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Software Engineer Engineering

San Jose, CA
February 24, 2020

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Adam Askari

Software Engineer SF Bay Area (Cupertino) 408-***-**** United States Citizen


My aspiring goal as a software engineer is to use knowledge from different fields to build accessible software that makes everyday life more fun, organized, and efficient; if I get to work on products that I personally use, that's even better! Mainly focused on building system side infrastructure or AI/Machine learning frameworks.


University of California, Santa Cruz Stanford

Bachelor of Science, Engineering WSP 152 A Crash Course in Artificial Intelligence Major: Computer Science (2016-2020)

Currently 4th Year Student (Expected Graduation 2020) Yonsei University

6-week study abroad program (Summer 2018)

XASN 103S Korean Cinema

XASN 11AS Beginning Korean 1



Jobvite Inc. (June-September 2019)

Worked on the platforming team and created tools to help ensure code and product quality. Analyzed Gradle dependencies when migrating integration tests from Junit4 to Junit5. Worked with a known JavaServer Page linter and created python scripts that could output the errors it was generating into more legible formats. Wrote automation tests using frameworks such as Carina and Selenium to make sure parts of the application were working as intended.


REST API Distributed Key Value

Worked with a group in a Distributed Systems class and wrote a distributed key value store in Go. Keys are distributed in the system using modulo hashing and supports redistribution of keys throughout the system.


Wrote an HTTP Client and Server in C++ that can send and receive files such as text or binary. Has multiple key-value storing such as the file data and alias names for the files. Server searches for data using linear probing. Has multi- threaded implementation with a cache that employs a Least Recently Used scheme.

NFL Score Predictor

Uses SKLib/SKLearn and tensor flow to create a machine learning model that can be used to predict a score of an NFL game. The models include RandomForest and a Neural Network.


Wrote a cross platform mobile application in react-native with a team in my Software Engineering class that helps bridge communications between healthcare professionals and their patients. Uses React-Native and Firebase.


Proficient: Java, C, C++, Python, Go, Javascript

Familiar: SQL, MongoDB, C#, Vue.js, React.js, Jquery, php, bison, flex, HTML, Firebase, Css Technologies: Android Studio, Expo, Git, Unix, POSIX, TensorFlow, scikit, Jest, Maya, Unity

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