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Engineer Design

Bremerton, WA
February 25, 2020

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Work Experience

Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Keyport

Computer Engineer

June, 2016 - Current

•Project manager on small, R&D project in collaboration with a university. Managed a budget, set mile markers, communicated with higher-up on project status, distributing tasking among three other employees, and attended conferences to socialize with other industry professionals.

•Developed DSP algorithms on ARM based embedded project for receiving multiple sensors of acoustic and orientation data, processing, and transmitting to existing systems using a pre-defined communication packet format.

•Debugged and designed signal conditioning circuits for interfacing between acoustic sensors and A/D converters.

•Updated and maintained existing four layer PCB design to improve manufacturing costs, time, and supply.

•Providing on-site engineering support and maintenance to deployed systems around and outside the US ensuring operations executed smoothly.

•Monitors manufacturer supplies to ensure the products met specifications and requirements throughout the product life cycles.

•Improved existing product test and evaluation processes, reducing test time by half, increasing accuracy by two orders of magnitude, and integrating with existing databases for rapid reference.

•Created software tools to automate established testing procedures utilizing hardware lab equipment. This improved repeatability, reduced task time by 75%, and eliminated transcription errors.

•Developed the control software for software defined radio system; re-packaging a real time network data stream and re-transmitting to downstream processes, adhering to strict channel to channel timing requirements.

•Developed and documented a critical software power control system, replacing an old undocumented solution. The new system improved maintainability, reduced design complexity, and reduced information assurance footprint by 15%.

Montana State University

PCB Designer - Research project funded by National Science Foundation (NSF)

January, 2014 – July, 2015

•Developed and designed physical hardware to take in multiple sensors of data and store to SD card utilizing an FPGA for animal tracking.

•Reduced PCB size from 14.7in2 to 1.6in2 in space critical design.

•Route ball grid array packages, multi-layer boards (up to 10 layers), high density design, and RF design< 1Ghz.

•Communicate with fabrication and assembly houses to understand cost variables that impacted design decisions.

•Create documentation detailing design features and schematics, functionality, cost variables, and bill of materials.

•Successfully mentored and trained new hire in PCB design as replacement.


Software Languages

C# Fluent


C Proficient

Java Proficient

Python Proficient

VHDL Prior Experience

Assembly instruction sets Prior Experience


Git, Subversion, Visual Studio

Labview, Mentor Graphics PADS Suite

DxDesigner, Quartus II, ModelSim, Pspice

Microsoft Office

Lab Tech

Signal, and Spectrum Analyzers

RF Analyzers

Logic Analyzers


Arbitrary Wave Generators

Digital Multimeters

Hand Soldering







Montana State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering


US Security Clearance: Secret

CompTIA Security+

FE Electrical & Computer

May 2015

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