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Manager Water

Manacaud, Kerala, India
April 30, 2020

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Application for the post of


*. Name of Candidate : Dr. V. Pradeep Kumar.

2. Date of Birth : 26.02.1962

3. Address for Correspondence and : “Surabhi”

Permanent Address Kuruppum Vilakam

T.C. 42/150, CLRA - 42

Sreevaraham, Manacaud P.O.,


Kerala State, Pin - 695 009

Ph: (0471) – 2451381, (m) 099********,


Passport No. P1198329, Valid up to 19/10/2026. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:

i)M.Sc., Geology, 1983 - Vikram University, Ujjain, M.P. & stood 5th in order of University merit.67.3%.

ii)M.Phill. Geology, 1985 -Vikram University, Ujjain, MP & stood 1st in Order of University merit. 80%.

iii)Diploma in Russian language, 1983-Vikram University & stood 2nd in order of University merit, Aggregate: 68%.

iv)Master of Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, 1988- Nagpur University, Nagpur, 63%.

v)Awarded PhD in Geology, 1990- Vikram University, Ujjain, MP- on “Petrological and

Geochemical studies of the selected Lava flows of Pavagadh Hills, Gujarat State”.

vi)MBA, NIBM, Chennai-2010 in first class.

Other Qualifications:

1)BASIC Computer Programming of Computer Society India, Bhopal Chapter, at B.H.E.L., Bhopal, 1984.

2)COBOL Computer Programming of Computer Society of India, Bhopal Chapter at B.H.E.L, Bhopal, 1984.

3)Certificate cource in “Public Speaking” - Indo American Society, Bombay, 1986.

4)Certificate course in “Management Information Systems” at National

Institute of Training in Industrial Engineering at Powai, Bombay - 1986.

5)Passed M.A. Public Administration Pt.1 Nagpur University, Nagpur - 1988.


1.Awarded Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology fellowship on “Utilization of

Naturally occurring Zeolites” (with special reference to Malwa region of MP) - 1984.

2.Awarded Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Junior Research Fellowship, 1985 on all India Merit.

3.Awarded Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Senior Research Fellowship, 1985.

4.Awarded Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Research Associateship, 1985.

5.Editor of Geo-News, University Magazine 1981-1983.

6.District officer for Distance Education for Allahabad Agriculture Institute and V B Purvanchal University.

7.Editor of Management Times, a monthly magazine published by National Institute of Business Management, Chennai


Fellow of the Geological Society of India.

7. Experience:

i)Research Assistant: July 1983 - June 1984

Worked in the Centre for Earth Science Studies (an Institution manned by the leader of the 3rd Indian Antarctica expedition) in the Geosciences division - Photogeology Cell – with Dr. S.K. Ghosh (HOD),

Projects on “Geology & Geochemistry of Laterites in Kerala”. Has been trained in data processing for statistical analysis. Laboratory work such as sample preparation for XRD, Chemical analysis, specific gravity determinations etc. Worked in the geological laboratory & used Aerial photography, topomaps for interpretation of Geomorphology in parts of Kerala.

ii)Research Scholar: July 1984 - August 1985.

Awarded Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology Research Fellowship on

“Utilization of naturally occurring Zeolites of Madhya Pradesh” (with special reference to Malwa Region).

Working as Research Scholar - submitted a thesis to Vikram University Ujjain for the partial fulfillment of Master of Philosophy in Geology on “Study of Zeolites of Malwa Region MP”. Identified all the varieties of naturally occurring Zeolites of the area using X-ray studies, Infrared spectra analysis, Thermo Gravimetric analysis and Petrological studies. Also submitted monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the Council, M.P. Government.( Highest awarded degree in India on Natural Zeolites)

iii)Officer Trainee (Geology): Aug. 1985 - Aug.1986

Selected as Officer Trainee (Geology) in Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (A

Govt. of India Enterprise) w.e.f August 1985. During training period, has been trained in all the geological activities of the Corporation including Mining methods, Surveying & Geological Mapping, Mineral Economics, Geophysics, Computer Programming, Management etc.

iv)Geologist: Aug 1986 to Aug 1995

On completion of one year training absorbed in MECL as Geologist. Worked on the staff of General Manager (Geological Services) & Chief Geologist - Monitoring & Co-ordinating the project level work & inter-divisional operations & Service, co-ordination, Assisting & scrutinizing exploration reports of promotional (Government) contractual projects. Technical administration, monitoring & assisting. Collection of data & preparation of various notes etc., Associated with Exploration for Coal in Hasdeo Arand Coal Field & Wardha Valley Coal field. Worked as Project Manager for brief stints at Wardha and Hasdeo Arand Morga Projects of MECL, manning more than 300 skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled and other technical – non-technical staff. Engaged in exploration for Iron ore and coal. Geological mapping, litho logs and sample preparations etc. Preparation of geological reports. Work involved (1). Field work & Prospecting of the Area. Surface geological mapping. (2). Exploration To process for assessment of the reserve quantity and quality of deposits, Plan for survey and demarcation of exploration points.(3). Reserve Estimation of Reserves/Deposits for assessing the viability of Mine Development. (4).Statutory Compliances to comply with all regulatory obligations as prescribed by different Act/Rules/ Regulations and Circulars. Also engaged in Petrographic & Minerographic studies of base metals namely - Gold deposits, Copper deposits, Lead & Zinc deposits, Phosphorite deposits, Bauxite deposits, Diamond deposits, Sillimanite deposits, etc., Worked as sectional head of the Petrology laboratory from February1995 to Sept’ 1996.

v)Sr. Geologists: Aug. 1995 – December 1996

Continued working as Sectional Head of Petrology Laboratory (Sept.’1995-Dec’1996) until my retirement. Engaged in Petrographic & Minerographic studies of base metals namely - Gold deposits, Copper deposits, Lead & Zinc deposits, Phosphorite deposits, Bauxite deposits, Diamond deposits, Sillimanite deposits, etc.Retired under Voluntary Retirement Scheme.

vi)Chief Executive Officer (Exploration) Gremach Infrastructure and Projects Ltd.Mumbai

(January 1997 –March’2005)

Geological exploration and preparation of Mining proposals for Coal, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Chromite, Oil & Gas, manpower deployment in various countries where mining, exploration was in progress.Visited many countries especially Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia etc. for securing mining licenses. Prepared interim and draft geological reports for exploration for coal in Mozambique, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.To Direct and plan for Surface geological mapping of the area and to assess the potentials. Plan and direct the process for assessment of the reserve quantity and quality of deposits, Prepare samples for analysis. Developing the plan for initiating Exploration work.Preparationof Exploration proposal,Survey and Demarcation of exploration points. Reserve Estimation of Reserves/ Deposits and assessing the viability of Mine Development. Mine Planning for Mines Development. Exploring, dating and sampling Sulphide / Oxide mineral deposits. Interpreting and mapping the geology of a mine. Checking the quality levels of materials produced for reserve assessment. Supervision and management of field exploration. Liasoning with government/department agencies w.r.t. Statutory as prescribed by different Act/Rules/Regulations and Circulars. Survey for coal dumping yards, facility and requirement of manpower, distance from port, security of staff and machinery etc.

vii)Hydrogeologist-Jalanidhi (World Bank Aided Project): April 2005–October 2006

Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency, Govt. of Kerala.Hydrogeological Investigation of water sources in Rural Districts of Kerala, Preparation of water Resource maps, drainage maps, suggesting suitable interventions for recharge of open wells and bore wells for sustainability.

viii)Special Officer Tsunami (World Bank Aided Project): October 2006 –September 2007

Asia’s largest water supply scheme of providing drinking water of International standard to 1.5

lakh people for 30 years sustainability. Project cost 138 crores.Water source 14 kms.of Ramsar

Site Lake at Sastamcottah, in Kollam District, Kerala.Involved in watershed management and

ground water Recharge activities, awareness to general public i.e. total water management.

ix)Deputy Manager Tsunami (World Bank Aided Project): October 2007–June 2011.

x)Manager Operations KRWSA from July 2011 to April 2012

Support and facilitate the operational aspects of Project implementation.Support and help Director Operations in achieving desired objectives and targets in the implementation of Project components in time. Guide and monitor Gramapanchayaths, Supporting Organisations, and Gramapanchayaths Action Teams in implementation of the project.Attend review meetings of stakeholders.Ensure timely action on decisions taken in periodic review meetings.

xi)Deputy Director (Water Conservation) KRWSA from May 2012 onwards

Supervise and manage all water development and hydrogreological functions of the Agency. Arrange procurement of Consultant for preparing comprehensive water development and water security plans of Grama Panchayaths. Prepare ToR and conduct technical evaluation.Guide water conservation specialists of RPMUs in preparing comprehensive water development and water Security plans of GPs. Provide technical and scientific inputs to water conservation specialists to conduct ground water investigations as per Technical Manual.Issue technical guidelines to water conservation specialists of RPMUs to propose appropriate ground water recharge measures for sustainability of sources.Arrange water conservation specialists of RPMUs to conduct pumping tests for open wells and bore wells,to arrive at the safe yield.Apply knowlwdge of fundamental geology to develop an undersyanding of how rock types and soil condition structure in an area impact ground water,and give approporiate recommendations to water conservation specialists for source development.Understand and interpreat ground water prospect maps,geographical data,historiacal evidence and models to assess ground water potential in an area,and suggest appropriate technology for the development of ground water.Conduct field inspection and supervise the work of water conservation specialists.Monitor ground water development and recharge of ground water and guide GPATs and Grama Panchayaths.Undertake envirmonment impact assessment of ground water abstraction and management actiivites. Analyse collected information top assess and predict the impact of activites such as landfills,construction,mining and agriculture,on ground water quality and resoucrce avaialability. Liase wqith hydrogeologists, hydrologists, ecologists, engineers and other professions in related fields.Ensure compliance with environmental legislation and keep update with technological and legistlative developments.Write reports and submission to GoK and World Bank. Develop geographical information system on ground water activities by making institutional arrangements in the resource centre.


1.Training in various fundamental & applied branches of Geology including Mining Geology, Mineral Exploration, Engineering Geology, Economic Geology, Ground Water Geology & Photogeology, and Field Training in geological mapping & mining geology 1981 - 1995, Vikram University, Ujjain.

2.Delivered seminars for the partial fulfillment of Master of Science & Master of Philosophy

degrees 1981-1985.

3.Appreciation of Geophysics - 1986, MECL.

4.Training in “Remote Sensing Techniques” May 20th, 1987 to July 15th, 1987 at National

Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad.

5.Worked on the Geology structure & sedimentation of the Vindhyan rocks occurring in &

around Bhopal, M.P. & submitted a thesis to Vikram University Ujjain for the partial

fulfillment of M.Sc. degree 1983.

6.Training at CESS - 1983-1984, in data processing for statistical analysis, sample preparation

for X-ray, chemical analysis; specific gravity determinations etc., Used Aerial photography for

interpretation of Geomorphology in parts of Kerala.

7.Training on “Groundwater Resources Development and Management” Nov’21st to Nov’25, 2005 at Centre for Water Resources Development and Management, Kerala.

8.Training on “Water Resources Management: Legislation and Policy”Dec’20th and Dec’21st, 2005 at Centre for Water Resources Development and Management, Kerala.

9.Training on “Sustainable Drinking Water Source Creation through Integrated Geohydrolgical

Approaches”, Jan’18, 2005 to Jan’25, 2005, at National Geophysical Research Institute, Kerala.


i) The Origin & distribution of Zeolities in the Deccan traps of Dewas, M.P. Vth Indian

Geological Congress - IIT Bombay.

ii) Petrology of Bhander Sandstones & associated Conglomerates around Bhopal. Sixth

convention of Indian Association of Sedimentologist Oct.21-24, 1986.

iii) Occurrence of Zeolites in the Deccan traps, Dewas, M.P. (Geological society of India)

iv) Zeolitization in Deccan traps, Dewas, MP (Under communication).

v) Two articles published in the Geo-News (University Magazine 1982-83) Editor of

University Magazine 1982-83.

vi) Genetic Features of the Zeolite rocks from Deccan traps Malwa region, M.P. 7th International Zeolite Conference, Tokyo, Japan.

vii)Zeolite Assemblages & Zonation in the Deccan trap flows, near Dewas, M.P. (Vth Indian Geological Congress)

viii) Significance of Zeolites in Mining & Metallurgy Seminar, Mineral Development in

M.P. - RRL at Bhopal, 1987.

viii)Utilization of siliceous earth of Malwa region of M.P. in Water treatment Seminar

Mineral Development in M.P.RRL, Bhopal March 1987.

ix)Genesis of the Zeolites recorded from the Deccan traps of Malwa region, M.P. India. Young

Scientists promotion scheme February 22-24, 1986, Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore,



Being a Scientist apart from technical updating, I was responsible for the entire administrative activity at headquarters. In charge of inter personnel communications, liasoning with statutory bodies, Ministry of Mines, Govt. of India. Added responsibilities included staff selection, recruitment and conducting training programs, cordial appraisal activities. Worked on the staff of General Manager (Geological services and Chief - MIS, monitoring and coordinating project level work, inter-divisional operations and service co-ordination. Assisting and scrutinizing reports of promotional (Govt) and contractual projects. Technical administration, collection of data and preparation of notes for question hour in parliament for Deptt.of Mines, Government of India.

Nominated as Project Manager - Manned more than 300 skilled, semi skilled, unskilled and other non-technical staff in mining areas around M.P and Bihar borders. Involved with Recruitment of contingent local staff and successful retrenchment after completion of project and liasoning with local government agencies, monthly HR reports, etc. besides total administration and management.


Visited Kazakistan,Singapore,Malayasia.Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia for liasoning work to obtain/procurring mining concessions/licences from Government/individual mine owners for Coal,Oil,Copper,Lead Zinc,Managanese,Chromite etc.for Gremach group of companies(MNC) Mumbai during April 2008-August 2008.Visited numerous mines and mineral prospects country wide.

Trivandrum (Dr. V. PRADEEP KUMAR)


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