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Sales Lean Six

Piscataway, NJ
February 25, 2020

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RISHIKESH GOPALAKRISHNAN New Brunswick, NJ +1-513-***-****


Startup enthusiast with a passion for building businesses and reading about disruptive technologies. Continuous learner and team player who thrives on pressure. Supply chain graduate student with a strong background in data science, seeking a summer internship in the supply chain domain. Big fan of Real Madrid FC, Beatboxing, Game of thrones, Stand-up comedy, Poker, Beers and Fast Food. EDUCATION

Rutgers Business School, NJ - M.S. Supply Chain Analytics (STEM, GPA: 3.8) August 2019 - Present Relevant Coursework: SC Strategies, Project Management, Operations Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, Data Analysis and Decision Making, SAP ERP Solutions, SC Analytics, SC Business Intelligence, Discrete Optimization, Demand Management for Value Chains MITx - Supply Chain Management Micromasters edX Online September 2019 - Present Relevant Coursework: SC Fundamentals, SC Analytics, SC Design, SC Dynamics, SC Technology and Systems Manipal Institute of Technology, India - B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering (STEM, GPA: 3.4) July 2015 - May 2019 Relevant Coursework: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis, Soft Computing Paradigms, Operations Research, Algorithms and Data Structures, Database management systems. WORK EXPERIENCE

BB Trexim, India - Operations Research Analyst Intern May 2019- July 2019

• Developed solutions to improve resource allocation and production scheduling using demand pattern from Sales orders.

• Simplified the existing WIP (Work in Progress) welding gloves inventory with level-loading strategy. (Compared setup costs with loss of sales) Improved Labor utilization by 30%.

Inertia Solutions, India - Web Developer Intern November 2018 - December 2018

• Developed interactive websites using the .net framework for clients in the manufacturing sector.

• Implemented custom methods and UI using JavaScript and CSS along with their integration into WordPress.

• Collaborated with clients and marketing team to enable SEO, increased visibility and reduced website bounce rate by 20%. iQuadra Information Technologies, India- Machine Learning Engineer Intern May 2018-July 2018

• Performed data cleansing on large, complex datasets to extract insights and conduct statistical analysis.

• Collaborated with devops engineers to build data and model pipelines for code integration and testing.

• Applied classification algorithms to spot fraudulent transactions in real time based on duplicate claims and cost inconsistencies. Platform Petal, India - Head of Market Research and Business Development November 2016- May 2017

• Increased the visibility of the startup by presenting at entrepreneurship cells and crowdfunding rounds.

• Executed specific communication plans and pilot-testing for different target audiences and clients.

• Developed and evaluated marketing strategy based on quarterly objectives, market characteristics and cost factors.

• Hired department-specific interns within the college by surveying and mutual connections, reduced overall costs by 15%. PROJECTS

Process Improvement - McDonalds

• Investigated the current scenario to identify wastes, opportunities and lean culture using Value-stream mapping and Brainstorming.

• Formulated solutions for menu-size, cooking operations, scheduling and inventory by industry-benchmarking and Lean tools - 5S, SIPOC

• Surveyed 50 random customers and applied Six Sigma - Fishbone Diagram, Process Mapping and Inferential Statistics to make suggestions. Safety Stock Simulation for Distribution Centers - Signify

• Identified SKUs with low variability using pareto principle, covariance factor and product segmentation analysis.

• Reduced the Lead time to 35 days by shifting distribution of SKU’s to a DRC (Direct to RDC) architecture from Hub-Spoke architecture.

• Estimated safety stock levels using lead time deviation and demand variability while maintaining a service level of 98%. Network Optimization – Juice Manufacturing

• Analyzed 6 manufacturing plants in terms of efficiency, asset management and raw material management. Identified Raw material procurement/ Storage as the biggest problem due to ineffective ERP systems, communication and supplier relationships.

• Recognized the bottlenecks in the raw material procurement process by understanding the MRP, BoM (Bill of Materials) and its effects on the MPS

(Master Production Schedule) - Fruits and Bottles.

• Optimized the transportation network for each raw material supply chain and reduced weekly variable cost by 47%. Rossmann Stores Sales Forecasting and Analysis

• Identified key variation drivers affecting the sales using Tableau. Implemented several forecasting models with an average error of 0.1256.

• Analyzed the impact of promotions, seasonality, holidays and customer-churn rates for 1115 drugstores. Observed a 31% increase in sales during holiday season.

• Concluded the project pipeline with suggestions on expansion plans in terms of Store type, Competition Distance and Store Model. SKILLS

Technical skills: Programming, Database Management, Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Data Wrangling and Visualization Tools: Python, R, SQL, Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), Tableau, PowerBI, Gurobi Solver, AMPL, Minitab, SAP Suite (ECC, HANA) Domain Knowledge: Network Optimization, Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting, Distribution Strategies, S&OP Planning, Lean Six Sigma, Artificial Intelligence, IOT (Internet of things), Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, Digital Twin, Robotic Process Automation Non-technical skills: Radiant Communication, Active Listening, Leadership, Note-taking, Team building, Project Management ACADEMIA

Demand Planning and Fulfillment (UG) – Teaching assistant (Grading) Jan 2020 - Present Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence (Graduate) – Teaching assistant (Course Development) Jan 2020 - Present

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