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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
February 25, 2020

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Mob: +91-978******* ; Email:, Plot 37, F3, Sri Balaji Nilayam, Sri Sai 3rd Main, Okkiam, Thoraipakkam, Chennai - 600097, Tamilnadu, India Entrepreneurial-spirited, Strategic, well-connected senior executive / pioneering technologist with 18+ years’ experience (touching 2000 person months IT delivery) in start-up consulting, strategic assessments, directions & transitions, business development, alliance management, and customer experience. A results-oriented executive with a strong background in international project / program management, having delivered and managed over $ 1 million in revenue bump for a start-up just last year & improvised processes & procedures to drive efficiency and market share.

Masterful problem solver and creator of the technical foundations and profitable innovations on which growing thriving accounts / companies / start-ups are built. Highly valued for bridging the gap between business needs and Technology solutions. Key member of executive teams that have successfully navigated a diversity of challenging issues:

Customer base growth - NPS score of 80% and viral coefficient 3% .

Start-ups - 100 % retention rate with 40 % margins and earned long term maintenance contracts.

M & A - Change management, reorganization, and process improvement initiatives - results compliance with synergy levels.

EX and CX driven management.

Governance through orchestrating different psychometrics, behaviours, work styles & cultural differences and fit them into scheme of business.

Established Off-shore delivery models for different IT deliverables and IT services - through putting & organizing process / operational controls to cut costs by 50%.

Spent 40% of work life at customer sites including but not limited to Singapore, Dubai, Atlanta, Denver, Tokyo, and Chicago, Texas. Customer experience: Excellent liaison between technical / non-technical audiences. achieved 90% user efficiency levels.

Employee engagements - 70% NPS score and less than 10% turnaround (high emplyeee retention rates). Turnarounds: Built integrated, stable, flexible tech / people platforms that empowered revitalization with 90% efficiency of struggling departments / accounts.

Recognized for collaborative leadership style, proactive, approach, and keen ability to effectively translate complex operational concepts into tangible action plans. A proven leader with a strong executive presence, capable of blending big-picture viewpoints with tactical considerations to inspire, build trust, and achieve record growth. CORE STRENGTHS

Project / Project Management

Enterprise IT systems (including A2A, B2B, and

B2C) Integration / Digital transformation

Business Consulting / Business plans / System

Solution Architectures

Cost & Resource Estimates

Credit card processing

Team Building, Mentoring & Leadership

Business Development / Business Analysis

Quality Control

Diagnosing Application Problems

Host-to-Host Links Support

Airline Reservations / Airline e-Ticketing /

EDIFACT Definitions Support

Airline Cargo Expertise

People management / Client Engagement /

Employee engagement

PMP Certified


CMTS Computer Education, Manapparai

Senior Project Manager (Feb 2012 – Nov 2012)

Psychometrics & checklists driven management and MIS reports effected to hit revenue & profit blood lines of the start-up and to have an impact on customer's bottom lines.

Positioning start-ups by collecting market data for same industry and same stage of development (directional trends, forecasts, season ability patterns), by concentrating on how profitable are customers and by fairly investing in critical low profile areas. Monitoring inflexion points in start-up metrics and applying operating levers to drive the direction of optimal growth. Outsourced to get a handle on some of biggest drivers when just ramping up and boosted company's MRRs. Controlled margins by spending in the right proportions and by aligning cost structure and pricing.

MIS reports like inventory turn around values to various operational and marketing departments. MIS Expiry report in medical billing system to promptly return expired medicines to recover the costs. MRR for workshop

– contracts to take sporadic calls for maintenance. Metrics report for Account receivables in billing system. Instrumental in driving optimization of logic and storage during system upgrade & migration. Spurred an automated backup solution for Oracle to tape offline task.

Doubled site traffic by guiding the team to use simple UI, high quality images, trust badges, reviews, and chat bots. Improved visit to sales conversion rate by 50% in an ecommerce site by inclusion of features’ comparison between products.

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Sabbatical – School Psychology / Developmental Psychology:

3 factor teacher assessment teaching, scholarly creative activities, service. Behaviourism inclusion in courseware design to increase training effectiveness. Experis IT India Pvt. Ltd, BANGALORE

Senior Project Manager (Jun 2016 to Jun 2017)

Client engagement & automations leveraged to hit revenue & profit blood lines of the department.

Executive-level experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for, and implementing enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives.

Leveraged experience & technology to restore order and reliable reporting and processes to TPF Visa Dev Department in disarray with unaccounted for deliverables, missed SLAs and upcoming UAT deadlines. Simplified long and complicated diagnosis processes, initiated issues' tracking processes, and created a diagnosis tool, established agile processes and email communication structure and guidelines for resolutions.

Engaged with client and successfully negotiated for 30% increase in incident bucket size. New development projects resulted in 20% revenue increase for the department. Orchestrated task assignments and coordinate behaviour’s to reach 98% SLA compliance. Devised induction plan & training plan to cut short new joiner turnaround time by one month. Spurred current problem trends analysis to polarize collective discussions accordingly to boost learnings & to curtail problem resolution time by 20%.

A new automation tool for diagnosis to curtail investigation time by 40%. Devised a call communication plans with proactive understandings and assumptions on customer responses which slashed diagnosis time by 50 % and follow-ups by 60% due to resolutions' clarity.

Small talks - to formalize UI guidelines & metrics and to setup scrum team. Effectively advocated & moulded super ordinates & partners for positive changes in team culture. Team building - negotiations for better performance. Tuned the motivation towards backlogs by analysing organization behaviour towards scrum backlogs. Handled employees' work place pressures, cultural changes and security fears effectively.

Design thinking – Algorithms discussion forums organised; memory use optimization variant and CPU time optimization variant produced for each algorithm in forum. Zero distance zero bench – intangible long term benefits – scripts for database analysis and database statistics, CRM data analysis. Hewlett-Packard Globalsoft Limited, CHENNAI

Project Manager / Senior Technical Consultant (Feb 2013 to Jun 2016) Psychometrics driven recruitment & resource allocation, Management checklists, innovation management (TCO, ROI games of the transformations), team building efforts worked out to burn down the team efforts with impacts on revenue & profit blood lines of the department.

Powerful blend of technology vision and business acumen results in consistent development of powerful business Strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications.

Brought in new IT resources both from internally / externally to custom IT solutions and established a dept with 7 SOWs, annually doubling business generated to create anchor account and drive company revenues to

$2.25M. Instrumental in painting an assertive picture of resource pyramid for budgeting and anticipated various role plays (Director, Thinker, Socializer, Relater) prior to induction of employees into the department.

Achieved success ratio 0.9 in conducting interviews; Planned questionnaire tree and blind spots’ clearance & rescue that resulted in doubling of interview efficiency.

Improved team cohesion by 100% (as indicated by surveys prior & after team building), got 50% more clarity on team dynamics metrics (no hidden agendas, mutual respect, onus) and instilled positive conflicts with help of team building quizzes, puzzles, management learning, knowledge sharing and team outing designed to improve productivity by 10% & reasoning abilities required for the job. PMR presentations-benefits, time/schedule, cost, scope, quality, risks to impart clarity and efficiency on project leaders’ part. Detailed requirement document 5% SLA, no technical change before implementations. SP checklist, BD checklist – 100% traceability back to BR. Setup agile processes for the delivery model.

Migrated purchase inventory system of MRO with 100% compliance with part number field length expansion ahead of schedule within budget. Define employee functions and keep individuals on task. Optimize status reporting processes by removing redundancy to raise the time spent on delivery.

Handled Resource Mgmt., Career planning, Mentoring & Performance Mgmt. for the account with Multi- geography team locations. Psychometric scores taken to design one-on-one discussions like appraisal, feedback, and grievance redressal. Team dynamics metrics taken to design team meeting & status meeting discussions. Status meetings structured meetings. Motivation & cohesiveness geared up by removal of destructive team conflicts. Organizational skills sustainability - Auth timesheet, swipe attendance, meeting attendance pushed to improve presence & availability of human resources. Established reward system to encourage and to gear up individual & team performances

Innovation management – innovation forum organized to make it as a continuous endeavour and pushed to maximum idea to innovation conversion rates by group review & enhancement of ideas. INTERGLOBE TECHNOLOGIES INDIA LTD., CHENNAI

Consultant (Nov 2012 to Feb 2013)

Automations effected to get fast & reliable system upgrade to tighten the customer's belts of system upgrade TCO and ROI.

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Increased migration productivity by 45% Automation Program call tree generator – migration tool.

Checked and completed single source changes for 200 pgms. Devised test scenario for 175 pgms in 3 calendar months.

CMTS Computer Education, Manapparai

Management Consultant (Feb 2012 – Nov 2012)

Business consulting and business planning extended to clients to improve Non-IT / IT / ITES start-ups’ blood lines.

MRR for masala exports industry – periodic system maintenance. Alert management system – in Design & commissioning system to get the designs, erection plans, material orders created & approved without manual intervention and to increase productivity & to improve turn around time.

Reduced TCO by 30% for IT / ITES / Non-IT startups by recommending turnkey and franchise solutions

Non IT – MRR revenue in wastages – for example, dairy farm cow excretions; Snooker parlour – attached lounges for ladies and video games for kids. Non-IT value add – sweets from dairy farm. NIIT Technologies, Bangalore

Presales Services Tech Analyst (May 2011 to Feb 2012) PoCs as ways to demonstrate and to transpire solutions, team work flow and solution methodologies. Global delivery model offshore model and the workflow was transpired for all deliverables.

Worked on standards and proof of concept implementations in support of the company's mission to provide multi-channel deployment solutions for TPF maintenance services. Planed and developed the proof of concept and prototype applications for JIT TPF section with PoC – support ratio 1:1. Contributed significantly towards RFI/RFP response preparations and front-ended customer meetings and Solution presentations with Customer stakeholders. Conceptualized and Architected industry-verticalised solutions and frameworks.

Prepared a guidelines document for new joinees to JAL TPF project. Ran four days workshop on how to handle Japan airlines projects. Penned JIT setup, GDS ticketing, Induction manuals. CMTS Computer Education, Manapparai

Project Manager (From May 2008 to May 2011)

Turnkey solutions (franchising, micro controllers, plug-ins), waste management, MIS reports and value-add effected to hit revenue & profit blood lines of the start-up and to have an impact on customer's bottom lines.

Spurred design of outgoing BPO IVR (with proper repetition) to improve conversion rate for a real estate startup. Cut costs for customer & saved workshop persona's time by leading a solution implementation of Workshop IVR which interacted with Oracle database. Consulted a EPUB BPO business to improve book conversion time 50% by introducing various new automations like MS office scripts and new tools/plugins.

Conceived, setup new businesses and cut out startup costs by 20% & improved turn around timefor startups by 40 % by structuring the startups with human resources and introducing turkey / franchise solutions, negotiating with real estate / lenders / marketers / license agencies / hosting services.

Increased internet traffic by two-fold and session time by 40% UX with ecommerce sites by keeping UI simple

& low UI load metrics and by innovating with a new compare feature. Improved UX with NPS as 80% for billing systems by making purchase planning better in new systems and improved turnaround time for a part / an inventory by 50%. Shown creativity in designing creative solutions assuring 100% proper interface design of cross platform systems for client system realities like planned down time of interface systems and all responses. Gained a good customer referral points by slashing out medicines wastages with implementation of expiry management system. Slashed attrition rate to less than 5% by imparting guidelines, procedures, induction procedures, teambuilding exercises, grievance redressal mechanisms. Smashed scope changes to less than 5% by automating engineering designing processes, improved design effort optimization by automating timesheet design links. Automated material management in erection site means 0 turn around time for spares and in effective 90% utilization of commissioning FTEs.

Dispensed due respect for client organization's legal, standards, regulatory and statutory compliances by delivering on time mission critical projects with no show-stopper bugs. Designed & deployed remote control software for appliances with a combination of Bluetooth and internet as in contemporary IoT. SKYTECH SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD., CHENNAI

Associate Project Manager (Jun 2007 to Feb 2008)

Shouldered SPOC responsibility for $20M project, stream lined processes, curtailed coordination costs, devised cost-effective GDM for business analysis to hit revenue & profit blood lines of the start-up and to have an impact on customer's bottom lines.

Monitored team coordination & reduced idle time due to coordination difficulties by 50%. Supported an interface tool SDQ. Generated MRR – by search tool ISYS maintenance.

Acknowledged as an expert on the subject and took ownership of Mishandled Baggage package with in a month's time. Played SPOC / Technical Lead / Solution Architect role for $20 M worth migration project. Took ownership of around 10 existing bugs & provided solutions as part of project delivery to facilitate smooth implementation. Maintained issue register – designed VBA scripts to flag automated email alerts on target dates. Organised a communications database – BA offshore model – automated email alerts to flag required responses which are due. Integration testing automation – VBA scripts. Conducted soft skills & baggage Résumé of Justin Dhanabalan M J / Page 4 of 5

services transformation functionality training for the team, delivery process’s gap analysis and proposed solutions architects’ offshore model.


Associate Project Manager (Feb 2006 to Jun 2007)

Setup production configuration (product configuration cloning) & release processes, automation scripts to have effective and accurate product releases to hit revenue & profit blood lines of the start-up and to have an impact on customer's bottom lines.

Product release monitor tool to analyse timeouts and rejects to make the release 100% accurate. Product configuration forum to familiarize the whole organization with product configuration and release. Involved in leading Product delivery team responsible for the Product Lifecycle and Strategy of Worldspan's Core Distribution System Products. Worked for every major airline in the US.

Teamed with supervisory staff in evaluating work status, addressing / resolving problems and ensuring compliance with quality and quantity standards. Implemented 130 airline products within 14 calendar months where in the products belong to availability, sell, selective polling, married segment logic, ETKT. Resolved all the problems reported within a day’s time by providing appropriate work - around. Proposed and coded more than 10 fixes for production system problems. Client – Malaysian Airlines

Applied breadth of knowledge and ability to all TPF Cargo Application programming related development tasks in support of 2 software developers at onsite engaged in TPF Cargo projects' development for Malaysian Airlines through teleconferences.

Client – IGT

Entrusted with the additional responsibility of devising a comprehensive training plan and schedule to coordinate the training setup for new recruits TPF training within two weeks; Led the efforts for authoring training materials, labs & exercises and finalized the courseware for the training. Entrusted with providing detailed training status reports for top management and clients. Created TPF training capabilities which resulted in a pool of 100+ Airline Domain and TPF Technology associates. Made some life-long friends and treasured memories.


Identification of technology wheel, getting the grip crux of IT world, and pedalling accelerators of productivity & optimizing quality costs, turn around costs – all to hit revenue & profit blood lines of the start-up and to have an impact on customer's bottom lines. Shouldered responsibility of Full project life cycle management, client/vendor relationship management, and financial/operational management. Managed M&A, reorganization, and process improvement initiatives. Executed systems & data migration from mainframe to soft-air's open technology solution.

Played instrumental role in identification, qualification, and negotiation with acquisition/merger prospects and ultimate merger that leveraged synergy of two firms (100% synergy levels of revenue & gross margin and strategized one year integration plans) to create powerhouse in IT airline cargo arena.

Reduced departmental Integration cost of M&A by 20% by being disciplined & pragmatic in interacting with clean team, synergies (benchmarking) settings & controlling revenue, profit, NPS, share of wallet, cycle time, volume of delivery, productivity, quality and employee attrition. Client: Emirates Airlines

Broad expertise in negotiating H2H & EDIFACT product parameters and setting up IT network telecommunications architecture/infrastructure design. Authored checklists and guidelines documents for design and setting up networks for PNR, availability, fares, sell, ETKT, interlining, credit card and through check-in & baggage applications to increase productivity up to 40%. Implemented 20 H2H & EDIFACT products in eight months with 100% accuracy.

Logs for various customs to meet 100 % system requirement & 100% trouble shooting requirement

Integrated Internet booking engine with TPF system through T2SE (screen independent) on schedule within budget. All IBE incidents resolved within 100% SLA

Collected ETKT PoS statistics MIS report from Mainframe & sent to marketing / operations department which in turn drives accurate marketing / operational decisions. Client: Singapore Airlines Cargo

Hodge-podge of 20+ disparate business systems that had evolved as airline cargo solutions over three decades. Managed delivery 450 person months of IT solutions / IT services with decent schedule slippage 7%, effort slippage 5% and code leakage 0.2 / function point. 80% projects delivered on time, within budget and with no code leakage. Maintained Software metrics such as cyclamate complexity in the range of 3-5 so that maintenance and scalability metrics in 100% complaint. Pleasantly surprised client stakeholders with flow- chart, DFD diagrams, ER diagrams in discussing & negotiating solutions led to reducing user turnaround time, effectively SP turnaround time and better user involvement (UX). Impressed client group leaders with better DB statistics, better DB design and logic resulted in less tuning and maintenance from support team. Maintained client's objectives on compliance SLA with US customs (TTY), Australian customs (text), European customs and Canadian customs (EDIFACT), 98% shipments in compliance. Commissioned mission-critical Airline IT systems in supporting client organization's marketing endeavours 100% on time with less than 0.5 / function point code leakage (but with no show-stoppers client executives). Résumé of Justin Dhanabalan M J / Page 5 of 5

Devised checklists for all deliverables to boost low-cost self-review and to reduce review & rework effort by 25%. Authored guidelines for all deliverables to reduce induction time, to shorten new resource turnaround time, to generally reduce each deliverable turnaround time by 20%. Devised search tool to boost all deliverables’ productivities by 35%. Penned testing setup procedures to increase testing productivity by 45%, to reduce UAT turnaround time by 20%, and to increase effectiveness of stress test & regression test by 50%. Coupled coding & unit testing - to reduce review and rework time, - to increase productivity and - to avoid unit testing rework. Created a pool of EQAs - to reduce review idle time effort. reduced work aheads and established cleaner final inspection to avoid unnecessary rework and to deliver quality loads. Integration testing automation – VBA scripts. T2SE support

Designed monetary & non-monetary compensatory for overtime worked resulted in better EX metrics. Displayed excellent entrepreneurial skills and coordinated interpersonal roleplays with client led to a feel-good

& loyal client and 80% clients' retention.

Leveraged an effective utilization of preventive maintenance (10% of support work time) in delivering 25 permanent fixes in 8 person time gross support work resulting in 99% stable, available and reliable systems. Led an effort to reducing 1000 exception counts in couple of months period resulting in better MTTR (10% of previous) and better NPS as 8. Pushed support personnel's utilization to gross resource utilization 90% by allocating automation tasks database volume & its org efficiency, CRM dirty expired data, Tape problem diagnosis and recovery workaround, etc. Subsidized problem resolution turnaround time by 25% through automations. Coached coordinated the behaviour of full time FTEs to look at age-old problems which have always BDM surprises. Dared to motivate team in isolating incidents with age-old unknown resolution and to figure out the root cause such as rare record dead-lock problem (in parallel re-entrant programs and effective locking system) & input velocity. which have surprises in system systems evolution history and network setup.

Recommended a patch auditing procedure to client executives and implementation of which resulted in 100% view of the system to the client and 100% effectiveness of proactive decision making. Complete resolutions - all complete workarounds and less than 2% downline impact & trace of the incident to customer. Defined IT service management roles to boost up team work & team coordination in reducing problem turnaround time and resolution turnaround time.


Operating Systems TPF, UNIX, Windows XP

Languages IBM Assembler 390,TPF-C, SabreTalk, C, Pascal, Java 1.2 Database Oracle 7.0, TPFDF (Database Facility for TPF), MS Access, FoxPro Software Engineering Impact analysis, Analysis / Design, Requirements process, Modularity, User Interface, Maintenance, Walkthrough, Debugging, Testing, Quality, Programming, and SDLC Mainframe

Technologies / Tools

High Level Assembler Language (HLASM)

Front - End Tools Visual Basic 6.0



ActiveX Distributed Programming: Remote Method Invocation, CORBA Web Server



Web Client Scripting JavaScript, VBScript



Host-to-Host, Basics & operator entries of TCP/IP, AX.25, Legacy Protocols, SNA MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project

Antivirus McAfee

Email Lotus Notes, Outlook



Lotus Notes

Reporting Tools VB Reports, Crystal Reports



SAP Netweaver Exchange Infrastructure



Specialized full time training in Assembly Language for IBM S-390 mainframes under TPF Environment by ASDC (merged with TCS), Chennai, India (3 Months).

Specialized training in SAP Netweaver Exchange Infrastructure by MultyTech Solutions, Chennai, India (2 Months).

Getting trained in SAP HANA, S4HANA

Certified PMP.


Master of Computer Applications from St. Joseph's College, Trichy in 2000 (First Class, 71%, Scored over 80% in Compiler Design & Artificial Intelligence)

Bachelor of Science (Physics) from St. Joseph's College, Trichy in 1997 (Distinction, 75%, Scored over 80 % in Mathematical Physics).

Date of Birth: 10 June 1975 ~ Languages Known: English and Tamil ~ Passport Number: J0267178 / B5951587

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