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Video Game Designer

Colorado Springs, CO
February 25, 2020

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Colorado Springs, CO 719-***-****

Summary Statement: Specialize in game design and development. Four years’ experience with C#. Highly skilled in design, coding, debugging, and creative thinking. My mission is to create something that will change the lives of those that experience it.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs, CO GPA: 3.7 / 4.0 May 2019

Bachelor of Innovation in Game Design and Development

Cross-Discipline Core in Creative Communication

Languages: C#, C++, Python, GML

Software: Unity, Visual Studio, GameMaker, GameMaker Studio 2, GitHub, SourceTree, Maya, XNA, pyGame, Logic Pro X, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

Coursework: Artificial Intelligence, Level Design, Advanced Data Structures, Game Design for Diverse Populations, Serious Games, Computer Graphics, Object Oriented Analysis Design and Implementation

Additional: Graphic Design, Musical Composition

Prismatic Sphere (Unity)

Color-changing puzzle game that requires precision and puzzle-solving skills to advance through levels.

Developed twenty seven unique stages that gradually increase in difficulty as the levels progress

Taught players the mechanics of the game through gameplay and level design

Created a comprehensive UI and menu system for ease of player use

Bind Rune (Unity)

Isometric RPG focused on using hand-to-hand-combat and devastating spells to vanquish monsters of Norse myth.

Shared design ideas with members of a 4-member design team, as part of an overall 25-person development team

Developed numerous design documents detailing enemies, player spells, and interactive elements

Illustrated detailed concept art of the player for advertising opportunities

Created the full level including enemy placement, hazard placement, and movement options

Spatial Duality (GameMaker Studio 2)

Shoot ‘em up pitting the player’s skill against waves of varied enemies, each with two states that culminates in an engaging boss fight.

Designed and implemented three enemies and a multi-stage boss with different movement and attack patterns

Designed and implemented eight power ups which altered player strategy and facilitated varied, interesting gameplay

Z.E.I.R. [Zombie Elimination and Innocent Retrieval] (GameMaker Studio 2)

Strategy game where the player must save their family from the ravenous undead hordes that have descended upon them.

Implemented numerous in-game options to accommodate for differently-abled players

Conceptualized the game with a wide variety of play styles in mind

Composed a musical track for atmospheric purposes in the main level

Sorting Mansion (GameMaker Studio 2)

Identification game designed to teach players the methods and process of recycling and composting.

Created and implemented a learning objective accomplished through interesting gameplay

Taught players in a safe environment, then had them apply that knowledge to new items

Library Model (Maya)

Fashioned an accurate model of the on-campus library using Maya.

Outlined each intricate shape that comprised the architecture of the library

Integrated each individual shape of the building’s design and layout into the model itself

Patron Services Assistant University of Colorado Colorado Springs, CO 2016-2019

Integrated information into a standardized and centralized system

Communicated effectively with coworkers and customers

Assisted in training new coworkers the intricacies of the system and the position itself

Collaborated effectively with managers and other coworkers

Referee/ Scorekeeper Widefield Parks and Recreation, Colorado Springs, CO 2013-2017

Developed the fundamental skills of children of all ages in a respectful environment

Managed heated disputes peacefully between multiple parties

Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America 2015-present

Tobias C Wadsworth



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