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Design Assistant

Seattle, WA
February 26, 2020

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University of Washington-Seattle Seattle, WA

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Jun.2020 Concentration: VLSI

Current GPA: 3.82/4.0

Honors: Dean’s List for consecutive two years

Relevant Coursework: VLSI design introduction, Digital circuits & states, Device/Circuit (MOSFET), Circuit Theory, Computer programming I & II, Continuous Time linear system, Technical Communication RESEARCHES

Course Design: 16 bits ALU (65nm) Nov.23-Dec.7,2019 Responsibility:

Designed a 16 bits ALU that could perform six computations (Add, Subtract, And, Not, Xor, Or) with delay less than 1.2ns

Developed the ALU that has the minimum energy, delay and energy-delay product

Drew layout with minimum area and clear schematic Software: Cadence

Achievement: Gained more experience about critical path and gate sizing, layout track planning, and how to make design trade-offs; strengthened expertise of group-based working projects; acquired more knowledge about computer processor and its internal structure.

Course Design: 16 bits, 13 entry Register File (65nm) Nov.7-Nov.17,2019 Responsibility:

•Designed and drew out the schematic and layout using cadence virtuoso

•Wrote vector file to test functionality and control file to do measurements

•Adjusted gate sizing to reduce delay

Software: Cadence

Achievement: Familiarized with how hard group working project is in VLSI design; understood how design is critical to maximize productivity and reduce efforts; got in touch with how a great quantity of design are assembled and designed. Course Project: Linear Feedback shift Register (LFSR) (65nm) Oct. 27-Nov. 6,2019 Responsibility:

•Designed and built the schematic and layout of flipflop that are used to build the LFSR using cadence virtuoso with restriction of 5um using our own developed cell instead of standard cell

•Assembled a 16 bits LFSR using flipflop and other gates to achieve functionality

•Compiled a control file to collect data

Achievement: Developed a better understanding of how to maximize the area in a design; became more familiar with the layout construction and DRC, LVS tools; accumulated more experience on how to write control file for measurements. Nanotube Sensor Fabrication Oct.2019-present


•Build sensors that have some resistance varied based on ammonia concentration in the air

•Build PEI doped or Nafion doped based on different usage Achievement: Improve understanding of fabrication which can refine my design process; boost communication and cooperative skills.

Course project: DC-to-DC Voltage Multiplier Jun.1-Jun.7,2018 Responsibility:

•Applied DC-to-AC inverter to transfer it to an AC signal

•Used half-wave rectifier to generate a perfect square 10V wave

•Utilized two inverter oscillators to transfer the AC voltage to DC voltage 20V with ripple less than 1% Equipment: DC-to-AC inverter, oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, MOSFET Achievement: Developed a better insight into MOSFET and how real-life voltage multiplier works; improved hands-on ability.

Course Design: Verilog Elevator Program May 26-Jun.4,2018 Responsibility:

•Programmed for a simple elevator that can be applied to real life using Verilog

•Ran simulation to make sure it meets requirements Software: Verilog, FPGA board

Achievement: Developed a better knowledge of Verilog programming to solve real-world problems. EXPERIENCES




JNC International Summer School Guangzhou, China

Teaching assistant (Physics & Chemistry) Jun.2019-Jul.2019

•Graded the students’ homework, helped students figure out problems

•Organized review sections to answer the students’ queries, and help them gain a batter understanding of force physics

•Instructed the students to do online labs to enhance their understanding of physics and chemistry expertise and supplemented the classroom theory

•Assisted the professors in preparing teaching resources, such as slides, assignments and examinations UW SEAL Lab Research Seattle, WA

Research lab assistant Sept.2018-Present

Project: Construction of a cheap and portable device that can detect ammonia concentration in the air with reasonable accuracy


•Design and optimize the circuit for collecting ammonia concentration using PCB design

•Apply Arduino and Piccaro (an expansive device) to collect ammonia concentration in the chemical lab testing box that can control the concentration of ammonia and air

•Utilize python or MATLAB to filter bad results and make expected result graphs Software: Eagle, Arduino, Spyder, Python, MATLAB

Achievement: Master basic PCB design and MATLAB programming; develop better understanding of how sensors are being produced; learn the way that how a test device can be made to solve real-life problems; acquaint with the construction of micro device that are essential in later circuit design; Greatly improve self-study capability, enhance communication and cooperative skills. ISMP Club Seattle, WA

Mentor Sept.2017-Jun.2018

•Supervised two mentees to learn more about UW, get involved in campus events and activities, and learn more about majors and explore interests to find the specific specialization that they were really interested in

•Conducted weekly presentations that are led by the mentor once a week, provide mentees with resources on and off the campus

•Carried out fund-raising events to acquire more funds for the club and facilitate the students’ study and life UW First Avenue Seattle, WA

President Sept.2018-Present

•Hold review sections for students in various courses

•Provide different means for students to seek for help in all academic areas

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Mac

Programming/Scripting Languages: Verilog, Java, python

Engineering software: Cadence, Hspice, Multisim

Engineering skills: circuit computing, basic circuit design and build circuit

Hardware Experience: Circuit board, 3d printer, soldering

Languages: Chinese (Native), English (Fluent), Korean (Elementary)

Soft Skills: Good at team working, favorable communication skills, critical thinking & leadership skills enthusiastic

& not procrastinated (good at time-planning)

Attending seminars and colloquiums

Learning new languages and different cultures

Traveling, food-appreciating

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