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Delphi/ SQL Developer

Pittsburgh, PA
April 30, 2020

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Neha Kherada



8+ years of strong programming experience in Delphi, PL/SQL, Oracle, SQL Server, .Net technologies.

Adept at all phases of SDLC, which includes Design, Analysis, Coding, Testing, Code Reviews, Build, Implementation and System Support.

Understanding & experience of project development in Agile methodology.

Expertise in development and support of Client-Server & Web applications with Delphi, .Net and database technologies.

Work experience on projects for various industries like Insurance, Healthcare, Energy & Manufacturing.

Strong understanding of Business processes and experience with detailed configuration of components to support business processes through the entire development-to-production cycle.

Through understanding of Object oriented programming, performance optimization, multi-threading concepts to build sustainable, scalable, resilient and stable applications.

Experience in integration of different partner and vendor systems with core applications.

Hands on technical expertise in the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes (i. e. performing builds and releases in Agile delivery)

Use Postman to validate API calls

Support the setup, implementation, Migration and integration of the Server and client components.

Good experience in creating and review of Requirements/System Impact Specifications, System Flow Diagrams, Effort estimation and Implementation Plan.

Excellent organizational skills with the ability to plan, coordinate, organize, delegate and control work.

Competent analytical, problem solving, and decision making abilities.

Proficient communication, presentation, interpersonal, time-management & client management skills


Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering)

Institute: Mody Institute of Technology and Science



Delphi 6/7, C, C++, HTML, C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL, PL-SQL, Unix Shell Scripting, SSIS, SSRS Reporting


Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012, SSIS 2005, Oracle 11g/12c, MySQL


Linux, Windows

Other Tools

Centerpoint, Delphi IDE, MKSI, SVN, CVS, VCL framework, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, Clear Quest, Harvest Workbench, Microsoft Visio, MS Visual Studio 2008, Postman


Insurance, Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing


Project : EMI & Center Point May 2017-March 2020

Employer: Thermal Windows & Doors, Pittsburgh, PA

Client : Thermal Windows & Doors, Pittsburgh, PA

Role : Delphi/SQL Developer

Description: EMI is an in house application that focuses on manufacturing of windows and doors. It imports and processes order files from Centerpoint web service which is a third party application from WTS Paradigm. Dealers enter orders through Web Centerpoint. JSON files are created and imported in EMI to generate reports. The data entered in EMI is used by Manufacturing Paperwork application to generate production labels. Pricing in Centerpoint is based on pricing variables and price modifiers (price mods) that represent portions of a unit’s overall price. For example, a unit might have a base price, a glass price, a screen price, a custom color price.

Environment: Delphi, SQL Server, C#.Net, SSRS, Microsoft Visio, Windows 7, Centerpoint, SVN


Follow standard Agile & TDD (Test Driven Development) software development methodologies, to ensure faster & quality delivery of application components.

Develop & Maintain Delphi code for various proprietary applications for Thermal Windows & Doors, as below :

1.EMI application imports and processes order files in JSON format from Third Party Centerpoint Software.

2.DFM (Dealer File Maintenance) application, which manages dealer information, shipping information, various discount codes.

3.Production Reporting application for creating summary & detailed reports for various manufactured items to be used by production team.

4.Glass Optimization application for generating CSV files having glass specifications to be consumed by Third party WINIG software, to be used by manufacturing team.

5.Vinyl Optimization application for generating Fixed Length Cutsheets having vinyl information to be consumed by Third party PMC Software, to be used by manufacturing team.

6.Dump application to create Frame & Sash specification files, to be used for Welding Sturtz program.

7.Order Information application for order inquiry and shop work order reports used by production team, to build the ordered items.

8.MFG Paperwork application for generating & scanning barcodes for produced items.

9.Production Planning application for scheduling orders based on order fulfillment & delivery dates.

10.Shipping application for loading, shipment & delivery processing & tracking.

11.Remake application to track & rebuild faulty/erroneous production items.

12.Scoreboard application for live tracking of produced and to be produced items, to be used by production team.

13.Scraplogging application to measure the Vinyl & Glass scrap details, which is further to be validated for reusability purpose.

14.Labor hours application to consume data produced by Central effort tracking server, to generate daily expected target production report.

Create/update business rule scripts (pricing rules, defaulting options, limitations, discounts and exceptions for dealers) defined by sales team, using licensed Product Knowledge (PK) rule engine of Third Party Centerpoint software.

Develop various reports using SSRS reporting engine from Microsoft Visual Studio, to be used by different departments – Costing, Inventory, Metrics, Manufacturing, Orders, Pricing, Production, Sales, Services, Unscheduled etc.

CenterPointProdInterface application - Maintain & upgrade Console Interface application in C# .Net code to integrate with Third party Centerpoint software using their Web API calls for maintaining manufacturing statuses of orders.

Create SQL Server procedures to generate client/dealer and pricing information files in XML which is then uploaded to Centerpoint using Third party Postman software.

Interact with customer service, sales, operations, and engineering to understand and gather requirements.

Analyze, prepare and present functional design documentation for user review and sign-off on requirements.

Provide effort estimation of signed-off requirements.

Propose technical approach to convert requirements into system/application code ensuring stability, scalability and performance of application.

Perform detailed design, configuration, testing, training, and coordination of migration activities necessary to implement user requested enhancements.

Perform detailed configuration of products to support business processes through the entire order-to-production cycle.

Development of application logic to drive order entry, pricing, order generation, production scheduling, bill-of-materials generation, manufacturing equipment interfaces, reporting, etc, through Delphi & T-SQL technologies.

SQL Server Database objects design and enhancements for business logic.

Use Postman to test API calls.

Responsible for writing & performing unit/integration test cases and coordinate user testing.

Assist with configuration and usability issues reported by the users, to include the design/redesign of new business processes that optimize the standard functionality provided by the applications.

Oversee customer issues and ensure effective and long-term problem resolution.

Conduct analysis and provides assistance with the application of patches and upgrades as necessary to maintain a current environment.

Provide assistance and guidance to other team members.

Develop and generate summary reports based on requests.

Prepare training materials and trains end users.

Provides status reports to project management on a regular and timely basis.

Project : Integrated Customer Information System (ICIS) Sep 2013-Dec 2013

Employer: Mindteck, Camp Hill, PA

Client : Highmark Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Role : PL-SQL, Unix Developer

Description: Integrated Customer Information System (ICIS) is in-house application that focuses on the administration of health insurance for individual clients, corporate clients and groups. ICIS manages contracts with the corporate or individual clients for insurance products (dental, vision) and provide coverage for persons associated with the corporate client. A group is collection of client’s covered individuals that have certain commonalities like medical coverage, rating method, application classification or location of individuals and are assigned same product and same group number. ICIS also maintains history for current & cancelled clients for regulatory purposes.

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL Developer, Unix Shell Scripting, Harvest Workbench, Clear Quest, Microsoft Visio, Windows 7


Requirement understanding from business point of view.

Involved in preparing design documents, creating technical flow diagrams.

Designed, developed and implemented Oracle PL/SQL applications.

Created Unix Shell Scripts for invoking SQL scripts and logging.

Developed PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers, functions to implement business logic using oracle tools like PL/SQL Developer and SQL* plus.

Developed PL/SQL packages to archive data from one database to other and for purging data.

Used Dynamic SQL and Collections in PL/SQL scripts.

Used Bulk Collections for better performance and easy retrieval of data, by reducing context switching between SQL and PL/SQL engines.

Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.

Responsible for writing unit test cases and performing the unit test.

Solved any technical issues arising during development and integration phases.

Supported the deployment of application in QA and Production environment.

Documented the application procedure run book to assist support team for running the processes, as and when required.

Project : Subscribe Oct 2010-June 2012

Employer: NIIT Technologies, India

Client : AMLIN Corporate Insurance, London

Role : PL-SQL/Delphi Developer

Description: Subscribe is a comprehensive insurance underwriting system, built to manage Non-Life Insurance. It allows for recording of policies and management of all financial transactions including premium payment, claims management. It has been designed to offer an integrated planning, execution and monitoring tool within single application. Subscribe has been designed in a generic manner to support multiple insurance markets. This product mainly focuses on Lloyd’s London Market of Insurance.

Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, Delphi 6, VCL framework, MKSI, SVN, SQL Server 2008, Business Objects XIR4, Windows XP


Requirement understanding from business point of view.

Preparing the high level and low level design documents.

Coordinated with the front end design team to provide them with the necessary stored procedures and packages and the necessary insight into the data.

Developed PL/SQL packages, procedures, triggers, functions, Indexes to implement business logic.

Involved in the continuous enhancements and fixing of production problems.

Designed, implemented and tuned interfaces and batch jobs using PL/SQL.

Responsible for writing unit test cases and performing the unit test.

Developed Database Triggers in order to enforce complicated business logic and integrity constraints, and to enhance data security at database level.

Created new reports after gathering the requirements from business users and modifying the existing ones using Business Objects XIR4.

Solving any technical issues arising during development and integration phases.

Coding Data Quality edit checks.

Database designing & modifications

Unit testing, trouble shooting & bug fixing.

Code check in to MKSI.

Defect assignment, resolving escalated issues proactively.

Defect tracking & maintaining defect log.

Prepare weekly/monthly status reports.

Deployment of code in QA and Production.

Employer: ESL India Limited / Best Placement Services Pvt Ltd, India Sep 2007- Dec 2009

Role: SQL/Delphi Developer

1)Project: KAPT application (Australian Client)

Description: System is named as KAPT abbreviate for 'Key and Password Transfer' as it facilitates user for generation XML file called Meter security manifest file (Having required level of Meter Password, Authentication Keys, Encryption Key) to be send for Australians customers (for AMI meters). For data security, AES algorithm for encryption was used. Provided security at transportation layer using PGP Desktop integrated into system.

Environment: Delphi 5, Oracle, VCL framework, CVS (for in house source code and documents control),

Windows XP


Learn & implement XML parsing and creation.

Use ‘Altova’ tool for creating schema of xml file.

Learn handling PGPDeskTop tool, familiarize with its working and use in project.

Implement encryption \ decryption using AES algorithm.

Implement digital signing and encoding of data.

Create a reusable package -'Security XML Engine' for reading\writing XML file along with validating the I\p & O\p file with schema.

2)Project: E-Sign Tool (Australian Client)

Description: Whenever Australian AMI meters Clem is to be released, at that same time digital signature on this Clem file will be generated and kept into release repository. I have got the opportunity to write this tool from the scratch & being guardian of it till its final release.

Environment: Delphi 5, SQL Server 2005, VCL framework, CVS (for in house source code and documents control), Windows XP


Learn & implement Digital signing & Verification of any document.

Learn & implement the concept of private & public keys.

Implement standard General PKCS v1.5 format and SSN specific proprietary format for signing.

Implement signing in binary as well as Base 64 format.

Work with private keys in form of XML file, PFX file and public keys in form of XML file, CER file and ASN format file.

Learn creating & exporting pfx and certificate files.

Learn & implement Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER).

3)Project: Smart2000 Application (Hindustan Zinc Ltd.)

Description: Smart2000 is used for analysis and viewing of data collected from meters located in the field. Data from different meters are collected on daily, weekly basis as per customer schedule. This is done with help of Meter Reading Instrument (MRI) or remote meter reading feature of Smart2000.This data includes energy, demand, tamper and instantaneous data. Specific data formats such as CSV and ASCII formats are also generated using this software. Data is collected from various meters and presented to the user in form of online views, reports and graphs

Environment: Delphi 6, SQL Server 2005, VCL framework, CVS (for in house source code and documents control), Windows XP


Design GUI & implement various features like prepare\perform configuration, task scheduling to read various sessions like energy, load survey etc.

Database design and enhancements to existing database.

Unit testing, troubleshooting & bug fixing.

Perform versioning using code check in to CVS, giving installable setup into validation.

Document quality\engineering\interfacing process.

4)Project: FirstTool Application (Hindustan Zinc Ltd.)

Description: This is a stand-alone utility which is used along with Smart2000. This utility uses the energy survey data files acquired by Smart2000 software. User can generate different reports according to the requirement. All the survey data which are stored as *.mrd file is uploaded to the First Tool software manually. This file contains meter information as well as survey data.

Environment: Delphi 6, SQL Server 2005, VCL framework, CVS (for in house source code and documents control), Windows XP


Develop and Generate customer specific reports based on adhoc and scheduled requests.

Provide input in database designing and did some minor database object modifications.

Involved in Production Support and various product release activities.

Actively participated in efforts estimation for fresh build and change requests.

Unit testing, troubleshooting& bug fixing.

Code check in to CVS, giving installable setup into validation.

Documentations of quality\engineering\interfacing process.

Rajasthan University June 2006-Aug 2007

Academic Project : Online Shopping portal

Role : ASP.NET Developer

Description: Online Shopping is a gateway to enter the world of effortless buying, selling and transacting. Web shopping can be a critical tool for retaining customers, expanding share market, and reducing the cost of individual transactions. The project provides Net shopping which is anytime, anywhere, real- time, online shopping. The software is build for managing records, updating records, provides information about status of user’s accounts and is used to generate bills. In addition to placing orders, its functionality also included viewing customer history, calculating profit margins, suggesting sales strategies, and faxing quotes and invoices. The user can see details related to his account. If the user is administrator of the shop then he can see the details of the day to day working of the shop.


Development of Online Shopping project.

Database designing & modifications.

Unit testing, trouble shooting & bug fixing.

Documentations of quality\engineering\interfacing process.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, Windows XP

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