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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

Tomball, TX
18 per hours
April 29, 2020

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Kelvis Perozo (** years old)

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Mobile (Venezuela)








Mechanical Engineer

University of Zulia (LUZ), City Maracaibo - Venezuela

2001 – 2007

Training and Development

-Training Operation & Maintenance of Rig / Snubbing at SJ Petro Manufacturing Company in CHINA Country.

-IADC Well CAP Fundamental Level Surface Stack Workover/ Completion, Snubbing

Career objective:

Looking forward to work with competent specialists of the relevant field to strengthen my knowledge and skill as a professional in Offshore/Onshore Drilling Operation and Maintenance Supervisor.

Work experience:

Rig & Operations Supervisor at PDVSA Petroleos de Venezuela S.A (7 year experience)

-Supervise drilling operation during 24 hrs for exploration gas oil wells with 3000 HP and 1500 HP Land Rig, vertical and deviated wells, depth ranging from 1600 mMD to 5900 mMD, location in South Lake Trujillo - Venezuela.

-Supervise for Rig activity on offshore wells for workover operation: kill well, set and unset tubing hanger and packer, change out/reinstalled artificial lift (Electric Submersible Pump/ESP, Gas Lift Mandrel/GLM, Progressive Cavity Pump/PCP), perforating, gravel packing, acidizing, cementing, fishing, milling, sand washing and recompletion. All well at onshore in Occident Venezuela

-Monitor well-bore parameters, perform calculations and communicate changes to the Rig operators before well bore release occurs.

-Select tools for bottom hole assemblies and identify a safe configuration that optimizes performance of the tools and job objective.

-Coordinate timely ordering of required well materials, equipment and services according to drilling program.

-Maintain all required records and documentation at rig site and produce accurate and timely reports on all aspects of rig operations and personnel matters

-Maintain personnel safety, public safety and environmental protection as priorities at all times during the live well servicing operation.

-Monitor the decisions and activities of the operators and ensure coordination between other services participating in the rig operation.

-Performs, with limited supervision from the Service Supervisor, in the rigging up and rigging down on a location of service line equiment and in the clean-up, repair, and preparation of equiment for the next job.

-Develop and revise emergency response and shut in procedures that prioritize personnel and public safety by eliminating well bore release(s) to the environment; Identify operational requirements and select personnel and equipment for optimal performance.

-Hydrostatic testing on Blow out Prevention ( BOP ) during pre/post job including preventative maintenance Sand clean out.

-Monitor operation of equipment controls to ensure pipe movement in and/or out of the well does not compromise well control.

-Monitor hydraulic systems - adjust and organize repair as necessary.

-Monitor actions of all personnel on the well location and intervene to ensure desired performance; and,

Perform problem solving and decision making to ensure well control at all times.

-Milling by Tungsten carbide mill, Diamond mill, Reaming tool.

-Cementing Thru CT such as Cement Plug, Cement Squeeze, Cement Packer Thru SSD or tubing punch.

-Operations High Pressure fluid pump.

-Assign duties among the crew members

-Ensure the tool & equipments are sufficient

-Ensure all tools & equipment are certified and relevant documents are available

-Ensure proper rig-up and rig down of equipment under supervision

-Ensure the crew members are fit for job and have clear work and equipment operational instructions.

-Ensure all team is in line with client company rules and regulations.

-Resolving crew day to day issue at rig site

-Supporting crew all the time.

-Coordinating with client regarding the daily operation

-Getting the client feedback on completion and getting acknowledgement of job completion

-Submitting daily operation report to base management

Offshore/Onshore Maintenance Supervisor at PDVSA Petroleos de Venezuela S.A 1 year

-Perform preventive maintenance on rig equipment. Repair, service and maintain Caterpillar, Detroit and Cummins engines etc. perform routine and overhaul maintenance on National, Gardner Denver and Continental mud pumps Rebuild and repair mission magnum centrifugal pumps,. Troubleshoot problems on a daily basis. transfer and take on fuels and bulk materials. Participate in all safety and training programs. Repair and Service Cranes.

-Field Maintenance supervisor (mechanical), Promoted from Senior Mechanic. supervising drilling maintenance across the 4 offshore rigs owned by Pdvsa (1500hp) GP-25, GP-28, GP-27, LV-403.

-Working between the 4 Barge to coordinate reactivation and de activation work scopes, bringing rigs out of warm stack mode into drilling mode.

-Acting as area authority as and when required Reviewing, verifying and issuing permits on a daily basis,

Overseeing the day to day work maintenance scopes and delegates tasks to personnel where required.

Updating daily reactivation and de activation reports, designing and holding departmental safety meetings, Holding conference calls with onshore support.

-Supervising the Drilling Mechanical Maintenance crew on keeping the scheduled and non-scheduled PM routines up to date whilst keeping backlogs to an absolute minimum.

-Completing orders, repair requisitions and returns documents on SAP

-Project planning and schedules for onshore and ensuring the welfare of personnel within my area.

Engineer of Process at Pequiven the Largest Petrochemical Company of Venezuela (1 year experience)

- Mechanical Engineer (Design, Evaluation, Installation, Project) in different kinds of plants such as (MVC - PVC - FERTILIZER - UREA - AMMONIA, CHLORINE PLANTS)

-General Knowledge for Engineering with Steel Products Structural; Steel Profiles (IPN-HEB Beams, etc) - Angles,Pipes, etc. Knowing the qualities of different types of steel for these products according to ASTM and AISI rules.

-Dismantling MVC vinyl plastic Plant located in the Petrochemical of Venezuela (PEQUIVEN) out of service since 1996.


- Certificate Of Training Maintenance & Operation Snubbing/Rig 01/10/2013 at SJ Petro Company CHINA Country.

- IADC WellCAP Fundamental Level Surface Stack Workover/ Completion, Snubbing Course- Completed

- Drilling Certificate (Toolpusher for Land Rig Level – Pdvsa Venezuela.

- Fluids Of Drilling Course– Pdvsa Venezuela

- Hydraulic Workover and Slickline Course, Pdvsa Venezuela.

- H2S card.

- Drilling & H.S.E Training

- Power tong & Power unit Training course

- Lifting Operations & Equipment Training Module

- Crane Certificate – PDVSA June 2015

- Design & Construction of mechanical and isometric drawings in the AUTOCAD software.

- English language: Two Certificates achieved in Trinidad & Tobago (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate) (6 months) Institute: “English for Personal Advancement (British)”

- Master in Project Management – Caribbean International University Curacao* not finish

General Knowledge for Engineering with Steel Products Structural; Steel Profiles (IPN-HEB Beams, etc) - Angles – Pipes, etc. Knowing the qualities of different types of steel for these products according to ASTM and AISI rules.

- Process Simulator PIPEPHASE: Effective tool for hydraulic analysis of networks (pipes, fittings, miscellaneous) for different industrial processes (Serve all sorts of Plants)

- Welding Procedure (WPS) Agreement (Joining Design – Base Metal – Choice of Filler Metal)

- Training Courses ABC (Protection of Information Assets, Protocol Basic Life, Basic Safety and Environment Hygiene I and II, Behaviour-Based in Safety.

- Confined Spaces Safety; (certificate)

- Microsoft Office (Excel, Project, Word, PowerPoint)

- Knowledge in Autocad Desk.


-Major Maintenance RIG Barges GP 28 GP 27, 1500 HP . Performing the overhauling of Drilling, Winches, Block Traveler, Crown Block IDECO, Top Drive TDS 4 NOV, Drill -Watch, National Oil Well components

-Block Hook BJ – Drawwork Continental ensco (1500-3000 Hp). Making Controls Levels 3 and 5 overhaul. orders and ensuring Running Repairs & Certifications involved.

-Hydraulic evaluation of the flow station15-3 (oil-gas) at Block 3 of Lake Maracaibo. PDVSA production, using the simulation PIPEPHASE. and optimize a better configuration between separators and oil production lines

-Dismantling MVC Vinyl plastic Plant located in the Petrochemical of Venezuela (PEQUIVEN) out of service since 1996.

Making Tubes for Boiler Economizer Distral C-12 Power Plant located in the Petrochemical de Venezuela SA (PEQUIVEN). (link information about Pequiven Company)

Other key skills:

-Languages: Spanish (native), English

-3 Year Percussionist at Orchests of Zulia

-Personal: Hard working, creative, good learner, team player, self-motivated, well-organized and proactive.

-Flexible to travel for work related assignments.

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