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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

Columbus, IN
February 25, 2020

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A dynamic and self-driven Mechanical Engineer with 4 years of professional experience in Engine Performance/Fuel Economy tuning, OBD, Powertrain Calibration Development, Engine dynamometer/Virtual Bench/In- vehicle/Field testing and Project Management with proficiency in using Matlab, Simulink, CANalyzer and Data Acquisition System Tools.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

May 2018

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

May 2014

Cummins College of Engineering, Pune, India


Powertrain Performance, Calibration and Test Engineer - Cummins Inc., Columbus, IN, USA June 2018-Jan 2020

Calibrated and Optimized 367 Circuit Continuity, Component Functionality, Rationality and Engine Protection OBD for EPA, Euro VI and Euro III On-highway regulations on Heavy Duty truck and bus engines.

Analyzed and troubleshot OBD Fault Codes and Field issues on vehicles using Vector CANalyzer, PCAN View, Data Acquisition Tools and Simulink. Provided recommendations in calibration changes for improving product reliability and durability.

Bench-tested OBD Fault Codes using Virtual HIL Bench with LabView.

Created aged aftertreatment systems and ran performance characterization tests to understand real world catalyst degradation.

Reduced test data analysis time by 50% creating data analysis scripts in MATLAB to efficiently analyze test cell data. Carried out test data acquisition in dyno test cells.

Recommended solutions for Fuel Economy and Emissions improvement by running DOEs and Emissions testing on HD Engines and vehicles.

Authored DVP&R documents in OBD Calibration developments projects for X15 Euro VI engines.

Supported development of engine software using Matlab Simulink Models and Matlab scripting.

Assistant Manager – Cummins India Ltd., Pune, India June 2014-May 2016

Scheduled and managed the testing operation of engines on Assembly line, and carried out the tear-down of failed engines.

Analyzed the engines in the test cell, analyzed failures like leakages, excess blow-by and other malfunctioning in the engines.

Managed a team 10 people responsible for feeding material from warehouse to assembly.

Carried out material handling improvements and studied the engineering design of storage systems. Estimated costs, negotiated with suppliers, and proposed business cases for new storage systems.

Led the Accelerated Program for Excellence (APEx)- Internal Process Improvement Program.

Tools Used: Minitab, Process Map, C&E Matrix, FMEA, Pareto, Control Charts, VOC, Microsoft Excel- pivot tables & formulae

Supported Six Sigma projects such as Improvement in Right First Time (RFT), PFEP (Plan for Every Part) implementation, Infrastructural improvement of warehouse by increasing the volumetric efficiency by 40%, Intra-Kanban implementation between warehouse and assembly.


Concepts: IC Engines, Aftertreatment Systems, Virtual HIL Bench Testing, Field Test, PEMS Test, Vehicle Integration, DVP&R, Data Acquisition System, Calibration, Project Management, Thermodynamics, FEA, CAD Modeling, CFD, Six Sigma

Software, Tools and Applications: Vector CANalyzer, PCAN View, HIL, LabView, MATLAB, SIMULINK, Minitab, SolidWorks, ProE, CREO, Oracle Giea, BI Publisher Enterprise, MS Office, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Calterm (similar to ETAS/INCA)


Feasibility analysis for hybridization/ electrification of public transport in Tempe, AZ Jan 2017 – May 2017

Studied the amount of fuel consumption and GHG emissions for the Orbit bus fleet in Tempe, Arizona.

Carried out a study and established a technical model for both, hybridizing and complete electrification of the orbit buses.

Carried out the financial analysis and suggested economic plans for incorporating the established model using Microsoft Excel.

Finite Element Method based Solver for performance optimization of a dual fluid Mixing Chamber Jan 2017 – May 2017

Analyzed the performance of mixing chamber with two oils of the same viscosity using Navier-Stokes’ equations, by developing a MATLAB Code.

Analyzed the performance of mixing chamber for various combinations of fluid intake positions and optimized the design by improving the performance by 45%.

Performed GCI Analysis for solution verification and obtained an accuracy of 0.54%.

Analysis Simulation of a NACA0012 airfoil to study the effect of Bulk viscosity Coefficient of Drag Aug 2016 - Nov 2016

Studied the formulation of relation of the stress tensor with the bulk viscosity coefficient.

Designed NACA0021 airfoil using Pro-E.

Carried out the simulation of the airfoil in ANSYS Fluent by varying air speeds from 300-3000 mph

Plotted the drag coefficient vs. air speed graphically and observed the effect of air velocity on drag.


Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Cummins College of Engineering June 2012- April 2014

Co-ordinated and marketed the technical events- Triz 2013 and Innovation 2014

Women Affinity Group (WAG), Cummins Inc. June 2014- May 2016

Represented the women employees of the entire plant and took initiative to solve their personal and professional issues.

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