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Teacher Medical

Adelaide, SA, Australia
April 30, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae

Kishore Banerjee



Name: Kishore Kumar BANERJEE

Address: ** ***** ******, ******, ** 5043, AUSTRALIA

Phone: (08) 82964428

Mobile 043*-***-***


Citizenship status: Australian Citizen

Professional Profile

I am an experienced secondary school teacher having worked as a chemistry, science and mathematics teacher in South Australia. I hold a Master of Applied Science (University of South Australia), Doctor of Philosophy (Science) (Jadavpur University) and Graduate Diploma in Education (University of Adelaide) with a specialisation in chemistry. I have been very successful at accommodating diverse student needs by facilitating all styles of learners, offering individualised and extracurricular support and integrating effective materials.



Master of Applied Science (Minerals and Materials), Ian Wark Research Institute, University of South Australia. Thesis: Air Plasma Treatment for Recycling and Sterilization of Biomedical Materials and Devices

Graduate Diploma in Education, University of Adelaide


Doctor of Philosophy (Science), Jadavpur University, Thesis: Pharmacological and Biochemical Role of Human Placental Extract in Rats



Master of Science, University of Calcutta - (Specialization: Biochemistry)

Bachelor of Science (Honours in Chemistry), Mathematics, Physics, Calcutta University

NOTE – All the above overseas qualifications are assessed as comparable to

Australian Degrees (NOOSR)


Australian Education Union- Adelaide

South Australian Science Teachers Association- Adelaide


Excellent ability to teach using variety of methods and resources

Effective classroom and student management skill

Effective and integral team/multidisciplinary group member

Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively at all levels

Proven problem-solving skills

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

High level of service delivery in assimilating information and dissipating to others via seminars, lectures, publications, research papers, journal articles at an international level

Computer literate - experienced user of Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint and Internet etc.

Excellent organizational and time management skills with strong work and community ethic

Able to prioritise and review and implement necessary changes


2017 Certificate III in Financial Services, TAFE, SA

2016 Certificate III in Disability, Tafe SA

2016 Mental Health First Aid Course (Accredited), St John Ambulance


2015 Provide First Aid Course, Red Cross Australia


Responding to Abuse and Neglect in Education and Care


2018-2019 School Officer (Science and Mathematics), Mackillop Catholic College

2016 – current Teacher (Chemistry, Science, Maths), James AN College

Relief Teacher. Trinity College, SA.

Teaching Maths for year 5 to 10, Chemistry year 11 &12

2008- 2015 Department for Education and Child Development

Teacher (Secondary) (Year 8 to 12) (Chemistry, Science, Mathematics, Schools: Tintinara Area School (2008-2009), Christies Beach High School

(2009), Reynella East High school (2010), Murray Bridge High School

(2011), Reynella East College (2012- 2015).

Organised school excursion for year 10 to Flinders University, Forensic science

Classroom teaching for year 5 to 11, science, math and chemistry

Organised and participated parent-teacher interview

All other routine duties

2004 – 2006 University of South Australia

Practical Supervisor (Environmental Chemistry Fundamentals)

Supervising Environmental Chemistry Practicals for tertiary students

Tutoring, marking and assessing students’ Chemistry assignments

Writing research papers on Environmental and Occupational Health

2002 – 2003 University of Adelaide

Research Assistant

Association and collaboration with postgraduate research students to produce Reports

Developing analytical methods for measuring chemical exposures of pesticides, fruit fly workers in SA, iodine exposure in the laboratory and indoor passive dust etc.

Conducting occupational hygiene survey

1988- 2001 All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health

(University of Calcutta)

Government of India

Faculty Member, Occupational Health

Lecturing / teaching the university’s undergraduates and postgraduates in the field of occupational and environmental toxicology and hygiene and chemistry

Conducting an educational program for students

Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects

Promoting community education embracing a range of health hazards

Conducting a family care program in urban and rural areas of West Bengal

Coordinating various university courses including distance education


Recognised author of research papers in national and international reputable journals

Published 20 articles in various journals in the fields of pharmacology, occupational toxicology and medicine

In 1995, the abstract of my published article in Tohoko Journal of Experiment Medicine was utilized by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Japan for their sales promotion of placental extract products

Selected as Assistant Director (Industrial Hygiene) Ministry of Labour, Government of India


St. John Ambulance – Volunteer - Adelaide

Volunteer, “Kids in Action” programme, CARA, Australia



Current Affairs

Caring for my family


Mr. William Begg

Teacher, International School, Flinders University


Mr. Sungkook Kwon,

The Principal, James An College


Mr Tarique Khan,

Senior Teacher, Reynella East College



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7.Banerjee K. K., Samanta A. and Chaudhuri R. N.: Biological monitoring of cyanide exposure in a cable industry. Paper accepted at the International Conference on Occupational and Environmental Medicine. January 20 -22 (1995), Mumbai, India.

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