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Database Architecture, software design

Bellows Falls, VT
April 29, 2020

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Daniel C. Loraditch

Voice 802-***-****

Member: ICCA (Independent Computer Consultant Association)

Languages: Java, Eclipse SDK, C++, C, awk,

DBMS: SQLserver, Oracle, RDB,ODBC, FoxPro

Utilities: PL/SQL,T-SQL,DTS, Toad, Crystal Reports

DBArtisan, DBBuilder, IIS, TCP/IP Informatica, Impromptu, InstallShield

Clarify: Fundamentals, Clear Support, Data Modeling, Customization, Actuate

System Administration (Clarify certified for all)

Siebel: Core Consultant 7.7, Analytics Developer (Siebel certified)

ACS Inc: - Owner 5/10 - 3/15

As owner of ACS Inc. I managed the team of software contractors that supplied software development to corporations. I was involved in any projects that required software architecture, database design or performance tuning.

Gezelter Associates: Database/Software design, Software 5/08 - 5/10

I have been working under contract. I have signed a non-disclosure agreement with respect to their clients. However, I can briefly discuss the type of work I have been doing. I have designed a data warehouse decision support system using SQL server SSIS, stored procedures, triggers and SmartForecast for an engineering and manufacturing corporation. This includes the entire process of updates from the source production database and performance tuning for trend analysis. The source database contains individual tables with 50 – 100 million rows and growing. Optimizations of hardware and software requirements have been a key component in the success of this effort. The database physical and logical design require in depth analysis of the use and volume of all data. The collection of this information required detailed knowledge of the business requirements and a published report that was accepted by the client in advance of any formal development. Strict adherence to (S)oftware (D)evelopment (L)ife (C)ycle protocols and project management software have produced an end product on-time and under budget.

Siebel Systems Inc. – Architect Specialist, Expert Services 4/04 – 4/08

80%+ travel to customer sites for troubleshooting of performance problems, configuration and upgrades. Technical project lead for Analytics and ETL data warehousing, PL/SQL, Informatica projects. Co-author and approve other consultants sizing review, which is Siebel best recommendation for hardware needed to support customer software implementation. Clients maintain varied database platforms, which provided me

with the extensive use of DB2, Oracle, SQLserver, Unix.

Gezelter Associates – DBA/Application Architect 3/02 – 4/04

Review physical and logical design of Oracle database with respect to performance (indexes, partitions, buffers), high availability and disaster recovery. Client requires 24 x 7 access to all “active” data for uninterrupted operation of container loading at terminal port. “Inactive” data is processed (ETL ) and stored in aggregate data warehouse. Prepared 30 page report containing recommendations and code reviews (PL/SQL).

Clarify CRM - DBA,Project Lead Consultant 1/00-3/02

100% travel for Amdocs/Clarify Professional Services Organization to perform installations/upgrades and consult on customization and integration of CRM products with client Oracle, DB2 or MSSQL systems. Translate customer data and workflow into optimal Clarify structure using Informatica ETL. Analyze data structures, confirm validity for decision support system requirements and ETL to data warehouse.

AltaVista - Clarify Implementation DBA 8/97 - 1/00

Technical lead for ClearSupport implementation. Responsibilities included the administration of 6 NT servers and design of replication/backup/recovery scheme to maintain hot-site. Provide as needed training for user groups of ClearSupport, Clear Quality, Crystal Reports. Create, test and implement migration plan for version upgrades of SQLserver, Clarify, NT, IIS and firewall software. Create HLAPI, DATAEX programs to load legacy data. Interview users as to workflow requirements and use UIE, DDE to custom GUI and database respectively. Configure IIS, Tuxedo, RuleManager, Notifier, FTS and eMailClerk server processes.

Software Allies - GUI Programmer 1/97 - 8/97

Responsible for GUI design and code of two separate projects for a software integration company. Both projects require Visual C++, MFC. Upon completion applications were packaged with Install Shield.

Digital Equipment Corporation – DBA, Project Manager 12/94 - 12/96

Manage the maintenance, training, documentation and enhancement for the four projects below.

Help Desk and Problem Tracking via Web 4/96 - 6/96

Design, code and implement MS-SQL database to allow U.S. based sales reps to enter problems related to operation of sales crediting software. Crystal Reports was used to generate weekly reports made accessible over the Web using Cold Fusion to link the web to the database.

Datawarehouse of Corporate Sales History 8/95 - 3/96

Design, code, and implement archival of Oracle data for corporate global analysis. Design optimized aggregate structures (data marts) for seven years of sales data. In order to provide OLAP, DSS capabilities.

Client/Server customer to badge assignment 3/95 - 7/95

Design, code and implement client/server application used to modify salesperson badge data and maintain cross reference to server customer database. Data entry is performed at the client level using MS-Access. Middle tier DLL written with Visual C++ is used to validate entries according to business rules.

VMS based HTTP WWW server installation 12/94 - 2/95

Install WWW servers using CERN based HTTP software on VMS platform to provide global RSA secure access to VMS/RDB database for corporate sales and marketing information. Code scripts for transfer of encrypted information and provide monitoring tools to ensure 24 x 7 operation of server. Create MS-Windows 3.11 based client applet to input Personal Oracle sales data for eventual upload to server and conversion to RDB corporate datawarehouse.

Wyatt Financials – Telephony programmer 5/94 - 8/94

Involved in design/coding of asynchronous processing via MDI windows, DLL messaging for Sybase retrieval/update of 401k information via SQLserver (CT-Library). When voice-response-unit message requests customer-to-representative voice link, FastCall product is used to load/display MS-windows frame containing all pertinent caller data on service representative PC. Voice connection/call-transfer is via Novell TSAPI control of local phone system switch.

Digital Equipment Corp. - Application Programmer 10/92 - 2/94

Design multi-lingual client/server Visual C++ MFC GUI for entry and retrieval of software vendor information in support of marketing and sales.

Digital Equipment Corp. - OEM Hardware Distribution 3/92 - 9/92

Design and develop MS-C, SDK based windows application to demonstrate OLE using embedded icons to record/play sound messages for EDI of inventory, factory order and shipment of OEM hardware to VAR's.

United HealthCare – DBA, SQL Programmer 10/91 - 2/92

Consult on tuning of RDB database for efficient data structure performance in the data entry and reporting of hospital records. Design and develop a Visual Basic interface for SQL client/server access to the ODBC compliant database for utilization review.

Arkwright Insurance – DBA Designer/Project Lead 3/91 - 10/91

DBA for design of Vax/RDB databases that will manage all data used to create and service policy holders. Manage (4) project teams (2 - 6 members each) in the logical design and business requirements analysis for the four parts of ACSIS (Active Customer Services Information System), which are Loss Control,Risk Financing,Insurance Processing and Customer/Sales Information. ACSIS will be a distributed system over a DECNET/PathWorks environment. Installation/tuning/memory-management of PC-clients and Vax-servers was an integral part of the project success.

Liberty Mutual Insurance – DBA,Project Leader 4/90- 3/91

Designer for networked integration of mainframe data to PC and Macintosh environment. As the data base (RDB) architect, responsibilities included physical design, performance tuning, and use of network analysis tools. Databases range in size up to 140 Gig and 50 users. Concurrent management of as many as 6 projects with 3-5 team members each.

Digital Equipment Corporation – DBA/App Programmer 2/90-4/90

Software architect for disaster recovery network. Specify software requirements for high speed transaction processing backup/recovery system. Design involved channel extender over SW56 line to create a remote vault to capture client data at the transaction level. After design approval an application was created using RDB,DECwindows,C,Basic to demonstrate the design to DECworld attendees.

Digital Equipment Corporation - DBA/SQL Programmer 6/89-2/90

Project lead, design and coding RDB, BASIC, embedded SQL application for the creation, tracking, distribution and analysis of client's annual Field Service survey of customer satisfaction.

CIMtelligence – Project Leader/SQL Programmer 10/88-4/89

Project lead, creating client toolbox, a SQL based tool set used to access proprietary database, IntelliCAPP, a computer aided process planning application. Managed the efforts of programmers(8) and documentation staff(2).

Digital Equipment Corporation - Programmer 3/88 -10/88

Design and code demonstration of UIS windows and Vaxstations. Demonstration used RDB, SQL, VaxC, UIS and Cobol to process transaction requests in insurance policy store and retrieval application.

Digital Equipment Corporation - Programmer 2/87 - 3/88

Participate in design and manage coding efforts of team of programmers(6) in the creation of the (LTM) Lead Time Management application. LTM is a VaxCobol,FMS based product for forecasting and inventory control in a (DRP) Distributed Resource Planning environment. LTM will automatically upload MAXCIM data on a regular, user-defined schedule for use in an application specific spreadsheet for forecast analysis

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