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Gis Analyst

Toronto, ON, Canada
February 24, 2020

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Honours Bachelor of Science- Biochemistry 2013 to 2018

McMaster University, Hamilton, ON Class of 2018

Dean’s Honour List, 2013 – 2018

Certificate in Applied Digital Geography and GIS Sept 2018 to Dec 2019

Ryerson University, Toronto, ON

Relevant Academic Labs and Skills

Identification of Suitability for Urban Tree Planting

Created a generalized land use map from a digital map by using ArcMap 10.6 software, differentiating parcels of land that are not occupied by existing structures or physical boundaries such as property lines, buildings, slope, and aspect, to identify suitable areas for tree planting.

Consolidated raw geographical data into an actionable plan by analyzing and buffering vector data, converting data to raster, and reclassifying data layers to visualize areas that meets all suitability criteria in the mid Toronto region.

Registration of Remote Sensing Images

Calibrated geometric distortions of satellite images of Toronto region using ground control points collected from geo-coded images in Geomatica OrthoEngine, increasing accuracy and utility of remote sensing models.

Highlighted key elements by using PCI Geomatica to enhance image raster data through histogram adjustment, which augmented feature recognition and image interpretation.

Investigated the level of vegetation in Toronto by analyzing the visible and infrared light over time to create a leaf area index, which determined the chlorophyll content and the carbon budget of the target study area.

Designing a Database

Designed a relational database specific to a retailer’s specific needs with SQL using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studios software.

Gathered input documents and analyzes business/client data and process problems and determined alternatives for resolving issues or business improvements by normalizing and assigning relationships to entities in the database.

Documented the database by using a data dictionary, providing subsequent users an informative file that describes the planning and space used by the database should they wish to modulate it further in the future.

Designed a database of fire stations within Toronto region, creating SQL scripts that would locate fire stations within a 2km radius of an accident site.

Used Alteryx and FME to automate a real-time spatial data source to continually update the database with real-time data.

Work Experience

Takeout and Kitchen Worker Aug 2019 to Present

Swiss Chalet, Toronto, ON

Displayed high attention to the sanitization of workspace and food serving utensils.

Communicated effectively with the working manager on changing daily tasks to recognize and stock food items.

Demonstrated work ethic in a physically laborious job cleaning, cutting, and packaging food products. (cut and blanche up to 400 pounds of potatoes daily)

Agricultural Assistant

Shane’s Farms, South Korea Sept 2018 to Dec 2018

Strategized optimal irrigation techniques by establishing effective planting and drainage patterns, which improved crop health relative to farming practices used on the farm in prior years.

Established company branding by highlighting the organic farming practices, processing organic raw plants (black beans) into refined packaged products, and selling the final products at the local organic farmers’ market, improving overall sales and creating demand for upcoming year’s crop.

Demonstrated work ethic in a physically laborious job, cultivating, growing, and harvesting plant products.

Career Related Skills

Proficient in Alteryx, FME

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel

Proficient in SQL, SSMS

Proficient in Python Scripts

Knowledgeable about ETL, Ogr2Ogr, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Certificate in Do-it-Yourself-Geoapps in ESRI training camps using ArcGIS online

Valid Ontario “G” Driver’s License

Extracurricular and Volunteer Experience

Peer Project Mentor

Youth Assisting Youth, Toronto, ON Aug 2019 to Current

Mentoring the youth by introducing them to activities such as hiking, camping, sports, and other extracurriculars to help them experience fulfillment through their challenges, achievements, and relationships with others

Teaching the youth to express himself by engaging in thoughtful discussions which aim to build communication skills and to help build an understanding of himself and his influence on the people around him.

Building rapport with the youth by organizing weekly recreational activities, which aids in understanding his interests and his aspirations.

Assistant Chef

Living Rock, Hamilton, ON July 2016 to June 2018

Prepared nutritious and enjoyable meals for underprivileged youth in the community, by displaying a high attention to workplace sanitary practices and cooking by consistently sterilizing the working environment and storing and documenting food preparation times which resulted in repeat visits, community development, and opportunity to foster relationships.

Coached and mentored new volunteers by teaching safe and sanitary kitchen practices in a welcoming environment, which helped new volunteers feel more comfortable in the space, built morale, and increased competence in the work environment.

Built meaningful relationships with the youth by listening to their stories, and participating in group-oriented games, which allowed me to understand their needs and direct them to appropriate resources offered by the organisation such as food stamps, drug abuse rehabilitation centres, clothing, and counselling.

SAVE (Senior Activation through Voluntary Engagement)

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton, ON July 2016 to June 2018

Carefully monitored intake of nutrients and water and documented the activities of patients to decrease the time needed to recuperate and stay healthy.

Built relationships with elderly patients in long-term care in the hospital through stories, jokes, chats, and games, reducing the risk of cognitive decline in diseases such as dementia, and delirium.

Displayed high attention to effective sanitary practices, by wearing personal protective equipment and consistent hand sanitization, resulting in minimal exposure of contaminants and pathogens between the patients and myself.

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