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Project Manager, Program Manager

Irving, TX
February 25, 2020

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Paul K. Hutyra Cell: 214-***-****


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Profile Results-oriented consulting program/project manager and software developer with over twenty-three years' experience, nineteen of which were at one of the largest consulting firms in the world. Seven plus years in leading SAP ERP global implementation global templates and deployment. Over nineteen years' experience managing development and information technology projects in challenging, fast-paced consulting clients/environments. Innovative problem solver, able to see the business and technical sides of a problem. Demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills rapidly. Proven leadership, negotiation and problem resolution abilities. Able to lead diverse teams (geographical, cultural, etc) in difficult and stressful situations. Exceptional communication skills, both oral and written.

Employer History 01/2015 – Present PKH Consulting Services, Irving, TX, USA

Owner / Consultant

Program Manager, Technical Architect, Project Manager, Master Data Management, Development Lead, Compliance Manager

01/1996 – 12/2014 IBM, Dallas, Texas, USA

Associate Partner

Program Manager, Integration Architect, Project Manager, Development Team Lead, Testing Lead

01/1994 – 12/1995 Herald International, Waco, TX, USA


Desktop Publishing, CADD, PC Sales and Maintenance, Software Training, Application Consulting

Consulting Assignment History

10/2015 – 07/2018 Retail Automotive

Role: Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer - Reviewed and documented all major business processes adding efficiencies and controls where appropriate; Worked with Vendors to create a new fiber optic and Cat6 network in new dealership facility; Created software tools in Word and Excel to improve functionality and communication within the organization; Designed new website and developed tools to be used to improve web and social presence; Trained employees on new sales processes focused on improving customer experience

Owner/Dealer Principle - ; Managed day-to-day operations; Reviewed operations reports and financial reports looking for new opportunities and exposing issues and concerns; Managed customer complaints; Met with department leads to discuss progress, issues and potential revenue improvements or new sources

10/2015 – 07/2018 Software

Role: Project Manager, Compliance Manager for Several Projects in Release

Project Manager: Managed technical projects to protect and classify personal data within the SAP landscape (production and non-production systems) using Secude Halocore and SAP tools to mask, encrypt, and/or genericize personal data per GDPR guidelines. Managed these projects utilizing the Agile methodology.

Compliance Manager: Ensured projects followed the client’s standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) protocols with regards to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), privacy and security. Worked directly with project managers and the client to evaluate compliancy of these standards throughout the project. Validated that all documentation and necessary approvals were completed, approved and stored in a retrievable environment. Evaluated data, both internal and external and the privacy risks associated. Developed training documentation and tracking databases for the compliance tasks and the projects. Worked with both Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

03/2015 – 03/2015 Mining

Role: Vendor Assessment

Performed a vendor assessment to determine capabilities and expertise within the industry and for the work requested. Met with client executives and the proposed vendor during week long workshops. Developed and presented a document discussing the strengths, weaknesses and my recommendations.

09/2014 – 12/2014 Pharmaceutical

Role: Integration Manager/Contract Manager

SAP Implementation – Negotiated contract with client from Blueprint to Deployment for the project. Managed issues and risks between teams and vendors on the project. Provided status to client executives and program leadership. Managed resources across the globe for implementations in Israel, USA, Czech Republic, and England. Worked with program management to adhere to budget and policy. Completed Blueprint for a global SAP implementation.

06/2014 – 09/2014 Banking

Role: Program Manager. Technical Integration Lead

SAP Implementation Review – Was asked to review an implantation by another vendor for quality and growth. Provided results to C-level executives and their staff on a regular basis. Interviewed client and vendor resources to determine root causes and issues with existing implementation and maintenance. Established new governance and release methodology which showed immediate improvements in quality and control. Improved communications between client business and IT organizations. Improved relationship between client and vendor working with both parties’ representatives.

08/2010 – 06/2014 Pharmaceutical

Role: Program Manager, Project Manager, Application/Infrastructure Architect

SAP Implementation (several releases) - Managed the first global implementation of Brazil and Singapore to successful Go Live on time and in budget. Managed the contract financials for all of the global implementations. Negotiated contract language for Project Change Requests, Pre-work Commencement Letters, and other project documentation. Reviewed and approved PCRs and PCLs prior to submission to client. Ensured that the financials on PCRs are accurate

Division of Application Systems Between Two Companies - Communicated and Managed issues related to the IT infrastructure and development for the project. Designed/Reviewed/Approved all of the infrastructure architectural work. Managed the completion of the work included in the SOW for the development and infrastructure teams. Managed the day-to-day work for the development and infrastructure teams and communicated the results and expectations to the leadership team. Managed the scope and change requests for the development and infrastructure teams and ensured that all of the work was completed on time and within budget. Managed client expectations and relationships. Mentored the developers to improve their technical skills.

02/2009 - 06/2010 Distribution

Role: Technical Architect, Development and Infrastructure Manager

SAP Implementation - Communicate and Manage issues related to the IT infrastructure and development for the project. Design/Review/Approve all of the development and infrastructure architectural work. Manage the completion of the work included in the SOW for the development and infrastructure teams. Manage the day-to-day work for the development and infrastructure teams and communicate the results and expectations to the leadership team. Manage the scope and change requests for the development and infrastructure teams and ensure that all of the work was completed on time and within budget. Manage client expectations and relationships. Mentor the developers to improve their technical skills and other PDF capabilities. Report statistics, issues, and successes to the management team.

09/2008 - 10/2008 Manufacturing

Role: SAP Technical SME

Merger Technical Proposal - The client was negotiating to acquire a part of another company. Both companies manage their logistics and finances using SAP. There was a six-week analysis performed to determine the feasibility and options of migrating the data, configuration and development from the acquired company and integrating them into the existing client SAP landscape. I was brought on as the overall SAP SME (more technical) to determine options and present the pros and cons of each options based on the weighting criteria given to me by the client. I worked closely with the owner of the client as well as the VP of IT and his organization.

03/2008 - 08/2008 Major Food Distributor

Role: Project Manager, IT Lead

SAP Charter - The project was to develop and document an SAP Project Charter that identified the high-level approach, methodology, scope, requirements, and plan for implementing an SAP application Suite to replace the current legacy, home-grown applications.

As the IT Lead, I conducted Technical interviews with the client employees. I developed High-Level designs, plans and strategies for addressing the clients SAP ERP implementation. I developed estimates for technical objects, the technical resources required to implement the plan, and provided input into the overall timeline. I provided guidance and information regarding the lessons learned from other clients considering similar implementations. I managed the completion of the SAP Charter document.

Web Channel Strategy - The purpose of the project was to determine a short-term solution of replacing the current web application with SAP CRM and to ensure that the long-term scalability, stability and functional requirements could be met as well with the solution chosen. As the Project Manager, I conducted workshops and interviews to gather the client’s Web Channel requirements. I worked with the client, SAP and Infosys to propose a solution for an immediate fix to the current web solution and for future requirements. I documented and presented the results of the Strategy to the client management and executives.

10/2006 - 02/2008 High-Tech Manufacturing

Role: Program Manager

SAP Implementation - The project is to assist the client in the migration of key SAP R3 operational data from IBM legacy systems in order to run Lenovo’s business on SAP. As the project manager, I managed a $24.4M fixed price contract over a 20 month period with several releases. The tool that the team used to perform the extraction, transformation, and loading is the DataStage Suite. The scope of work included over 265 IBM legacy source applications, 40 business objects, and three target systems.

My team was made up of 20 US resources, 15 India Global Deployment resources, and up to 15 internal IBM legacy resources. To date, we have completed two releases on schedule. I have been running below the cost estimates and completing the work. I have received two Project Management Review (internal IBM reviews) B ratings. I have managed the timelines and expectations of the customer. I have built strong customer relationships. I am perceived as a strong manager with strong technical skills who can provide leadership to many areas of the project.

10/2005 - 10/2006 Telecommunications

Role: Integration Architect, Development Lead, Testing Lead

SAP Implementation - Managed all of the development for the implementation including go-live and production support for several releases. Developed and managed the project plan for the unit and integration testing phases of the project. Managed the development team performing fixes, enhancements, and last minute requirements for the project. Managed the Test Failure log daily and submitted daily status reports to the Project Management Office. Managed the BW implementation consisting of both IBM and client resources. Managed the relationship and coordinated work between IBM US and IBM India (IGSI). Attended all Project Management Office meetings as the development and testing manager. Analyzed and determined estimates for all change requests for the technical work. Assisted in the development of project plans and addendums to the SOW for future work and change requests.

04/2003 - 10/2005 Telecommunications

Role: SAP Integration Lead, Development Team Lead

Release 2005.07 – Managed all of the development for the implementation of a new legacy biller into the currently designed system. Responsible for the overall application architecture design of due to changes required by the new biller. Reported weekly status as part of the Project Management Office. Managed the project plan for all of the development objects. Completed the project on time and under budget while achieving a high customer satisfaction rating.

Release 2004.07 and 2004.10 – Managed three development teams (enhancements, IC WebClient, reporting, and portals) made up of approximately 40 resources from IBM, the client and SAP and approximately 220 development objects. Designed solutions for the development in all of the client’s business process areas (Disputes, Collections, Publish, A/R Reporting, Payments, and Credit). Managed to successful completion of all of the objects on time and within budget. Completed all documentation to the customer’s expectation within the projected timeframe. Supported post-production issues. Resource Manager.

Blueprint - Managed a team of consultants (both IBM and client) who: Analyzed all business requirements identified as gaps within the SAP systems. Designed, developed and prototyped solutions (if necessary) for each of the 28 gaps identified using user-exits, events, custom applications, reports, interfaces, intra-faces (between SAP R/3 and SAP CRM), and custom transaction codes. Documented each gap resolution and included any alternatives. Also developed custom application to process adjustments to customers’ invoices and post them in SAP RM-CA.

04/2002 - 04/2003 Chemicals

Role: Project Manager, Development Team Lead

AspenTech Marketplace Integration - Managed a team of developers (ABAP/4, webMethods, and COM component) and configurators (SAP) tasked with integrating a third-party hosted marketplace (AspenTech Marketplace) with the client’s SAP R/3 system. The following transactions were included in the integration: Inbound to SAP: Order Create, Order Change, and Confirmation of Shipment. Outbound to SAP: Order Create, Order Change, Order Response, Confirmation of Shipment. Developed custom RFC’s to create sales orders, deliveries, purchase orders, goods receipts, and confirmation of services in SAP. Developed flows and services in webMethods Developer and server to integrate and transform the data between the Marketplace and SAP.

EDI Migration Pilot - Managed a small team (both the client and IBM) during a pilot to migrate a few of their partners from the existing Harbinger EDI mapping tool to webMethods Enterprise Application Integrator (EAI). Migrated 15 partners who were using the EDI 850 inbound (Sales Order Create) and the EDI 810 outbound (Invoice). Developed migration strategies and support documentation for the new webMethods system.


Role: Lead Developer

SAP Implementation

On-line Transactions - Created on-line programs that simplify the input of data into SAP and lessen the chance of error by the user. The transactions include BDC sessions, and the printing of bar code and mailing labels.

Batch Input Programs - Created batch input sessions that run immediately and/or are held for scheduled runs.

ABAP/4 Code - Created approximately 15 print programs that required specific enhancements required by the client which the current programs would not support for the FI, SD, PP, MM, and SM modules.

SAPscript - Created approximately 30 SAPscript forms for the FI, SD, PP, MM, and SM modules, including sales order, quotations, contracts, delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders, work orders, service orders, service notifications, checks, and tax forms. Performed configuration of modules relating to the printing of forms and documents in SD, FI, MM, SM, and PP.


Role: Development Lead

SAP Implementation - Lead a team of 10 ABAP developers and worked with approximately 7 legacy developers through 3 successful phase implementations. Developed and managed project plan for data conversion, reporting, and forms. Performed detailed analysis with client, legacy, and functional teams to develop detailed specifications for data conversion, forms and reporting. Have performed scope analysis and presentations to propose alternative solutions regarding project scope, timeline and resourcing.

Custom Applications - Created a custom front-end application within SAP to support the Technical Services store counters and call centers during the customer check-in and check-out processes. The application simplified the creation of customer and equipment records. It initiated the service notification and order process. It created quotes and sales orders in the background based on the information provided by the previous transactions.

Enhancements - Have designed and developed enhancements to existing SAP functionality in the SD, SM, FI and MM modules using user-exits, area menus, customized screens, and appending fields to data dictionary tables. All enhancements were for added functionality or increased loss prevention.

Batch Input Programs - Have designed and created interfaces and conversions from legacy systems and external systems using BDCs, direct input and call transactions.

ABAP/4 Code - Have designed and created an interface for the printing of checks using More Systems as the external solution. Have designed and developed bar-code printing solution for the build-to-order business using Zebra printers. Created many external interfaces to external systems including an interface for credit card transactions between SAP and external application.

SAPscript - Have designed and developed SAPscript forms for many of the processes, primarily in Sales and Procurement.


Role: Development Lead Analyst

Upgrade Analysis - Lead a small team to determine the number of technical objects which would be affected by the upgrade. Appended the development tasks to the detailed project plan and the resources and duration required to complete them. Proposed a plan of action to address and correct the deficiencies in documentation of the technical objects.


Role: Development Team Lead, ABAP/4 Programmer

SAP Implementation

Online Transactions - Created on-line programs that simplify the input of data into SAP and lessen the chance of error by the user. The program includes several screens, validation checks and reporting.

Batch Input Programs - Created batch input sessions that run immediately and/or are held for scheduled runs.

ABAP/4 Code - Created approximately 20 print programs that required specific enhancements required by the client for the FI, SD, PP, PM, WM and MM modules. Have created several reports for daily operations.

SAPscript - Created approximately 25 SAPscript forms for the FI, SD, PP, PM, WM, and MM modules, including Invoices, Purchase orders, delivery notes, transfer orders, checks, credit and debit memos, sales orders, bills of lading, and assembly orders. Worked as a member of the data warehouse team analyzing and determining the best possible solution for the reporting of historical, legacy, and subsystem data.

UPGRADE: Lead a team of seven ABAP programmers to the successful completion all of the development requirements for a successful upgrade from SAP version 3.0E to 4.6C. Automated and redesigned some existing business processes utilizing new functionality in 4.6C. Corrected and improved any interfaces, conversions, SAPscripts, and reports which err due to the upgrade. Enabled and customized the extracts from SAP to the Business Warehouse. Eliminated Batch Data Conversion (BDC/Call Transaction) programs by using standard SAP BAPIs and function modules. Removed core modifications and using user-exits provided in SAP since version 3.0E.


Role: Project Manager, ABAP Programmer

Integrate Omnexus Marketplace with current SAP R/3 system using Business Connector - Managed a small team to the successful completion of the development of the interface between SAP R/3 and the Omnexus marketplace using SAP Business Connector (Integrator and Server), and MQSeries. Completed the service and service flows within Business Connector. Completed ABAP programming required in SAP R/3 user-exit to successfully complete the automated sales order process. The project was completed within the projected time and budget.


Role: ABAP Development Lead

SAP Implementation - Managed a large team of developers (both client and IBM) during an upgrade to their current SAP environment. Developed strategies and approaches to migrating, adapting, and/or replacing existing development specific to the needs of the client. Developed a new solution for their purchasing model using standard SAP and its supplied user-exits (eliminated core modifications and changes to SAP standard processes). Mentored and coached the client resources in development management and solutions. Prepared resource estimates and Resource Manager: plans for the implementation.

Plus more projects as development lead or developer in SAP.


Key Skills Program Management, Technical Integration

Programming Languages: ABAP/4, webMethods, IC WebClient, SAP Business Connector, SAPscript, COBOL

Other: Database Design, Hardware Component Installation, Desktop Publishing.

Methodologies Waterfall, Agile, ASAP

Key Courses and ME 4-5 Management Training Course (internal IBM)

Training SAP R/3 - ABAP/4 Training - 2.2 and 3.0

SAP R/3 4.0 Interfaces, EDI, and Enhancements

SAP R/3 4.6 Performance Tuning, Interfaces, Enhancements

SAP R/3 Portals Training

Recognition IBM Consultant Certification

Rated Top 10% vs. peers (IBM)

7 Service Excellence Awards

Practitioner Nominated Individual Award

IBM One Hundred Percent Club (multiple times)


Qualifications Masters of Science, Finance

University of Dallas, United State of America, In progress

Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems

Baylor University, United States of America, 1995

Languages English Fluent

Spanish Minimal

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