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Engineer Service

Hyattsville, MD
April 30, 2020

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Jimmy Grant

Reason for fit on # NPPCJP********:

Jimmy is a PC Field Service Engineer with over 13 years of experience with (Public Trust Security Clearance). He has a Dell Certification DSCS. He is strong in wins XP, vista, wins7, wins8.1, wins 10 iso, ms2003, ms2010 ms365. He is well versed in troubleshooting, service and installing upgrades of the network, servers, routers, switches, computers, network printers, wireless scanners. He has installed software to build images for laptops, desktops, servers and also installed and configured POS, ISP, VMware, VoIP and iPhones, Mimi Macs and iTouch systems. He does PC Refresh of Laptops and wireless configuration to a VPN network. Jimmy is local and he is located in Glenarden, MD - 18.6 miles from the client location.


●Has installed software to build images for laptops, desktops, servers, and installed and configured POS, ISP, VMware, VoIP and iPhones, Mimi Macs, iTouch systems.

●Provided deployments to commercial, retail, State and Federal Government customers. Delivered service and supported over 1000 customers.

●Enterprise Network Environment: wins XP, vista, wins7, wins8.1 and wins 10 iso, ms2003, ms2010 ms365.

●Troubleshot, serviced and installed upgrades, of network, servers, routers, switches, computers, network printers, and wireless scanners.

●Provided employees with informal 1-on-1 and group training on the operation of the new computer-related equipment.


High School Diploma at Strayer University, Alexandria VA – 1994.

Data Systems, Diploma Certificate

2002 Bowie State University, Bowie, MD

A+ Certification Course, Certificate of Completion.


Field Nation LLC – VA, MD, and WV (Part-Time) 12/2018 – Present

Field Service Engineer

●I arrived on-site to check-in online and went inside and met up with the Mod and called the Help Desk and received the shipment. To swap out the old DOM with the new DOM and enter the wrong Store # and to reimagine the new DOM and finish the installation of the DOM and upload the required photos and repackaged the old DOM for drop shipment and did receive a release code from the Might Help Desk for a Tablet installation ios wins 10.

●Assisted with running the inner duct and fiber cable from the 5th-floor network closet to the 3rd-floor network closet as per instructions of the Lead Technician and it was successfully done.

●Was able to assist with the changes of Hydra cables and separated the cable covers and the old cable adapters into separated boxes for 28 End Users and made sure that End Users did not have any issues with their Tarsus Boxes and we took some photos and uploaded to the Help Desk and we were released from the site.

Field Nation, LLC. 12/2015 – 02/2018

Part-Time, Field Service Engineer

GSH Repair HSIA HEALTHCHECK Motel 6, Linthicum Heights, MD

●Installation of MS 365 and WINS 8 to WINS 10 upgrades to End Users.

●Onsite checked online and into GGE Dispatch and Checked in with them and also checked into Front Desk and the Manager was contacted for the reason for the visit and also checked into the Velocity NOC and received some additional instructions to follow.

●With the speed tests on all 3 levels of the site and also search for the dead zones recorded the locations and after waiting some long periods of contacting the NOC given some instructions to go up into the attic to move the location of the 3 access points closer together and do some additional speed tests.

Pinnacle-Tribeca at Camp Springs, MD

Management Change

●Met up with the POC and received the shipment of the 2 wireless routers and the 16 port switch and after looking over the network rack and saw that the 16 port switch was not so-called the Tech Support and explained the situation and also took photo sent it to Tech Support show what it looks like and was directed to hook up the network cables anyway and that he would send another network switch with 24 ports.

●Connection of the ISP modem was good and was able to assist Tech Support with the reconfiguration of the wireless router and replaced the 16 port switch with a 24 port network switch and was able to connect the business office and the leasing center with internet and I also was able to connect all of the End Users with connectivity to the network printer and also loaded all of the End Users with team viewer for remote loading of all the MS word apps.

The keyboard on a laptop does not work when it is out of the docking station, Wartsila Annapolis, MD:

●Met with the End User and showed that he was not able to use his keyboard after installing Wins 10 after undocking from the docking station, and expand the keyboard menu and click on the Standard ps/2 Keyboard driver but the update menu was grayed out and that would have to be done remotely by their Help Desk.

Replaced Kitchen Controller for Corner Bakery, Washington, DC

The Support Tech and decided that the Ethernet cable needs to replace the cable for the controller to the wall jack during the 1st visit and so on the 2nd visit and was able to disconnect old cable and installed the new cable from the new controller the wall jack and we got a good connection with activity and we were able to reset, the Salad display, the hot grill, and the express to revert to normal operation for all the ordering stations.

National Forum for Black Public Administration, Washington DC

Onsite checked in online and I also checked in at the security desk and received access to Office and met up the POD and received the Polycom sound station 7000 and assisted with installation and the configuration process.

Uninstalled and Reinstalled Software for SITA/ETIHAD/DCA, Wash DC

Onsite Field Engineer: successfully and with some scheduling issues that had delayed the other 2 End Users and was able to complete the Big Fix process.

Onsite Field Engineer: networking of a New POE for VOIP phones

Tech Support and we received notice for the End Users that printer 13 and printer were offline and we had to troubleshoot by locating the by tracing jack to the patch panel and we were able to get both printers back online and complete the installation of all the IP phones, successfully.

Onsite Field Engineer, Networking Troubleshooting and Repairs of VOIP phone system

Remote Engineer at Vonage and assisted with the troubleshooting and configuration of both network switches and by disconnecting the Ethernet cable.

Onsite Field Engineer, Networking Configuration and Testing of Wi-Fi:

Process identifying the USB Device for WiFi and connect it to my laptop to download the software for the Wi-Fi USB device and set up the menu for the Capitol One and we also had to contact ATT Rep to make the IP match up with them for internet connectivity and the re-connected WiFi USB Device to the modem,

Onsite Field Engineer Networking Of Cisco Switch and Pin Pads:

Troubleshooting on reg #2 and re-tested, successfully and also had to reposition the cisco network switch for the Store's MOD underneath the middle cabinet.

Onsite Field Engineer Networking Troubleshooting, Repairs and Testing of Wi-Fi:

WiFi network and checked the front to verify internet connections with the staff members and also had to for the Remote Engineer to verify with Comcast for completion of being back online with them.

i3int, Inc. 03/15-04/15

Temp, Deployment Engineer

Fannie Mae, Herndon –Reston, VA

Assisted in the Windows XP to 8.1, Peer to Peer Migration Process for End Users from start to finish, successfully.

Field Solutions LLC

Part-Time, Field Service Engineer

KFC’S Security Cameras Repairs, 11/12/15

Arrived on site and removed and replaced security cameras #6,#9 and #3 and I had to replace a 1amp fuse for camera# 6, I also had to exchange camera #6 with camera #3 and make some adjustments moves with camera #9, took photos of POS

connectors of Reg#3, Reg#4, Reg#2 and Reg#1 and also the USB printer and uploaded to and troubleshoot audio 2 and 3 by reconnected power cable and all of the cameras tested, successfully.

Target Stores S3 Project, 9/25 – 9/30/15

Install one network security sensor in the control room rack and configure the sensor to monitor network traffic. The equipment is a Fire Eye security sensor that is rack-mounted and connected to a switch in the control room.

TJMaxx/Marshalls IBM Blade Server Swap Project – Northern VA, MD, and Southern, MD 08/14 – 09/15

Using the SCCM Blade Install Instructions:

●Swap SCCM blade in port 1 of the blade center, Verify host communications, perform VM domain join and contact command center to verify domain join.

●Pack old equipment for return using pre-printed return airbill found in the new SCCM Blade box. Call FedEx for pickup.

●Check out with the command center before departing the site. Reported any equipment returns to the command center.

Wells Fargo Advisor Project – MD, Wash. DC and Alexandria, VA 11/2014 – 12/2014

Field Service Engineer

●Onsite to assisted the EU with memory upgrades of desktops and laptops and upload to

●A spreadsheet and also with some schedule pc data migration for pc refresh, from WinXP to Win7, successfully.

The Home Depot Stores – Alexandria, VA, Sykesville, MD 08/2014 – 09/2014

Field Service Engineer

●Onsite assisted with the Wins7 Project of the POS, successfully.

Wells Fargo Bank – Baltimore and Frederick, MD 05/2014 – 08/2014

Field Service Engineer

●Assisted the Staff End Users with de-installs moves and reinstallations of their workstations and network printers configurations for their new locations, successfully.

Essintial Enterprise Solutions – Glen Burnie, Gaithersburg, and Baltimore MD; VA 03/2014 – 05/2014

Field Service Engineer

●Assisted with PMs, memory upgrades, data migrations, and restoration of Wins 7 PC Refresh of Back Offices. (Essintial is the successor company to Halifax Corp., below).

Dell, Inc. (HUD Field Office) – Baltimore MD 12/9/13 – 12/13/13

Field Service Technician

●Wins7 data migration and PC Refresh of desktops and laptops.

Dell, Inc. – MD, No.VA, PA, and Washington, DC (Part-time) 05/2013 – 11/2013

Field Service Tech

●Win7 data migration of desktops, network printers, Job Stations, Video Gaming, Kiosks.

●Swap out of server blades and PC Refresh.

Dell, Inc. (HUD Project) – Washington, DC 02/2013 – 04/2013

Field Service Tech

●Wins XP to Win7 Desktops data migration deployment.

●PC Refresh of Desktops and Laptops.

Advantage Technical Resourcing (Part-Time)

Field Service Engineer

Xerox Corp (Kaiser Permanente) – Baltimore and Largo, MD 01/2013 – 02/2013

Temp Field Service Tech

●Install of new MFPs, local printers and network printers for newly built Medical Centers.

●Configuration and the successful testing of the newly installed printers.

Xerox Corp – Washington, DC 08/2012 – 02/2013

Temp Field Service Engineer

●Configuration and encryption software for the multi-function printers for the HUD network installations.

Insight Direct (CNA) – Washington, DC (Part-time) 08/2012 – 12/2012

Onsite PC Technician

●Performed asset management, adds moves of PCs.

●Wins7 data migrations and PC Refresh of desktops and laptops.

Genesis Rehab System – Pikesville and Kensington, MD; Alexandria, VA 6/20/12 – 6/28/12

Field Service Engineer

●Assisted with the Rox Mobile Project deployment of Apple Mini-MACs and I-Touch devices and wireless communication for Medical staffers

●Performed the familiarization training to the Medical Staffers.

GDIT – Washington, DC 03/2012 – 06/2012

PC Technician

●PC Staging and deployment of desktops\laptops and Win7 data migrations.

SARCOM – Woodbridge, VA 3/12/12 – 3/15/12

Temp Field Service Engineer

●Assisted with the newly opened Community College, installation of desktops, network printers.

Insight Direct – Catonsville, MD 2/07/12 – 2/23/12

Temp Field Service Engineer

●PC Refresh of a Workstation.

SARCOM – Columbia, Belair, and Odenton, MD 12/2011 – 01/2012

Field Service Engineer

●Deployment of VoIP phones and controllers for New Home Model Agents.

CompuCom – Silver Spring and Rockville MD; Alexandria, VA 09/2011 – 12/2011

PC Field Technician

●Troubleshooting calls for Break-fix and repairs of POS equipment, servers, and network printers.

Advantage Technical Resourcing (Part-Time)

Field Service Engineer

Knights of Columbus Field Agents – Columbia, MD, Belair MD; Newark DE 02/2011 – 03/2011

Temp Field Service Engineer

PC Refresh of Laptops, and wireless configuration to a VPN network for designated Field Agents.

Field Solutions LLC

Part-Time, Field Service Engineer

Halifax Corp. – Alexandria, Arlington, and Woodbridge, VA 11/2010 – 12/2010

Onsite Field Tech

●PC Fresh of servers, network printers, POS equipment, and wireless scanners.

The Body Shop – Baltimore, MD 10/11/2010

Field Service Engineer

●Deployment of POS equipment and a network printer.

Christopher & Banks Store – Charlottesville, VA 6/02/10

Field Service Engineer

●Performed the deployment of POS equipment.

SARCOM – Columbia, MD 6/22/10 – 6/24/10

Field Service Engineer

●Win7 data migration of desktops and laptops.

●Installation and configuration of encryption software.

Field Solutions LLC (Part-Time) 07 / Present

Field Service Engineer

Anne Marie’s Hallmark – California, MD 5/23/2010

Field Service Engineer

●Deployment of POS equipment and a network printer.

Halifax Corp. – Washington, DC; Alexandria, VA; Baltimore, MD 01/2010 – 04/2010

Onsite Field Tech

●As a Subcontractor, contracted to replace workstations, servers, routers, and switches for the Client at various scheduled locations.

●My duties included but limited to installing new Equipment, configuring the devices, connecting all cabling by the client's Standards, testing to make sure all devices have connectivity, cleanup area and ensure the site is secure before departure.

Advantage Technical Resourcing (Full-Time) 09/ - Present

Field Service Engineer

HP (CVS Headquarters) – Woonsocket, RI 12/07/09 – 12/11/09

Network Technician

●Assigned as a trainee to accomplish the objective of certification of deployment of IBM servers, 225x and 3200x models which include the process of backups of the storage data from UNIX ops to a remote server.

●The breaking of the arrays and the building of the arrays of both the 225x and the 3200 IBM Models, the removal and the replacement of the hard drives, and restoring the storage data to a LINUX op and the primarily erasing the data from the old hard drives, before shipment to depot-level maintenance.

IT Solutions LLC – Ft. Meade MD 10/09 – 11/09

PC Technician

●As an active team member worked on a Laptop Refresh Project with the objective of check-in Dell 610 and Dell 620, backup the user's data to the H drive and delete the laptops from the AD workgroup and ad to the user to an encryption network.

American Consulting Group (Part-Time) 11/2007 – 10/2009

Customer Service Engineer

Trader Joe’s IS Dept. – Silver Spring and Rockville MD; Newark DE 09/2009 – 10/2009

Customer Service Engineer

●Performed PM on the Client’s store POS CPU’s and data cabinets at assigned locations.

●Serviced by opening up the CPU’s, vacuuming out and blow out the dust of each and cleaned the scanners, display units and printers of each workstation and rebooting for network verification.

Seven-Eleven Corp. – Camp Springs, Laurel, and Baltimore MD 11/2007 – 07/2009

PC Deployment Tech

As a returning Part-time, PC Tech with the POS Upgrade of the Client’s store software and hardware which involves the printing out of a financial report from the designated CPU, the automatic data backup from POS, CPU to the ISP and the removal of all the legacy CPU and associated hardware from the network and the setup and configuration the new asset CPU and all of the new associated hardware powered on to receive a new MAC address configure to the ISP server.

Technisource – Washington DC 02/2009 – 06/2009

PC Deployment Technician

●Hired as a PC Tech for the PC Refresh Project, assigned to the Onsite Project Mgr. to upgrade of the IMF staff member’s Legacy IBM laptops and desktops to the new asset IBM Lenovo, X200, T400, and T500 laptops and the re-imagine from Wins XP to VISTA software operating system.

JHSPH IS Dept. – Baltimore MD 07/2009 – 09/2009

PC Technician

●As 1 of out of 4 members, we performed the removal of old anti-virus software and installed the latest required Symantec Corp software and other software upgrades for scheduled Student's laptops.

Insight Direct – Landover Hills and Riverdale MD 11/2008 – 12/2008

Field Service Engineer

●Assigned for the ISP Deployment Project, assigned to the Client’s customer store sites at various locations, in MD.

●As per scheduled instructions performed, primarily S3 Server upgrades with Sata, hard drives and barcode scanners and secondarily the upgrades became more involved with the Re- plat formation of the customer’s ISP and upgrade MRI HD.

TEK Systems – Baltimore MD 08/2008 – 09/2008

PC Technician

As 1 out of 4 members, we performed the removal of old anti-virus software and installed the latest required Symantec Corp software and other software upgrades for scheduled Summer Student’s laptops.

Field Solutions LLC (Part-Time) 07 / Present

Field Service Engineer

Field Solutions, LLC – Front Royal and Sterling VA 08/11/08 – 08/15/08

Field Service Engineer

●As a part-time Subcontractor assisted with a Service Order_Compaq. A new PC that was being shipped to the customer’s site.

●To swap out the old PC and configured with a Halifax Corp tech support for the customer.

Technisource Deployment – Philadelphia PA; Richmond VA 07/07/08 – 07/31/08

Field Technician I

As 1 out of 4 members, we visited various, scheduled retail store locations, to survey the existing voice and data cabling to determine the wherewithal of installing a new network and telephone cable to install new computer equipment.

QualTech Technical Deployment LLC – Lanham MD 06/2008 – 07/2008

PC Deployment Tech

●The assigned tasks were to uninstall the software, delete the Mac address, the IP address from the Client’s, network after printing out a financial report from the designated Point Of Sale unit to be replaced by a new display Point OF Sale unit.

FCC – Washington DC 06/02/08 – 06/10/08

PC Tech

●Assisted as a team member with the verification of the annual inventory of the Client’s assigned assets, with the use of a handheld scanner and replace the old color-coded stickers with designated color-coded stickers.

Field Solutions LLC. (Part-Time)

Field Service Engineer

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions – Bethesda MD 05/21/08 – 05/22/08

Field Service Engineer

●Day1: Introduction to GC General Contractor, called the Fujitsu Project Manager. Located the equipment to be installed to the Data Cabinet, the Manager's workstation and both POS stations and configured each asset.

●Day 2: Installed the UPS and Battery Backup units to assist with the LAN cables, configuration verifications with a Retail Support Analyst to configure the network printer.

Medstar – Washington DC 03/2008 – 04/2008

PC Refresh Technician

●Performed pc refresh on IBM ThinkPads, and HP Compaq laptops, Notebook Tablets by running PCT, installing security patches, configurations for Ethernet and wireless connections.

●Also installing software encryption applications from the Altiris deployment console to the MedStar Hospital staff at the Washington Hospital Center.

US Department of Education – Washington DC 11/2007 – 02/2008

PC Technician

●Worked as a Subcontractor for ITG to perform IT asset inventory for the Department of Education at various locations.

●Assisted with a change of custody for laptops and scanners helped with the inventory of new and used office equipment configurations and testing of the new devices.

Field Solutions LLC. (Part-Time)

Field Service Engineer

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions – Bethesda MD 07/2007 – 02/2008

Lead PC Technician

●Service retail customers with Preventive Maintenance and Upgrades of memory De-installs of the UPS units and installs of new UPS units and new Dell servers.

●The cleaning out the customer’s 2– 4’ ft. Black Box Data Cabinets to configure the new Dell server to the Cisco router switches to the proper terminals to the Store’s network.

Decision One/EDS Corp. – Dulles VA 08/2007 – 10/2007

PC Technician

●Perform maintenance on United Airlines, computer equipment, Dell/HP desktops, laptops and Okidata and 320 Epson Printers. Assisted with the software upgrades from Win95-98 to Wins XP OPS with Symantec’s ghosting and with the deployment of Dell 745 desktops and Dell 620 Laptops.

●Assisted with the installation of Cisco Access Points.

Insight Direct – Frederick and Crofton MD – Dulles VA 08/2006 – 03/2007

PC Technician

●As a subcontractor, including some training via conference call, to do some deployment of new assets Dell desktops and laptops software via the Radia Deployment Console to perform in sync with several other locations which all started at the same time with the use of ghost imaging.

●Also the Lead Technician on a server decommissioning project.

●Assignment to setup Dual Monitor Desktop Workstation and configure it to a network via remote server utilization a bridge network connection.

Trawick & Associates – Alexandria VA 08/2006 – 01/2007

Asset Management Clerk

●As a Sub-Contractor assigned to Trawick & Assoc to verify IT equipment inventory listings that consist of primarily of dual monitors that were scheduled to be deployed and also CPUs and network printers.

●Assisted in updates of the Company’s website by the use of Remedy, MS Word, Excel, and Access to Database.

RCM Technology – Washington DC; Owings Mills & Baltimore MD 04/2006 – 08/2006

PC Tech

●Assigned as a Desktop Refresh PC Tech team member who included deployments of Dell desktops, laptops and notebooks.

●Duties included data backups to a network server, the removal of the legacy assets, the installation of the new assets and the data migrations of the original user’s information to their new desktops, laptops and, notebooks. We traveled to three different locations for the Client to successfully Refresh 550 users.

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