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software devoloper and tester

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
February 25, 2020

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Mobile: +91-638*******

LINKEDIN: Objective

Seeking a position within an organization where I can contribute my skills for the success of Organization and synchronize with new technology while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. Experience

9 months experience as intern in VALEO R&D center Chennai Works undergone in Valeo: Project name “CDV-ECF-HONDA-ASE” Designation: Master’s Engineering Graduate Trainee(Intern) From 3 June 2019 to present

• Hands on experience in Renesys RCAR 51 microcontroller used in automotive industries

• Hands on Experience in sensors like DUS, SCALA, DVS

• Experience in embedded c or c++ and protocols like CAN,LIN,FLEXRAY,SPI,I2C

• Exposure to V-cycle, 5S standards

• Strong Experience in python

• Sound knowledge in image processing applications

• Developed a tool for code review for valeo using python

• Experience in Integration Testing (win idea/vteststudio)

• Strong Experience im Module Testing(Using Vector Cast)

• Widely worked on automation the tool which I developed reduced 500 hrs. of manual effort

• Strong Experience in c#,java

• Experience in MATLAB Simulink widely used in AUTOSAR

• Experience in creating GUI or UI for dashboards inn cars

• Hands on experience in android

• Strong knowledge in 8051,ARM,

• Developed a unique tool for generating C file from FSM state diagram

• Experience in MSP430 (16 bit microcontroller)

• Strong experience in Debuggers like I5700(VECTOR)

• Experience in using ECU for CAN

• Strong experience in CANOE

• Experience in Device Driver programming (Beagle bone black)

• Experience in Linux OS (Ubuntu)

• Experience in MS visual studio

• Expert in Python and OPENCV

• Exposure to various to various wireless protocols like BLE, ZigBee Skill Set

• Software Skills: C, Python,C#,Java VHDL,SHELL Scripting (basics).,verilog

• Hardware Skills: 8051, LPC 2148, Nexys4.

• Tools: Keil micro vision, Vivado, Jupyter Notebook, Tornado.

• Architecture : 8085, ARM – CORTEX M- series ARM – cortex A series ARM7

• Microcontrollers : 8051,MSP430,RENESYS RCAR R51,Atmega,

• Operating system: Windows, Linux(fedora),VxWorks(basics).

• Scripting lauguages: python,perl,shell

• Additional skills: MATLAB, MATLAB

• Frontend : javasript,nodejs.PHP

• Backend : c#,java,


• Frameworks in Python : Django, Numpy, Pandas, Opencv, Matplotlib, tensorflow, pillow,pytesserct,openpyxl, http,xmltree,os,re,dlib Projects

MTech Semester projects

• IOT Based smart agricultural and Irrigation system for Fruit Ripening states This project emphasis on real time aspects helps the farmer to detect the fruit maturity states using Raspberry PI system a camera is interfaced with PI the camera captures the image using opencv the processed main steps are HSV transformation, segmentation(edge detection), counting the no of colored pixels like R/G ratio based on the ration the system interrupts the stage of maturity. The prototype is tested for different fruits the classification of fruits is done by tensor flow a machine learning module

• IOT Based smart agricultural system for detection, classification and indicating remedy for Leaf Diseases :

To develop a novel system for agriculture which helps to detect leaf diseases and to classify the disease to interpret the remedy to farmer via GSM it will communicate the nearest agricultural Research helpline indicating the immediate first aid like Urea. Here the Raspberry Pi,camera and GSM module,Opencv is used to highlight the affected leaf, Tensor flow is used to classify diseases like Brown spot, GSM module is used to communicate the health info android app is used to see the updates frequently

• Collision Avoidance System using LPC2148

Due to drivers being in attentive and to avoid the no of accidents arising with the increase in no of vehicle an accident avoidance system has been developed.

Drowsiness detection using MATLAB:

Driver drowsiness contributes to many car crashes and fatalities in the United States. Machine learning algorithms have shown to help in detecting driver drowsiness Bayes -> Naïve Bayes Functions -> Logistic regression, SMO Trees -> J48, Random Forest the above algorithms are implemented

B.E. Project

Power Divider For Ku Band Sattelite Communication

Abstract: The novel KU band Substrate Integrated Waveguide(SIW) based Wilkinson’s power divider for satellite communication Team Size: 1 . Academic Profile


Board / University







Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore







Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore

2014 - 2018 7.28


SFS Matric Hr sec School, Vaniyambadi



SFS Matric Hr Sec School, Vaniyambadi

2011 - 2010 89

Technical Trainings:

• Attended 1 month (June- 2017) technical training in Dept. of Embedded systems, BAP,BHEL,RANIPET

• Attended technical symposium on Internet of Things in AUG- 2018

• Completed a technical course in IBM Data science for python

• Completed a technical course in Neural Network and Deep Learning Achievements

Successfully developed 7 applications in 8hrs in valeo My project is picked one of the top 5 projects in SET – 2 conference 2019 Published a paper in IJAERT

Keyboard player since 2002


Name: John Benjamin Samuel.J

Date of Birth: 19/11/1995

Father’s Name: Mr. Johnraj J

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Poonguzhali B

Languages: English,French,Tamil

Address: House no. 235, Chengilikuppam Village, Girisamuthiram post, Ambur taluk, Tirupattur DT

T.N – 635751

Hobbies: Carrom, Chess, Music

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