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Developer Salesforce

Delhi, India
February 24, 2020

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Shashikant Kumar


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Mobile: +91-701*******

Summary of Experience and Qualification:

Shashikant Kumar is working with as Senior Salesforce Developer. He has total of 56 months experience in Salesforce Development. Previously he has worked for Deloitte India and Accenture Solution Pvt. Ltd. as Salesforce consultant/developer. Profile:

Salesforce Configuration and Customization:

Security and Sharing Implementation: Hands on experience with Profile, Permission sets, OWD, Sharing rules, Role hierarchy, manual sharing etc.

Customization of Object and record page: Hands on experience customizing standard & custom object, page layouts, record types to meet various business requirement.

Process Automation: Hands on experience with Workflow rules, Process builder, Apex trigger, Approval Process to automate various business processing in Salesforce.

Object relationship: Hands on experience implementing object relationships available in salesforce such as master-detail, lookup, many- to-many relationship, external lookup. Knowledge of Indirect and Hierarchical relationship.

Data Migration: Hands on experience using Apex data loader and

Synchronous Apex:

Controller Class, Extension class for Visualforce page.

Apex trigger, Trigger handler and Trigger Helpers.

Invocable Apex for Process Builder.

Asynchronous Apex:

Hands on experience of Future methods.

Hands on experience with Batch apex and Schedulable Apex.

Knowledge of Queueable apex.

Email templates:

Hands on experience with classic email templates, lightning email templates.

Hands on experience with Visualforce email templates.

Salesforce Lightning:

Hands on experience developing lightning components.

Hands on experience, working with standard and custom lightning events.


Integration - REST: Inbound and Outbound: Hands on experience implementing Inbound and Outbound rest integration.

Integration – SOAP: Basic knowledge.

Canvas App Implementation: Hands on experience integrating third party application in Salesforce using Canvas App.

Service Cloud

Console Application:

Hands on experience customizing the Service Console application using macros, omni channel, custom console components etc.

Hands on experience with console Integration API

Email-to-case: Hands on experience.

Sales Cloud:

Hands on experience working with Account, Contacts, Opportunity, Lead Object and Customizing the solution as per business requirement.

Apex Email Service: Hands on experience implementing apex email service.

Apex Sharing: Hands on experience implementing sharing programmatically using Apex based sharing.

Visualforce Pages: Hands on experience working on Visualforce pages, Visualforce pages rendered as PDF.

Other configuration & customization: Validation rules, Custom settings, Custom metadata, Test class etc.


Salesforce Certified Administrator.

Salesforce Certified App Builder.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1.

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant.

Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant.

Tools used:

Salesforce Data-loader,, eclipse, Apache ant for Salesforce, Workbench, Git, Flosum.

Professional Experience:

Senior Salesforce Developer

Dec 2019 – till date.

Deloitte India

Consultant - Salesforce

Dec 2017 – Dec 2019.

Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Application Development Analyst - Salesforce

June 2015 till Dec 2017

Project Experience:

Current Employer: Deloitte:

*Sector / Domain: Loan Management System

Role: Salesforce Developer / Consultant.

Role Description:

Responsible for requirement gathering, involving direct interaction with the client and finalizing the final functional approach of Implementation.

Solely responsible for designing and implementing the solution as per finalized requirement and functional approach for same.

Developed lightning component(s) for developing screen for various stages in flow for Loan Downsizing, Financial Eligibility Check and Hunter Check (For checking duplicate Loan Application.).

Performing rest callout to third-party system for Loan Downsizing, Financial Eligibility, Hunter Check.

Responsible for developing test classes for all the classes and triggers wrote / modified as part of these functionality.

Client Name: Amazon Employee Services

Sector / Domain: In House Project – HR Services for Employee. Role: Salesforce Developer / Consultant.

Role Description:

Responsible for migration of Cases, Attachment, Notes to Salesforce.

Case Migration: Using Static resource and batch apex.

Attachment and Notes Migration: Data-Loader and Batch Apex to link Attachment and Notes to specific Cases.

Create batch to share contact, cases, and other custom object which are child to cases as per a location code field.

Developed Visualforce page to display the data from Various related object on single page with few fields being editable and a link on the same page to download the Visualforce page as PDF using the newly added information.

Developed Apex Trigger which makes copies of Files (forms) which was shared with users / external email addresses as email attachment. It was done to avoid the 2000 share limits of file.

Developed test classes for the apex code.

Client Name: Amazon Employee Services

Sector / Domain: In House Project – HR Services for Employee. Role: Salesforce Developer / Consultant.

Role Description:

Implemented Canvas app to integrate third party application – AEM content Management into Salesforce using Canvas app. Used signed request to pass the parameters from Salesforce. Implemented the canvas app both in Classic and Lightning view.

Customized the footer on console application to change the default behavior of console components. The standard knowledge footer component is replaced with custom console component which basically with the help of Visualforce page used the Salesforce console Integration toolkit API to control the default pop-up behavior of the footer custom console component and overrides it to act a hyper-link. A post callout to AEM is made using Java-script form submit.

Apex rest service: Implemented Apex rest service which accepts three parameters – Parent record Identifier, Blob, file Name. Signed request was used to authorize the user to make a post call to salesforce. The Name of Specific User was captured at Attachment in last modified, Created-by field.

Developed test cases for all the Apex code.

Carried out all the post and pre-deployment configuration related activities. Sector / Domain: Banking.

Role: Salesforce Developer / Consultant.

Role Description:

Developed a lightning component to display Bank Account Information, which was received from a SOAP Callout to External System.

Developed a Visualforce page to generate a PDF Account statement from response received from SOAP API Callout to External System.

Developed Lightning Component to display Account Hierarchy.

Implemented Email-to-Case, Omni Channel, Macros etc.

Developed test cases for all the Apex code.

Carried out the pre and post deployment steps.

Sector / Domain: Recruitment Portal

Role: Salesforce Developer / Consultant.

Role Description:

Worked on Apex batch class, Visualforce Pages, Controller Class and Triggers etc.

Worked on Process Builder, Workflow rules, Approval Processes etc.

Worked on Test code coverage.

Ex- Employer: Accenture Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Sector / Domain: Banking / Financial Services

Role: Salesforce Developer / Consultant.

Role Description:

Worked as a Developer responsible for analysis and implementation of solution as per the requirement.

Develop Visualforce pages and corresponding controller, Visualforce rendered as pdf, Visualforce Custom Components, Apex Trigger, Batch Apex.

Performed REST based Integration to make a POST callout to check for duplicate account before an account is created/updated in Salesforce.

Involved in designing the approach to follow while developing the code, considering Separation of Concerns. Implemented Enterprise Design Pattern and Apex Design Pattern.

Worked on Test classes and Involved in post and pre-deployment activities and deployment.

Sector / Domain: Agri-Business

Role: Salesforce Developer / Consultant.

Role Description:

Implement enhancement request tickets raised for monthly/emergency release.

Provide the detail analysis the reason for the defect and best possible solution.

Work on apex class, apex trigger, Visualforce pages and Visualforce Custom components, flows, process builder etc.

Carried out deployment and provided support during Testing as a developer. Education Qualification:

Degree University Year CGPA

B. Tech in IT KIIT University 2015 7.5

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