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Developer Project

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
April 30, 2020

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Prasham Jain

Mobile: +91-907*******


Intend to be smart professional with honesty and dedication, which help me to explore my working capacities, professional skills, business Efficiencies and potential for growth of my organization.

Software Engineer with 3 years of experience in software development field in PHP technology and NODE Js.

Confident, assertive, passionate, quick learner, hardworking with indomitable will-power to give the best every single time.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills needed to act diplomatically with people and having comprehensive problem solving ability.

Experience in Object Oriented Programming.

Good logical skills which help me to think in a different manner and to solve problem smartly.

Good team player with expertise in Client Coordination.

Used to represent the team in the Scrum meetings in the office.


Cyber Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Indore


June 2015 to September 2018


Software Developer

B.E. (Computer Science and Technology) with 70% from SRIT, Jabalpur in 2014.

H.S.C. with 63% from M.P. Board in 2010.

S.S.C. with 65% from CBSE in 2008.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems : Ubuntu (Linux).

Backend Technologies: PHP & NodeJs.

Database : MySQL.

Web Technologies : NodeJs, KnexJs, Socket.IO, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, XML.

PHP Frameworks : Laravel, Cakephp, Codeigniter.

Version Management : GIT


Software IDE : Sublime, Net Beans


Working on Web Technologies simultaneously as per the requirement.

Experience in writing and executing MYSQL queries in order to view successful transactions of data and for validating data.

Ability to develop Use Cases before working on any new module.

Experience in the unit testing of the developed project.

Developed several web services to run automated process in system.


1.Project Name: Card Game Geek.

Role: Lead Developer.

Project Details:

Card Game Geek is a online strategy card gaming website for all CCG (Collectible Card Game) / TCG (Trading Card Game) addictive players, where users can create their decks by adding cards to it or by importing cards into the deck. The goal of the users is to beat their opponent player by creating customised decks that to play to synergies of card combinations. Users can share the decks with their friends, facebook, twitter, and can share the cards to ebay where other users can buy those cards. Games like VTES (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle) and MECCG (Middle Earth Collectible Card Game) etc are present on the website. This project also had the patron page where users can become a patreon and make a donation on paypal for the campaign whilst disable Ad Blocker on the website. Users registers themselves using normal registration, facebook sign up.

Environment: Laravel 5.2, MySQL, Jquery, HTML, CSS.

2. Project Name: Eybos – Charity Donation

Role: Lead Developer.

Project Details:

Eybos is a online business promotions and charity donation website. The website allows the businesses to display their products and promote them. Businesses can upload their company details, contacts, services, jobs, and other verticals. Website also helps businesses to share their relations with the charities that can benefit them on many levels and can donate for a joint cause. The website has 5 types of user roles- admin, finance manager, business user, charity user, and public user. The system has the full transparency about the transactions made over the charities to the people who have made the donations.

Environment: NodeJs, KnexJs, MySQL, Braintree Payment, Jquery, HTML, CSS.

3.Project Name: EqualMesh

Role: Lead Developer.

Project Details:

Equalmesh is a platform where users can connect with their classmates, sell or buy books, make new friends in the chat room, can take lessons from the tutor from live streaming. Users can create their profile, can post photos, videos, you tube videos, can find a roommate by sharing their details and locations. Business users can post their job openings, provide their business details using which Professional users can apply to the jobs, they can also ask questions and answers which will be seen by all the users (stackoverflow pattern). Tutors can sign up for giving online lessons to the students and can earn from it.

Environment: Cakephp 2, MySQL, Paypal Payment Gateway, Jquery, HTML, CSS.

4.Project Name: Convurt Web App and Mobile App

Role: Lead Developer.

Project Details:

Convurt app is a online voice to text converting application for IOS, Android Users. The app is having the dashboard build on cakephp. This app allows the users to record their voices from their phones, and can choose the mode of textual conversion of their voices. There are 2 types of modes implemented for this app. IBM’s Watson API and human conversion are the 2 modes used for converting voices into texts. Users need to pay for selecting particular mode for conversions. This app helps the users to record the lectures, or anything which they can’t write at that moment of time. Users can register themselves both from the web app or the mobile app. Users can also set the reminders for the recordings, in which they used to get notifications through SMS or emails.

Environment: Cakephp 2, MySQL, Stripe Payment Gateway, Web Services, Jquery, HTML, CSS.

5. Project Name: TRC Staffing Services

Role: Developer.

Project Details:

Trc Staffing Services is a online job searching website. Website used to fetch jobs from RSS feeds which we use to store in our Database. Users use to sign up provide their details and locations using which we use to show them the suggested jobs. We have implemented Cron Jobs for getting the current jobs from the RSS feeds into our system.

Environment: Codeigniter, MySQL, Jquery, HTML, CSS.

6. Project Name: American Homes Online

Role: Developer.

Project Details:

American Homes Online is a real estate project mainly for USA location. This project has 3 types of user roles – Admin, Agents, Users (Buyers, sellers, renters). This website allows the users to get in touch with the closest agents by providing their current location. We have implemented haversine distance calculator for getting the exact distances. This in turn helps the users to get in touch with the agents to get the maximum benefits without any hassles. Users can find their dream homes, can get the renters, or the buyers with the help of the agents. Agents use to pay specific % amount everytime their deals gets finalised with the particular leads (users). Admin keeps the track of the agents and users and all the transaction that happens within the website.

Environment: Core PHP, MySQL, Paypal Payment Gateway, Jquery, HTML, CSS.

Father’s Name

Dr. Sunil Kumar Jain

Date of Birth

Aug 10, 1992

Marital Status


Current Location

Indore (M.P.)

I here by declare that all above information given here is true to the best of My Knowledge.

Date: Prasham Jain


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