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Engineer Engineering

Mission Viejo, CA
February 24, 2020

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Shiyu Liu

***** **** **** ****• Lake Forest, CA *2630• 304-***-****•


Ph.D. Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Six years’ experience in Automotive Industry

Excellent in data analysis, project execution

Experience in negotiation

Skilled in mentoring peer engineer and training technicians

Proven ability to lead technical team to improve data quality, reduce running cost, and delivery results on time

Willing to learn new skills and good at continuous improvement

Expert in Python, VBA on Excel

Trained in Design for Six Sigma

Selected Experience

Karma Automotive 2019.02- Present

Emissions Test and Development Engineer

Perform OBD demonstration on plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) for emissions certification

Oxygen Sensor fault insert through IAV Primero

Unified diagnostic service (UDS) demo for best performance unacceptable (BPU) and worst performance acceptable (WPA)

Execute emissions test on plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

Chassis dyno emissions test for FTP75, HWFET, cold FTP75

Emissions results analysis for engine control module and hybrid control unit development

Stationary new European driving cycle testing on PHEV for PM emissions evaluation Optimal CAE (Assigned at Fiat Chrysler Automotive) 2016.06-2018.09 Senior Research Engineer

Perform After-treatment simulation to meet emissions regulations

Develop three-way catalyst (TWC) model to simulate emissions at real-world off-cycle

Validate GT-Power engine/emission model

Develop O2 perturbation strategy to increase TWC conversion rate

Develop catalyst cooling down model for electrified vehicles

Build catalyst model(standalone) in GT-POWER and correlate model with test data

Predicate catalyst temperature through engine shut down with validated model

Provide catalyst temperature map to electrified vehicles control to meet emission regulations and achieve best BSFC

Perform 1D engine simulation for new engine development projects

Develop 1D engine simulation models in GT-POWER with completed intake and exhaust system

Evaluate new engine technologies and predict performance and efficiency

Support engine control algorithm evaluation and/or development

Enhance current standard analytical practices to improve model accuracy and/or increase execution speed

Cooperatively work with design release engineers/test engineers

Provide component - level and/or system-level design recommendations based on interpretation of analysis results

Austin Tri-Hawk Automotive 2016.01-2016.06


Specially assigned to take responsibility of Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Provide engineering support, convey customer requirement to production team, collect customer approval drawings and coordinate technical reviews

Support new model launch and maintain current mode

Order/ship trial pars for customer events, write procedure for order/ship process

Develop quotas for events parts, mass production parts, and service parts

Design containers for new model packaging

Issue PO for the tooling investment

Monitor sales volume and analyze trends

Develop annual sales quotas and reduce selling price per customer request Cummins 2013.03-2015.12

Emissions Engineer

Lead emissions measurement function for Cummins high horse power engine development and assure technical center comply with EPA and ISO regulations

Select, design, develop, purchase, commission, and troubleshoot emissions measurement equipment, methods, and software specific for HHP engines

Initiate continuous improvement of emissions measurement equipment

Reduce emission sampling time by three times, which led to reduction of running cost

Optimize flow rate meter calibration to close to engine running condition and to reduce technician working load

Develop checking procedure for bench compliance with EPA certificate test

Extend FTIR measurement on new constituents (NH3, CH4, N2O)

$50,000 reduced on emissions measurement equipment re-purchasing through capability analysis Supervise and coach technicians for emissions equipment calibration/maintenance

Write emissions bench calibration & checks procedures for technicians

Technical support for solving bench malfunction within 8hrs Lead 6S project: Create a calibration method for accurate measurement of compositions of blending fuels with Gas Chromatography (GC)

Innovate calibration method with measurement accuracy (raw total) with -/+1% (allowable within -/+5%)

Cover blending ratio from 0 to 100 with minimum calibration cost (6 bottles)

First GC in Cummins achieve this capability


Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering 2013 West Virginia University, U.S.A

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering 2008

Tianjin University, China

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 2005 Shandong University, China

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