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Power Plant Manager

Edmonton, AB, Canada
February 26, 2020

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Regino Estevez

*** ***** ** ******, **, Edmonton AB, T6J 7B4, Canada.



Highly skilled Cost Estimator, focused on the performance, with extensive experience and knowledge in multidisciplinary projects type LSTK, EPC, EPCM, Revamps, Turnaround, and C&SU, (in all its phases, from ROM to DD, including FEED), in the following areas: Oil & Gas, Oil sands, Refining, Energy, Pipelines and Infrastructure Industry, for minor & major projects (in Brownfield and Greenfield areas). With experience in several countries like Vzla, Canada, Colombia and Mexico. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the elaboration of the cost estimated, tender proposals, and support during construction, managing various projects reliably. Committed to providing accurate, timely and detailed cost estimates and proposals, in order to help to find the goals defined by the organization. Besides, I have strong analytical skills and problem-solving, good communication skills and teamwork.


Good knowledge of the cost classification according to AACE.

Reviews, analyze and interpret the Client Documents (RFP, Specifications, Isometrics, Drawings, Schematics, 3D models, etc.), to determine if there is sufficient acceptable detail to do the estimating.

Make visits to the project's site. Take part of the project meetings, also, in the review of the schedules.

Prepared the WBS, and the Basis Of Estimated (BOE). Also, the elaboration of the Material Take-Off (MTO), Request for Quotation (RFQ’s), and the first schedule of the project.

Maintained constant contact with the managers, engineer’s, construction team and procurement group during the development of the cost estimate and prepare the information for management presentation.

Planning, coordinate and manage the resources to achieve the goals of scope, deadline, quality and costs of the project, seeking to meet the expectations of customers and always taking care to minimize the risks of the project.

Experience in a supervisory role, and ability to Multi-Task.

Good ability to plan, organize, direct, perform, review and present cost estimating information independently, using a high-level professional judgment and knowledge.

Proficient with MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Knowledge in K-Base, B2W, Navisworks, DWG TrueView, MS Project, cost manuals and development of cost templates and good math skills.

Good knowledge in the development of BID proposals, economic evaluations, contract negotiation, claims handling due to changes and deviations in the scope also back charges, assistance to the development of risk analysis & risk mitigation, contingency, and the adjustment by inflation (escalation). Preparation of cost reports, variations, and the forecasting. Also, in general, do the track of the project performance.

Maintain a methodical file of costs for the estimations, besides performing the benchmarking with similar projects and reviewing and updating the information periodically.




Cost estimator assigned to Bruce Power, to the development of general cost estimates for the Project “Mayor Component Replacement (MCR)” of the Nuclear Power plant of Bruce Power (BP) located in Tiverton, Ontario, Canada. Responsible for the preparation, validation, and review of cost estimates (Class 5 to Class 2), including the gathering and organized of the information, the preparation of the material take-offs, the attendance of the Kick-off meeting and other clarification meetings, for the Upgrading, Maintenance, and Turnaround projects, for the Plant A (Units 1 -4) and Plant B (Units 5 - 8), including all the disciplines: Structures, Piping, Equipment’s, Electricity, Instrumentation & Control.

The activities included the preparation of cost estimates for the general works for the overhaul, installation, upgrading or replacement of: turbines, generators, turbine electro hydraulic governor (EHG), turbine supervisory instrument (TSI), power & distribution transformers, circuit breaker, CCM, PLC, control panels, bus bar, re-heaters, exchanges, tanks, motors, pumps, piping’s, valves, cables, instruments, fire protection systems, steel structures.

May 2019 – Nov 2019 CONTRACT ESTIMATOR

Technical Support Group (TSG) - NUTRIEN (Alberta, Canada)

Responsible for development of cost estimates (Class V to Class II) for Maintenance projects, Upgrading, Turnaround, and others, in the plants of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash, and the Storage facilities. Responsible

for collect and review the information, make the visit to the site, prepare the material take-offs, obtained competitive price quotations from various suppliers and sub-contractors for the preparation of the estimates.

The activities included the revision and update of the database of the Cost Estimation Department.

Key Project:

Replace and installation of equipment’s like to: Irrigation Water Treatment Unit (Portable Brine Refine and RO Plant), Boilers, Compressors, Condensers, Exchangers, Pumps, Motors, Blowers, Cooling tower rebuild, 102C Waste heat boiler replacement, Turbine Governor Upgrade, Furnace Re-tube, Truck receiving conveyor, Structures, Conveyor belt fire suppression system, Piping’s, Valves & Instrument’s, Transformers, MCC, & PLCs, Switchgears, Busbar, Feeders, Poles & luminaries, Buildings expansions and others.

Aug 2018 – Dec 2018 ESTIMATOR LEADER

WOOD PLC (Monterrey, Mexico)

Development and coordination of cost estimates for the Project “Regulatory and operational improvement in the infrastructures, based on the Technical Evaluation - PEMEX”. Including the review and interpretation of documents, user bases, specifications, 3D model and drawings, for preparing the estimates, also included the distribution of the workload & tasks and the supervision of the group of cost estimators.

Key Project:

Cost estimate for the EPC estimates for the pipeline, Length: 27 Km, Dia.: 10”, from the “Valeriana” wells station to the separation plant, located in Tabasco. Including: camps, piping yard, corridor, deforestation & clearing, leveling, grading & stringing, trenching, lowering & backfilling, topsoil & restoration, welding & NDT, the crossing of marshy land and crosses with directional drilling (creeks & road crossing), pipe sacks, valves, pig traps, cathodic protection, tie ins, signaling and tests.


Freelance estimator (projects & construction), with field experienced and good background in the development of cost estimating for: Buildings, Remodeling, plumbing, industrial and commercial areas, included the preparation of material takeoffs. Also, I prepared: BID estimates, cost validation, also included the support to the development of the risk analysis, the selection of the suppliers and the site support, and the supervision of the construction works of these activities.



Cost Estimator for the EPC of Cartagena Refinery Expansion Project, from 80000 BPD to 165000 BPD (Greenfield & Brownfield areas) (REFICAR, Colombia) ($ 4.5 Billion). The activities included: preparation of cost estimates for construction, including the periodic review and adjustment of the general estimate of the project. As well as reviewing the change orders and vendor backcharges.

Besides, collaborate with the Contractor Selection Team and with the Procurement Group in the evaluation and selection of subcontractors and suppliers.

Also, included the support the activities of Cost Control Team, that involved the request for new financial resources, and the collection and handily of the necessary information for the earned progress, changes and variations in the scope, quantities installed, quantities budgeted, actual hours, tracked and controlled all changes/trends.

Further, include the participation in the upgrade of the risk analysis and the risk mitigation.

In addition, the activities included the supervision of the work done by the other members of the cost estimation team.

The works included: the rescue & relocation of wildlife, deforestation & clearance, fences, geotextiles, camps, the supply & installation of 150000 m of concrete for foundations, elevated structures including columns, beams, and walls for equipment’s and piperacks. Besides the scope included the pilings installation and upgraded the loading dock (Ro-Ro), including the dredging works.

Also included the supply & installation of 1900 equipment’s & the construction of 25 tanks for oil, 5 LPG spheres and the modification (normalization according to API 650) of 8 existing tanks, 700000 lm of piping (straight run & spools) and 19000 instruments. Besides the scope included the supply & installation of 1750000 lm of cables (power & control, high, medium and low tension). Further, the scope included the supply and installation of 26000 ton of structural steel, for piperacks, modules, and supports for equipment’s, as well the scaffolding. Besides the tie-ins, sandblasting & painting works, and the insulation works.

Key Projects:

Cost estimate for the FCC Existing Facility Revamp, the scope included the replacement and install of equipment’s in the FCC Unit, such as: Reactor, Regenerator, Fractionator, Debutanizer and others, plus steel superstructure. Also include the installation of: a Merox unit, coolers, blow down vessels, condensate, fluidizing compressor and others, concrete & pilings, spools & tie ins and E&I works. The scope included, turn around works, the shutdown of the unit and the rent of a Heavy lift crane (VersaCrane TC-3600).

Development & coordination of the Cost Estimate for the Commissioning & Start up (C&SU) of the refinery, including: MPP team, direct & indirect labor, materials, equipment’s, consumables, catalysts, subcontractors, vendors & licensors.



Preparation and coordination of cost estimates for projects EPC, EPCM and OBE proposals. Review and interpretation of BID documents, specifications, 3D model and drawings, for preparing the estimate, and distribution of workload and tasks to the group of cost estimators. Gathering & review of the information supplied by the Engineering, Construction and Procurement group, subcontractors, and vendors. Review and adjustment of the offer in conjunction with the group of construction, operations & planning and presentation of the same to the bidding committee. Support the Commercial Manager with the preparation of BID proposals.

Key Project:

The cost estimates for Open Book estimate (OBE) for the Expansion and Modernization Project of the Talara Refinery - Phase 1. The activities included among others, the elaboration of cost estimates for the selection of contractors, for the electromechanical installation of the following units: Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit and the Revamp of the Primary Distillation Unit. (PETROPERU, Peru). ($ 845M).

Jul 2008 – May 2011 ESTIMATOR


I worked as a cost estimator assigned to SUNCOR Energy. The activities and responsibilities included: Preparation of cost estimates for projects (SS, DBM and EDS), EPC and EPCM proposals for the Oilsands Upgrading (Sustaining Projects), in the Heavy Crude Upgrader, located in Fort McMurray and the Conventional Oil Production facilities (steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), in Firebag Facilities.

Key Project:

Cost estimate (SS, DBM & DD) for Increase the capacity of the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU), including civil works, concrete works, pilings, the installation of: a prefabricate steel building (1776 sf), equipment’s, modules, pipes, spools & valves, electrical, instrumentation & control works (cables, instruments & equipment’s), EHT, painting & insulations works, and the supply & installation of the HVAC units. The scope also included the installation of the fire detection, protection & extinguishing systems, test & C&SU.


OTEPI Consultores S. A.

Management and supervision of estimating team. Preparation and coordination of cost estimates for projects & construction (type LSTK, EPC, EPCM and O&M), at various stages of design, from the conceptual phase to the detailed designs, site visit and progress visits to the projects in execution, evaluation of changes and claims.

Maintain and update the documents and databases of cost used daily and management of cost indicators (KPI), as well the development of the cost templates.

Key Project:

Cost estimator for the Project Manager Team (PMT) for SINCOR Surface Facilities Project. The followings estimates were included: site preparation, camps, corridors, 17 wells pads, pipelines (195 Km, dia: 16”, 24” & 30”), yard tanks (oil & diluent), modules, power lines, electrical substations, three-phase separation station & pump stations, water injection facilities, yard the storage tanks, marine terminal and the upgrader plant which included: 12 process units and 4 general services units, (Cap.: 200000 Barrels of heavy oil), (SINCOR). This project was done by the Consortium Foster Wheeler - Otepi. (SINCOR, Vzla). ($ 5 Billion).


Mechanical Engineering (1984), Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela.

Logistics Management Máster (1992), Instituto Politécnico de las Fuerzas Armadas, Caracas, Venezuela.

Specialization in International Business (2008). Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela.



Project Management Institute (PMI) member ID: 4488269 (PMP certification in process).

Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator Training (Aspen IPM), AspenTech, Calgary, AB, Feb 2009.

Personal Management Course, (Worley Parsons) – Norquest College, Edmonton, AB, May 2009.

Financial Management Program, IESA, Caracas, 2002.


Mentorship program (Council National to Training of Engineers ACIEM), Colombia.

From Mar 2016, I am member of a volunteer program to support new immigrants, at ASSIST Community Services Center Southwest. Edmonton, AB. (780-***-**** ext. 109).


Freddy Mulino, Senior project manager, Worley Parsons, Phone: 519-***-****

Christian Mantilla, Project manager, Foster Wheeler, Phone: +1-832-***-****

John English Lead Scheduler, Limetree Bay Restart +1-832-***-****

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