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Sr. Process Systems / Sr. Mechanical Systems Project Engineer

Katy, TX, 77450
April 29, 2020

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Ying-Ming (Daniel) Liu

**** *********** ****, ****, ***** 77450; Phone: 281-***-****; E-Mail:


Next-Decade Rio Grande LNG, 04/19 – present, Sr. Mechanical Engineer Houston, Texas

Functioned as owner’s engineer in a two-member mechanical engineering team, reviewed EPC bids for technical proposals, concentrated on deviations, exceptions and all design changes on mechanical engineering aspect and did clarification, coordination with different disciplines for a six-train facility.

Chiyoda International, Inc. 11/18 – 04/19, Site P&ID Engineer Houston, Texas

Assigned to CCJV Cameron LNG site construction management team, function as construction/completion/commissioning coordinator. Reviewed associated documents in WinPCS against engineering drawings and construction documents before DMCCs/SMCCs/SUCs and other turnover packages to be issued.

Exxon-Mobil, 04/18 – 05/18, Technical Interpreter Houston, Texas

Function as English to Mandarin Chinese and Mandarin Chinese to English interpreter for a highly complicate XOM Flexicoke Process design review meeting, all disciplines involved.

CSD Engineers LLC, 10/14 – 05/16, Technical Specialist II Houston, Texas

Assigned as a mechanical lead for a chemical manufacturing plant expansion project-TIC $ 1.2 billions

Researched and analyzed design proposals, specifications and other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and

maintenance requirement of design or applications. Provided leadership role for developing P&IDs, equipment data

sheets, equipment layout, piping related deliverables and piping materials MTO. Coordinated with Client, vendors, and

other disciplines;

Checked existing tank PRVs & VRVs based on system operational conditions per API RPs and Codes;

Lead a small group of designers to perform piping system modification to meet client changing operational requirements;

Executed tank farm replacement and expansion study for a chemical plant;

Involved Client’s major operational/reliability improvement projects such as SS and CS glass-lined reactor replacement;

Other duties included provided engineering support to re-rate existing equipment per API-650/653 and ASME/API-510/579.

Bechtel Corporation, 06/05 – 09/14, Senior Project/Mechanical Engineer Houston, Texas

Escondida Water Supply Project EPC

Transferred to Pipeline GBU. Assigned as a mechanical RE responsible for various skids purchasing activities

Prepared data sheets, specifications for mechanical and other disciplines, reviewed vendor proposals, coordinated cross-disciplines review of vendor submittals; created bid tabs based on vendor furnished information and clarifications for compliance;

Provided expertise, knowledge and interpretations in mechanical related codes and prepared purchase recommendations to management;

Prepared and updated purchase orders and attended Kick-off meetings;

Coordinated with other engineering contractors and equipment vendors for request for information(RFIs) and management of changes(MOCs)/design change notices(DCNs).

Wheatstone LNG EPC

Assigned to Information Management Group to build the client-required Asset Register Tables based on vendor submitted data tables and associated supporting documents

Reviewed, commented, approved or disapproved vendor document packages;

Mapped internal Goods & Services Codes to Client’s JDE subclass codes;

Developed Smart Plant Foundation formatted mechanical equipment datasheets;

Attended KO meetings;

Mentored less-experienced packaged equipment REs for associated document review and updated system process & instrumentation diagrams(P&IDs).

Sabine Pass Liquefaction FEED/EPC:

Assigned as a project lead for outside battery limit(OSBL) systems, including, but not limited to, flare systems, refrigerant system, effluent system, air/nitrogen system, H2S Removal system, standby nature gas powered Generators system and demineralized/reversed osmosis water system;

Prepared P&IDs based on process flow diagrams(PFDs)/utilities flow diagrams(UFDs), heat & materials balance sheets(H&MBs) and other associated documents, such as piping specifications, design pressure/temperature diagrams(DPDTs), material selection diagrams(MSDs), equipment data sheets, hydraulic calculations; piping wall thickness calculations;

Prepared Line Table, Piping Specialties Item Table and Pipe Tie-In Table, etc.;

Run and updated system hydraulic calculations;

Reviewed, checked and approved four direct-report REs’ design deliverables, which includes system hydraulic calculations;

Reviewed, commented and coordinated with other disciplines for submitted vendor design packages;

Reviewed and commented RFQ packages generated by disciplines REs;

Updated Bechtel’s Project Equipment Data Base and kept management informed;

Attended design review and coordination meetings with owner’s engineers and Bechtel’s personnel.


Assigned as a Process/Mechanical Engineer for mechanical aspects of Immobilized Cell Bioreactor(ICB), Off-gas Treatment

System(OTS), and Brine Reduction System(BRS);

For vendor-designed packaged equipment, reviewed, commented, approved or disapproved vendor submittals, such as PFDs, MSGs, P&IDs, piping specifications, equipment data sheets, ASME or API code calculations, detail fabrication drawings, welding procedure specifications(WPSs)/procedure qualification recorders(PQRs), QA/QC plans and NDE/NDT procedures, electrical wiring diagrams, control diagrams and control narratives, GAs and 3D models;

Coordinated inter-disciplines for engineering activities for vendor design to meet specifications;

Resolved supplier deviation requests(SDDRs) after POs, and issue DCNs to other disciplines as the basis to update associated design documents;

Reviewed inspection reports; visited vendor shops to resolved QA/QC concerns during equipment/skids fabrications;

Supported field construction activities;

Updated purchase orders to reflected latest approved design changes.

Wheatstone LNG FEED:

Assigned as a RE for fuel gas systems and flare systems. Developed P&IDs based on Project PFD and H&MB, MSG

and through multi-discipline coordination;

Created line tables;

Updated Bechtel’s Project Equipment Data Base and kept management informed;

Reviewed Clients specifications and incorporated into P&IDs, attended internal line by line review meetings, updated P&IDs per comments.


Assigned as a RE, reviewed pre-FEED contractor’s and Client’s associated design documents against Bechtel’s standard LNG design practices side-by-side with engineering supervisors ahead of project kick-off;

Assigned as a RE for Liquefaction Methane Compression area, led two junior REs for Propane and Ethylene compression areas P&IDs developments and related activities;

Carried out detailed piping material take-off(MTO) for hydraulic circuit calculations;

Issued Line Tables, Equipment List and other required FEED documents;

Carried out multi-discipline coordination;

Attended line by line design review and HAZOP meetings;

Functioned as a checker for all hydraulic circuits calculations generated by project REs;

Functioned as system administrator for equipment list data base.


Assigned as a checker for OSBL units, responsible for accuracy of deliverables;

As a RE for the following inside battery limit(ISBL) units, acid gas removal; dehydration/mercury removal and LPG recovery;

Performed line sizing, pump hydraulic circuits calculations, piping materials verifications;

Prepared line tables, equipment lists and SP item lists;

Carried out inter-disciplines coordination;

Performed ISBL compressors calculations for propane refrigeration, ethylene refrigeration and liquefaction/methane compression units;

Assisted junior engineer on Condensate Storage unit, LNG Storage & Loading unit and LPG Storage & Loading unit for deliverables;

Attended HAZOP meetings;

Red-lined and updated all FEED P&IDs and hydraulic circuit calculations data base.

Angola LNG EPC:

As a RE did parallel engineering activities with vendors and internal engineering disciplines for GT/Compressors train

balance-of-plant(BOPs) and auxiliaries systems design;

Checked vendor’s applicable documents and various internal design documents for inconsistences to make sure all disciplines have the latest information;

Assigned to constructions group to develop required design documents for field construction sub-contractors, attended HAZOP review meetings, checked and provided inputs for contractors and/or vendors’ documents, performed cross-disciplines coordination for engineering and construction activities.

Sabine Pass LNG Receiving Terminal Expansion FEED:

Developed and back-checked P&IDs, line list and equipment list for Sabine Pass LNG receiving terminal phase II


Duke IGCC (Coal Gasification Project) EPC:

As a RE for the following ISBL units, coarse slag handling, black water flash, fine slag handling, condensate ammonia stripper

and low temperature gas cooling;

Activities include, but not limited to, P&ID developments, line sizing, hydraulic calculations, piping specifications and DPDT diagrams and MSDs. Heavily involved cross-disciplines coordination to make sure the overall design meets Client’s specifications.

Motiva Refinery: (Largest refinery expansion in USA) FEED/EPC

Assigned to Delayed Coker Unit to performed FEED/detailed design activities, such as, checked P&IDs, revised piping specifications and instrument & control philosophies, checked system hydraulics;

Updated Equipment list and line tables;

Reviewed and commented vendor documents;

Attended HAZOP review meetings.

Reliance Refinery: (World record-setting capacity) EPC

Assigned to Crude & Vacuum and Sat-gas Units, prepared and updated IFD & IFC P&IDs;

Attended HAZOP and model review meetings;

As a section leader to developed critical Crude De-Salter System P&IDs and related engineering deliverables

based on process requirements and various feed stocks properties;

Prepared and updated line list and other engineering deliverables for assigned units;

Sized control valves for various process conditions;

Functioned as a lead for vendor documents review activities;

Attended HAZOP and model review meetings.

Shell AOSP Downstream Expansion: (Oil Sand Refinery Project) EPC

Developed RHC unit and IHT catalyst handling system, Hydrogen compressor system and associated utilities P&IDs based on ABB/CB&I provided licensor package;

Back-checked systems P&IDs, line list and equipment list;

Supported Instrumentation and Control Department for control related issues;

Transferred to Mechanical Engineering Department to generate pressure vessel data sheets and other prepared documents for quotations, prepared bid-tabs and vendor clarifications;

Led inter-department clarifications, client specification and ASME Codes interpretation;

Discussed and implemented cost saving ideas between multi-discipline engineers.

Fluor Corporation, 09/04 – 06/05, Design Engineer IV Sugar Land, Texas

As a mechanical engineer checked on Lurgi’s WGS system design to meet client’s specifications, studied CO boiler

re-vamp details and other equipment upgrade/addition activities for a refinery using FCC process;

As a RE, worked on slurry pumps, plunger-diaphragm pumps, API-674 pumps, screw pumps, Froth pumps and aviation fueling system on world record-setting PengLai FPSO and wellhead platforms project in Bohai Bay, China;

Prepared RFQ packages, reviewed proposals, issued clarifications, prepared bid tabs, performed multi-discipline coordination to select the optimal equipment.

Mustang Engineering, 12/01 – 09/03, Mechanical Facilities Engineer Houston, Texas

As an RE responsible for instrument air system, LP membrane Nitrogen system, Nitrogen compression

system, 15,000 psi subsea chemical transfer/injection system, bullhead pump skid, and survival craft and fast rescue boat

system on world record-setting Thunder Horse semi-submersible PDQ on Gulf of Mexico;

Prepared RFQ packages, reviewed various vendor documents/drawings and carried out multi-discipline coordination to

make sure vendors’ design meet specifications;

Visited vendor shops to carry out QA/QC activities and resolve problems during fabrications;

Developed and updated system P&IDs, including complicate subsea chemical transfer/injection skids.

Bechtel Corporation, 08/01 – 12/01, Project Engineer Houston, Texas

Prepared system basic engineering design package(BDEP) form relevant FEED documents;

Developed BOP P&IDs based on vendor design documents package and other discipline inputs;

Created equipment list, line list, GA drawings, hydraulic calculation reports for the first ever GE Frame 6 and heat recovery steam generator(HRSG) combined-cycle power plant within a refinery/petrochemical complex in PRC for Nanhai project;

Led the collaborations between multi-discipline engineers to challenge client’s BOD to have better and cost saving

Designs for OSBL power block.

Patch Inc., 03/01 – 07/01, Process Engineer Houston, Texas

Developed BOP PFDs, P&IDs for Pratt & Whitney and Siemens-Westinghouse gas turbines power plant;

Performed line-sizing, hydraulic calculations, pressure-drop studying for pipe routing within the power plants;

Sized relief valves for piping and equipment;

Verified power plant designs meet related Codes and sound engineering practices;

Checked engineering documents issued to Clients;

Estimated change order costs;

Prepared data sheets and specifications for procured equipment and materials;

Checked vendors’ submittals.

Toyo U.S.A., Inc., 08/95 – 02/01, Project/Mechanical Engineer Houston, Texas

Assisted Toyo Engineering Corp. for multiple-discipline projects development, including feasibility studies, cost

estimations, vendors survey and scheduling, etc.;

Executed a PVC Compounding project. Generated project specifications, equipment data sheets and bid packages

based on related project documents, reviewed and approved vendors’ bid documents, clarified vendors’ proposals,

placed orders, visited vendors’ shops for QA/QC during equipment fabrication and final inspection and test,

reviewed vendor's final data packages, prepared and solicited bid packages for field constructors, oversaw field

construction activities at site, coordinated engineers for project execution, assisted PM turning facility over to


Functioned as an Equipment Engineer responsible for fin-fan coolers and other pressure vessels for PETROBRAS

RLAM FCC Project. Reviewed and approved vendors’ bid/design documents based on data sheets and project

specifications, coordinated inspection department and vendors to make sure all requirements are met, visited

vendor shops for statuses review and resolved problems;

As a project engineer, performed engineering and management activities for various skid packaged equipment of

different applications.

Merichem Company, 10/91 – 07/95, Project Engineer Houston, Texas

Checked and modified in-house standard P&IDs and specifications against Clients’ project documents;

Specified equipment, piping materials and instruments for purchasing, reviewed and evaluated bids, inspected incoming

purchased commodities;

Checked design drawings for shop fabrications, including skid general arrangement and isometric piping drawings;

Walked-through finished skids against designs, helped test-run finished skids at shop before shipping;

Prepared O&M manuals and other required documents for clients per PO.

Energy Technology, Inc., 01/90 – 09/91, Applications Engineer Houston, Texas

Sized and basic designed HRSG’s and heat recovery units for refineries, chemical, petrochemical and power

generation industries based on clients’ specifications;

Prepared bid proposals;

Set-up different standardized HRSG modules for computer simulation program to cut design cost;

Debugged in-house developed computer programs.

Formosa Plastic (USA) Corp., 08/88 – 12/89, Mechanical Engineer Point Comfort, Texas

Designed a HP KO drum for gas fuel line and related piping system to reduce gas turbine operational cost;

Carried out plant improvement projects, prepared RFQ packages based on project requirements, reviewed bids,

placed orders, inspected and verified incoming purchased goods;

Checked and updated piping systems and equipment drawings.


BSME, University of Arizona, 1988.

Has attended various training classes, seminars, and continuing education courses, topics include gas turbine, welding,

pressure vessels, piping and safety valves, API pumps, VRU compressor skids, PSA and membrane Nitrogen generator systems, etc.

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