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Engineering Design

Newmarket, ON, Canada
April 30, 2020

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Career Objective

To pursue a career in a the field of ASIC design and learn about latest technology while applying all the academic and project based learnings to practical use for the upliftment of the society and also enhancing my knowledge and learning current world technologies while helping company and I grow together . Education


Master of Engineering (CGPA 78.18/100)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

2014-18 Bachelor of Engineering (CGPA 8.33/10)

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Gujarat Technological University, India


June’17-April’18 Monitoring and Tracking System using GPS and GPRS technology.

Interfaced SIM808 module along with AtMega32 microcontroller to send and receive commands and information to and from the module.

Synthesized GPS and GPRS modules to obtain live coordinates with an accuracy of 60 meters which were converted into a string and pinged over a webpage.

Integrated Webpage with google maps to point and trace the movement of the vehicle.

Implemented the same project for college bus with a cost of INR 6000 and received a positive feedback from commuters.

July’17 Developed a general Purpose MSP430 Board using DipTrace.

Designed a development board for MSP430G2232 microcontroller Using the design of TI MSP430 launchpad and utilizing 3% less board space.

Integrated the developed board with a 16*2 LCD screen and an LM35 temperature sensor to make a thermometer to check its functionality. December ‘16 Developed different systems using Xilinx ISE 9.2i and Basys 2 System board

Developed Various small projects with Digilent Basys 2 FPGA development board and Xilinx ISE 9.2i using VHDL.

Projects developed were like logic gates, Flipflops, counters, Interfacing 7 segment display, Adder, Subtractor etc.


Designed a General Purpose Programmable AVR Atmega32 Board using DipTrace.

Synthesized Diptrace to design and route Circuit for a single sided Copper clad PCB with peripherals to imitate Arduino Uno board with 50% of the cost and same functionality.

Programmed it with USBasp programmer.

Utilized the developed board to make a voltmeter with 0-12v range with a voltage divider circuit and quantization principal.

May’16 Bluetooth controlled robot using android mobile.

Utilized HC05 Bluetooth transceiver and Arduino uno board on the robot for communication.

“Bluetooth serial remote” app was used on mobile phone for sending out instructions via Bluetooth.

Instructions were sent were serial and Arduino was accordingly programmed to decrypt and control the movement of the robot.

Idrish Jujar Vhora

M.E Electrical and Computer Engineering

B.E Electronics & Communications Engineering

LinkedIN –

Phone : +1-226-***-****

Email :

Address : 117 Professor Day Dr,

Bradford ON – L3Z3C1

Technical Skills

Languages C, Embedded C

PCB Designing Mounting, Placing, Routing, Soldering, Software Designing Tools Xilinx ISE 9.2i, Keil uVision, Arduino Programming MATLAB, NI LabVIEW, Scilab, DipTrace, Multisim


programmers etc

ARM lpc2148 MCU, AtMega32, MSP430G2231, Diligent Basys2 Spartan 3E FPGA development board.

Training & Workshops

March ‘20

Completed Course “Learning Verilog for FPGA Development” by Eduardo Corpeno on Linkedin Learning.

July ‘17 Attended an International leadership Summit organized by IEEE WIE at Bogmallo, Goa, India.

February ‘16 Attended workshop on LabVIEW, as a part of GTU TechFest SPECTRUM ’16. October ‘ 15 Attended Expert talk on Silicon Nano device by Dr. Bhagirath Mankad (Rtd. ISRO scientist). August ‘15 Attended one day workshop on instrumentation, simulations and PCB designing, organized by ECE Dept., ADIT and IEEE ADIT Student Branch.

September ‘13 Attended workshop on Multisim and Ultiboard organized by Electronics department of A.D.Patel institute of technology.

Advanced courses



Models of the human brain and sensory systems. Neural networks and learning algorithms. Fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, and fuzzy systems

Image Processing

Digital and hybrid representation of images, fundamentals of colour, 2-D systems, 2-D filter design and 2-D filtering of digital images, image enhancement techniques: homomorphic filtering, histogram equalization and modification techniques, median and statistical filtering, 2-D FFT algorithms, properties of digital images.

Advance topics in


Lumped element modeling, 3-D multi-domain finite element analysis, static and dynamic device behavior study using industry standard MEMS modeling tools, simulation of fabrication processes using actual fabrication process parameters, and design verification.



Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers and limit cycle controllers; fundamentals of digital control of Spark-Ignition (SI) engine; MPC555 Motorola Power PC/dSPACE based SI engine control system; Motronic engine management system; automotive sensors and actuators; vehicle motion control including Antilock Braking System (ABS); Controller Area Network (CAN);

Additional Information

March ‘17

Event Coordinator of PCB Design Workshop of state level Tech-Fest SPECTRUM’17

Successfully completed the event with over 60 participants.

Organized materials and infrastructure to provide a hands on training for all participants.


Participated in DST and Texas Instruments India innovation challenge design contest 2017.

Showcased Embedded skills with programming questions and general knowledge on controllers by answering quiz questions.

Scored Highest marks amongst 50 participants.

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