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Mental Health Assistant

North Vancouver, BC, Canada
April 30, 2020

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Hamideh (Helen) Sarmast


***-*** ****** *****

North Vancouver, BC V7M 0G2



Over 10 years experience in developing, implementing, managing and evaluating learning and educational programs with focus on improving knowledge, attitude and healthy lifestyle among different age groups.

Over 5 years experience working on mental health projects with focus on mental health improvement among different age groups and school students

Over 10 years experience working with youth/ students in elementary and high schools with focus on improving their knowledge and skills in healthy lifestyle as well as academic learning such as research, literature review etc.

Highly experienced in health behavior modification strategies, specifically among children and adolescents

Highly experienced in administering of Planning, developing, implementing and evaluation of Educational Workshops

Highly experienced educational professional in educational studies, writing reports and developing oral and poster presentations

Highly experienced educational professional in developing and producing educational media/ materials for different age groups mostly for students, youth and seniors.

Strong ability and experience in working with multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams

Highly skilled and experienced educational professional in knowledge mobilization

Multilingual: English, Turkish and Farsi


Initiated, developed, implemented and evaluated variety of Health and educational projects. The results were mostly shared either in conference or published as academic papers in relevant journals.

Initiated, developed, implemented and evaluated variety of educational workshop for healthcare professional development, which resulted in improving people’s knowledge and attitude toward healthy lifestyle

Built a strong cooperation between ministry of health and ministry of education, which resulted on opportunities for running health education projects at schools and including important health topic in school curriculums.

Built a strong communication between school authorities, parents and students, which resulted in improvement of students’, school lives.

Built a strong relationship among universities (SFU & UBC) and communities, which resulted to successful implementing community based educational projects

Built a strong partnership with seniors communities and ensured their support and cooperation in academic/educational studies.

Built an effective partnership with multidisciplinary teams, external and internal stakeholders for a successful programs.

Professional experiences:

2019-present Medicare Medical Clinic, BC, Canada

Mental health education assistant

Assisting clinic doctors in helping patients with mental illness, alcohol and drug dependence. Creating a comprehensive mental health, alcohol and drug dependence assessment tools, assessing patient health status and providing appropriate treatments and education.

2014-Present Faculty of Education, SFU (Simon Fraser University), Vancouver, Canada

Research Assistant

Assisting AGE WELL project. Teaching workshops (educational interventions), conducting pre/post intervention study, focus groups, interviews and providing reports.

2014-2015 West Vancouver high school

Research club coordinator

Cooprated in Initiating and running research club for grade 12th for improving their

research study knowledge and skills. Providing related proposal and action plan, meeting with school athourities, setting up weekly lessons for club members (students), conducting teachers for teaching students.

2013-2014 Research institute, VGH- UBC- Faculty of medicine

Research Assistant

Developed health education materials for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) study, Implemented education intervention based on developed materials, evaluated and provided study report. The results were presented in:

Learning Together Conference 2016, Multiculturalism Education in Canada, SFU, Faculty of Education, 2015

Sarmast HH: What effect does educational material in the mother tongue of individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have on their self-management of COPD?

2012 BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada

Research assistant

Reviewed literature about Theoretical Domain Framework, which is an interventional model for behavior change in healthcare system, its utilization and limitations. The result of the study was published:

Mosavianpour M, Sarmast HH, Kissoon N, Collet J: Theoretical domains framework to assess barriers to change for planning healthcare quality interventions: a systematic literature review. J Multidiscip Healthc 2016, 9(July):303–310.

2010-2011 BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada

Consultant, Quality Improvement Projects

Developed an evaluation checklist for evaluating quality improvement projects in BC children’s hospital wards Based on PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act), which is an interactive four stage problem solving model utilizing for improving process and carrying out changes.

2009-2010 Hollyburn Elementary School, West Vancouver, Canada

Project coordinator for HeArt (Health Promotion and Art)

Coordinating and assisting project manager in planning and implementing Health & Art (HeArt) project at school for increasing students and families healthy lifestyle knowledge. I provided written and digital report for this project and presented at school event.

2005-2009 Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, Iran

Multi-disciplinary and Intra-organizational Cooperation Expert

A- Collaborating in various joint projects among Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education which resulted in developing health education materials for school textbooks and running health related workshops at schools.

B- Collaborating in Various joint projects with National Broadcasting

Which resulted in developing various Health-related Educational TV and radio Programs such as movie series, clips totally over 1500 minutes

C-Collaborating in various joint projects with Municipalities and Community Centers, which resulted in developing health education materials: books, modules and healthy guidelines for people and staff.

D- Collaborating and managing joint projects with National Justice and Prison Ministry which resulted in assessing prisoners and prisons health status and providing health and educational supports for them.

Volunteer Position

2010-present West Vancouver school district

2018- present West Vancouver high schools Robotic club

Active cooperating with tournaments authorities at school such as registering teams, guiding parents and helping as a member of judges team for assessing teams before and during the tournament

201*-****-*** Seniors Centre Society, Vancouver BC

Thought seniors for “Engage: An English Conversation Circle” program to help them to learn about life in Canada


Doctoral student (EdD): Educational leadership and policy, UBC, Vancouver, 2017-present

Master’s Degree (MA): Educational Studies, UBC, Vancouver, 2014-2017

Bachelor of science in public health (BSPH), Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences (Iran)

Certificated in:

Instructional Skills Workshop (UBC, Vancouver, Canada)

Digital Storytelling workshops (SFU, Vancouver, Canada)

COPD workshops (UBC, Vancouver, Canada)

Educational technology in learning and teaching the public, professionals and students

Primary Health Care (Iran)

Mental health

Teaching school students

Principles and Techniques of Counseling

Principles and Techniques of Training of Trainers (TOT)

Group Dynamics and Managing Formal Meetings


Literature review and research Methodology

Evaluating Educational projects/programs


Rafifar, S; Sarmast, H; Mosavianpour, M; Moazzen-Jami M-H. Child Safety Guide Book. Tehran-Iran: Department of Health of Municipality of Tehran; 2008.

Sarmast, H;Rafifar, S; Mosavianpour, M; Moazzen-Jami M-H. Peer Education. Tehran-Iran: Health Promotion and Healthy Lifestyle Association (HPHLA) and Department of Health of Municipality of Tehran; 2008.

Sarmast Hamideh; Ghoddousian Ahmad;Poureslami Iraj; Ghasemi-Barghi Reza; Mosavianpour Mirkaber. Principles and Application of Educational technology in Health Promotion. Qazvin-Iran: Qazvin University of Health and Medical Sciences; 2002.

. Rafifar Shahram; Sarmast Hamideh. Health Education and Health Promotion: Community Empowerment. National Health Education and Communications Department of Ministry of Health of Iran (MOH); a


Sarmast, H; Mosavianpour, M; Poureslami I: Knowledge and attitudes towards HIV/AIDS among northern Tehran male high school students. In Health Literacy Round Table. Vancouver, Canada: UBC; 2013.

Sarmast H, Mosavianpour M, Niranjan K, Collet J-P: A Systematic Review of Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF): TDF Domains and Constructs Compared to Other Tools for Assessing Barriers to Change. In Canadian Conference on Medical Education; 2015:OA2–2.

Sarmast HH: How dose digital storytelling affects the emotions of elders? In Learning Together Conference 2016, Multiculturalism Education in Canada, Faculty of Education, SFU. 2017


Sarmast, Hamideh; Poureslami, Iraj; Mosavianpour, Mirkaber. Adolescents Health Promotion Indicates. Behdashte Jahaan (Global Health). 2004.

Sarmast, Hamideh; Poureslami, Iraj; Mosavianpour, Mirkaber. Role of mass media in health education for preventing drug abuse. Rezeh Behzistan. 2001;(17).

Sarmast, Hamideh; Poureslami, Iraj; Mosavianpour, Mirkaber. Comprehensive health education for tobacco smoking prevention. Behvarz. 2000.

Sarmast, Hamideh; Mosavianpour, Mirkaber. Addiction: causes and consequences 1. Jarfaieh Tarbiat. 2000;(19).

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