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biomedical Engineer medical device

Davis, CA
April 29, 2020

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Dr. Sean ConroyDey, PhD

Telephone: 925-***-**** ~ E-mail:


Education: Bachelor of Science: Bioengineering - University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

PhD: Biomedical Engineering – Imaging - University of California, Davis (UCD)

PI – Dr. Jeffery Walton


Engineering Skills:

oDevice Development Experience

Background Research & Development: Need formulation, problem analysis and formulation, Gantt Chart creation, Decision matrix, Product Design

Design: 2D & 3D CAD modeling, Reading and creation of Engineering Technical Drawings (document control, material components, and Specification Tolerances), Design for manufacturability (DFM), Design for marketability, Product Design, Design considerations of economic, ethical, biocompatibility, environmental impact, Regulations, block diagrams

Pre fabrication Analysis: Finite Element Analysis FEA (stress and strain, product failure, mechanical, electrical, thermal), material, cost, performance

Fabrication & Manufacturing: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Heavy Machinery Experience, CNC programming and use, Rapid Prototyping, Assembly and fabrication, manufacturing operations, manufacturing efficiency, lean manufacturing

Post Fabrication Testing and Analysis: Design of Experiments (DOE), positive and negative controls, Design Control, Develop, author and/or review Testing Protocols and Plans for Design Verification (DV), Test Method Validation (TMV), and Equipment Qualification (EQ), troubleshoot equipment failures, prototype evaluation, Data collection, analytical Data analysis with consideration of statistical significance of results (sample size, power, Anova, Bonferroni T-Test, X2 analysis)

Final develop: Verification and Validation (V&V), Mass Production, fabrication, product development

Documentation: Maintain clean and organized records of project documentation and process development, document management, creation design documents

Teamwork: Large and small group and development teams, leadership and collaborative roles, peer review and evaluation

oComputer Software Experience

Computer aided Design (CAD): 11+ years. Multiple design Software Platforms (Solid Works, Autodesk AutoCAD & Inventor, Creo Elements, ProE, Ansys, MicroStation, solidworks), Sufficiently Skilled to Teach CAD (6 years as a CAD instructor),

NMR: Topspin and Paravision 4, JMRUI, Siemens VB17, DICOM processing

Mathematical Modeling: Mat Lab, LabVIEW, Simulink, Solid works Finite Element Analysis (FEA), CAM and 4-bar linkage systems models

Programming: C, C#, C++ coding, R-Studio, Python, Java, Html, test software

Operating Systems: Mac Osi, Windows, Linux

Database: managing online resources and databases, data entry

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power point, MS Office, Outlook

Presentation: Photoshop, Video creation and Editing, 2D & 3D animation, website creation

oBench, Lab, Fabrication Experience

Machining: (9+ years) rapid prototyping, CNC programming and use, 3D Scanning, 3D Printers, Injection Molding, laser cutter and engraving, Water Jet cutter, Plasma Cutter, welders (Arc, MIG, TIG, Oxy-acetylene), Heavy Machining (drill Press, Bandsaws, Lathes, Mills, metal sheet and break, punches), Measurement and Calibration (calipers, micrometers, laser analysis), Smaller Hand tools (Sanders, Grinders, routers, files)

NMR: Trained and certified to use 500 MHz Bruker Advance DRX spectrometer & 7T (300 MHz) MRI, Siemens Tim Trio, VB17 MRI scanner, MR Probe fabrication, RF amplifiers, Network Analysis, Lock in amplifiers, gradient coil & amplifiers creation and analysis, tuning circuits, Magnetic Particles, Magneto Acoustics, Pulse creation

Foundry: (4+ years): Molding, Casting, Pouring, forging, tempering, Grinding, finishing

Biologic Systems: tissue mechanic modeling, nerve action potentials, dissections, ECG, Wet and dry lab experiments

Circuits:, operational amps, gain analysis, high/low pass filters, 555 timers, AC DC RC circuits, thermocouples, strain gauges, input controls, Elvis and Breadboard Prototyping, soldering, electronics, wiring, electrical design

Hardware: Robotic design and control, solenoid, brushed and brushless motors, electro magnetics

Chemistry: titrations, acid/base analysis, calorimeter, mass analysis, chain reactions, atomic spectra, qualitative analysis, dilutions

oEngineering Project Samples:

Post Doc Project – PCr recovery: This project was a medical study or the recovery or muscular PCr in patients in order to aid in the evaluation of physical therapy treatments. The project involved the analysis of PCr, PI, and ATP from MRI spectrometry scans. My role was to determine a recovery rate of patient levels. The project used MRI scanning protocols, Data collection, analysis of spectrometry data, development of analysis programs and algorithms, and evaluation of the data. The project used Siemins MRI, Jmrui, python, MATLAB, Excel, and DICOM processing skills.

Magnetic Particle Detector Medical Device for Graduate Thesis: This project was designed as the invention of a portable medical device capable of detection magnetic particles for use in triage medical diagnostics. The project was taken from initial concepts to prototyping and fabrication phases and was done completely by myself with the guidance of my principal investigator Dr. Jeffery Walton. The project included aspects of simulation modeling, fabrication of coils, analysis and development of magnetic fields, invention, functional analysis, computational analysis, programming, Data collection,signal manipulation and analysis. The project used CAD, Machine Shop Skills, MATLAB, benchtop fabrication, network analysis, Signal Amplification, filtering, Lock-In amplification, tuning and matching, mechanical and biomedical engineering, Design control, product design, mechanical design, product development, product documentation, lean manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, wiring, electrical design. Patent and Publications pending

Electro-Magnet Project: As part of the UC Davis Preparatory course for Biomedical Engineering Senior Design, this project was conceptualized, created, and worked independently on by myself. The vision on this project was to remove short comings in the current project, motivate students to work independently, and serve as an all-around fabrication project designed to expose Undergraduate students to the skills needed to start their senior design project. The proposed devise was a handheld electromagnet tool. The project would expose students to the concepts of making 3D CAD models, reading and making technical drawings, and use an array of heavy machine shop tools including: Lathe, Mill, Drill Press, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Welding, circuits, magnetic induction, injection molding, wiring, electrical design and overall fabrication. This project included project planning, cost analysis, risk management, instruction management, and mechanical engineering design, product verification. Technical Drawings available upon request. Final device was determined to be a decrease in cost, and addressed concerns in the current project schedule. Used mechanical and fabrication skills, Design control, product design, mechanical design, product development, lean manufacturing, manufacturing engineering.

Endoscopic Collection Probe - Lost Leonardo Project: This project was designed to determine the existence of a lost Leonardo painting (The Battle of Angharad) behind another masterpiece in Florence’s Salone dei Cinquecento (Hall of the Five Hundred). Under the directive of Dr. Nate Delson (UCSD), my assignment involved modifying a forceps clamp (used in an endoscope) to collect a paint sample for analysis. The clamp modification I invented was an attachment to an available medical device forceps and had several key features: it could be switched from one clam to another (adaptive), it had few moving parts and could be simply operated with a single hand, the clamp attachment was easily replaced and constructed with low need of specification tolerance with cost effective materials, and the design reduced the risk of dropping the sample by having a single action switch that remained closed when triggered until intentionally released. Used mechanical and fabrication skills, Design control, product design, mechanical design. Final Device worked as desired (

Dental Nitrous Mask Nasal Canul: As part of the UCSD Bioengineering Senior Design Project, this industrial design project was commissioned by La Jolla Dentist Dr. Lori Nettleton. This project was to redesign a medical device dental nitrous oxide mask to address concerns found in practice. This project required problem analysis, risk analysis, design alternatives, 3D computer modeling, fabrication and performance testing. Used mechanical and fabrication skills Design control, product design, mechanical design, Data collection, product development, lean manufacturing, manufacturing engineering. The final product was determined by be similar in performance to current medical devices but at less than half the original cost. (

Ball City Robot: As part of the UCSD Graphics & Design Project, this project was a robotic competition to collect balls from an acrylic playfield simulating a city scape. This project involved design, risk analysis, testing and construction (from steel and acrylic) to build a robot that collected balls with a claw and placed them in a bucket while blocking other robots with webbing shooter. Using conservation of energy and momentum, spring energy, motors, gear ratios, linear sliders, and dampening forces, the compact robot unfolded into its final form to accomplish its desired function. Used robotics, mechanical, and fabrication skills. The final design was able to function, although was eliminated in the contest (

oFoundational Knowledge/Course Work:

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Medical Device Engineer

Advanced manufacturing engineer

Chemical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Advanced Physics for Engineers

Biosystems and Controls


Biomechanics & Materials

Engineering Graphics & Design

Electronic devices & sensors lab

Linear Circuits

Honors Chemistry

Advanced Math Topics: Calculus (I,II,III, Vector), Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Statistics

Ethics in Bioengineering

Leadership Skills:

oProject and Team Management experience


Extensive experience as a University Teaching Assistant: Over 36 courses of experience (6 years) in University Graduate & Under Graduate teaching. Subjects of instruction include: Design and fabrication, Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Lab, Intro/Engineering Graphics, Biomechanical Bases of Movement, Fundamentals of Bioengineering, Biomedical Instrumentation Lab, Biology, Intro to Bioengineering, Intro to the Biophysics of Molecules and Cells, Analysis and control of Human Movement, Childhood development. Worked with Biomedical Engineering departments, Chemistry, Biology, Design, and Education. Would be responsible for class sizes from 5 students to over 1000. Duties include supervising lab sections, education and assistance to students with course material, management of quizzes, grading of course material including quizzes, homework, lab reports, and exams, holding office hours, fielding student inquires, demonstrations on proper machine use and safety, supervision of student work and overview of maintenance of safety procedures, providing feedback/comments to students in order for them to improve their writing skills, management of all electronic resources, merging of multiple grading databases, upload and management of Online quizzes, fielding student questions and issues, processing/creating/grading exams, and alerting supervisors of Academic Dishonesty. Extensive experience with a variety of content gives confidence to manage the expected duties as a TA and the adapt to any new situation should I not already be exposed to it.

Tutoring: All experience Math/Physics/Chemistry/Engineering/Science/Computer Science/History/English/SAT & GRE tutor. Worked multiple companies (Partners in Learning, Mathnasium Learning Center, Ames Seminars, NiH Bridges program of UC Berkeley). Worked in one-one and group settings and for students of K-Graduate College Level. Motivated students to excel and grow beyond their limits

oRetail & Administrative Experience:

Manager and Assistant Director of Mathnasium Learning Center – Duties include opening and closing procedure execution, accounting, creating and maintaining displays, making and answering phone calls, registering students, creating student assignments, expanding business clientele, handling daily operations, hireling and firing staff, coordinating employee schedules, and all-around needs

Shift Supervisor and Assistant Manager of Too Much Fun Halloween Headquarters – Duties include opening and closing, accounting, creating and maintaining displays, making and answering phone calls, handling daily operations, hireling and firing staff, coordinating employee schedules, restocking and managing product, and all-around business needs

oEmployment Experience:

Biomedical Engineer (12 years)

Graduate Student Researcher UC Davis (6 years)

Advanced Instructor Partners in Learning (6 years)

Mechanical Engineer (11 years)

CNC instructor and operator (11 years)

Machinist (6 years)

Manager and Assistant Director Education (2 years)

Shift Supervisor and Assistant Manager (6 years)

Teaching Assistant (7 years)

Education Instructor (3 years)

Special Event Operations Manager (7 years)

Training & Certifications:

oFabrication Shop/Studio Machinist Certification: Engineering Fabrication Lab (EFL)/Engineering Student Design Center (ESDC) [UCD], Chemistry Machine Shop [UCD], NMR Machine shop[UCD], Mechanical and Aero Space Fabrication Studio [UCSD], Metal foundry Shop [DVC]. Certified to use heavy machinery, Lathe, Mill, laser cutter, Drill press

oMRI certification – Certified to use Human MRI, small animal MRI, MRI spectrometer

oUC laboratory safety certification

oUC Cyber Security awareness Certification

oUC Davis hazard communication certification

oUC general compliance Ethical Values and conduct certification

oFood Safety training Certification

oUC sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention training certification

oPowered industrial truck safety certification

oHeat illness prevention training certification

oHand and power tool safety certification

oSafe driver & driver awareness certification

oLadder & ladder/scaffolding safety certification

oSlips, trips and falls training certification

oHeat stress safety certification

oBack and injury prevention safety training

oNon-ionizing radiation safety training

oLab safety for support personal certification

oPersonal protective equipment (PPE) certification

oHazard communication certification


o(5) Publications on Magnetic Particle Detector are in revisions with publishers and patient pending

Awards & Achievements:

oUniversity of California, San Diego, Provost Academic Honors Award

oCAD Tutor Award of Excellence (Engineering & Graphics Design) - UCSD

oTau Beta Pi Member

oTau Beta Pi Most Active Initiate Award (Engineering Honor Society)

oFounder of the Beng Student Study Group - UCSD

oLead Designer & Coordinator for Think Green Project & UCSD Sr. Project

o International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Member

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