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Anesthesia technologist, safety officer

Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
May 13, 2020

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Syed MukassarUddin


Shaker Gunj,shah-ali-banda









Anaesthesia Technician and Technologist from a prestigious university with AHA certified BLS and ACLS SUMMARY AND OBJECTIVES

Trusted Anesthesiologist Assistant/Anaesthesia Technician/Technologist with experience in different set-ups, operation and troubleshooting of anesthesia delivery systems, monitors, and devices. Highly skilled, having worked in emergency room and intensive care units. objective is to be a prominent team member of the surgical team in a hospital that caters to all kinds of surgery services to patients by gaining a job title as anesthesia technician. RESPONSIBILITIES HANDLED

Arranged anaesthetizing locations and set up monitoring devices.

Assisted anesthesiologists in monitoring patients through electrocardiogram ECG, direct arterial pressure, central venous pressure, arterial blood gas, hematocrit, or routine measurement of temperature, respiration, blood pressure, heart rate.

Pretested and calibrated anesthesia delivery system monitors.

Assisted anesthesiologists in performing anesthetic procedures like epidural, spinal injections, nerve blocks and generalized anaesthesia with airway management.

Assisted in the application of monitoring techniques like pulmonary artery catheterization, electroencephalographic spectral analysis EEG (BIS), echocardiography, and evoked potentials.

Administered blood, blood products, or supportive fluids.

Controlled anesthesia levels during procedures.

Administered an anesthetic adjuvant, or accessory drugs under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

Methodized in airway management techniques such as difficult airways or difficult intubation and its related equipments

Intravenous (IV) cannulation as patient enters into the operation theatre with Strict Aseptic precautions.

Followed infection control procedures and sterile technics to maintain cleanliness of anaesthesia apparatus and monitors.

Maintained sufficient supply stock in emergency provincial anesthesia carts.

Monitored patient condition and related support systems in hospital.

well aware in installing invasive monitoring tools during exigency.

Assisted in shifting patient to the operating room, on the OT table and non-invasive monitors (NIBP, ECG, SPO2 temperature).

Assisted in preparing environment and patient for each assigned case.

Provided required equipment, instruments, and supplies during and after procedure.

Assisted movement or relocation of patients.

Collected and reported quality improvement data.

Assisted in ordering anaesthesia supplies and medications.

Keeping Anaesthesia work room neat and orderly.


Postgraduate Diploma in Anesthesia Technology. (From Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences [NIMS] Hyderabad) recognized by Medical Council of India and UGC. LICENSE and CERTIFICATION

(Prometric Passed) Saudi Council For Health Specialities (KSA) Expiry:14thDecember-2021 Number :- (16-K-T-0057745)

AHA (American Heart Association) Certifications (From GVK EMRI, Hyderabad) o BLS (Basic Life Support)

o ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Expiry : 8thFebruary-2021

Anesthesia Technology License certification from

(T.S Paramedical boardAssociation,MCI) Expiry : 15thOctober-2020 Number :-( 15XXMCC05095/TPMB)

Anaesthesia Technology Goodstanding certification from Expiry: 15TH October-2020

(T.S paramedical board Assaociation,)


CURRENT EMPLOYER 28th October 2016 - To Present

King Fahd Military Medical Complex (CBAHI and JCI accredited) Anaesthesia Technician:- Assisted Anaesthesiologist for providing Different Types Anaesthesia, General Anaesthesia, RegionalAnaesthesia (Spinal anaesthesia and Epidural Analgesia),Local Anaesthesia Nerve Block (Upper Limb and Lower Limb) and care Intraoperative and postoperative patient monitoring,IV Line insertion,LMA,Intubating LMA, Fiber Optic Larryngo scope,Nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airway insertion and Intubation.Placed Central line and arterial line insertion under the guidance of an Anaesthesiologist.

Assisted the Anaesthesiologist for the following casses

• Cardiac and Thoracic surgeries

• Neuro Surgery( Spine, Brain)

• Ortho Surgery ( T.K.R )

• Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeries

• Urology

• General surgery


• Hand reconstruction

• Laparoscopic Surgeries

• Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries

• Pediatric surgeries


2ND EMPLOYER 1rstDecember 2015 - 28 thJune 2016

Care Hospitals NABH& NABL

Anaesthesia Technician:-

Prepare and maintain Anaesthetic equipment for operation theatres, Assist Anaesthetists during Anaesthetic procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

Set up, check and maintain Anaesthetic workstations, life support machines and associated equipment

Order and prepare medical supplies for Anaesthesia

Discuss medical procedures with patients and check whether they have any medical conditions that could cause problems under Anaesthesia

Assist the Anaesthetist to insert breathing tubes and intravascular lines in patients

Assist the Anaesthetist to administer Anaesthesia to patients

Monitor patients and their vital signs before, during and after procedures

Maintain documentation before, during and after surgery

Assist with basic life support and post-operative care

Assist the Anaesthetist in emergencies.

Assisted the anesthesiologist for the following cases

• Cardiac and Thoracic surgeries

• Neuro Surgery

• General surgery

• Gyneac and OBG


PREVIOUS EMPLOYER (2 years 1 months) (From 09th September 2013 - to 14th October 2015) Nizam’s Institute of Medical Science, Anesthesia Technician:-

Licensed as Anesthesia Technician,with Saudi Council of health specialites.Adept in administering Anesthesia to patients and monitoring their conditions during the operation. Expert in stocking operating rooms with appropriate Anaesthesia supplies

Duties and Responsibilities

Preparing materials and supplies to sedate patients during surgery.

Secure IV intra venous Cannulations

Monitoring equipment and tracking patient's vital signs and brain activity.

Assisted anesthesiologist during intubation of patients and in emergencies.

Supply Cleaned and sterilized Anesthetic instruments and equipments.

Measured the right amount of Anesthesia dose to be administered considering patient's age, illness, and type of surgery and all ages like infancy to geriatrics.

Prepared patient for anesthesia by explaining him or her on how anesthesia will be administered.

Assisted anesthesiologist in re-administering anesthesia.

Stayed with patients in the operation rooms after the surgery and extubation until the effect of Anesthesia wears off.

Maintained records of narcotic drugs record separately

Check buy and supply of drugs and equipment’s and maintained records of each

Regularly clean up the workstation and its accessories

Assisted the anesthesiologist for the following cases

• Cardiac and Thoracic surgeries

• Liver Transplant

• Renal Transplant

• Neuro Surgery

• Ortho Surgery (T.H.R,T.K.R,Scoliosis)

• Maxillofacial Surgeries

• Nephrology

• Urology

• General surgery

• Hand reconstruction and micro vascular surgery

• Laparoscopic Surgeries

• Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries

• Pediatric surgeries


Incharge of operating room pharmacy

Quality and safety week participant

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

Ability to do work under pressure and strong audiovisual capacity

Optimize the next steps in intra-operative crisis, like fluid deficiency, blood loss

Keep calm and concentrate on sequential procedure in different kind of emergency situations

Exceptional team-leading abilities in emergency room situations like cardiac arrest, CPR

(cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and knowledge of using of defibrillators.

Outstanding ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with other members of the health care team.

ICU (setting up ventilator and its troubleshooting system)

Work efficiently, constantly updates knowledge compliance with healthcare standards.

Excellent life-saving skills like bag mask ventilation and decision making ability in exigencies.

Assist in central line placement (TripleLumenRegular), pick line (cavafix) single lumen for critically ill patient like long term antibiotic therapy and patients who need long term ICU care or on Ionotropic support.

Intra-arterial cannulation like radial artery or femoral artery for invasive blood pressure monitoring.

Manipulation of all equipment like continuous cardiac output (CCO) monitor, transducer set-up for invasive monitor.

Troubleshooting of all equipment, including Boyles apparatus, breathing system, and ventilators.

Provide airway management interventions and assist in tracheal intubation, fiber optics for Broncoscopic procedures, or Ventilatory support.

• Anesthesia machine (Dragerfabius, fabius plus, Avans, primus, Aspire etc..

• Breathing circuits

• Anesthesiamonitors (Philips mp5,mp20, mp40, mp60, mp70, GE etc.,)

• Ventilators

• Defibrillators

• Infusion pump

• Syringe pump

• ABG Analyzer

• ACT machine

• Pressure monitoring transducer

• Fluid warmer

• DVT Compressor

• Portable ventilator

• Portable ultra sound machine

Good capability to work in stressful circumstances EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION

Post-Graduate Diploma

2010-2011 : PG Diploma In Physician Assistant.

(From Yashoda Hospitals, Affiliation: Osmania University, Hyderabad) 2009-2010 : PG Diploma in Bio-informatics from Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad Graduation

2006-2009 : BSc (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)

Anwar-ul-Uloom Degree College (Affiliated to Osmania University) Intermediate

2004-2006 : Medwin Vocational Junior College (X-ray technician) with bridge course (BiPC) References

Professor and Head Dept.of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences Dr. R. Gopinath


Email :

Contact Number : +919*********, 040********

Assistant Professor Dept of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences Dr. A. Shyama Sunder

MD,DM(cardiac anaesthesiologist)

Email :

Contact Number : +918*********, 040********

Specialist Dept.of Anaesthesiology and Intensive care, King fahd military medical complex Dr. Amged elgailly


Email :

Contact Number : +009***********

Secondary School

2004 : Kilpatrick Mission High School, Hyderabad

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