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Software Engineer C

Seattle, WA
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February 26, 2020

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Rene S. Hollan


Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Senior Software Engineer

Summary: Energetic, out of the box thinker, specializing in networked, embedded, and high-performance real-time and non-real-time systems. U.S. citizen. Canadian citizen. Shipped: Dell Isilon automated test, Boeing ARINC data acquisition, GE Oil&Gas monitor/control system, F5 Load Balancers/Application Accelerators/Firewalls, Watchguard Firewalls, Teradyne RMU75X (PSTN test system), Nortel ADAS+ (PSTN speech recognition), Memotec X.25 equipment, Canadian telco CDROM database. Notable: Boeing 7x7 664/429 processing, F5load-balanced logging, Chiaro optical petabit routers, Microsoft automated test, ATI & Qualcom automated graphics test, RMU-75x POTS test head, A*-search research as applied to speech recognition. Programming Languages: C/C++/C++14, perl, python, javascript, assembler, etc. Technology: TCP/IP, ARINC 664/429, X.25, HTML, REST, SOAP, RPC, XDR, XML,, WSDL, UML, COM, DCOM, SQL, MFC, MPEG2, MPEG4, H,264, X.509, git, Jenkins, Linux, package management, busybox, Windows, Microsoft Productivity Tools, Perforce, TFS, Rational Rose, Rational Clearcase, Jira, CVS, RCS, emacs, gcc & gdb, unix tools, Code Composer, SQL, node.js, Intel x86, ARM/Cortex (STM32 MCU), Motorola 68k, TI TMS320Cx0, Logic/Protocol analyzers, oscilloscopes. CAREER TRACK

08/2018-02/2020 Dell, Seattle, WA, Sr. Software Engineer Automated test for Isilon filesystem remote protocol access. (protocol still under NDA). C++,Python, Ubuntu, CentOs.

04/2018-06/2018 Boeing (contract), Tukwila, WA, Sr. Software Engineer Coded high performance processing of 7x7 ARINC 664/429/XMA aircraft sensor data in a multi- processor/multi-threaded environment. Increased performance approximately 5-10x. Windows(Win32)/ Linux/node.js/Docker/Jira Agile.

02/2016-03/2018 Alstom Grid/General Electric, Redmond, WA, Staff Software Engineer Developed software for monitoring and management of oil and gas distribution systems (SCADA). Refactoring legacy applications and correcting defects. Windows(Win32)/TFS/NMS(Jira) Agile 07/2012-12/2015 F5 Networks, Seattle, WA, Sr. Software Engineer Developed firmware for Layer 1 through 7 “BigIP” network load balancers and application accelerators. Specialized in retaining HTTP client affinity to specific back-end servers, reusing back- end server connections for multiple client requests (“One Connect” feature); developed “Balanced” and

“Replicated” device logging to load-balanced and redundant log servers, introduced device logging to Elastic Search databases in support of analytics; and extended programmatic control of device via RESTful and SOAP interfaces. Linux/TCP/IP/SOAP/REST. 05/2012-06/2012 Synapse Product Development (contract), Seattle, WA, Staff Software Engineer Developed firmware device drivers for PWM'ed LED displays, latching and non-latching gas valves, hardware watchdog, button input debouncing, as well as event timer management. Bare metal development (board bring up) on ARM/Cortex STM32Fx MCUs. EABI ARM cross-building tool chain on Linux. Schematic reading and oscilloscope use essential. C/C++/Assembler. 07/2008-03/2012 Watchguard, Inc., Seattle, WA, Software Engineer Developed TCP/IP proxies for unified threat management firewalls in embedded Linux ARM and x86 efirmware environments. Enhanced XTM product line with HTTPS, SMTP/STARTLS, SSMTP proxies, etc. Also responsible for adding X.509 certificate and key management, PCI/DSS compliance through wireless “rogue AP” scanning. Busybox and custom archive and package management tools used. Linux/C/C++

08/2007-05/2008 Qualcomm, Inc. (contract), San Diego, CA, Software Engineer Produced automated test tools for video rendering on cell phone platforms. Windows/C++. 05/2004-07/2007 Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA, Software Development Engineer Produced automated test tools in C# for on-line and mobile applications using SOAP, WSDL, and other technologies. Simplified reporting with XSLT-configurable report generator. Windows/C# 01/2003-05/2004 ATI Inc, Richmond Hill, ON (Canada), Software Engineer Developed automated test tools to verify audio and video rendering and sync on Xillion hardware platform (MIPS CPU with MPEG2 acceleration) embedded in set top boxes and digital televisions. Applied Viterbi matching on video frame/field CRC sequences to measure rendering quality against standards. Linux/C/C++

07/2001-10/2002 Chiaro Networks (startup), Richardson, TX, Software Engineer Supported gigabit Ethernet and other device driver firmware. Automated test. Linux/C/C++ CAREER TRACK (continued)

11/1997-10/2002 Teradyne, Deerfield, IL, Senior Software Development Engineer Developed custom GNU/Linux (Redhat-based) operating system components of an automated test tool for data link through application layer protocols. Automate GPL compliance in build system. Hosted Richard Stallman to train developers on GPL compliance. Modified Anaconda installer Linux, C++, x86 Assembler

Developed embedded MS320C30-based RMU-75x POTS test head. TCP/IP, serial communications, helped to extend CodeSourcery C++ to C translator. C++ Corrected defective outsourced Java servlet code in a multi-threaded Allaire Jrun servlet engine under Apache. Secured $25k refund. Java.

Deployed remote download software patch remotely via small “patch” to modify existing code to run well enough to download proper fix to over 1500 remote RMU-75x test heads saving $200k truck roll costs.

09/1991-11/1997 Northern Telecom, Verdun, Quebec, Canada, Member, Scientific Staff Develop key components of ADAS+ Automated Directory Assistance System, employing speaker- independent voice recognition in the POTS environment.. Ported Viterbi/A* search code from research to distributed multi-processor TMS320C60 embedded system. Achieved 100 times speedup over VAX. T1 A/B bit signaling, C/C++.

01/1990-09/1991 INRS Telecommunications, Verdun, Quebec, Canada, Research Assistant Research into very large vocabulary speaker-dependent continuous speech recognition, using multi- variate Markov models, and A*-admissible artificial intelligence search driven by forward estimates from Viterbi searches through quotient graphs of phoneme networks divided by appropriate node equivalence relation. VAX/VMS, C.

11/1988-12/1989 Dataradio, Town of Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada, Systems Analyst Developed Z-80 Assembler software for mobile radio modems. Implemented Reed-Solomon error- correcting code in the data link to combat Raleigh fading in mobile networks. Developed de-jittering software for digital radio repeaters. Z-80 Assembler. 01/1987-07/1988 Tetragon, Town of Mount-Royal, Quebec, Canada, Systems Analyst Develop national Canadian residential and business CDROM telephone directory databases. Implemented security system to limit use in subscription deployments. C, x86 Assembler. 05/1985-01/1987 Memotec Data, Town of Mount-Royal, Quebec, Canada, Systems Analyst Develop Z-80 based software for X.25 PADs and switches. Implemented data compression algorithms based on Huffman coding. Implemented software download upgrade process. Z80 Assembler, VAX VMS.

CAREER TRACK (continued)

09/1984-05/1985 CN Rail, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Programmer Support corporate IBM/370 information management system: DISOSS. Added support for lower case to corporate email system. COBOL, IB M/370 Assembler. EDUCATION

Master Of Computer Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bachelor Of Computer Science (Honours), Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. PUBLICATIONS

R. Hollan, "Richard M. Stallman visits Teradyne," sid=00/08/02/2111236, August, 2000.

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P. Kenny, R. Hollan, V. Gupta, M. Lennig, P. Mermelstein, and D. O'Shaughnessy,"A*-admissible heuristics for rapid lexical access," IEEE Trans. Speech Audio Processing, 1 pp 49-58, January 1993. P. Kenny, R. Hollan, V. Gupta, M. Lennig, P. Mermelstein, and D. O'Shaughnessy,"Experiments in continuous speech recognition with a 60,000-word vocabulary," Proc. ICSLP, pp. 225-228, October 1992.

P. Kenny, R. Hollan, G. Boulianne, V. Gupta, M. Lennig, and D. O'Shaughnessy, "An A* algorithm for very large vocabulary continuous speech recognition," Proc. DARPA Sp. Natural Language Workshop, 6 pages, February 1992.

P. Kenny, R. Hollan, V. Gupta, M. Lennig, P. Mermelstein, and D. O'Shaughnessy,"A*-admissible heuristics for rapid lexical access," IEEE ICASSP, pp. 689-692, May 1991. Last updated February 24, 2020

(c) 2000-2020 Rene S. Hollan Verbatim copying and distribution is permitted, provided this notice is preserved. Submission for purposes of employment permitted only with permission of Rene S. Hollan.

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