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Marketing and Creative Director and Manager

Margate, FL
February 24, 2020

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Brandon Price

Marketing & Advertising

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am relocating to Florida and I feel I would make an excellent fit for this position. I provide an extremely diverse set of skills and experiences within the B2B and B2C markets. My background includes the ability to develop analysis and strategies, manage projects and teams, and also create and develop projects from start to finish. I can thrive within a team or multi-department setting while also being a self-starter in an individual role or in a lead position. I feel my experiences allow me to be prepared for any role, project, and market segment. My resume and portfolio illustrates my ability to produce success and creativity in a variety of settings. I offer a diverse set of skills and experiences:

• I have created marketing campaigns from concept to completion which includes strategy, analytics, budgeting, design, photography, copywriting, media buying, and vendor management. These campaigns have been for both, digital and print formats, with many being the combination of the two. My portfolio offers extensive examples, along with case studies, that show a wide variety of advertising projects and campaigns I have taken on.

• I have coordinated efforts and strategies with internal and external sales managers and teams regarding inbound lead generation, analysis, and engagement. A prime example of this was through franchise development in a B2B setting to bring in qualified leads for franchise expansion.

• I have generated leads for sales teams in B2B and B2C markets through digital advertising, industry portals, email marketing (through SalesForce, StreamSend, Constant Contact, and MailChimp), and through print advertising such as direct mail, event-specific promotions, and full campaign development.

• My ability for analysis of campaigns and strategies has been put to use when it comes to content marketing and analyzing market engagement, campaign analysis for promotions within locations and demographics for such businesses as restaurants, determining voter engagement for political campaigns, market analysis for franchise locations, and socioeconomic research for economic development within a county territory.

• I have coordinated departments as it regards marketing, branding, and quality control. In my time with online education development, I was responsible for managing over 50 designers, programmers, and content developers to produce consistent visual and written education tools.

• Managed marketing budgets have consisted of determining overall costs of campaigns, reviewing and managing vendor proposals. I have also set up marketing strategies and budgets across a calendar year to provide a complete map to success for franchisees to put local owners in the best position to succeed no matter their strengths or weakness regarding business development.

• I am also highly capable in a client-facing role to develop relationships and networking as I have done when aiding Pinal County in economic development through direct interaction with real estate developers, corporations, and commercial real estate agents at trade shows. Relationship development was also heavily leaned on during my time working within news and media to get the buy-in of local schools, government officials and departments, and the targeted community.

My portfolio offers two case studies of marketing projects that I have led and managed. The two case studies are in the restaurant industry and the news and media market.

These case studies relate to the position by showing I have developed and led a variety of marketing programs and strategies. I can take two very different projects with very different goals and produce results. The case studies also illustrate that through planning and analysis, I was able to increase customer engagement, maximize profits, and increase sales. I have worked with nationwide chains and multi-unit locations developing marketing and advertising programs across multiple locations, supported sales, and development of documentation and training programs. I have worked with franchises with multiple locations across the nation developing advertising campaigns and marketing programs at the local and national levels.

Phone: 267-***-****



Brandon Price

Marketing & Advertising

Additionally, my portfolio shows an extensive history of branding and campaigns for a variety of clients. This skill set allows me to be both strategic and hands-on as it regards development and projects. My portfolio, which includes large content management websites, large scale branding, app development, and social media engagement, can be viewed online:

Additional skill sets and experiences that relate to, and benefit, the position:

• 20 years of marketing and advertising development, which includes franchise experience, agency experience, education and training, and news and media.

• 15 years of experience in managing all levels of skill sets, remote teams, and 50+ designers, programmers, and content developers.

• 10+ years of social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO development.

• I am proficient in HTML, CSS, Java, Cold Fusion, WordPress, Bootstrap, and Joomla.

• 20+ years of Adobe and Microsoft Office products.

• Experience in B2B and B2C marketing with strong client-facing skills.

• My portfolio offers proven organic social media growth and engagement.

• I have worked with, and led, in-house and remote teams and management.

• My agency and consulting experience have provided me with the ability to manage and juggle multiple projects, develop strong communication skills at all corporate levels, and thrive and problem-solving and creative solutions.

• The time I have spent in news and media development has provided me with the ability to be tactical and strategic. A successful tactical marketing example would be relationship building with school districts, municipalities, and elected officials to get the buy-in and trust needed to achieve the strategic goals of market growth and readership engagement.

• I have lead, developed, and have been responsible for lead generation, customer loyalty, retention, and market engagement.

• Vendor management, including budgets, proposals, schedules, and cost analysis.

• I have planned large scale events and trade show development.

• I have direct experience with supporting sales and nationwide locations from their build-out, preparing for grand openings, and ongoing advertising support to be sure locations are in the best position to succeed.

• A history of successfully developing and implementing marketing and advertising programs and campaigns.

• I have developed and maintained strategies for a variety of businesses within a variety of industries.

• Experience with directing and managing campaigns, implemented strategies, created and managed content development, and have tracked analytics.

I come from a strong background in marketing and advertising in print, digital, radio, and TV formats. My previous experiences range from agency work, franchise development and consulting, real estate advertising, commercial brand building, branding and design in education, and most recently, news and media. This experience has included the strategy and development of advertising programs, branding, creative development, photography, and collateral for sales teams, production management, and content development. I feel that my skills, experience, and mindset would make an excellent match for this position and a fantastic fit for the business. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you. Warmest regards,

Brandon Price


IT & Communications

• Development of education

and training

• Campaign management

and analysis

• Webinars

• Client-facing presentations

• Sales support via market analysis,

events, branding, messaging, and

lead generation

• Social media and digital campaigns

• Content marketing

• Press releases

General Contractors &

Custom Home Builders

• Referral programs

• Competitor analysis

• Vendor management and

relationship development

• Content marketing

• Sales collateral

Health Insurance

• Email campaigns

• Direct mail

• Sales support and collateral

• Strategies and analysis

• Campaign management

Healthcare Vendor Networks

• Direct mail

• Sales support and collateral

• Relationship development

• Product education and placement

National Chains /

Multi-unit Locations

• Portal advertising and

digital campaigns

• Association development /


• Trade shows

• Email / drip campaigns /


• Sales support / collateral

• Content marketing

• Press releases

Real Estate / Title Companies

• Email campaigns and automation

• Presentations

• Support collateral

• Digital campaigns

• Trade show support and


• Networking and relationship

development to develop and gain

access to databases

• Content marketing

Economic Development

• Client-facing support

• Relationship development

• Networking and relationship


• Strategy

• Analysis

• Press releases

School Districts & Education

• Strategies and engagement

• Digital marketing

• Program planning and development

• Campaign development

B2B and B2C Experience Highlights:

Phone: 267-***-****



Brandon Price

Key Strengths & Skills



Offering strong analytical capabilities with a history of creative solutions and development. Results oriented leader, a strategic thinker that enjoys challenges, building brands, and creating campaigns.

07-2017 -


9-2017 -


09-2008 -


Marketing & Creative Director

Flusion, LLC, Gilbert AZ

Partnering with clients to help them achieve results through the development of business and marketing plans, brand guidelines, conducting competitive market analysis, creating advertising programs, and promotional content.

• Developed marketing strategies that consisted of print, digital, radio, and television media buying.

• Managed and track subscriber databases.

• Develop and executed marketing plans for a wide range of B2B and B2C clients.

• Managed, outlined, and produced mobile app projects, large e-commerce websites, TV and radio spots, and a large range of print and digital projects.

• Tracked engagement, sales, and promotions through all media sources. Consulting - Marketing

Florence Unified School District, Bond and Override Campaign, Florence, AZ

Political campaign consulting to aid Florence Unified School District in their push in passing a Bond and an Override. The campaign resulted in the Bond passing for the first time in over a decade.

• Tracked voter saturation, engagement, and turnout.

• Analyze past voter trends and key communities to target.

• Tracked traffic patterns and population movement during key hours for targeted timed digital marketing.

• Oversaw and managed online marketing to specific locations within the district of likely voters.

• Arranged and coordinated content and content management for online and social media.

• Managed and outlined overall digital and print requirements for the project.

• Managed and oversaw web development, print development, and branding of the projects.

• Managed vendors, proposals, and deadlines.

Marketing & Creative Director

San Tan Times, news and media, San Tan Valley, AZ

Created and built brand awareness. Developed advertising, social media, digital, email, and promotional strategies. Managed concepts for website, social media platforms, content development, and subscriber communications.

• Created local and county-wide relationships to promote information and community development.

• Provide short term and long term marketing plans.

• Developed branding and messaging of the product to directly target the market.

• Leveraged social media platforms and monitored target market social groups resulting in ongoing development of content strategies to maximize traffic.

• Managed content development, deadlines, vendors, and digital formats to maximize product effectiveness and growth while getting community buy-in.

• Aggressive, tight deadlines allowed for the ability to produce a printed format news source three times per week.

• Printing and vendor management skills created the ability to have a quick turnaround, while supporting local vendors, in a format that allowed for growth and easy flexibility.

• Managed and tracked subscription database for click-through rate, monitored clicks based on location and interest, evaluated content based on engagement. This resulted in quick growth in social media audience and website traffic.

Brandon Price

Marketing / Creative

Director & Manager



5300 NW 29th Ct

Margate, FL

Key Strengths

Partnership development

and relationship building

B2B/B2C business

marketing strategy

Multi-media marketing campaign

management including digital

marketing, SEO, social media,

and content marketing

Customer experience, customer

journey, customer relationship


Customer segmentation and

data analytics

Cross-functional team leadership,

coach, mentor

Planning, budgeting, and forecasting

Experience in working in matrixed


Strong communications skills;

proficient public speaker

04-2003 -


Marketing & Creative Director

Upside Group Franchise Consulting, Scottsdale, AZ

Managed and developed brands, strategies, print, and digital media for multiple franchises. I worked with internal and external sales teams and collaborated with external marketing departments to create consistent project development across multiple departments.

Brandon Price

Marketing / Creative

Director & Manager



A diverse, analytical, and creative

director that loves working with

a wide range of people and

personalities. Being able to take

part, plan, and execute complex

projects or an array of projects is

what I enjoy most about my role.

I am excellent at problem-solving

and preparing for the unexpected

while also being able to plan for

future development and growth.

Technical Skills

Mastery of Adobe Creative

Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop,

Illustrator, Acrobat)

Proficient in QuarkXPress

Mastery of MAC and PC

Mastery of prepress, printing

techniques and processes

Proficient in Microsoft Office

(Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

Proficient in HTML, CSS,

PHP, JavaScript, ColdFusion,

Dreamweaver, WordPress,

and Joomla

Proficient in Microsoft Planner,

Skype Business, Mailchimp,

StreamSend, and Constant Contact

• Managed and reduced costs for clients via vendor management, workflow efficiency, tracking of advertising programs.

• Oversaw and Managed vendor quotes and proposals.

• Coordinated in-store and online promotions to ensure a seamless transition of messaging, branding, and customer experience.

• Through problem-solving and a flexible, dynamic approach, roadblocks and potential problems were minimized or eliminated for clients.

• Managed internal budgets and proposals to ensure project profitability.

• Managed budgets and proposals for clients to ensure clients received the best possible value from vendors and to keep vendors on deadline.

• Outlined, proposed, and managed a complete overhaul of large e-commerce websites.

• Planned, Managed and developed complex and large online projects, with some involving thousands of products, and required a process of database management, content on-demand, promotions, rebates, and custom online ordering systems that worked within the company’s inventory system.

• Transformed a client from relying on brick and mortar sales to their e-commerce providing well over 60% of total revenue.

• Old site:***********/

• Current site:

• Developed, managed, and executed multiple marketing and advertising programs such as email campaigns, direct mail, loyalty programs, surveys, in-store programs, digital advertising, seasonal programs, short term strategies, and long term strategies.

• Local and nationwide strategies and programs developed and tracked.

• Worked with sales and marketing departments to, in-house and external department, to manage all projects and strategies.

• Worked with corporate offices of franchises to manage and support franchise development including training manuals, pre-opening preparation, grand opening events, and ongoing collateral.

• Worked with and supported franchisees throughout their buying, build- out, and operational periods.

• Led and motivated business owners and supported staff to be sure individuals and teams were in the best position to succeed.

• Created and managed all of Upside Group’s branding, marketing, and advertising development.

• Managed, developed, and outlined complete marketing plans for franchises. The blueprint was used to allow sales teams to hit the ground running with leads.

• A complete map to success was provided to franchisees to successfully market themselves prior to opening and a full year calendar of marketing development to strengthen weak months and to maximize the potential of stronger months based on location and the surrounding market. 06-1999 -


Design And Development Manager

Knowledgenet, Scottsdale, AZ

Managed and oversaw 50+ designers and content developers to create consistent branding and instructional guidelines. Created the initial format of educational modules, visuals, and content outlines for the online learning system. Managed and oversaw timelines for program development which included overall outlines, scheduling, and the coordination of multiple teams.

• Managed teams and individuals.

• Oversaw branding development and consistency.

• Created guidelines for content developers and designers.

• Coordinated changes and additions across multiple teams. Phone: 267-***-****



Brandon Price

Marketing & Advertising

Diverse, creative, and analytical marketer that loves working with a wide range of people and personal- ities. Being able to take part, plan, and execute complex projects or an array of projects is what I enjoy most about my role. I am excellent at problem-solving and preparing for the unexpected while also being able to plan for future development and growth. B2B (20+ years)

B2C (20+ years)

Marketing Strategy (20+ years)

Market Research (20+ years)

Customer Relationship Management (10+ years)

Product Development (20+ years)

Product Marketing (20+ years)

Project Management (20+ years)

Business Development (20+ years)

Strategic Planning (9 years)

Marketing Research (15+ years)

Budgeting (15+ years)

Budget Management (15+ years)

Proposal Writing (15+ years)

Relationship Management (10+ years)

Leadership Development (7 years)

Advertising (20+ years)

Digital Marketing (15+ years)

Public Relations (5+ years)

Social Media Marketing (10+ years)

WordPress management (5+ years)

Event Planning (10+ years)

Google Analytics (10+ years)

SalesForce (5+ years)

Search engine optimization (15+ years)

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