberdeen Drilling practices Course.

BP/AMOCO Advanced Drilling practices Course.

Schlumberger E-line (Open/Cased hole) course.

Schlumberger Advanced Cement Evaluation course.

Halliburton advanced Cementing services course.

Halliburton advanced coiled tubing services course.

Smith advanced Bit Selection course.

SPE Wellbore stability Course.

Many other technical courses such as Low and high pressure fluid pumps, N2 pumps, Steam and hot water activities, pickling for carbon and st. steel.

Multiple HSE Internal Courses.

Personnel Data

Date of Birth: March 1, 1987

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital Status: Married

Military Status: exempted.

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