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Engineering Mechanical

Waterloo, ON, Canada
February 24, 2020

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Hammad Qadeer

Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering (3B)

*** ***** ****, ********, *******, N2V 0B3


Technical Skills:

● Solid command of technologies, tools and best practices in designing mechanical equipment using AutoCAD, SolidWorks including FEA and engineering drawings.

● Proficient in microsoft office tools such as excel, access and Power BI

● Excellent shop and safety skills honed from work as a machinist and welder. Able to design and fabricate tooling and mechanical test fixtures.

● Strong team collaboration skills. Work closely with team members to achieve engineering goals


Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, 3rd Year Completed. University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

(September 2016- Present)

● Dean’s Honour list 2018

● 3.2 overall GPA


Co-op/Developmental Student at Ontario Power Generation (Sep 2019 - Present)

● Developed visuals for soil mineral concentration using power BI as a part of cathodic protection programme.

● Assisted in periodic inspection programme which involved verifying pressure vessel database, then visually inspecting the pressure vessels in the power station for any defects, writing emails to work control team on what work orders to execute and later reporting the final details to CANDU

● Advocated on behalf of my section in company meetings to ensure the related work orders were scheduled and executed

● Verified the existing technical documents from the valves section and later updated their database on the company website

● Participated in the innovation project which involved considering various new techniques to monitor confines places

● Responsible for looking up automatic lubricators and later presented the best suitable product to the supervisor for the machinery related to our department Design 31X project (2019)

● Proposed forward a design for a commercial low flush toilet

● Consisted of a flexible U bend and an ultrasonic sensor to detect the type of waste

● Used remarkably low amount of water ranging from 2 - 5 litres per flush

● Displayed strong leadership by organizing team meetings and ensured quality work was produced and deadlines were met

Quality Inspector at Guelph Manufacturing ( Summer 2018)

● Examined manufactured products, primarily automotive parts to ensure they parts meet all standards of presentation and quality.

Machine Design project (2018)

● Worked in a team of 4 to build a router milling machine that performed basic milling functions by designing in solidworks and later fabricating it

● Performed stress analysis on various parts of the machine and made engineering drawings using solidworks.

Manufacturing Processes (2018)

● Constructed a turnbuckle by operating various machines and learned the impact and purpose of various machines such as lathe

● Understood other concepts like importance of rpm and diameter of drill in a given project.

● Took occupational health and safety course and studied basic rights and duties of an employer and an employee.

Kinder Project (2018)

● Worked in a design team of six to design a toy which successfully performed its task of moving over a distance of 2.5m without the use of stored potential energy

● Used solidworks to build the toy and later 3d print it Reverse Engineering Project (2018)

● Worked in a group of six on reverse engineering a snowblower engine

● Showed dedication by giving extra time other than the lab time to disassemble the engine using the machine tools such as screwdrivers, hammer, and electronic drills

● Used solidworks to assemble the whole engine and then later animated the engine. Teddy Bear Wheelchair Project (2016)

● Successfully built and programmed a mechanical car with a team of five in design project from first year

● Displayed strong detail-orientation while coding to program arduino in order for car to run

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