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Engineer Engineering

Tomball, TX
April 29, 2020

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Avis B. Jahromi, BS, MS, EIT, M.ASCE…

Sr. Civil Structural Engineer.



Experienced and self-directed, tri-lingual (English, Arabic, & Persian) Structural Engineer with more than 25 years in the Oil & Gas Energy Sector, STEEL OR CONCRETE.

Possess a strong, team-oriented personality, attentive to detail and very dedicated.

Skilled in designing on- and off-shore structures, having gained the following expertise:

Experienced in conceptual/FEED/EPIC engineering of onshore/offshore structures.

Experienced in Jackets/Topsides/Helidecks/Skids/Foundations/Piles /Bridges/ Flares design and Sub-seas structures.

Experienced in In-place/ Lifting/ Load-out/ Transportation/ On-bottom stability/ Deterministic fatigue/ Earthquake/ Dynamic & Vibration/ Push-over/ Drop-off objects/ Pile-driving,/ Vortex-shedding/ Mud-mat/ Cathodic protection (corrosion) / LNG pipelines analysis and design.

Completed 100s Miscellaneous Work Requests (MWRs) from initial AutoCAD drafting to providing complete reports, and AFC detailed drawings. Responded to clients/contractors/construction queries.

Experienced in using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) ANSYS.

Received Mabrook awards for jobs well done for preparing reports and as-built structural drawings for (4) platforms and (9) offshore bridges and, saving company $1,800,000.00.

Participated in structural engineering of National Security Shield Project (NSS) project, (7 platforms), costing $2,500,000,000.00

Assessed and approved fabrication, installation, and geotechnical activities onshore and offshore at the site.

Prepared bills of materials (BOM), project specifications & deliverable list /man-hours /design-list guidelines.

Completed & approved structural calculations & drawings for cable trench RC details, crude metering facilities, piping supports, modifications of existing concrete structures for switchgear VSD room & overhead cranes for Halul Island under GTC 147/97 project.

Completed Concrete Foundations & Steel Piles –Mats foundation, Piles adequacy checks (above & below mud-line), on-bottom stability analysis, drivability analysis and design.

Analyzed Brown-Field structural projects (Concrete Living Quarters, Misc Equipment supports) and offshore structures, (Platforms, appurtenances) using STAAD Structural Analysis including ANSYS (FEA).

Familiar with design requirements of Gulf of Mexico & Middle East.


Word, SACS, STAAD, RISA, Ram, ANSYS (FEA), STRUCAD, MicroSAS, GRLWEAP (Pile Driving), AutoCAD, EnerCALC, MathCAD, Excel, Power-Point, Project-Plan, SAP, H2S/BA/HSE Safety-Certificates, Engineer-in-Training (EIT), Permit to Work (PTW), Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Asian Games volunteer Certificate.



I am US citizen with full background/physical/vaccinations/clearances and depends on the job, willing to relocate and/or travel.


BB&E, Consulting Engineers & Professionals, Client NAVFAC, Dept. of Defense, VA, USA.

Sr. Civil/Structural Engineer 2019 - Present

After security clearance, I have been designing and engineering steel/concrete/Brick/pipe-racks and Misc. structures, using Risa-3D, SAP2000, Revit, AutoCAD, and latest Codes.

ESP, Client BAE Systems, Radford Army Ammunition Plants, Dept. of Defense, VA, USA.

Sr. Civil/Structural Engineer 2018 - 2019

After security clearance, I have been designing and engineering steel/concrete/Brick/wood/ pipe-racks, and misc. plants, using STAAD, Ram, EnerCALC, Math Cad, and current specs.

Qatar Petroleum Doha, Qatar

Sr. Civil/Structural Engineer (20 Years) 1997 - 2017

Expert in SACS, and other structural Engineering software, completed 100s structural engineering assignments, Miscellaneous Work Requests (MWRs) from initial AutoCAD drafting to providing complete reports and AFC drawings. Coordinated with other disciplines engineers and designers (e.g. electrical, process, instrumental, piping, loss and prevention, etc.). Solved complex problems by simple means due to the dedication, experience, and hard work.

Completed many FEED & EPIC structural steel/concrete design and engineering projects within budget and project plan. Projects such as offshore (5-story living quarter, utilities, riser, compressor, wellhead, helideck, and flare) platforms, jackets/topsides, various skids, sub-sea structures, steel/wood mud-mats, jacket piles, skirt-piles and modules foundations, onshore concrete structures, standard or LNG pipelines analysis and design, finite element detailed of connections and members.

Prepared structural design and calculations, from simple in-place design to detailed deterministic fatigue analysis, to earthquake and vibration analysis of structure due to engine or due to pig lunching to validation techniques, using latest applicable specifications (AISC, LRFD, API-RP-2A), and according to safety, environmental codes and regulations.

Approved and checked geotechnical/fabrication/installation activities.

Prepared reports for structural modifications and checked reports submitted by other engineers.

As QP structural engineer Rep. supervised complete platform installation (piles, skirt piles, jacket, topsides) at the installation site.

Developed scope of work (SOW), project specifications, and bills of materials (BOM), FEED & EPIC drawings for my assigned projects.

Reviewed/recommended the approval/rejections of resumes of structural designers/engineers for QP.

Prepared a database of QP standardized structural specifications & drawings for QP engineers and designers.

Major Projects/Assignments:

Participated in the complete structural engineering of 7 offshore National Security Shield (NSS) platforms project costing $2,500,000,000.0. These platforms are currently under fabrication/installation/commissioning.

Analyzed & prepared complete as-built reports, and drawings for offshore 9 bridges, 2 well-head platforms, 2 bridge-supports, living-quarter platform, and flare platform of NFA, from as-built dwgs, inspection files, site visits. Received Mabrook Awards (well done) from QP management. This assignment lasted 18 months, and saved the company $1,800,000.0.

Completed structural feasibility study for fiber optics project for BH-MM global reassessment project Phase 2.

Completed structural assessment as EFT department focal point for new AW-139 helicopters on QP structures.

Successfully completed structural engineering work for various platforms – MM-G08 & BH-D07 of GTC-156/97 project from conception to completion. Also worked as QP Representative on the platform installation barge supervising all activities from piling to complete installation and commissioning.

Responded to all bidders’ structural queries for platforms MM-G07, BH-M05 & BH-G09 under GTC 162/98 project. Reviewed/approved technical submittals related to structural jobs from vendors.

Completed & approved structural calculations & drawings for cable trench RC details, crude metering facilities, piping supports, modifications of existing concrete structures for switchgear VSD room & overhead cranes for Halul Island under GTC 147/97 project.

Completed Halul Island projects – Instrument Air System Upgrade & Alternate Boat Landing Facility.

Prepared scope of work (SOW) for Sludge Catcher & Oil Terminal Seawater Pump House Replacement Project Phase II on Halul Island (onshore concrete project).

Reviewed/approved all structural analysis/calculations for the Compressor Upgrade project (GTC 112/97)

Updated the existing QP platforms analysis files databank. Identified critical nodes of jackets and topsides for field inspection under in-house project V-5101.

Successfully completed remedial work of mean sea level (MSL) jacket members (very close to water line + 1.00 m) of PS-2A – Conducted design, strengthening & engineering assessments for this 50+year (QP oldest) platform.

Completed all engineering work for replacement of flare tips/ignition systems of PS 2 & PS 3 Oil Stations.

Engineered topside structural modifications of inter-field pipelines for intelligent pigging at PS-1D, PS-2D & PS-3D

Designed & engineered 6 new improved boat landings for PS 2 & PS 3 stations to accept new 15 m to 17 m wide vessels including attachment of risers & fenders as per requirement.

McDermott Engineering Houston, TX

Sr. Structural Engineer (2.5 Years) 1995 - 1997

Designed and engineered structural foundations and various modules of structural-top-sides.

Successfully designed and completed wellhead platforms using company MicroSAS software.

Enercon Engineering Houston, TX

Structural Engineer (2 Years) 1993- 1995

Engineered platform relocation from 129’ to 138’ water depths with 4 added wells.

Analyzed structures for dynamic loadings due to seismic/machine vibration/fatigue.

Roberds-Johnson Industries Galena Park, TX

Structural Engineer (at fabrication yard) (2.5 Years) 1990 - 1993

Worked at fabrication yard on various modules of drilling rigs.

Produced detailed design reports and drawings for topside, skids, bracings, connections.

Checked plates, beams & plastic materials using Finite Element Analysis ANSYS (FEA).


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) / American Concrete Institute (ACI).


Lamar University, Beaumont, TX - Masters of Science, Civil/Structural Engineering.

Lamar University, Beaumont, TX - Bachelor of Science, Civil/Structural Engineering.


Investigation of Foundation Piles – Paper published in the International Conference of Computational Methods.

Wrote a FORTRAN program for the Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles for offshore applications subject to seismic loads using Finite Element Analysis.

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