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Assistant Operator

Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa
February 24, 2020

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Khaliphani Moyo

Management, Education, Humam Resorce

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** ******* ******* *** ***** EXPERIENCES

April 2015 First year geology xeld trip eGperience to vrahamstown organized by unifersity o

ort hare geology department co6ordinated by Mr CJ vunter, Pro Liu and Pro O vwafafa 2015 May 201’ Second year xeld eGperience to Port Elizabeth co6ordinated by Dr Madi, Mr CJ vunter Pro essor K Liu and Pro essor O vwafafa.

201’ September 2017 Third years 8 daysU xeld trip to qpington Northern Cape co6ordinated by Dr K Madi and Pro essor Ken Liu. Studied geology o area including Augrabies alls, Prieska, and Cradock.

2017 May 2018 honours class xeld trip to Transkei juarries at qmtata location Eastern Cape, where there were studies about dolomite rock.

2018 Honours research pro—ect which was Infestigation o kaolin deposits using fertical electrical sounding method in Makhanda Location,vrahamstown,Eastern Cape, South A rica 02 EDUCATION

Feb 2008 B Dec 2010

Cala. Eastern Cape, South A rica

A.M Zantsi S.S.S,


NCS Matric

Feb 2014 B Dec 2018

Alice. Eastern Cape, South A rica

University Of Forthare

(Sc Degree in veology

Ma—or modules veology and veographic In ormation System )vIS9 Feb 2020 B Feb 2020

Alice. Eastern Cape, South A rica

University Of Forthare

Honours Degree in veology

Honours Degree in veology

Feb 201Z B Dec 201Z SAFA Regional FA

vrahamstown. Eatern Cape, South

A rica

D License Coaching Course

To play any game well, you have to have a clear grasp of what the game is about, what the objective of the game is, what counts as winning, and also plenty of practice. But it is also helpful to listen to advice, for there are quite a few useful principles and precepts. They will not be useful, however, unless taken in the spirit they are given. 03 SKILLS Communication Skills

E ectife Team Leader

Critical Thinking

Drifing License







Feb 2015 B Mar 201’

Alice, Eastern Cape. South A rica

Student Leadership, University of Fort Hare

Assisting new and returing students to access higher education. Helping is dra ting appeals, Funding applyications, Also representing students in their desciplinary hearings 06 HOBBIES Sports ) playing soccer, crickets and rugby9 Political and Social debates,

Community engagement )oluntary Tutor or High Scholars9 07 REFERENCES 1. Professor O Gwavava

Honours pro—ect superfisor, qnifersity O Forthare vwafafa@u


Mrs Ziyanda Mmango

Kaseke Transkei juarries

081 03Z 2528

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