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E&I engineer

Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
As per company standards
May 13, 2020

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SAP# 70017754

(PASSPORT # N-6674526)


A Successful and Qualified Electrical and Instrumentation QA/QC Supervisor with 14 years extensive experience in the field of Oil & Gas Industry that has included project managing multimillion dollar EPC project. To enhance my skill and potential by working in an environment that is conductive to learning, hardworking and creative thinking and I want to apply my academic and practical knowledge to challenging task leading to growth and development of the organization, To join a progressive & reputable company as QA/QC professional to apply the relevant knowledge, expertise and experience acquired in previous employment & contribute significant progress. To implement fully the quality control procedure & inspection and test plan in order to meet project specification requirement without causing delay to finish mile stones & HSE.


Bachelor of Technology Engineering in Instrumentation & Control COMPUTER PROFICIENT:

Conversant with MS-Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet) Advanced. HAVE AN OVERALL EXPERIENCE OF 13 YEARS:

Gulf Experience : 13 years

Indian Experience : 01 years


Familiar with NEC, ISA, IEC, NACE, API, ASTM, NFPA, NEMA VE-1, NEMA VE 2, IEEE, SAUDI Aramco, SABIC, Qatar Petroleum and (POGC&ONGC Iran)Standards EMPLOYMENT HISTORY:



Designation : Electrical & Instrument QA/QC Inspector



Period : Feb’2019 to till.


Project : AL-MUJIJZ SOUTH TERMINAL OFFSORE PROJECT YANBU (SAUDI ARAMCO) Designation : Electrical & Instrument QA/QC Inspector Period : Jun’2017 to 06 July 2018


Project : ONSHORE MAINTAN POTAINTAL PROJECT (SAUDI ARAMCO) Designation : Sr. Electrical & Instrument QA/QC Supervisor Period : Nov’2016 to May” 2017

Company : Petrofac Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia Project : Rabigh phase II petrochemical project (package U02 & U03) Designation : Electrical & Instrument QA/QC Supervisor Period : Dec’2015 to Oct’2016

Company : Samsung Saudi Arabia Co Ltd, Saudi Arabia Project : Shaybah NGL Recovery Utilities Project#2 (Saudi Aramco) Designation : Instrument QA/QC Supervisor

Period : Feb’2015 to Nov’2015

Company : Sejong Saudi Arabia L.L.C, Saudi Arabia

Project : Shaybah NGL Recovery Utilities Project#2 (Saudi Aramco) Designation : Instrument QA/QC Inspector

Period : Jan’2013 to Dec’2014

Company : GS Engineering & Construction Co, U.A.E

Project : Ruwais Refinery (Takreer Project) A.U.E

Designation : Instrument QA/QC Inspector

Period : May’2011 to Apr’2012

Company : Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd, Saudi Arabia Project : Dameyung Kauris Central Process Facilities Designation : Electrical & Instrument QA/QC Engineer Period : Apr’2010 to Feb’2011

Company : Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd, Qatar

Project : Paril GTL.FGP C4 Ras Laffan



Designation : Instrument QA/QC Inspector

Period : Apr’2009 to Feb’2010

Company : GS Engineering & Construction Co, U.A.E

Project : South Pares O&G Project ph. 9&10 (IRAN)

Designation : Instrument QA/QC Inspector

Period : Jun’2008 to Jan’2009

Company : UTS KENT Engineers & Contractors, Abu Dhabi Project : Habson OGD III Gasco Project

Designation : Instrument QA/QC Inspector

Period : Nov’2006 to Jan’2008



The instrument to be calibrated shall be withdrawn from the store and inspected in store and inspected in store itself for any visual damage defects and missing part if any. If found it shall be noted any it will be take to test bench for calibration .

The primary standard equipment of calibration has a sucker affixed with following information Instrument serial number

Depending on the type of instrument be calibrated, the test bench shall be prepared with adequate equipment tools and other utilities.

All the calibrated instrument shall be affixed with a sticker indicating calibrated date and initial of the Technician who carries out of calibration and test result will be recorded on the approved ITP Formats. It is then considered ready for field installation.

The calibrator of instrument shall be done by applying a precision input signal and measuring the output signal by precision digital meter or gauge. All input and output measuring test equipment should Be precision with valid test certification

All the primary calibration equipment to be utilized at site or lab is calibrated from a standard institution for certification approved.



The in-line instrument shall be calibrated at site only. Vendor package instrument also shall be calibrated at site only.

The entire instrument that is bench calibrated such as control valves, transmitter, indicators, shall be calibrated in lab prior to release for installation.

Checked and reviewed the prepared loop packages covering Motor& Instrument loop packages prior to testing and pre- commissioning work, including energization package.

Assigned to witness repair and calibration of Instrumentation, commissioning of the following equipment

Smart Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level transmitters, different control valves, pressure gauges and Fire & Gas Alarm

Analog and digital controllers Fire & Gas Detection / Protection systems ESD (Emergency shutdown) Pneumatic and hydraulic


Performed the installation inspection of Control panel, DCS Panel, consoles, FGS Panel and Junction Box etc

Performed the Installation inspection of primary & secondary instrument cables, Ethernet cable, cable dressing, Glanding & Termination at instrument, JB & Control panel side

Performed the installation inspection of field mounted Instruments like PT, DPT, TT, LT, FT,PS,PG,TG,SOV RTD, Thermocouples different type of Valves like FV,TV,LV,ESD,MOV, Performed the installation inspection of fiber optic cable

Performed the installation inspection of impulse line tubing & instrument air-line.

Reviewing necessary drawings like; Instrument Layout Drawing (ILD), Piping & Instrument Diagram

(P&ID), LOOP Diagram, (FGD) Fire and Gas Layout Drawing, (TLD) Telecom Layout Drawing,

(BLD) Block Logic Diagram, Cable Schedule, Instrument/Cable Indexes, and other pertinent drawings needed for inspection.

Review of all instrument accepted documents such as Instrument data sheet, vendor drawings, Instrument and Piping diagram with latest revisions, quality control inspection report documents signed by QC inspector and Owner representatives.

Performed the installation inspection of primary & secondary cable tray

Performed the installation inspection of safety & instrument earthling system

Installation inspection of Field Bus FF cabinets, Instruments JBs with FF MEGA BLOCK devices INSPECTION OF INSTRUMENT TESTING ACTIVITIES:

Performed witness inspection of continuity & IR- test of instruments primary & secondary cable.



Performed witness inspection of loop checking pre- commissioning and commissioning.

Performed witness inspection of hydro-test/ leak test/ seat leak-test of PZV, Gate Valve, check valve pressure gauge etc.

Performed witness inspection of instruments calibration test.

Performed witness inspection of hydro-test/leak test of impulse line tubing & instruments airline. Performed witness inspection of OTDR test for fiber optic cable before & after cable installation.

Preparation & reviewing of loop folder prior to loop checking.

Performed witness inspection of glanding & termination from instruments side to JB side & control panel side. Performed witness inspection of OTDR test for fiber optic cable before & after cable installation

Responsible for raising the RFI to Client for the Inspection of Instrumentation related works.

Performed Quality Control Inspection and Testing activities according to the QCP, ITP and Client’s Engineering standard at this Project,

Prepare Nonconformance report (NCR), Damage Report (DR) and corrective Action report (CAR).

Inspection of master test equipment with approved third-party valid Calibration certificate as per project recommended accuracy.

Involved during bench calibration in Instrument calibration shop for various types of instruments such as Flow, level, temperature, Pressure Transmitters, switches, Gauges and calibration of Control valves, ESD and Motor operative valves (MOV)


Receive and files loop acceptance from loop check leaders.

Distributed loop folders to team leader for loop check.

Instrument product land calibration equipment knowledge The purpose of check is to make sure that the loop is completed the correct field instrument Are connected to the correct input on the DCS& PLC and the output from the DCS or PLC go To the correct field device

Receive notice of mechanical completion system loop from client and company loop coordinates. Work with loop check leader 7 coordinators to develop daily schedules for field teams. ANALYZERS FOR QUALITY MONITORING:

Oil trace detectors, Oxygen analyzers, BS&W, Conductivity, H2s analyzers, Hydro carbon, phmeter, RVP analyzers, Dew point analyzers, Hygro meter, Chlorine analyzers, Gas chromatograph, Emission Monitoring System (NOX, NO, SO2, CO, CO2, O2 From Boiler Flue Gas) DETAILS OF TECHNICAL UNDERSTANDING IN INSTRUMENT FIELD: I am well versed with all the International Engineering Standards, Industries Codes & Familiar with the International standard’s NACE, IEC, ANSI, API, NEC, NEMA, NFPA and ASTM. Assigned at this project as a QC Inspector, responsible for raising the RFI to Client for the Material Inspection for Instrumentation related works, Involved during the Erection of Marshalling, system cabinets and Fire Alarm system Panel, Performed the Inspection of Instrument Installation, Instrument Impulse tubing, Conducting works and Cable



Tray system, Monitoring of Daily Ongoing Construction Activities and coordinating with the Construction Supervisors to maintain and in Compliance the all Construction activities According to Implementation of QCP and ITP, Preparation of Non Conformance reports (NCR) And other testing reports, Also Involve and Monitoring of Instrument Calibration Witness and Monitoring of Instrument such as Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow transmitters, switches and Gauge, Impulse line leak test, Meggaring and continuity test, Involved during the Loop check and function check Switch over of all fields Instrument to DCS and ESD Cabinets. Responsible for the

Maintain of all test records and signing of Loop packages, responsible for the clearance of Punch listing prior to MCC Completion


Due to my widespread exposure in diversified areas of various plants both in India and abroad, I have gained practical working knowledge and bands-on experience

Foxboro SPEC 200 systems.

PLC (Honeywell FSC & HIMA, Siemens).

DCS (Honeywell TDC 3000, Foxboro I/A system).

FCS (Rosemount (Delta V) & Honey well (EMERION).

CAC Baker RTUs & Scada Automation systems.

Condition Monitoring Systems (Benately Nevada 3300 & 3500 systems and).

Fire and gas systems


Performed the installation inspection of switchgear and motor control center

Performed the installation inspection of LV, MV & HV cables

Performed the installation inspection of cable ladder, cable tray, cable trunking, and conduit,raceway etc. as per the project specification and standard.

Performed the installation inspection of LV/HV Transformer & Power Transformer

Performed the installation inspection of motor, air-blower, Centrifugal Pump, submersible pump etc.

Performed the installation inspection of lighting panel, HVAC Panel, Junction Box, Distribution panel, etc

Performed the installation inspection of UPS & Batteries

Performed the installation inspection of fire & gas system

Performed the installation inspection of PA & GA system

Performed the witness inspection of cable dressing, cable trench, and cable termination



Performed the installation inspection of lighting system

Performed the installation inspection of neutral earth system

Performed the installation inspection of Primary & secondary earthling and cad-welding before backfilling.

Coordinate with the construction and mechanical completion, safety and other concerned departments for QA/QC inspection activities.

Responsible for punch list clearing to ensure that the installation of instruments are complete and accepted by the client.

Responsible for the preparation of all inspection report prior for the acceptance of the client

Daily monitoring the testing and quality inspection activity Monitoring the performance of work to ensure that the contractor assigns the appropriate resources to execute the work to required quality, standard and within the agreed schedule

Manage documentation transfer for approval between contractor and company. Reviewing and Approve E & I engineer design drawing and pre-commissioning documents, loop folder.

Preparation and implementation of project quality plan (PQP), QCP and ITP in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 series. Prepare or review and approve all quality related procedure and process management of QA/QC department and personal.

Control of non-conformance and liaise with the clients and sub-contractor on all QA/QC related issues.

Receiving MRIR from Material Receiving and inspection of all loose electrical, instrumentation and Mechanical along with relevant accessories material according to purchase order, NMR and client relevant specification and requirement like SAUDI ARAMCO, PETRORABIGH, QATAR SHELL, etc.

Prior to start devices assembling, inspection of all internal/external electrical, electronic devices with appropriate rating, volt, amp and other necessary description as per the project specification.

Raising NCMR against loses electrical & mechanical materials, panel enclosure and assembled panel which are not complying with project specification.

Conduct preliminary inspection, make punch list and submit to construction for rectification.

Update the daily inspection reports and dispatch the punch list to the construction engineer to rectify.


Continuity & Insulation Resistance Test of LV cable in all stages.

Hi-Pot Test of MV & HV cables.

Performed witness inspection of Pre-cabling & Post cabling.

Performed witness inspection of Fiber-Optic cable testing.

Performed witness inspection of winding resistance, IR- tests of motor.

Performed witness inspection of Polarization Index & absorption test of Motor.



Performed witness inspection of routine test, noise-level test of motor.

Performed witness inspection of load & no-load test of motor

Performed witness inspection of IR test & Winding resistance test of Transformer.

Performed witness inspection of IR-test, Hi-Pot Test and Ducter test of switchgear& bus bar.

Performing witness inspection of Primary injection test, Manual Simulation test and Breaker IR test.

Performed witness inspection of illumination test level.

Performed witness inspection of continuity test for earth cable.

Performed the witness inspection of electrical commissioning DETAILS OF TECHNICAL UNDERSTANDING IN ELECTRICAL FIELD:

Testing and commissioning of cathodic protection with Galvanic Anode System & impressed Current system

Testing and commissioning of 115KV, 132KV, 66KV, 34.5KV, 11KV small switch yard for plant and utility connection, captives power plant modification/interconnection, 34.4KV, 11KV, 6.6 KV, 3.3KV, 4.16KV HV 433V, 480V, LV plant substation equipment, power and control, protection /metering, layout engineering, Grounding/Lightning protection engineering,415V,

Testing, Inspection and verification of various electrical works like installation of light and connection

, MCB, MCCB, DB, LDB ELDB, power socket, conduit laying, open council wiring, underground wiring, termination of control cable instruments, fabrication and installation of cable tray, support, frame and cable pulling inside cable trench as specific drawing standard and codes with basic requirement, method and procedure Knowledge of all type of electrical drawing and international standard & codes.

Planning and coordination of internal quality audit program

Make verification for RFI (Request for inspection) submitted by contractor, that the work to be inspected is complete and in compliance the engineering standard & material shall confirm to all applicable requirement standard & specification prior to release to be used as part of work.

Verifying and receiving construction drawing, covering specification sheet, P & ID, SLD, location drawing, hook up drawing wiring details, etc. Preparation and submitted red line marks- ups, as built drawing and data sheet

Testing and commissioning of Transformer up to 340MVA, 140MVA, Siemens, 30MVA – Volt Amp, India

Testing and commissioning of Transformer 11/0.44KV Distribution S/S,

Testing and commissioning of CT & PT

HI- Pot test HV cable

Testing and commissioning of 33KV, 11KV, & 6.6KV switch gear –ABB, Italy




Father Name : Mohammad Mansoor Alam

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 01-01-1983

Marital Status : Married

Passport No : N-6674526/ Old No.F9883060

Date of Issue : 06.01.2016

Date of Expiry : 07.01.2026

Place of Issue : Patna

Linguistic Abilities : English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic Permanent address : Village-kaitha, post-Dhamoul, Dist- Jamui, Pin Code: 805101

I hereby declare that the above details furnished by me are true to my knowledge. Md Saharoz Alam

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