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System Administrator Management

Little Falls, NJ
April 29, 2020

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Alan Chang

Phone: 973-***-****



(A)Chinese Military Academy in R.O.C

* *** ** * ***** trainings and courses finished.


(B) BS/Library Information Science, FU-JEN Catholic University, TAIWAN, R.O.C

(C) MS/Computer Information Science, NJIT-New Jersey Institute of Technology.

(D) Certificates:

INFORMIX Dynamic server system administrator.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, UNIX/LINUX, Mac OS

Hardware: HP, Sun workstation.



Database-Systems Administration

Utilizing Informix11.9 version of the DBMS

Write unix crontab ksh shell scripts to handle database operations.

Write unix ksh shell scripts related to various purposes.

Design Informix-4gl menu driven forms associated with Informix-4gl

Program modules.

Write Informix-4gl programs containing modules, procedures, functions,

and triggers calling Informix-4gl forms.

Write Informix-4gl reports for management people to monitor business


Write Informix-sql programs testing various SQL operations such as insert,

update, and delete operations.

Use onbar, ontape, onspaces, onmode, onstat, dbload to monitor and

operate Databases.

Design Physical and logical database phases.

Link unix raw devices/chunks to Informix dbspaces.

Do Performance tunings for Informix parameter files needed to run

Informix databases.

Load data in and out of the databases.

Create Informix stored procedures.

Create Informix trigger scripts.

Monitor Informix databae performances against various servers.

Update statistics for system databases.

Sysnet Solutions 2008-2017

Database-Systems Administration

Install INFORMIX online server (11.50 UC6DE) software in the system.

Create cron jobs related to daily INFORMIX backups.

Create INFORMIX dynamic server system configuration files.

Tuning Informix server to make it more efficient.

Create user access permissions for accessing INFORMIX software.

Create synonyms from existing tables.

Create INFORMIX procedures, 4GL ESQL/C codes.

Test existing INFORMIX-4gl, ESQL/C codes.

Install ORACLE SQL*PLUS Release in the system.

Create cron jobs related to daily backups.

Create ORACLE configuration files.

Generate Ms-Excel reports about project proceedings to management people.

Generate reports using SQL*PLUS and PL/SQL.

Write packages, procedures, functions, triggers, and other codes.

Re-imaging of Hard Drives with third party software in a server environment

Installation and testing of various software in a Virtual PC environment.

UBS/Weehawken, NJ 12/2006-06/2007

Sr. Programmer

Operating system: Ms-Windows, UNIX, LINUX(Ver 2.6)

Building ORACLE/PL/SQL stored procedures to load data into the database.

Creating new programs/codes to support department requirements.

Generate Ms-Excel reports about project proceedings to management people.

Performance tuning for INFORMIX Online Servers.

Generate INFORMIX-4gl Forms and Reports.

Using Ksh, awk, nawk, sed and Perl to create scripts to prepare data files.

Create stored procedures, synonyms, and triggers.

Upgrade old release shell codes to optimize its current level.

Testing existing shell, Informix-4gl, and informix-ESQL programs.

Lehman Brothers: NY 10/2005-08/2006

Sr. Programmer

Operating system: Ms-Windows, UNIX, LINUX

Generating Ms-Excel reports about project proceedings to management people.

Using ksh, sed, awk, nawk, and Perl to create scripts.

Generate INFORMIX-4gl Forms and Reports.

Using INFORMIX-4gl, INFORMIX-esql, to INFORMIX-isql to implement various projects based on the requirements.

Writing various INFORMIX Portfolio management reports.

Updating INFORMIX existing old applications to create newer version of

Portfolio Management Applications to match the Business Requirements.

Updating INFORMIX old screen forms to create or delete input fields which will be associated with user inputs.

Testing and Documenting applications.

CAYRE GROUP LTD 01/2005–05/2005

Sr. Programmer.

Maintain, code, and test existing INFORMIX-esql, INFORMIX-4gl codes.

Using INFORMIX-Isql to test modules.

Generate INFORMIX-4gl Forms and reports.

Using ksh, sed, awk, nawk, and Perl to create scripts.

Debug and Fix errors in the application on the system.

Develop new codes for the new requirements.

Develop programs written by ‘PERL’.

MBNA/Newark, Delaware 03/2002–01/2004


create new tables and indexes; calculate table extents, space needed for databases) to develop and maintain different phases of credit card applications.

Develop and maintain promotional rate applications using existing codes. Detail of the functions include add, delete, Modify, report, and update customer’s promotional rates in the database.

Write documents for the applications.

Design form interfaces to manipulate database applications.

Generate Ms-Excel reports about project proceedings to management people.

Create INFORMIX-4gl Forms.

Testing with INFORMIX-isql.

Generating INFORMIX-4gl reports.


AT&T/Middletown, NJ 03/2001–2/2002

Database Administrator

Coordinating with AT&T and IBM people to monitor the INFORMIX ON-LINE servers running smoothly and efficiently on testing and production machines.

Coding with INFORMIX-4gl and INFORMIX-esql.


Generate INFORMIX-4gl management reports.

Adding new disk space to existing database space.

Writing shell scripts(korn shell) to monitor the database performance.

Backup and restore databases.

Coding with Oracle SQL*PLUS and PL/SQL

Generating Ms-Excel reports for project management people.

Bloomberg-NY, 1996–2000

Database Administrator

Writing scripts dealing with Backup and restore databases.

Designing logical and physical phaces of database design.

Generate INFORMIX-4gl management reports.

Creating raw unix chunk file to link to dbspace chunks.

Coding with INFORMIX-4gl and INFORMIX-esql.

Coding with Unix/C programs.

Performance tuning database parameter files.

AT&T- various AT&T locations: 1991-1996

(Parsippany, Morris Town, Piscataway, Homedel, Middletown)

Designing, Coding, and testing application programs using:

(1). Unix Korn shell

(2). Unix Tools: awk, sed, grep, egrep, tr, cut, cp, rcp.

(2).Unix C language.

Doing System administrator jobs including adding, deleting user

accounts, backing up and restoring server/client systems

creating and modifying unix system crontab files

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