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February 24, 2020

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Summary of Qualifications

Highly motivated Geophysicist, gained hands-on experience in the reservoir geophysics field. My interpersonal skills, creativity and moral values have enabled me to successfully meet the requirements of the companies that I previously worked for. Fast learner, grasp new concepts and implement them effectively and efficiently in the geophysical data processing and imaging workflow. Fluent in English, French and Arabic. Computer Skills

Software: Petrel, SMT Kingdom, GeoFrame, Pickwin / Surfer, IPI2win / Oasis Montag /Corel Draw Web languages: HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Django Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Unix

Experience Highlights

Society of Research and Exploitation of Petroleum in Tunisia (SEREPT) Tunis 2019-02 – 2019-06 End of study internship

• Data quality control/Log editing

• Seismic interpretation of 3D post-stack seismic data (678 lines /2779 X lines)

• Velocity model using layer cake model / Seismic inversions

• Horizon maps of the Acoustic Impedance (AI) cubes

Confirmed Genetic Inversion lead to a reliable prediction of reservoir properties away from control points Water Researches and Technologies Center (CERTE) Ben Arous September 2018 Internship

• Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) field trips (Tunisian coast):

• Geo-electrical profiles / Images 2D of the variation in electrical resistivity

Determine the extent of saline water intrusion

Tunisian National Oil Company (ETAP) Tunis August 2018 Internship

• Introduction to Geophysics / Applied methods

• 2D Seismic interpretation (Case study of The Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia)

Familiarized with Horizons picking and Faults Network Tunisian National Oil Company (ETAP) Tunis August 2017 Internship

• Geological study of the Southern part of Telemzane Arch in Tunisia:

• Lithostartigraphic correlation / Petroleum systems event chart / Isopack maps

Interpret the thickness variations of TAGI reservoir Petroleum Research and Development Center (CRDP) Tunis June 2017 Internship

• Geochemical analysis techniques:

• Sample preparation / Rock-eval pyrolysis method /Gas chromatography technique

Engaged with the laboratory staff in order to successfully complete their experimental protocols Education

Master's degree in Applied Geophysics 2017 - 2019

The Faculty of Sciences Tunis Manar (FST) Tunis

Thesis subject: Comparison of Genetic and Elastic Inversions (Ashtart Oilfield, Offshore, Tunisia) Manel MAAROUFI



Fundamental license in Earth Science 2014 - 2017

The Faculty of Sciences Tunis Manar (FST) Tunis

Personal & Professional development

Python Object-Oriented Programming January 2020


Able to use Python for my own coding projects

Web development August 2019

Go My code / Summer academy Tunis

Able to create responsive websites

General English 2018-10 – 2018-11


Level B2 equivalence

Workshops November 2017

American Corner / Inno peace Tunis

Topic: Human rights

Entrepreneurial Training April 2017

Tunis Higher Institute of Management (ISG) Tunis

Market study

Participation August 2016

National Water Distribution Utility (SONEDE) Tunis Drilling Monitoring /Borehole Inspection Camera

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